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Academic project report submitted in partial fulfillment for the BACHELOR OF AKIDAH DAN RELIGION STUDIES WITH HONOURS

Faculty of Leadership and Management ISLAMIC SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OF MALAYSIA




I certify that I have supervised and read this study and that in my opinion, it confirms to reach the acceptable standards of scholarly presentation and is fully adequate, in scope and quality as a project paper for the Bachelor Of Akidah Dan Religion Studies With Honours. Assoc Prof Dr. Mohd Rushdan Bin Mohd Jailani Director, Asian Centre for Research and Drug Abuse, Islamic Science Malaysia (USIM) Supervisor University of

This project paper was submitted to the Faculty of Leadership and Management and fully accepted as fulfillment of ADA 4403 course requirement for Bachelor Of Aqidah Dan Religion Studies With Honours. Prof Dr Zulkiple Bin Abd Ghani Dean, Faculty of Leadership and Management, Islamic Science Malaysia (USIM) University of

AUTHOR DECLARATION I hereby declare that the work in this academic project is my own except for quotation and summaries which have been duly acknowledge.

Date: October 2013

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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS . All praise and gratitude to Allah S.W.T, the Lord of the world and mercy and peace been upon our Prophet Muhammad as well as upon all his household and companion. First and foremost, I would like to dedicate praise to Allah S.W.T than on His guidance that I am able to complete this academic project report entitled A Study On The Impact Of Khurafat Towards Muslim Faith; A Case Study On Film Bisikan Syaitan. My appreciations are fully due to my parents for their encouragement, sacrifice and advices given to me during my study and also thank to all my siblings. Without their support and sacrifice may, I am not exuberant in my study. Thanks to my supervisor, Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Rushdan b Mohd Jailani, Director of Asian Centre for Research and Drug Abuse ACREDA, Faculty of Leadership and Management for his continued support and guidance in completing this academic project report. I also thank to all lecturers and staff at USIM especially in Faculty of leadership and Islamic management. Your support and guidance will not be forgetful. My sincere thank to Mohd Afifuddin Bin Mohamed, my respectful senior for giving a very great advices considering on the sharing of the informations and experiences along this reseach process. Thanks as well to everyone who had which involving overly or covertly and completing this duty. Your willingness is very much pleasure appreciated. May Allah bless you all forever and ever. Wassalam .

ABSTRAK Kajian ini bertujuan mengkaji tentang filem Bisikan Syaitan dan pengaruhnya terhadap pembinaan minda, iman dan akidah muslim. Kajian yang lebih memberi perhatian kepada kesan daripada pengaruh filem seram terhadap beberapa jenis kelas masyarakat termasuklah kanak-kanak, remaja dan orang dewasa. Kajian ini dilakukan berpandukan kepada pengamatan pengkaji dan data diambil daripada temubual yang dijalankan. Pengkaji telah menemubual seramai 5 orang dewasa yang dianggap mampu untuk memberikan jawapan kepada persoalan kajian dan seterusnya menjawab objektif kajian ini. Dapatan kajian diramalkan mampu untuk menerangkan kepada masyarakat umum dan pihak berwajib tentang pentingnya pengawalan dan penapisan unsur unsur dan elemen - elemen yang tidak sepatutnya ditayangkan kepada awam. Pengkaji juga merujuk kepada kitab suci alquran dan beberapa pendapat daripada tokoh ilmuan dan pengkaji lain.

ABSTRACT This study was undertaken to investigate the movie Bisikan Syaitan and its influence on the construction of the mind, faith and the belief of Islam. The Studies pay more attention to the impact of the horror movie influence of some classes of society, including children, teenagers and adults. This study was conducted in accordance with the observations of the researcher and the data taken from interviews conducted. The researcher has interviewed a total of 5 adults who are considered able to give proper answer to the question and simultaniously answer the research objectives of this study. Predicted findings supposed to able to explain to the general public and the authorities on the importance of controlling and filtering elements that should not be shown and revealed to the public. The author also refers to the Holy Quran and the opinions of some prominent scholars and other researchers.







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INTRODUCTION: Reseacrh Background Statement of Problem Research Questions Objectives Of the research Scope of Study 1 3 4 4 4


Significance of the Study Research Methodology Review of Relevant Literature

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1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4

Introduction History Of The Superstitious

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The Acceptance Of The Supersticious Element In Muslim Daily Life The Role Of Media On Sperading The Value Conclusion 12 13



2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4

Introduction Sinopsis Of The Film Review On Actor And Character Of The Film Review On Supertitious Value Beneficial values

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The Effect On The Superstitious Element From Film Towards Various Group Of People 24

CHAPTER FOUR: 4.0 4.1 Introduction


Recommendations to Various Groups 4.1.0 Recommendations to the Researchers 4.1.1 Recommendations to the Government Agency 4.1.2 Recommendations to the Directors and Actors 4.1.3 Recommendations to Civil Society 27 28 28 28









Latin b t th j h kh d dh r z s sh s d t z gh


Transliteration far burd tall thawb jidr alb khdim dk dhahab rafq zaml salm shab sakhr Dayq Tlib Zalim aql Ghulm


f q k l m n h w y

fl Qalb Kalm Lubb Ml Najm Hawl Waraq Yam

2. Short vowel

Arabic ______

Latin a


Transliteration Kataba

i _______ u

alima Ghuliba


3. Long Vowel

Arabic ,

Latin A I U

Example , , ,

Transliteration Alim, fata Alim, da i Ulum, Adu

4.Diphthong Arabic Latin Aw Ay Iyy Example Transliteration Nawm Layl shfiiyy (ending) Uww uluww (ending)

5. Exemptions 5.1 Arabic letter ( hamzah) found at the beginning of a word is transliterated to the letter a and not to .


transliterated to:

akbar (not akbar)


5.2 Arabic letter ( ta marbutah) found in a word without ( al) which is coupled with another word that contains ( al) at the beginning of it is transliterated to the letter t

Example: translated to: maktabat al-imm

However if the Arabic latter ( ta marbutah) found in a word with ( al), in a single word or in the last word in sentence, it is translated to the h

Example: translated to: al-maktabah al ahliyyah qalah dar wahbah






Research Background This research is actually try to explore the situation and condition of khurafat that interact with muslim world. The reseacrher is curious to study on the khurafat which could be intrepret as one of the threat to muslim society. Khurafat is not only affecting aqidah and faith of muslim, but it will demolish the development of the civilization of particular muslim society as well. Perhaps, some of the society did not notice what is the real effect that emerged from khurafat. This reseacrh will identify one by one the effect and the outcomes of the emergance of khurafat especially through film. Media is one of the medium that could be used to interchage and shared the information and the gate people of media is the one that allows the contents to be viewed. Basically, movies could attracting people more than others method because, even the people know and realize, the actors and actress just pretending in dillema and actions, but the effect mode of the film is full of exitement. Besides, the influence of the movies in term of the mental and behavior development is far biggest and had a big challenge to the muslim world. Film and movie are the communication tools that capable gives certain impact and may influence people. It is through various form of message including explanation, teaching, persuades, attitude statements and emotion that could be transform. Film is


not just an art product that plays with artistic aspect and also new technology but film is like a cultural weapon that can fight with western hegemony.

The world of film industry today becomes more interesting and attractive at all times. Most of the producers are fighting each other in order to grab audience attention. They will think and produce any genre of films as long as they can get many profits.

Every people have their own perception and understanding that different about what is the meaning of value. The Function and the Influence of Islamic Value in Shaping a Contemporary Society from Science Politic Perspective stated the meaning of value is archive and level of readiness for an individual to get or accept something as a change.

Value plays very important role in shaping the society. This is because it becomes a guideline and holds by society as a way and lifestyle. The meaning of value becomes more detail when it combines with Islamic value. There is lots of element that categorized as Islamic value and it is different between religions to another.

Islamic value is a guideline that state to every Muslim so that not diverted from something that oppose to Akidah, that based on profess ones of Allah S.W.T. Value that practiced by Muslim is based on education, Al Quran and As-Sunnah that brought by Rasulullah S.A.W.


Statement of Problem The core foundation that leads to the preparation of this reseacrh is, to get knowing the situation after the film that contains khurafat values could transform the thinking and belief of muslim. Khurafat is one of the biggest sin in islamic principle. Superstition or khurafat is spreading all over the world. In the assumption of researcher, the society especially muslim are exited to attach with this prohibited action and supported by the film that contains the similar discourage value. If this situation had continue along the time, then our society could be harmed by their own belief and assumption. Malaysian peoples nowadays are more to hedonism lifestyle. That means more to entertainment lifestyle. People also do not really realize about the trustiness towards horror and mystic aspects which are accepted from the Islamic perspectives. The problem happened when local film that portrays nowadays is less of education in Islamic education perspective.

Effect of that, can make members of the society who do not have good Islamic background to become confuse. The impact of that, society also cannot get any understanding and education through viewing film. This is because Islamic values are not many insert through that film. Usually film makers like to make any film depend to demand and taste of the watcher. That is more on love, social life style, comedy, horror, mystic, and another. Most of them also do not want to take any risk loss if they make a film in Islamic life style that lack of interest from audience.


Research Questions

What is the value of superstitious and what is the main reason that attracts society to choose this kind of film to be viewed?

What is the Islamic perspective toward superstitious? What is the impact of the superstitious elements through this film toward society?

Objectives of Research To determine the value of the superstitious and to identify the current societys intention towards horror movies. To analyze the Islamic perspectives toward superstitious. To identify the impact of superstitious elements toward society.

Scope of the Study The research is actually focused on the several scopes of study. The research is only study on the muslim population which consist of several youths and adults that have the abilitie to distinguish the values of advantages and disadvantages of the horor film. The elements of the superstitios was defined based on Bisikan Syaitan movie. Aparts from that, the filtering method used by the authorities also being observed. The medium of the study is based on the interview approach which derived from 5 selected respondents.


Significant Of The Study The resercher hopes this reseacrh could give a picture of current and on the future of the development of society, effects on the influence especially on the benefits and disadvantages, challenges based on the effort to counter back it influence, suggestions to the autority body to filter the value, threat to the muslim society, awareness to the community and preparation in term of mental, knowledge and for enlightment to the issue that relates to the superstitious that emerge in the muslim society in heritage.

This research is to determine the cultural elements that are dissent from Islamic education. The result of this study hopefully could help our society especially for Muslim, to be more realizing about horror and mystic film that bring negative message and may encourage the viewer to do the same and totally diverted from Aqidah.

The result of this research was expected could helps and educates film maker to do some investigation and research before publishing certain film and had a validity in term of the contents and suitable to be viewed by the various audiences. Besides that, this research should enhance understanding and knowledge of our society about the film based on the Islamic and Malay cultures perspective, through the explanations and opinions from expertise. The result could also be used as an additional reference before they are producing horror film that may give a negative impact towards society.

This research is makes to determine the cultural element that is dissent with Islamic education. The result of this study hopefully will help our society especially for


Muslim peoples to be more realize about horror and mystic that bring to out of religion and diverted Muslims believe or Aqidah.

The result of this research can also help film maker to make their research about what form of the film that they can make so it suitable with the thinking and showing the audience. Besides that, this research will help enhance understanding and knowledge of our society about the film from mystic elements and horror film through explanation and opinion from respondent that expert in film and broadcasting and also expert in Islamic and Malay cultural and society. The result can also be use for other film producers, film makers or other researchers who want to produce horror and mystic films as references. Besides that, the studies can also provide more understanding and knowledge about horror and mystic films.

Research Methodology The method of collecting the data is based on the interview session. 5 peoples had been selected to give their own view and perception regarding to the issue. These people were choosen based on their capability by using snow bowling method. The next respondents was determined by the previous. Another respondent was selected to confirm that the data has been saturated by considering the repititive information and data. Besides, the recorded interviewed data that has been translated was arranged by following the research questions and objectives accordingly. Indeed, this method was


helping the researcher a lot to make it easy to identify the related informations needed to be analyzed in the next proces. Finally, the data that has been collected were analyze based on the key point taken from the interview session. It is actually by considering which points are dominated regarding to the issues discussed. The researcher chooses the discriptive method in order to explain the issues and meets the objectives of the research. The reason of choosing this method is becaused this film contains supertitious elements and only could be analyze through critical observation and interview regarding this film.

Review Of Relevant Literature According to the free dictionary in the online dictionary website, film is a thin skin or membrane, an opaque, abnormal coating on the cornea of the eye. Film is also a thin covering or coating of dust on the piano. A film is a flexible, transparent sheet, as of plastic, used in wrapping or packaging. Besides that, film also differs as a thin sheet or strip of flexible material, such as a cellulose derivative or a thermoplastic resin, coated with a photosensitive emulsion and use to make photographic negatives or transparencies. Otherwise, film is considered as a movie, where movies considered as a group. It is a coating of magnetic alloys on glass used in manufacturing computer storage device. Whatever it is, film is still a film. It is an instrument where people used to have entertainment, show expression, shares problems and spread out the social responsibility. Film also contains communication elements that most effective in daily life.


Besides that, film also includes all fields such as philosophy, psychology, mentality, morality, knowledge, development, technology, and so on. Film is very complex, subjective, rational and universal. This is because tat medium and his message is able penetrating variety dimension that never thought by people. Whatever interpretation of film, its still a hardware used by human to seek entertainment, show feeling, share problems and spread social responsibility.

Film is present the arts branch in this world since several years ago. Film might be described as a story and also an entertainment. It may be referred as study material, consulting for something and also equipped document. However, from photography aspect, film is a light plastic packer and can be the basis something material by taking photo.

Film is one of the entertainment media that combines technology with performance art. Film also referred to as an effort in order to complete audiences satisfaction besides the reaction from the audience has made film to be one of the entertainment instruments that is very popular. Film also has its own commercial value that is strong and influenced. Watching film experience should be seeing as a basic human needs context, which is to know and entertain1.

The new era of film as an entertainment instrument begin around 10 years after the first film was produced when the cinema network of Nickelodeons was built in Pittsburg, America around 1905. Since the success of the first film produced, the film industry has really changed.

Abdul Wahab Hamzah (2003)







According to the history, the first creation of human being (Adam p.b.u.h) has the chance to communicate with creatures that should be on the supernatural which is refering to communication of Adam with demons . Satan had persuade Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in Paradise with the offer of guarantees that they will stay in heaven forever. However , at the end of the story, the devil has got wrath of ALLAH because of his action and Prophet Adam and Eve were punished and sent down to the earth. Starting from that episode, the devil and his followers have vowed to mislead son of Adam along the time and has been given long life as a capital until the Day of Resurrection. Since that, much evils action have taught by demons and devils to the humans to commit sins to the Lord, including the idolize them and depend on this cursed creatures. Superstition is classified as one of the big sins because of depending on other than Allah, and even be able to demolish the faith. If this happened, there is a need to reform the testimony (syahadah). This is because, superstition also included in the offense of Muslim faith and the sin which is not forgiven and listed on the greatest sins to God. Apart from the issue of the communication among human being and devil, there is an issue of film and media on transfer the understanding and view of this situation toward muslim society. Transferring the information and may not be filtered from some group


of people may lead to the unjust justification and thinking. This mind shaping process of development will give either positive or negative impact towards muslim society. Therefore, this study will unlock the history of superstition, its effects through media and its relationship to mankind especially muslim, in order to answer the research questions which seeking of the real meaning and the values in particular horror film. The study of this film not only gives a picture of a film produced, but also explain the effects and its relation to the formation of Muslim faith .


History Of The Superstitious

This superstition has been occured since the beginning of man's creation. Although the Prophet's divinely protected or with the purpose of not having sin, they were also opened to tend to the offense because of they are human being. For instance as did by the prophet Adam, he accidently choses to make the wrong decision and so are the other prophets tested as well. Even all these prophets were guaranteed by ALLAH free from sins, but they do mistakes accidently, so how for the common human being like us. But the main discussion is, how to wake a man from his wrong doing and commit repentance to clean up his sin towards ALLAH. In the holy quran, there are many versus could be reffered in the issue of supperstitious and the intrigue of satan and demons toward human being. All the retaled versus listed as follow. Surah Yusof :5 Surah An Naml : 98


Surah Maryam : 44 Surah Al Isra : 53 Surah Fatir : 6 Surah Yasin :60 Surah An Nisa : 39, 119 Surah Al Baqarah : 208 Surah Al Anam :142 Surah An Nur : 21 Surah An Nas : 1-6 This research is not to looking up and listed down all the wrong doings of human being, but it is to explore the impact of the film on understanding on supertitious and its role on shaping human mind.


The Acceptance Of The Superstitious Element In Muslim Daily Life

Malay community is a population that holding a very strong belief on the unseen creation. In fact, belief on the unseen creation is one of the islamic principle of iman. Superstitious in malay culture becomes a root discussion especially for those who in adult ages. Its is basically comes from the mixture version of the previous generation in shaping human thinking and supported by the latest films and informations. The researcher is not denying the existence of unseen creatures but, try to explore what effects and impacts from the watching film with horror based repeatedly from the


yougster to the adult time. The film of Bisikan Syaitan is actually one of the film that propogate the superstitious by stating the deal between human being and the devil. According to the interview session done by the researcher toward 5 adults on their opinions regarding the superstitious and the film of horrors, the reseacher found several issue that could be highlighted in this research consistently. The first issue is on developing human belief and faith towards superstitious from film. The second issue is how the film and the content could influence and develop human mind especially all stages of community. It is including, childrens, teenagers, adults and the society as a whole. Beside that, on negative side, there is also the issue of impact toward propogate of film which consist of many wrong doing and over islamic principle. This issue relates to the gate people that control the media and become the autority that supposed to filtere accordingly these kind of films.


The Role Of Media On Spreading The Value

Media plays an influencial role on transfer the information in the current day. Almost every home in malaysia, has a television which is a tool to see news, sports, movies, cartoons and any other program available. Media could be positive if the viewer choose the right program but it also will be negative when choose the wrong choice. Film that contains negative and discourage elements such as superstitious and any other wrong doing from islamic based, will totaly set apart the most important program that people should see. The media spend a lots of money to the coverage of the program in TV because of the money factor. By ignoring the side effect toward


society, the film maker tries to make a very special movie and put a lots of element to attract viewer to go to the cinema. After several years, that particular film will be publish in the common television program. There is no issue if the authority such as ministry of communication and media had a very concrete power to filter the movies and prepare strong punnishment for those disobedience the laws. Unfortunately, the situation is getting worse day by day. 1.4 Conclusion

As a conclusion, the film that has superstitious element should be reviewed before it is revealed to the audience in commmon. Side effect of this situatioin will affect human mind development and for sure will demolish the constuction of the better civilization in the future. It is because, by having society that full of superstitious beleif in mind, that particular society will not move forward.







According to Sigfried Kracauer in Abdul Wahab Hamzah written, film is just like the transparent of races mentality more than other artistic media could spread out. Abdul Wahab Hamzah(2003) wrote that Peter Roffman and Jim Purdy said that when one film is accepted by people, the film shows us that it is a transparent of the audience. From that we know that the audience like to show themselves almost same with what they see or watch. Film is processed by an individual who is known as film director. The director compiles the images and the audio in arrangement. After that, film will be watched by people who are influenced by their own perception towards the world and also the film that they had watched before. This interaction explains that each film could influence the audience and also how was the audience influences the film.2 Film in every context usually communicated with the audience by using its own way. The shape and also the content are one of the beams that have a big social context, culture, psychology, and politics structure. Film is an ideology channel that is most effective.

Robert Philip Kolker. 1983. Sinema dan Penontonan di Malaysias. Ramli Mohamed.



Sinopsis Of The Film

Bisikan Syaitan tells the story of a life deprived of husband and wife Soraya , played by Nabila Suhaimi and Kamil played by Fizz Fairuz in which they live their daily lives in abject poverty and in view by the community , tells the of people who do not willing to face hardships of life , and turn away from God and bow to the devil in order to achieve prosperity and affluence . That is why they have been tempted to have made an agreement with the powers of evil to bleed just to get the good things of life . They really know their errors and adverse effects if they follow the incitement , but by being so through hardship and encouragement want to live their lavish ignore the truth of consciousness . The community too be impetus to their public service despised them because they are too poor .

As a result, they have decided to follow and fulfill all the terms and conditions specified in the letter of agreement between the two of them bloody with the devil. Guided by the contents of the agreement they made they must meet four main criteria for how to achieve the dream of luxury as they are in their life better.

According to the first condition of perfect agreement and soraya be divorced and at the same time they must live together as husband and wife. They have observed conditions and

Then , according to the second condition to be fulfilled is Kamil they must marry another woman . Then Kamil Soraya has conceded her husband married a woman named iera . Their marriage has been successful in meeting this requirement. Actually intended in any marriage when her first child was born , then Soraya Kamil forced to


kill his wife and eldest son took the baby placenta in order to serve as the first victim. Soraya had killed his wife Kamil and according to what has been ordered by the terms of their agreement by providing drinking poisonous ingredients (boiled water content of watermelon wood mixed with coconut water and itch and bamboo and glass powder ) are to be prohibition for women in confinement .

This is the third condition that they must fulfill. After the 3rd promise , they have seen and felt changes become more luxurious life and love than ever before. As a result, they become more motivated and willingness to meet the terms of the agreement are to four . According to four of their promise to the devil , then at every 10 years , they are required to find a woman who is pregnant with first child to be sacrificed to their companion . When they have successfully met all the requirements , then they were then living with luxurious result of the agreement.

Everything turned out to be destabilized upon Soraya had been detained by the police for murder . Secret agreements and Soraya Kamil pair started slowly uncovered when the family began to be disturbed Kamil supernatural beings .

During the defense case Soraya , Zul ( Azam Pit ) found some evidences inadvertently by Camelia ( Wan Sharmila ) and Kamil linking Soraya iera as a cause of death . Evidence obtained vague and he was no evidence to accuse Kamil and Soraya .

However , Soraya trap and arrested by police for murder. Soraya convicted and sentenced to death. After the death of Soraya , Pak Mat ( father s Kamil ) paralyzed from the waist and died after being disturbed by the demons. Because of not keeping the promise to the devil , one by one family member killed by a companion Soraya Kamil and Kamil , while his son was overshadowed Soraya . Zul is also frequently


harassed and continue its investigation to find out the real story when found bloody agreement between Soraya and Kamil


Review On Actors And Character Of The Film

Sorayas character played by Nabila Huda Binti Suhaimi , she brought the character as the wife of Kamil. She also stimulatory to Kamil to jointly transform their lives from poverty to live a more luxurious and visual delight and desire in high regard by society . He assumed the role as the guardian of a companion or spirits that they believe can help to transform their lives from poverty to a life of luxury with ease. Soraya characters in the story the devil whispers he's a poor show in the hands of true Islamic faith but he just obey and follow the wishes of mere lust only to pursue wealth and seeks to take revenge on society for these often look down on them because live in full of poverty and distress.

Due to the insistence of Soraya and her husband Kamil had done a deal with the bloody ghost that promises prosperity to them. Kamil character played by Mohd Fairuz bin Zainal Abidin , where he held the role of a husband to Soraya . He also shows the character as a servant who can not stand in the suspected lead a life filled with poverty and pressure from the local community . Due to this situation , Kamil defeated by the trials and in accordance with all controls his evil whispers .

Iera character played by Siti Zaidatul Fiza Bt Abdul Halim , in the story she plays a wife to two Kamil . He plays as a second wife or a woman who has been married by Kamil in fulfilling the agreements which have been agreed by Soraya and Kamil . Kamilia lead character as a good and faithful wife to the husband.


Zul character in the story played by Azam Pitt , he brought the character as a detective trying to unravel the mystery of the murder . He was instrumental in the investigation of the murder case to iera ( 2nd wife Kamil ) and several other murder cases in discovering and revealing the real suspect commits the crime. He is a friend of the brother Kamil named Kamilia .


Review On Superstation Values

In this film and tells the story of the bloody letter agreement done by a pair of married couples who live in the luxury of trouble for a simple way without the need for efforts to vigorously work to improve their lives

To fulfill the four conditions specified in the agreement for promising they will get what they deserve will come true . Depending entirely with the agreement of the devil and are confident they will get their wish after completing 4 of the agreements .

Murder victim for the sacrifice made to meet the terms of the agreement companion . Shirk because Allah associating with the creature , with hope and confidence depends devil can give their wealth to other than Allah . Believe in evil spirits or able to help and provide assistance to people other than God .

Make poverty as the main motive for doing superstitions , follow in fulfilling desires without thinking about the negative effects and consequences of idolatry. Incitement to revenge. Faith sacrifice solely for the pursuit of luxury only for the life of the world. Guilty of devil worship and make them as a companion . Willing to commit murder to fulfill the pact with the devil .


In the long term , our society will be negative human nature , shrouded in uncertainty frightened, passive and always in a quandary . For their children would be affected and says all the designs are correct and the actual reality .


Beneficial Values

At the end of the trip there is a story going arrests against those who commit murder and drop the death penalty against offenders. Indicates that dependence on the devil will only harm the faith of the man himself.

So people think that poverty can have negative consequences for those who lack strong faith which is not robust. The extent to which human beings depend on the devil eventually they will realize that they are actually fooled by temptations that distract and divert their faith.

Reflect that the importance of a strong faith and the teachings of Islam in the form of a strong identity influenced by incitement and the temptations of Satan. Shows that whereas the jinn and devils are not able to protect and help people but they will only cause destruction and human devastation.







The main focus of the research is to investigate what is the impact on the superstitious that derived from the film Bisikan Syaitan toward muslim. This chapter will discuss on this issue in futher discussion. Majority of the points given come from the interview session. The reseacher has interviewed 5 adults that considered capable on answering the question properly by using certain methods on sampling. These respondents were choosed based on their qualification and experionces on viewing the horror film especially film of Bisikan Syaitan.

According to Dr. Mohd Zainul Abidin in Mingguan Malaysia, horror films do not contribute anything towards human development. Islam does not accept anything that will make human look stupid including something that is visualized in the film. The horror film will be more dangerous if it is watched by children. When they are in the growing up process, their thinking will be affected with those of matters.3 Besides that, the other effects fooling people. Islam does not accept any item that can fool people including including visualizing jinn and demons in the form of drama or film . Published mythological travesty not contribute to the formation. Therefore, drama and horror movies are very dangerous because it can contribute to the deviation

Mohd Zainul Abidin. 2008. Mingguan Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur:


of faith4 . Peter Gay writes in one of his books titled " The Cultivation of Hatred " states that in a community of social stratification and in every century people will create a new culture . If taking the words of Peter Gay , we can see that kind of an unhealthy culture in Malaysian when we want to achieve developed nation there are groups that cultivate and popularize back the elements of superstition and mysticism. This will give a great significance to the thinking of our society. So superstitious thinking will again take place in the minds of the public . Consequently the Muslims will deviate from the faith and our country can not afford to become a developed country5 . The time shown is not suitable also as a big effect to society. Espacialy Friday, it is because fridaty was the ruler of the day for the people of this blessed islam. Night seem 'friendly' among Muslims in particular as more horrible night horror movie production companies who produce stories dumping 'ghost' and the television premiere of the horror to contribute the negative culture such as asking permission when through large trees to adding flavor and odd to the ' appreciation ' of this story , of course slot aired on Friday night , the night of the so-called very ' mystery ' of the mystical nature enthusiasts . Most unfortunate that the night should be filled with greatness prominence Friday, a series of scholarly discussion and tazkirah slots filling replaced with myths and neglect 6. Horror film can easily influence childrens thinking. They cannot think as an adult but they just accept whatever they have seen. They also can trust anything that has a

4 5

ibid Peter Gay. n.d. The Cultivation of Hatred 6 http://www.utusan.com.my/utusan/info.asp?y=2012


relationship with the ghost as portrayed in the television or films. Effect of being exposed too much; the children will always live in hallucination and imagination. It is not guilty to have and produce horror films as long as the film is not produced with Bisikan Syaitan elements that are contradicting with akidah Islamiyyah and need to portray the Satan or ghost as being weak. At the same time, the films need to give positive effect to make sure people will always convince with themselves. As a result, there is no compromise in matters of faith . Good children and adults , faith is not something that can be manipulated light . Need regretted than other sins , the sin of shirk and to Allah is a major sin. Verily, Allah will not forgive the polytheism. He forgives all other sins ( syirik ) , for whom He wills . Anyone with Allah , has indeed been a great sin . 7 In this regard , it is the Muslim community in the country should take precautions and be vigilant in preventing any elements that can damage and distort the faith . Drama and film characterized superstition, heresy and superstition can not be left to abet these symptoms . We do not want to due to drama and film, in the future society is a fragile generation that does not fear God , but they more afraid of ghosts, spirits and demons By the ways, according to Dr Hatta Azad Khan in Mingguan Malaysia, certain horror film may not portray the ugly faces of ghost only. There are so many ways to portray a ghost without destroying the Islamic elements8. According to Umar Sulaiman Al Asyqar state that God (Allah SWT ) does not give strength towards devils to have an authority or force people to be astray or infidel.9 The explanation about it can be found in the Quran.
7 8

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According to the Quran which means: About My (loyal and true) servants, You will have authority over them: Your Lord is enough as a Disposer of affairs (Al Quran. al -Isra 17:65). According to the Quran which means: But he had no power over them, expect that We may test the man who believes in the Hereafter from him who is in doubt concerning it: and your Lord watches over all things10 The devils can actually influence a person who is willing and obey to it that make the devils as his or her godparent and ignore Allah SWT. This kind of people is considered as syirik or loss. According to the Quran which means: O you believe! You are forbidden to inherit woman against their will nor should you treat them harshness that you may take away part of the dowry you have given to them. Except where they have been guilty of open lustfulness; on the contrary live with them on a basis of kindness and justice. If you take a dislike to them it may be that you dislike a thing and Allah brings about through it a great deal of good11.


Umar Sulaiman Al Asyqar. n.d. Alamu I-Jinn wa sy Syayatin. (Al Quran. Saba 34:21). (Al Quran. an Nisa 4:19).




The Effect On The Superstitious Element From Film Towards Various

Group Of People:

Toward Children

The development of civilization is about the development as a whole society and system. Children are part from the civilization as well. The process if mind setting, thinking development and beleif considering could give either positive or negative impact towards particular society. Children that can be considered weak on filtering the message of negative could be influenced by the ethics and attitudes including the actions of wrong doing if there is no advise from older generation.

Personality development also is a important aspect when it comes to the discussion of the children. All the information either negative or positive will be mix in childrens mind and there are digesting one by one elements that they learn through what they see, heard, think, and feels. The researhcer is worried and wonder, how these children growing up with all the negative elements in their mind especially coming from the movies and story that they saw with their family.

Another issue that relates to the children is mental block. Children will get confuse to adapt or to ignore the elements of superstitious because of the dozens of horror films and movies in their television channels. The negative element that repetedly viewed by human being will influence their attitutedes and behaviors in a long period of time.

Superstition story made purely entertainment because the superstitious stories does not have any benefit to the community as design elements that they were to be loaded against the moral. Society also underestimate the things that can lead to the cause of


human.Ini take lightly issues of faith and life is just to have fun. And than, the other effects are influence on children. It si because child only learn from look. Television is the biggest influence on a child that affect behavior in terms of performance, understanding and conversation. It is because child only follow with these false elements and their impact on the future .

Toward Teenagers

Teenagers is an ages that between the maturity process in decision making and learn to differentiate the negative elements to be practiced in the future. Without the true and strong faith and belief of religion, particular teenagers could examplified negative elements like superstitious in their life. By knowing the way of idolize the satan and demons, they have the chance to follow the track. Islam is a religion that preventing to opened up the door of disobedience to ALLAH. As example, drink alchohol is prohibited in Islam, so to advertise the program how to drink alchohol correctly is absolutly not necessary especially to the muslim viewers. Same goes to the supperstitious element. By repeating showing in movies and films the full method to do the wrong doing to ALLAH, at least, it will affects some of the population to think about it and may examplified in the future if they involve in trouble. The reseacher does observe, the program that teach the good way of worship ALLAH may not get full attention from human being as a story of wrong doing and disobedience to God. This is a big trouble to the muslim world.


Toward Adults

Adult could be considered as a stage of ages that matured in decision making compared to children and teenagers. But if the adult, which the particular gate people and the authority, that give the permission to publish the films which full of wrong doing and filled with the bad attitudes, for the sake of generating income, so what the other adult supposed to do?

Toward Society And Civization

By comparing the impact towards several group of people that involve in the civilizationa and society as a whole, the reseacher could see there is a threat to the muslim society and the needs to reconstruct the law of films and movies in Malaysia. Either the authority is not obey to the law or the law itself is to weak to control the situation. If all these stages of society affeccted by the bad and negative elements, so how to imagine positive output from the horror films.







This research is actually tries to explore the impact of the supperstitious elements in the film of Bisikan Syaitan toward muslim belief and faith on considering several issue that refered as the guidelines. These recommmendation is actualy the sugestion from the researcher to the party that supposed to be followed in order to reconstruct the society system.


Recommendation To Various Group 4.1.0 Recommendations to the Researchers

The reseacher suggest several suggestion to the other reseacher includes, to review another film based horror by doing comparative method on gaining the exact result of camparison. Other than that, the future reseacher should focus more on the impact toward various group of social entity in details by stating the argument and opinions from chidren, teenagers and adult.


4.1.1 Recommendations to the Government And Policy Maker The researcher suggest to the policy maker or authority to observe and reconstrusct the law in order to preventing this negative film publish on the future. The characters in the film had more abuse in term of development of muslim faith and beleif. The story without any quotation from explaination from expertise will only lead society to examplified what the characters in the movies did. This is not encouraged by the religion of Islam. 4.1.2 Recommendations to the directors and actors The actors and director should become play their role in preventing negative element to be viewed to the audience. Not just only looking and interested to the money but also had play their social responsibility especially when it comes to the point of educating people. This negative impact not only will abuse the thinking and belief, but also the mind setting of particular society members. 4.1.3 Recommendations to Civil Society Civil society should filled their time with the knowledge and play their role as well especially to educate young generation from examplified the negative attitudes and behaviours. Civil society has the right to boycott the film that contains negative elements and not for the purpose of educating but business. This is because, by interact with the society, all these elements will absorb to the mind and the society will get usual with this bad attitudes and thinking.




For the conclusion, the researcher believe that, to control and prevent this problem from happened in the future, not only the autority, but all the society members should play their role as well. Superstitious in the film could influence the belief and faith of human being and slowly affecting muslim believers. Accidently, this will lead to the demolishment of the islamic civilization. its may not clearly seen in the current day but after several decades, the ganeration that live with the superstitious element in self will show their respond in the form of the behaviours, thinking and attitudes. This finally meets the objectives and the finding positively answer the reseachr questions. in sum, movie and film that contains superstitious elements should not be revealed without the guidlines of the expertise. not only will influence muslim aqidah, but also will demolish the civilization as a whole.




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