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Nuendo 2.0.0 Known Issues and Solutions Please regulary check for updates on www.nuendo.


Function Color Menu


Cause Bug


Using mouse wheel on color selection fields cause crash Video Playback Opening Video (Windows) Window (Direct Show Player) or importing video files can affect sample rate of the ASIO audio card

Fix planned for Notes Version don't use mouse 2.03 wheel there

If the ASIO If this happens 2.01 audio card is frequently, a also set as dedicated prefered audio soundcard (or device in the built in Windows soundchip) Multimedia should be set as panel, the Direct prefered audio Show player device in the accesses this Windows card in the Multimedia moment it panel. becomes active. Video Playback Video Incompatibility Try Video For 2.01 (Windows) thumbnails are with some Windows player sometimes black codecs if it supports the (Direct Show video file codecs Player) in use Video Playback Importing video Incompatibility Prefer standard 2.01 (Windows) files with certain video codecs codecs can cause crash (example: DIVX) Video Playback Stuttering Performance Tray less 2.01 (Mac) Playback of problem compressed video files video codec through Firewire (e.g. DV format) OUT "Prepare Archive" It does work, but Re-import the Video 2.01 does not seem to the path to the video file work work for video file is not manually after video files if video updated the archive is present on video correctly. preparation track Video (Mac) Importing MPEG1 video files does not work Paste Time doesn't work on Marker Track Clips are positioned wrong System Incompatibility Bug If there are Disable the overlapping clips option "Use in the Nuendo Fade Curves" in project, the OMF the OMF Export may load wrong dialog. Use different compression instead under investigation 2.01 OMF implementation will be improved by releaseing separate files

Markers OMF Export

into other OMF capable DAW Timestretch Depending on the algorithm selected, modifying the event length using the Time Stretch tool Pitch Shift Possible Crash ifBug the Accuracy parameter is changed whyle the preview is running MIDI Sysex Transfers Direct Music are sometimes incompatibility erratic when using MIDEX 8 interface MIDI Recording from Bug a System Link MIDI Port does not work MIDI Recording MIDI Bug, happens notes from when Cycle is Plugin nterfaces ON causes endless MIDI notes Open TL project Audio sounds Bug exchange distorted after loading Open TL into Tascam MX 2424 Plugins FX or VST Plugin is Instrument incompatible plugins sound with the new strange (like plugin handling having a method of "feedback") Nuendo 2.0 Inaccurate results if the Timetretch Tool is used in the project window Use the Time Stretch Offline Audio Process instead

aside from Nuendo maintenace releases 2.02

Avoid this.


Try different 2.03 MIDI interface if available 2.01

Deactivate Cycle or Play MIDI from keyboard Adjust clip volume in the Tascam MX 2424



Plugins Plugins

Enable "Old new Plugins will Host Behaviour" be compatible compatibility mode in the Plugin Information Window. Please note that the mode works after re-loading the plugin. Wavelab plugin Bug in the pluginDon't use that No Fix possible plugin in Nuendo "Leveler" 2.0 crashes Native No Audio Make sure you Fixed by Native Instruments Channels are use the latest Instruments "Vokator" Plugin created for the "Vokator" does not work plugin version

This could be true for other VST instruments which do not register their outputs according to VST specification.


Switching ON / Bug


OFF plugins during playback may cause short audio dropouts Plugins Waveshell does Nuendo utilizes Update under not work new Waveshell Waveshell to investigation version 4.1 Mixer Channels Loading Bug 2.01 Selected Channels does not restore Pan Settings Mixer Channels The "Can Hide" Bug, the default 2.01 indicator on display for "Can each mixer is Hide" has been displayed initialized for incorrectly when display the Mixer is first incorrectly. opened. Surround Mixing Surround Output Nuendo 1.x Prepare the 2.03 Channel Order projects: when Surround is wrong on opening Projects in imported surround Nuendo 1.6 Nuendo 1.6 projects with before importing Projects master inserts them into loaded, Nuendo Nuendo 2.0 2.0 will not be able to recognize the channel order for export. Individual settings for channels may appear on wrong channels in Nuendo 2.0. This is valid for all master setups in Nuendo 1.x other then L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs (the Nuendo 2.0 default 5.1 surround setup). Surround Mixing Imported WMA Dissolving a Use Windows (Windows 2000) Surround File multichannel XP Operating appears as WMA file only System if this stereo mixdown works on function is in the Windows XP. required project(Windows Using Windows 2000 only) 2000, a downmix is made to stereo. This is due to a WMP limitation of non-XP players.


Recording using Inaccuracy the Punch In / Punch Out at locators lead to inaccurate file lengths


Tempo Track

Recording from Bug a "Child Bus" of an input channel including plugins that introduce a delay results in not properly positioned clips Function Bug Audio/Advanced /Set Tempo from Event can crash

The timing under positiones are investigation however correct and the timestamps of the files do mention this, thus there's no workaround needed. If you discover a inacceptable gap at the beginning of the recording, it's recommanded to set the L locator a little bit earlier Record from 2.01 main busses or don't use delay-introducin g plugin

Beat Calculator Using the Bug "Multiple Tempi" Function may lead to wrong results or a non-working Tempo Track Folder Track Cut Time / Paste Bug Time does not work System related Setting Audio Bug Priority to "Very High" (Device Setup/VST Multitrack/"Expe rt")can cause crash on multi processor CPU computers System Related Adding a MIDI If a Direct Music Track can MIDI port disturb the audio (example: engine. ASIO MIDEX 8) is Sample rate can openbed for the be changed or first time (f.i. by lost. adding a MIDI track), it may happen

Make sure the 2.01 Tempo in the Transport Bar is set to "Tempo Track" instead of "Fixed" 2.01

2.01 Set Audio 2.01 Priority to "High" or "Normal"

Goto Device Setup/VST Multitrack and do Reset.

under investigation

Windows Direct Music causes a short system halt, which can disturb Nuendos audio engine. System Related Some Plugin possible If this happens 2.01 Effects used as incompatibility frequently, send-FX mac switch OFF sound distorted Multiprocessing in some cases (Device on multip Setup/VST processor CPU Multitrack/"Expe computers rt") Reason MIDI Through to Bug 2.01 Reason MIDI Devices does not work Cubase SX VST Instruments incompatibility Add another 2.01 Project import do not get VST Instrument, automation all VST tracks by default Instrument automation tracks will appear then. Cubase 5.x Not all Not yet 2.02 Song import parameters from implemented Cubase 5.x completely Songs are imported Nuendo 1.6 Aux return levels Due to a new Check the levels No Fix possible Project Import are wrong level structure it after you have is not possible to imported a translate the Auxproject from send levels Nuendo 1.6 absolutely correct. 9 Pin Machine Tascam DA 98 Incompatibility continous Control Track Arming improvements of does not work 9-pin with every correctly. maintenace release Other 9 Pin Devices may be affected too. Generic Remote Editing EQ via Bug Avoid this 2.01 Generic Remote can crash Remote Not all functions Not yet 2.01 Controllers and buttons may implemented work completely