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Today, I'd like to talk to you about for modern treatments for traditional illness and other health

conditions. In Piura and all the world there are some illness that affecting commonly our family. It's normal to find a person who suffers a illness because they are a lot of factors that can produce them with our lifestyle. I'm going to talk about four important illness as are cancer, stroke, diabetes and osteoporosis. If you have a lump or growth in the breasts, armpits, groin, or another body part. If you notice a mole that has changed, or if you have a new mole that doesn't look like your other moles. If you have any wounds that are not healing well or if you have problems swallowing. Bleeding inappropiate, you feel very tired. They are some causes that produce cancer. Piura department is considered the highest incidence of cancer in the northern region. For everything, it's important to visit your doctor right away. Nowadays, the principal treatment to combat this disease is the chemotherapy, but with natural medicine, you can combat with the blade of the guanabana. It's a fruit known as Graviola. It's very effective for treating cancer.

When you feel very drowsy or weakness in the face, in a leg or in a body part. Difficulty to speak, to walk and to see. If you feel nauseous and dizzy. You should preocupate, it's stroke. At least 300,000 cases of stroke occur annually in Peru. Innovative treatments for brain diseases are supplying drugs to dissolve clots of the blood vessel. Also, the doctor recommends a lot of rest, ignoring our problems, go to a physical therapy etc. Now, If you have always feeling the need to urinate, unusually thirsty, extreme hunger but loss of weight and fatigue, blurred vision, cuts and bruises that heal slowly. You have diabetes. he specialist, Dr. Ronaldo Vargas said that 70 000 people in Piura suffers diabetes. Exist a celular treatment in capsules, a celular treatment with phials to be taken orally, and obviously a good diet, rich in everything but with less carbohydrates. If you have deformities in the spynal, muscle aches, weakening of the bones, neck pain, weight and height loss. We are speaking about osteoporosis. A survey made by Diresa in 2012 reveals that in Piura, 70% of women over 65 are at risk for osteoporosis. The principal treatment of this desease is to take some drugs that produce don't continue doing it but this medication is not a cure for this condition, just control. But, there is other natural treatment, with the MACA. It favors calcification and the development of bones. It was utilizated since time immemorial.