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AEC Scorecard: The Road to ASEAN Single Market

Aladdin D. Rillo Macroeconomic and Finance Surveillance Office (MFSO) ASEAN Secretariat Conference on Network of Reformers 4 February 2011 Mombasa, Kenya

Building an ASEAN Economic Community

Endorsed by ASEAN Leaders in 2003, the AEC is the end-goal of regional economic integration Characteristics of the AEC: single market and production base, competitive region, region with equitable development, integrated in global economy General framework for the AEC is the AEC Blueprint, whose implementation is monitored through the AEC Scorecard

AEC Scorecard: objectives

AEC Scorecard was developed based on similar initiatives such as the EU Internal Market Scorecard AEC Scorecard is aimed at identifying specific actions that must be undertaken by ASEAN collectively and its Member States individually to establish AEC by 2015 Currently the AEC Scorecard is only a compliance tool, and not for impact assessment

AEC Scorecard: components

Provide qualitative and quantitative indications of implementation of ASEAN agreements within the timeframes specified in AEC Blueprint Track implementation of measures and achievement of milestones under AEC Strategic Schedule Statistical indicators on ASEAN Economic Community

AEC Scorecard: structure

Implementing the AEC Scorecard (1)

Implementation of Scorecard is monitored in four phases (2008-09; 2010-11; 2012-13; 2014-15). In calculating the implementation rate, a simple scoring method (yes for full implementation; and no for not fully implemented) is used A measure is considered implemented only when all ASEAN Member States have implemented the said measure or all activities under the said measure are fully implemented Timeline for reporting of Scorecard: every 30 June and 31 Dec of each year; different types of Scorecard

Implementing the AEC Scorecard (2)

Score YES Category Fully implemented Definition Implementation rate = 100% Target date not yet passed, and implementation rate < 100% Target date passed and implementation rate < 100% Target date passed and implementation rate = 0% Colour Indicator Green




Not fully implemented Not yet commenced



Implementing the AEC Scorecard (3)

Status of Measures to be Fully Implemented by all ASEAN Member States (1 January 2008 - 31 December 2009)
AEC Measures A1. Free Flows of Goods ASEAN Single Window Operationalise National Single Window (NSW) N/A N/A N/A N/A Indonesia expects the full NSW to be ready by December 2010. Brunei, Malaysia and Thailand are in various stages of implementation of their NSWs.The Philippines has launched her NSW in May 2010. Viet Nam has established the Master Plan on NSW and has activated working groups on NSW. BR CAM ID LAO MY MM PH SG TH VN Remarks

Implementing the AEC Scorecard (3)

Implementation Rate: 2008-2009

AEC Scorecard: pending issues

Need to address appropriate scoring method; e.g., no weight is applied to measures Measurement problem: some measures are not measurable (not outcome-based); requires further breakdown of measures Since the Scorecard does not give impact assessment, two different tracks are needed (Track I: official scorecard and Track II: analytical scorecard)

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