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Project Status Report Keadue Upgrade Works Month Ending : 31/ 4 Project Status Summary Please Enter a Brief

Description of the Project's Current Status

Work Planned for Last Month Review Tender Pack Contact Suppliers Procurement Preparation of BoQ Submit Tender Work Completed Last Week Tendering Work Planned for Next Week Contractor Submissions Open Issues Name of Dealyed Activity


Description of Issue


WBS 1 2 3 4 5 6

Milestone Tendering Procurement Preliminaries Construction Testing Completion

Milestones Planned Forecast 52 52 47 47 0.5 0.5 25 25 1 1 12.5 12.5

Status Completed 40.74% Complete Yet to Begin Yet to Begin Yet to Begin Yet to Begin

Key Preformance Indicators Schedule Schedule Variance 0.00 Schedule Performance Index 1 Schedule is on Target Cost Cost Variance Cost Performance Index Cost is on Target 0.00 1