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GSM-R Terminals

Flexible GSM-R Dispatcher Systems, Terminals and Cab Radio Solutions

Transportation Systems

Siemens Transportation Systems

Centre of excellence for railway mobile communications

Project and engineering capability

As a leading supplier of specialist end-toend radio communications solutions to the railway industry, Siemens Transportation Systems in the UK has built up a wealth of experience delivering radio infrastructure and control centre projects, as well as on-train radio solutions in many different parts of the world. Project capability includes a complete equipment life-cycle philosophy, providing total solutions to customers from initial concept design to final project delivery and project life-time support. Siemens Transportation Systems has skills that complement the GSM-R network supplier, providing essential railway experience and country specific functionality over and above the EIRENE standard. Whether the requirement is in the control centre or on the trains, Siemens Transportation Systems has the products, the capability and the experience to provide the right GSM-R terminal solution to meet all customer needs. Our wide range of services include: System engineering system design, test and integration Product development radio design, hardware and software Train fitment design including antenna placement Project management project planning and risk management Safety management safety engineering and safety approvals Site works including civil works, possessions and planning, installation and commissioning Complete installation & maintenance support including training and project life-time support Quality management

Project references
Our previous projects cover the complete range of train radio systems from cab radios and control centre equipment to complete turn-key radio networks. These include: GSM-R cab radios and control centre equipment for the Netherlands GSM-R control centre equipment for Italy GSM-R cab radios and CSR equipment for the UK GSM-R cab radios, ETCS data radios, and control centre equipment in Spain GSM-R control centre equipment for India Train radio system for Guanzhou, China Train radio system for Bangkok, Thailand MORANE trials in Germany, France and Italy Train radio system for NSW, Australia GSM-R cab radios and control centre equipment for Greece GSM-R cab radios and control centre equipment for Saudi Arabia GSM-R cab radios and control centre equipment for Norway


GSM-R Terminals
Flexible terminal solutions for railway operators

Shaping the future of GSM-R

The integration of GSM-R into an existing railway network presents the railway operator with many different challenges and opportunities. The goal is to install a new GSM-R network and migrate the new communication system into an existing operational railway with minimal disruption to service. From the very beginning, the railway operator must not lose sight of how the system will perform from the users point of view especially from the perspective of train drivers and dispatchers. Providing the right GSM-R terminals is an extremely important part of the overall GSM-R solution. For over 20 years Siemens Transportation Systems has been a leading supplier of specialist end-to-end radio communications solutions for the railway industry throughout the world. As the Siemens Centre of Excellence for GSM-R Terminals, our customers include national railway infrastructure organisations as well as train operating companies. The Siemens team have an outstanding reputation as an innovative, problem-solving and reliable partner to the railway industry, offering the highest level of technical skills in an increasingly complex and specialised market. Siemens Transportation Systems have many years of GSM-R experience, starting with the MORANE project in 1997. Our specialists understand the complex issues facing railway operators implementing GSM-R today. Siemens Transportation Systems commitment to GSM-R continues through active participation in the following Europeanwide committees; helping the industry to provide the right GSM-R solutions. GSM-R Industry Group EIRENE Radio Implementation Group (ERIG) European Working Group for GSM-R Quality of Service (QoS) ETSI Technical Commitee on Railway Telecommunications (ETCRT)


GSM-R Terminals
Flexible terminal solutions for railway operators

Terminal Solutions in the control centre

Siemens Transportation Systems provides a complete range of GSM-R dispatcher terminal solutions for the railway operator, including radio connected dispatcher terminals. Compliant with EIRENE specifications, the Siemens dispatcher terminal has the additional flexibility to include essential railway-specific functionality, over and above EIRENE standard. For example, continuously updated lists of trains within a dispatchers areas of control, and light-duty working. Placing a call is simply a matter of selecting the train and pressing the CALL button no more need for telephone numbers. The Siemens Controller Server provides the necessary support for the dispatcher terminals, including interfaces with the GSM-R network and to other railway systems. The priority mechanisms used within GSM-R are clearly understood, as are the protocols used to transfer functional numbers. The Control Centre functionality can also include the necessary processing to achieve Enhanced Location Dependant Addressing (eLDA). Whatever the requirement, the Siemens dispatcher terminal provides a proven, user-friendly interface for the handling and placing of railway-related calls.

Terminal Solutions on the Train

The Siemens terminal solutions include GSM-R and analogue cab radios, available in different configurations to provide maximum flexibility. The EIRENE compliant GSM-R cab radio comes in two compact units to provide GSM-R voice (including non-ETCS data applications) and ETCS data communication. Each unit is contained within its own enclosure, and can operate without the other unit being present. This gives a wide range of mounting possibilities individually on a wall or under a shelf, or together in a 19 rack. Whether the train is old or new, the Siemens cab radio is designed to fit. The Siemens GSM-R product range includes a selection of compact, cassettemounted radios, which have the loudspeaker and Human Computer Interface (HCI) integrated into the front of the unit. These one-unit radios have been specifically designed for fast installation and swap-out on a train which has the benefit of reducing the out of service time for each train during installation, as well as minimising the costs. The HCI can be supplied as either a textual display with dedicated function keys or as a graphical display with configurable soft keys.


Dispatcher systems and terminals

Flexible dispatcher solutions for railway operators

Dispatcher Terminals Technical Features:

Fully EIRENE compliant All dispatcher terminals have a menu driven interface making them easy and intuitive to use All dispatcher terminals can be operated standalone or in conjunction with the Controller Server Enhanced Location Dependant Addressing (eLDA) based on track position or GPS

Dispatcher system components

The integration of GSM-R into existing control centres is a complex task, which involves the installation of new hardware and software as well as familiarisation with a new operating system environment and different system capabilities.

Flexible allocation of dispatcher terminal roles and responsibilities The Siemens GSM-R Dispatcher System is designed to provide a range of solutions to meet a variety of railway operational needs. The system includes a family of dispatcher terminals, which can be used stand-alone to provide basic EIRENE functionality. When used in conjunction with the other member of the system, the Controller Server, the capability of these terminals is extended to provide significantly more functionality than would be possible in the stand-alone installation. The Fixed Dispatcher Terminal is intended for large control centres with high voice and train traffic loads. The Radio Dispatcher Terminal is suited to smaller installations with lower voice and train traffic loads. This connects to the network using GSM-R air-interface. Siemens HiPath 4000, acts as a hub to connect the fixed dispatcher terminal and telephone dispatcher terminal to the GSM-R network. The Controller Server augments the capabilities of all Siemens dispatcher terminals by serving them with extra functionality and controlling their configuration and behaviour. The Acknowledgement Centre is an EIRENE compliant standard platform solution that receives and records notifications from the GSM-R system, detailing emergency calls that have been made. The information from each call is made available for any post incident analysis. Text-message routing to and from the dispatcher terminals using functional numbering and eLDA Interfaces with train location systems to provide enhanced location dependent addressing Remote fault monitoring Links to non-GSM-R networks possible

The Siemens GSM-R Dispatcher System employs standard communication links to interface to the other parts of the GSM-R network. It also supports proprietary interfaces where these are necessary, for example to gather precise information about train positions from railway signalling systems. These are some of the standard interfaces supported: The network MSC via standard E1 ISDN trunk lines Siemens dispatcher terminals via standard ISDN basic rate lines or GSM-R air-interface The network SMSC via SMPP over TCP/IP Other railway data systems (for example IN, Train Location Systems) via TCP/IP over Ethernet or serial link

User Features:
Fully EIRENE compliant User-friendly operator interface with user selection of HCI Language Ordered list of incoming calls with priority handling and automatic answering of all emergency calls Decoding of functional numbers in incoming calls Call by functional number (or MSISDN) Extensive structured phonebook Call hold / restore Call transfer / multiparty and group calls Handset or hands-free operation Call logging records


GSM-R Cab Radio

All across Europe railway networks are upgrading their radio communications to the new GSM-R digital standard
The Siemens Cab Radio provides all the necessary functions for the new GSM-R communication systems, and is easily integrated into new and existing rolling stock. Whether migrating from analogue to digital or integrating GSM-R with an existing analogue network, Siemens has the products and services to help get GSM-R on-board. The Siemens cab radio product range includes GSM-R voice and ETCS data, available in different configurations to provide maximum flexibility. The EIRENE compliant radios come in compact units for modular mounting. Each unit is contained within its own enclosure, and can operate independently. All the cab radio equipment has been designed for high reliability and ease of maintenance, in order to provide the operator with low life-cycle costs.


GSM-R Voice Radio

The Siemens GSM-R Voice Radio is EIRENE compliant and includes all the special features required for railway operation. Its compact design includes a tough, heavy-duty casing with state-of-the-art electronics designed to withstand the worst on-train environments. In addition, the software has been developed to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2) to provide the highest standards of reliability. The voice radio can be connected to either one or two driver panels, ranging from a text based control head to a colour graphical Human Computer Interface (HCI). It is able to transmit and receive general-purpose data, through a wide range of standard serial interfaces to suit almost every requirement. The voice radio supports a diagnostic and maintenance terminal that can be used to provide vital support for the first and second line maintainer. This plug-in terminal is able to change database settings, read SIM card parameters, load new software releases display network settings all to make life easier for the maintainer. The voice radio is also capable of expansion to include GPS funtionality and GPRS for large data transfer options.

GSM-R Cassette GSM-R Mounting ETCS Radios Data Radio

The Siemens GSM-R product range includes a selection of compact, cassettemounted radios, which have the loudspeaker and HCI integrated into the front of the unit. The one-unit radios have been specifically designed for fast installation and swap-out on a train. This has the benefit of reducing the out of service time for each train during installations, as well as minimising costs. The cab radios include special power conditioning circuits so that the same cab radio can be used on many different train types regardless of train voltage. This means only one cab radio variant for all trains, minimising spares and maintenance costs. There is a choice of HCI which can be supplied as either a textual display with dedicated function keys, or as a graphical display with configurable soft keys. The European Train Control System (ETCS) is being introduced to provide Europe with a standardised signalling system, which will enable trains to operate easily across national boundaries. GSM-R is the radio bearer for ETCS data communications between the train and the trackside infrastructure. The Siemens ETCS Data Radio provides an important link for the transmission of movement authorities from the Radio Block Centre (RBC) to the train, where an in-cab display allows the driver to control the train without reference to line-side signals. The radio is a compact unit designed for ease of installation with ETCS equipment from several major suppliers. All the main components within the Siemens ETCS data radio are fully duplicated to provide the necessary high availability required for such an important application.


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