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Confessions of Judas Jesus said to me Step away from others; way to salvation I shall show; I ll teach you mysteries

of the kingdom which very few people know . You can reach the kingdom, but you ll grieve a great deal; You will sacrifice the man that clothes me-that s my father s will . One day, Jesus spoke I ll tell you the truth; one of you will betray me . His disciples stared at each other & asked O master, who is he? He replied It s he, whom I ll give this bread after dipping it in the dish . He gave it to me. Satan entered my body according to his wish. I claimed Lord, I love you most; I will die for thee ; He smiled and replied The cock shall not crow till thrice you deny me! Peter rebuked Jesus This shall never happen to you! Never, O Lord! Jesus scolded Satan! You are a stumbling block; I must fulfill God s word . Death must precede life. Of the things of God, you are not mindful; Saving my life is not his will. Don t be a nice guy, but be dutiful . Do quickly what you are about to do Jesus looked at me & ordered me; Without Satan I couldn t have done what was pre-destined to be. I betrayed him not to the Romans; I was obedient to my master; I had acted on his orders, even anticipating this terrible disaster. Jesus called me Hetairos -a friend; and not betrayer or fiend; He said Whoever does the will of Father is my Brother and Friend . .. I approached him and said Greetings, Rabbi! and betrayed him with a kiss; Instantly they arrested him and with those cursed silver pieces they paid my fee s. The Jews complained He speaks of other kingdom-he believes he is the king; He is challenging the mighty Roman Empire; so to your justice we must bring . They shouted at Pilate You can t spare this man! He must receive death punishment! Or else we will approach the emperor & complain against your biased judgment . Pilate said We have a tradition of releasing prisoner-you can free Jesus; O people of Israel! Whom will you sacrifice? Jesus or sinner Barabbas? They shouted Let his blood be on our generations! Jesus had power over death; He bowed not to laws of Rome; but to prophecies of Moses he showed his faith. Sparing blasphemy and sedition! Pontius Pilate s heart trembled with fear; He announced Do as you like-I wash off my hands. No more I like to hear . . Whom have I betrayed for thirty pieces of silver? The savior of mankind! My heart was burning with agony; repent was drowning my mind . Thirty pieces of silver was a small sum-the value of a slave! Wouldn t I have bargained for more, if for money I had greed or crave? I have sinned and betrayed innocent blood ; I threw those coins to the chief priest

; That s your responsibility he laughed at me like a heartless beast. The chief priest picked them and said We can t put them in the treasury; Blood money should buy field of blood-that ll be the reward for treachery . We ll buy the potters field-it will serve as your burial ground; Where you shall fall headlong; your intestines will spill with a bursting sound . By Satan you shall be tortured, and chased by his hound; Cursed be your spirit; may it forever remain a deserted burial ground . .. My enlightened master chose me as one of the twelve-it was he who picked me; He was the lamb of God ; won t this truth anybody ever see? I had confessed my sins. Peter denied him thrice and yet shall become a saint! I ll become symbol of evil though I declared Jesus innocent. Isn t it really quaint? I wished to precipitate crisis-his arrest would provoke people to rise; And hasten the hour of triumph; they ll place him on the throne by surprise. I acted in obedience to his instructions; freely he shall undergo death and pass ion; He shall die for the sins of mankind & out of infinite love, to offer us salvati on. Generations to come will hate and spit at me-even the most merciful and kind! In hell my soul will rot eternally; not a trace of peace will I find. And yet I loved you truly Lord! From this body set my soul free! Like those coins, I denounce my earthly body. Let it hang from the tree. . Son of God chose to come to Virgin Mary and Joseph in human form; Be blessed those, who have listened his sermons and see the resurrection & trans form. Before I die I ll say something unbelievable yet true Listen to me everybody; It was Jesus who chose me among all disciples to free him from his earthly body . Had I not declared Jesus a spotless and unblemished lamb, who is fully innocent? Did I agree with priests and call him blasphemer and thus give my consent? Alas! I have received the worst punishment-the future has suddenly become clear; I can see everything about to happen! This curse is the worst I could ever fear. I wished I never saw all this! Lord taught us Never worry about tomorrow My mystical powers of knowing the future is the roots of unbearable sorrow. When those whips shall fall on your back; with folded hands I ll be pleading; Believe me Lord; Tears shall flow down my cheeks and my heart will be bleeding. Thorns shall pierce his feet; and yet he shall continue to carry the cross on hi s back; He will bleed and faint; whips would fall on him with a crack. They would place him on the cross; they would nail his hands and feet; And crucify him without quenching his thirst, and leave him in the scorching hea t.

He would be gasp for breathe and ask for water; they ll sprinkle water on his face ; And smile at his crown of thorns and laugh at his scanty dress. Father forgive them; for they know not what they do! he ll utter & lean his head; The Roman soldiers will plunge spear through his chest to make sure he is dead. Goodbye Peter, my dear James, John, Philip, Bartholomew and Matthew; Forgive me Thomas, O son of Alpheus, Thaddeus, Simon and dear Andrew . Oh Jesus! Very soon in the next world we shall meet; With folded hands; with tears I will wash your feet. -Subha jit Waugh