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Ale: Made from grains and hops that were brought to Gor during the acquisition voyages. Gorean ale is closer to a honey lager than to an Earth ale or beer. Its color is deep and golden. Traditionally ept in a cas or a eg and served in a tan ard. !a"i Tea: An herbal tea that comes in all varieties li e tea on Earth. There is no specific reference# but the tea seems to be common# en$oyed by all castes. It is commonly served hot and heavily sugared. !lac %ine: Made from beans brought bac to Gor during the early acquisition voyages and grown in the mountains of Thentis# blac wine is Gor&s equivalent of Earth&s coffee. It's described as very strong which would come close to earth espresso. It is served hot in a clay bowl or cup. It may be served with creams or sugars. %hen served with cream or sugar# it is called first slave and# when served with none# it is second slave. (hocolate: !rought bac from one of the early acquisition voyages# this is the same as the chocolate of Earth. It is brewed from cocoa beans grown in the tropics. The powdered beans are warmed along with mil # sugars and cream and served in cups. If wanted cold# serve in goblets. )alarian %ine: A supposedly secret# rare wine that is rumored among collectors to e*ist. It is so rare and precious that its cots might purchase a city. )ermented Mil (urds: A Tuchu drin made from bos mil and very potent. It would be served in a bowl. )lavored Ice: +imilar to snow cone ice or +lurpee ice in consistency. )ruit ,uice: -repared from Gorean fruits# such as tospit# larma# including those similar to Earth fruits. ,uices are generally served in a goblet freshly prepared# or from a pitcher or bottle that is ept chilled. .a/la/na: Made from the fruit of the a/la/na tree# this is a sweet# strong# red wine and symbol of romantic love. It has various levels of quality# the best being said to come from Ar. .a/la/na is poured from bottles which might bear the wa* seal of the city it came from and served hot# cold# or warm in a goblet. %armed a/la/na is also seen served in the Gorean enameled trimmed clay bowl called a rater. It is nown to have an aphrodisiac effect on females. Although the a/la/na tree is described as yellow or golden# the wine itself is always red. .a/la/na# Mulled: .a/la/na is heated with mulling spices. 0sually garnished with a piece of a/la/na fruit or tospit# it is served in a goblet. .al/da: It is a cheap a/la/na wine mi*ed with citrus $uices# such as tospit and larma# and spices 1cinnamon and nutmeg2. 3eated in a brewing pot over a fire# al/da is served hot# almost scalding# in a heavy mug# such as clay. 4iana 5ine: A rain forest plant which can be used as a source of drin ing water. 6ne ma es the first cut high# over one&s head# to eep the water from being withdrawn by contraction and surface adhesion up the vine. The second cut# made a foot or so from the ground# gives a vine tube which# drained# yields in the neighborhood of a liter of water. Mead: Made in Torvaldsland from fermented honey and water# often with spices# it is a dar amber drin # thic and sweet. +erved traditionally warmed and in a drin ing horn. +tored in bottles. Mil : )resh mil can be of bos # verr# and occasionally aiila. !os mil is rich and sweet while verr mil has a strong flavor. .aiila mil is reddish with a strong salty taste# having high iron content. All mil is normally served in a goblet as desired. -aga: +ame as -agar/+a/Tarna. -agar/+a/Tarna: -agar/+a/Tarna means 7pleasure of the life/daughter7. -aga# a corruption of the name# is the symbol of physical love. It is an amber/colored# alcoholic beverage made from the golden sa/tarna grain. Its taste is often described as hot and fiery and similar to whis ey. It's normally stored in vats# verr s in botas or bottles. It's often also drun directly from the bota or poured into goblets# pots# cups# glasses or antharos 1footed bowls2# but most often# it is bota# footed bowl or goblet. -aga can be served chilled# warmed or at room temperature. -alm %ine: A ma$or e*port of +chendi with a delicious flavor. 8ence !eer: A drin that is steeped# boiled and fermented from the crushed seeds and the whitish pith of the rence plant. It is the drin of the rence growers. 0sually ept in gourd flagons. +a/-aga: +ame as -agar/+a/Tarna +ul -aga: Made from the golden vine/borne vegetable called 7sul7 1similar to a potato2# sul/paga is a distilled# clear alcoholic beverage li e vod a# though the sul itself is yellow in color. Typically drun by peasants and seldom available outside their villages# it would be a rarity in a paga tavern to find it available. It is served at

room temperature in a footed bowl. Ta %ine: A sweet# dry wine made from the ta/grapes grown primarily on the terraces of the Isle of (os. The color of this wine is not stated in the boo s. It's served chilled or room temperature and in a goblet. Turian 4iqueur: The liqueurs of Turia are regarded as the best on Gor. Turian wines are sweet# syrupy# flavored and sugared heavily. +erved in small glasses. Turian %ine: A thic syrupy wine so sweet and thic that it is said one can see a thumbprint on its surface. The wine may commonly be cut with water. This occurs often when wine is drun at homes at meals# at certain parties and in some taverns. A wine rater# a mi*ing bowl# is used to mi* the wine and water. 7.rater7 is an ancient Gree term that means 7mi*ing bowl.7 If the wine is not cut# it might also be served in very small amounts. At more raucous parties or taverns# the wine is rarely cut or only in a slight amount. +erved at room temperature or chilled in a goblet# when cut with water# and in tiny liqueur glasses when not cut. %ater: 9rin ing water is obtained in many ways: from a spring# wells# buc ets filled at the river shore or river depending on the area. Another useful source of water is the liana vine. %hite %ine: 4ight in color and taste. This is not necessarily a/la/na wine.