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ON The Growth Analysis of AXIS Bank

The Growth Analysis of

90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 1 2 3 4 5 6


I ,hereby, declare that the information presented here is correct to the best of my knowledge and the analysis has been done as per the norms and guidelines for the report The re!uired concepts and methodology ha"e been utili#ed to analy#e the secondary data collected to reach the conclusion of the report I claim the report to be my indigenous work and has not been presented anywhere else for any other purpose


It is indeed a moment of immense gratification for me to ex ress my dee est gratit!de to AXIS "ank for ro#iding me with the o me create the re ort on $T%E &RO'T% ()(*+,I, O- (.I, /()0 1 ort!nity to carry o!t the s!mmer training and hel

%I,TOR+ O- T%E I)2I() /()0I)& ,+,TE3

India cannot ha#e a healthy economy witho!t a so!nd and effecti#e "anking system$ The "anking system sho!ld "e hassle free and a"le to meet the new challenges technology and other factors% "oth internal and external$ In the ast three decades% India&s "anking system has earned se#eral o!tstanding osed "y

achie#ements to its credit$ The most striking is its extensi#e reach$ It is no longer confined to metro olises or cities in India$ In fact% Indian "anking system has reached e#en to the remote corners of the co!ntry$ This is one of the main as ects of India&s growth story$ The go#ernment&s reg!lation olicy for "anks has aid rich di#idends with the

nationali'ation of () ma*or ri#ate "anks in (+,+$ Banking today has "ecome con#enient and instant% with the acco!nt holder not ha#ing to wait for ho!rs at the "ank co!nter for getting a draft or for withdrawing money from his acco!nt$

%istory of /anking in India

The first "ank in India% tho!gh conser#ati#e% was esta"lished in (-.,$ /rom (-., till today% the *o!rney of Indian Banking System can "e segregated into three distinct hases0

1arly hase of Indian "anks% from (-., to (+,+ Nationali'ation of "anks and the "anking sector reforms% from (+,+ to (++( New hase of Indian "anking system% with the reforms after (++(

The first "ank in India% the General Bank of India% was set ! in (-.,$ Bank of 2ind!stan and Bengal Bank followed$ The 1ast India 3om any esta"lished Bank of Bengal 4(.5+6% Bank of Bom"ay 4(.)56% and Bank of 7adras 4(.)86 as inde endent !nits and called them 9residency "anks$ These three "anks were amalgamated in (+:5 and the Im erial Bank of India% a "ank of ri#ate shareholders% mostly 1!ro eans% was esta"lished$ Allaha"ad Bank

was esta"lished% excl!si#ely "y Indians% in (.,;$ 9!n*a" National Bank was set ! in (.+) with head<!arters in =ahore$ Between (+5, and (+(8% Bank of India% 3entral Bank of India% Bank of Baroda% 3anara Bank% Indian Bank% and Bank of 7ysore were set ! $ The >eser#e Bank of India came in (+8;$ ?!ring the first hase% the growth was #ery slow and "anks also ex erienced eriodic fail!res "etween (+(8 and (+).$ There were a roximately (%(55 "anks% mostly small$ To streamline the f!nctioning and acti#ities of commercial "anks% the Go#ernment of India came ! with the Banking 3om anies Act% (+)+% which was later changed to the Banking >eg!lation Act% (+)+ as er amending Act of (+,; 4Act No$ :8 of (+,;6$ The >eser#e Bank of India 4>BI6 was #ested with extensi#e owers for the s! er#ision of "anking in India as the 3entral "anking a!thority$ ?!ring those days% the general !"lic had lesser confidence in "anks$ As an aftermath% de osit mo"ili'ation was slow$ 7oreo#er% the sa#ings "ank facility ro#ided "y the 9ostal de artment was com arati#ely safer% and f!nds were largely gi#en to traders$

The go#ernment took ma*or initiati#es in "anking sector reforms after Inde endence$ In (+;;% it nationali'ed the Im erial Bank of India and started offering extensi#e "anking facilities% es ecially in r!ral and semi@!r"an areas$ The go#ernment constit!ted the State Bank of India to act as the rinci al agent of the >BI and to handle "anking transactions of the Anion go#ernment and state go#ernments all o#er the co!ntry$ Se#en "anks owned "y the 9rincely states were nationali'ed in (+;+ and they "ecame s!"sidiaries of the State Bank of India$ In (+,+% () commercial "anks in the co!ntry were nationali'ed$ In the second hase of "anking sector reforms% se#en more "anks were nationali'ed in (+.5$ Bith this% .5 ercent of the "anking sector in India came !nder the go#ernment ownershi $

This hase has introd!ced many more rod!cts and facilities in the "anking sector as art of the reforms rocess$ In (++(% !nder the chairmanshi of 7 Narasimham% a committee was set ! % which worked for the li"erali'ation of "anking ractices$ Now% the co!ntry is flooded

with foreign "anks and their AT7 stations$ 1fforts are "eing !t to gi#e a satisfactory ser#ice to c!stomers$ 9hone "anking and net "anking are introd!ced$ The entire system "ecame more con#enient and swift$ Time is gi#en im ortance in all money transactions$ The financial system of India has shown a great deal of resilience$ It is sheltered from crises triggered "y external macroeconomic shocks% which other 1ast Asian co!ntries often s!ffered$ This is all d!e to a flexi"le exchange rate regime% the high foreign exchange reser#e% the not@yet f!lly con#erti"le ca ital acco!nt% and the limited foreign exchange ex os!re of "anks and their c!stomers$

The /anking ,tructure in India

The commercial "anking str!ct!re in India consists of sched!led commercial "anks and !nsched!led "anks$ Sched!led "anks constit!te those "anks that are incl!ded in the Second Sched!le of >eser#e Bank of India 4>BI6 Act% (+8)$ As on C!ne 85% (+++% there were 855 sched!led "anks in India ha#ing a total network of ,)%+(. "ranches$ The sched!led commercial "anks in India com rise State Bank of India and its associates 4.6% nationalised "anks 4(+6% foreign "anks 4);6% ri#ate sector "anks 48:6% co@o erati#e "anks% and regional r!ral "anks$ Before the nationali'ation of Indian "anks% the State Bank of India 4SBI6 was the only nationali'ed "ank% which was nationali'ed on C!ly (% (+;;% !nder the SBI Act of (+;;$ The nationali'ation of se#en State Bank s!"sidiaries took lace in (+;+$ After the nationali'ation of "anks in India% the "ranches of the !"lic sector "anks rose to a roximately .55 ercent in de osits and ad#ances took a h!ge *!m "y ((%555 ercent$

)ationali#ation Process

(+;;0 Nationali'ation of State Bank of India (+;+0 Nationali'ation of SBI s!"sidiaries (+,+0 Nationali'ation of () ma*or "anks (+.50 Nationali'ation of se#en "anks with de osits o#er >s :55 crore

/anks in India
In India% "anks are segregated in different gro! s$ 1ach gro! has its own "enefits and limitations in o erations$ 1ach has its own dedicated target market$ A few of them work in the r!ral sector only while others in "oth r!ral as well as !r"an$ 7any "anks are catering in cities only$ Some "anks are of Indian origin and some are foreign layers$

/anks in India can be classified into7

9!"lic Sector Banks 9ri#ate Sector Banks 3oo erati#e Banks >egional >!ral Banks /oreign Banks

One as ect to "e noted is the increasing n!m"er of foreign "anks in India$ The >BI has shown certain interest to in#ol#e more foreign "anks$ This ste has a#ed the way for a few more foreign "anks to start "!siness in India$ Reser"e /ank of India 8R/I9 The central "ank of the co!ntry is the >eser#e Bank of India 4>BI6$ It was esta"lished in A ril (+8; with a share ca ital of >s ; crore on the "asis of the recommendations of the 2ilton Do!ng 3ommission$ The share ca ital was di#ided into f!lly aid shares of >s (55 each% which was entirely owned "y ri#ate shareholders in the "eginning$ The go#ernment held shares of nominal #al!e of >s ::5%555$ The >BI commenced o eration on A ril (% (+8;% !nder the >eser#e Bank of India Act% (+8)$ The Act 4II of (+8)6 ro#ides the stat!tory "asis of the f!nctioning of the Bank$ The Bank was constit!ted to meet the following re<!irements0

>eg!late the iss!e of c!rrency notes 7aintain reser#es with a #iew to sec!ring monetary sta"ility O erate the credit and c!rrency system of the co!ntry to its ad#antage$

-unctions of the R/I The >eser#e Bank of India Act of (+8) entr!sts all the im ortant f!nctions of a central "ank with the >eser#e Bank of India$ /ank of Issue7 Ander Section :: of the Act% the Bank has the sole right to iss!e c!rrency notes of all denominations$ The distri"!tion of one@r! ee notes and coins and small coins all o#er the co!ntry is !ndertaken "y the >eser#e Bank as an agent of the go#ernment$ /anker to the &o"ernment7 The second im ortant f!nction of the >BI is to act as the go#ernments "anker% agent% and ad#iser$ /ankers: /ank and *ender of the *ast Resort7 The >BI acts as the "ankers& "ank$ Since commercial "anks can always ex ect the >BI to come to their hel in times of "anking crisis% the >BI "ecomes not only the "anker&s "ank "!t also the lender of the last resort$ Controller of Credit7 The >BI is the controller of credit% i$e$% it has the ower to infl!ence the #ol!me of credit created "y "anks in India$ It can do so thro!gh changing the Bank rate or thro!gh o en market o erations$ Custodian of -oreign Reser"es7 The >BI has the res onsi"ility to maintain the official rate of exchange$ Besides maintaining the rate of exchange of the r! ee% the >BI has to act as the c!stodian of India&s reser#e of international c!rrencies$ ,uper"isory -unctions7 In addition to its traditional central "anking f!nctions% the >BI has certain non@monetary f!nctions of the nat!re of s! er#ision of "anks and romotion of so!nd "anking in India$ The >eser#e Bank Act% (+8)% and the Banking >eg!lation Act% (+)+% ha#e gi#en the >BI wide owers of s! er#ision and control o#er commercial and co@ o erati#e "anks% relating to licensing and esta"lishments% "ranch ex ansion% li<!idity of

their assets% management and methods of working% amalgamation% reconstr!ction% and li<!idation$ Indian /anks1 (ssociation 8I/(9 The Indian Banks Association 4IBA6 was formed on Se tem"er :,% (+),% with :: mem"ers$ Today% IBA has more than (;, mem"ers% s!ch as !"lic sector "anks% ri#ate sector "anks% foreign "anks ha#ing offices in India% !r"an co@o erati#e "anks% de#elo mental financial instit!tions% federations% merchant "anks% m!t!al f!nds% ho!sing finance cor orations% etc$

;TI /()0
The Bank was incor orated on 8rd ?ecem"er and 3ertificate of "!siness on ()th ?ecem"er$ The Bank transacts "anking "!siness of all descri tion$ ATI Bank =td$ was romoted "y Anit Tr!st of India% =ife Ins!rance 3or oration of India% General Ins!rance 3or oration of India and its fo!r s!"sidiaries$ The "ank was the first ri#ate sector "ank to get a license !nder the new g!idelines iss!ed "y the >BI$

In 4<<=% The Bank o"tained license to act as ?e ository 9artici ant with NS?= and
a lied for registration with S1BI to act as ETr!stee to ?e"ent!re 2olders&$ >! ees (55 crores was contri"!ted "y ATI% the rest from =I3 >s -$; crores% GI3 and its fo!r s!"sidiaries >s ($; crores each$

/y 4<<>% the Bank has :. "ranches in !r"an and semi !r"an areas as on 8(st C!ly$ All the
"ranches are f!lly com !terised and networked thro!gh FSAT$ AT7 ser#ices are a#aila"le in :- "ranches$ The Bank came o!t with a !"lic iss!e of (%;5%55%555 No$ of e<!ity shares of >s (5 each at a remi!m of >s (( er share aggregating to >s 8($;5 crores and Offer for sale of :%55%55%555 No$ of e<!ity shares for cash at a rice of >s :( er share$ O!t of the

!"lic iss!e :%:5%555 shares were reser#ed for allotment on referencial "asis to em loyees of ATI Bank$ Balance of 8%)-%.5%555 shares were offered to the !"lic$ The com any offers AT7 cards% !sing which acco!nt@holders can withdraw money from any of the "ank&s AT7s across the co!ntry which are inter@connected "y FSAT$ ATI Bank has la!nched a new retail rod!ct with o erational flexi"ility for its c!stomers$ ATI Bank will sign a co@"rand agreement with the market% leader% 3iti"ank NA for entering into the highly romising credit card "!siness$ ATI Bank romoted "y India&s ioneer m!t!al f!nd Anit Tr!st of India along with =I3% GI3 and its fo!r s!"sidiaries$

/y 4<<<% ATI Bank and 3iti"ank ha#e la!nched an international co@"randed credit card$
ATI Bank and 3iti"ank ha#e come together to la!nch an international co@"randed credit card !nder the 7aster3ard !m"rella$ ATI Bank =td has ina!g!rated an off site AT7 at Ashok Nagar here% taking the total n!m"er of its off site AT7s to (8$m

/y 5???% the Bank has anno!nced the la!nch of Tele@?e ository Ser#ices for its
de ository clients$ ATI Bank has la!nch of Ei3onnect&% its Internet "anking 9rod!ct$ ATI Bank has signed a memorand!m of !nderstanding with e<!itymaster$com for e@"roking acti#ities of the site$ Infinity$com financial Sec!rities =td$% an e@"roking o!tfit is ty ing ! with ATI Bank for a "anking interface$ Geo*it Sec!rities =td% the first com any to start online trading ser#ices% has signed a 7oA with ATI Bank to ena"le in#estors to "!yGsell demat stocks thro!gh the com any&s we"site$ India"!lls has signed a memorand!m of !nderstanding with ATI Bank$ATI Bank has entered into an agreement with Stock 2olding 3or oration of India for ro#iding loans against shares to S323I=&s c!stomers and f!nding in#estors in !"lic and rights iss!es$

I3>A has ! graded the rating og ATI Bank&s >s ;55@crore 3ertificate of de osit rogramme to A(H$ ATI Bank has tied ! with =IT Trade$com for ro#iding c!stomised online trading sol!tion for "rokers$

/y 5??4% ATI Bank la!nched a ri#ate lacement of non@con#erti"le ?e"ent!res to raise

! to >s -; crore$ ATI Bank has o ened two offsite AT7s and one extension co!nter with an AT7 in 7angalore% taking its total n!m"er of AT7s across the co!ntry to 8;;$ ATI Bank has recorded a ,: er cent rise in net rofit for the <!arter ended Se tem"er 85% :55(% at >s 85$+; crore$ /or the second <!arter ended Se tem"er 85% :555% the net rofit was >s (+$5. crore$ The total income of the "ank d!ring the <!arter was ! ;8 er cent at >s 8,,$:; crore$

/y 5??5% ATI Bank =td has informed BS1 that Shri B > Barwale has resigned as
a ?irector of the Bank w$e$f$ Can!ary 5:% :55:$ A 3 Shah% former chairman of Bank of Baroda% also retired from the "anks "oard in the third <!arter of last year$ 2is lace contin!es to "e #acant$ 7 ?amodaran took o#er as the director of the "oard after taking in the reins of ATI$ B S 9andit has also *oined the "anks "oard s!"se<!ent to the retirement of J G Fassal$ ATI Bank =td has informed that Shri 9a!l /letcher has "een a ointed as an Additional ?irector Nominee of 3?3 /inancial Ser#ice 47a!riti!s6 =td of the Bank$And Shri ?onald 9eck has "een a ointed as an Additional ?irector 4nominee of So!th Asia >egional /!nd6 of the Bank$ ATI Bank =td has informed that on laying down the office of 3hairman of =I3 on "eing a ointed as 3hairman of S1BI% Shri G N Ba* ai% Nominee ?irector of =I3 has resigned as a ?irector of the Bank$ ATI Bank =td has informed that in the meeting of the Board of ?irectors following decisions were taken0 7r Dash 7aha*an% Fice 3hairman and 7anaging ?irector of 9!n*a" Tractors =td was a ointed as an Additional ?irector with immediate effect$ 7r N 3 Singhal former Fice 3hairman and 7anaging ?irector of S3I3I was a ointed as an Additional ?irector with immediate effect$ ABN Amro% ATI Bank in act to share AT7s$

ATI Bank =td has informed BS1 that a meeting of the Board of ?irectors of the Bank is sched!led to "e held on Octo"er :)% :55: to consider and take on record the !na!dited half yearlyK<!arterly financial res!lts of the Bank for the half yearKL!arter ended Se tem"er 85% :55:$ ATI Bank =td has informed that Shri C 7 Tri#edi has "een a ointed as an alternate director to Shri ?onald 9eck with effect from No#em"er :% :55:$ /y 5??6% ATI Bank =td has informed BS1 that at the meeting of the Board of ?irectors of the com any held on Can!ary (,% :558% Shri > N Bharadwa*% 7anaging ?irector of =I3 has "een a ointed as an Additional ?irector of the Bank with immediate effect$ ATI Bank% the ri#ate sector "ank has o eaned a "ranch at Nellore$ The "ank&s 3hairman and 7anaging ?irector% ?r 9$C$ Nayak% ina!g!rating the "ank "ranch at GT >oad on 7ay :,$ S eaking on the occasion% ?r Nayak said% This marks another ste towards the extensi#e c!stomer "anking foc!s that we are ro#iding across the co!ntry and reinforces o!r commitment to "ring s! erior "anking ser#ices% marked "y con#enience and closeness to c!stomers$ ATI Bank =td$ has informed the 1xchange that at its meeting held on C!ne :;% :558 the BO? ha#e decided the following0 (6 To a oint 7r$ A T 9annir Sel#am% former 37? of Anion Bank of India and 9rof$ Cayanth Farma of the Indian Instit!te of 7anagement% Ahmeda"ad as additional directors of the Bank with immediate effect$ /!rther% 7r$ 9annir Sel#am will "e the nominee director of the Administrator of the s ecified !ndertaking of the Anit Tr!st of India 4ATI@I6 and 7r$ Cayanth Farma will "e an Inde endent ?irector$ :6 To iss!e Non@3on#erti"le Ansec!red >edeema"le ?e"ent!res ! to >s$(55 crs% in one or more tranches as the Bank&s Tier @ II ca ital$ ATI has "een a!thorised to la!nch (, AT7s on the Bestern >ailway Stations of 7!m"ai ?i#ision$ @ATI filed s!it against financial instit!tions I/3I =td in the de"t reco#ery tri"!nal at 7!m"ai to reco#er >s$.;cr in d!es$ @ATI "ank made an entry to the /ood 3redit 9rogramme% it has made an entry into the ;+ cl!ster which incl!des ri#ate sector% !"lic sector% old ri#ate

sector and co@o erati#e "anks$ @Shri A*eet 9rasad% Nminee of ATI has resigned as the director of the "ank$ @Banks 3hairman and 7? ?r$9$C$Nayak ina!g!rated a new "ranch at Nellore$ @ATI "ank allots shares !nder 1m loyee Stock O tion Scheme to its em loyees$ @An#eils re@ aid tra#el card &Fisa 1lectron Tra#el 3!rrency 3ard& @Allotment of ;.+:8 e<!ity shares of >s (5 each !nder 1SO9$ @ATI Bank ties ! with AJ go#t f!nd for contract farming @Shri B S 9andit% nominee of the Administrator of the S ecified Andertaking of the Anit Tr!st of India 4ATI@I6 has resigned as a director from the Bank wef No#em"er (:% :558$ @ATI Bank !n#eils new AT7 in Sikkim$ /y 5??@% 3omes o!t with >s$ ;55 mn Ansec!red >edeema"le Non@3on#erti"le ?e"ent!re Iss!e% iss!e f!lly s!"scri"ed$ ATI Bank =td has informed that Shri A*eet 9rasad% Nominee of the Administrator of the S ecified Andertaking of the Anit Tr!st of India 4ATI @ I6 has "een a ointed as an Additional ?irector of the Bank w$e$f$ Can!ary :5% :55)$ @ATI Bank o ens new "ranch in Ad! i$ @ATI Bank% Geo*it in act for trading latform in Latar$ @ATI Bank ties ! with Shriram Gro! 3os$ @An#eils remi!m ayment facility thro!gh AT7s a lica"le to =I3 I ATI Bank c!stomers$ @7etal*!nction 47C6@ the online trading and roc!rement *oint #ent!re of Tata Steel and Steel A!thority of India 4SAI=6@ has ro ed in ATI Bank to start off own e<!i ment for Tata Steel$ @?I1BO=? Systems 9ri#ate =td% a wholly owned s!"sidiary of ?ie"old Incor orated% has sec!red a ma*or contract for the s! ser#ices to ATI Bank$ 2SB3 com letes ac<!isition of ()$,M stake in ATI Bank for $, m @ATI Bank installs AT7 in Thir!#anantha !ram @=a!nches E>emittance 3ard& in association with >emit:India% a Be" ly of AT7s and

site offering money@transfer ser#ices$

/y 5??A% ATI Bank enters into a "ancass!rance artnershi with Ba*a* Allian' General
for selling general ins!rance rod!cts thro!gh its "ranch network$ @ATI Bank la!nches its first Satellite >etail Assets 3entre 4S>A36 in Jarnataka at 7angalore$

/y 5??B% ATI Bank !n#eils riority "anking lo!nge$

@ ATI Bank la!nches o erations of AB= Sales% its Sales S!"sidiary @ Ina!g!rates its first office in Bengal!r!$ @ATI Bank anno!nces the la!nch of its 3redit 3ard B!siness$ @ ATI Bank "ecomes the first Indian Bank to s!ccessf!lly iss!e /oreign 3!rrency 2y"rid 3a ital in the International 7arket$ @ ATI Bank B!siness Gold ?e"it 3ard 7aster3ard =a!nched @ ?esigned for "!siness related s ending "y S71s and self em loyed rofessionals$

/y 5??=, AXIS Bank =td has informed that conse<!ent ! on handing o#er charge as
Administrator of the S ecified Andertaking of the Anit Tr!st of India 4SAATI6% Shri$ S B 7ath!r% the Nominee ?irector of SAATI has resigned as a ?irector of the Bank w$e$f$ ?ecem"er 5,% :55-$ @AXIS Bank =td has informed that /itch >atings on ?ecem"er ()% :55-% has ! graded the Bank&s National =ong@term rating to &AAA4ind6& from &AAH4ind6&$ @AXIS Bank =td hasa ointed Shri J N 9rith#ira* as an Additional ?irector on the Board at ?irectors of the Bank$ @ 3om any name has "een changed from ATI Bank =td toAxis Bank =td$

/y 5??>,
Axis Bank la!nches 9latin!m 3redit 3ard% India&s first 17F chi "ased card$ =a!nches it&s >emittance Online 9ortal @ Axis >emit

/y 5??<,
=a!nches Axis assets management com any limited N Axis Bank has set ! a new "ranch at 9er!m"a#oor$ The "ank has a network of .8: "ranches along with . extension co!nters and 8,:: AT7s across the co!ntry$ @ Axis "ank has recei#ed final clearance from the Sec!rities and 1xchange Board of India 4S1BI6 to "egin its m!t!al f!nd o erations and will la!nch de"t and e<!ity schemes soon whereas I?BI Bank is awaiting the reg!lator&s ermit for an entry$ @ Axis Bank o ened the new "ranch at Irin*alak!da while it has a network of .+: "ranches% . extension co!nters and 8%.5, AT7s across the co!ntry$ 1merged as one of the largest incremental SI9 mo"iliser in the co!ntry

/y 5?4?,
Ina!g!rates it&s (555th "ranch at 71T "andra reclamation% 7!m"ai 3ollected >s$ -() crore in Axis e<!ity N/O% The largest "y any m!t!al f!nd distri"!tor in India 9riority "ank "rnaches rechristened as 9remi!m Branches @ The only "ank to ha#e s!ch excl!si#e "ranches =a!nches India&s first infrastr!ct!re index @ Axis infra index

(wards we won in 5?44

(6 Bank of the Dear N India 4The Banker Awards :5((6 :6 Best Bank @ 9ri#ate Sector 4N?TF 9rofit B!siness =eadershi Awards6 86 Best Bank @ :5(( 4O!tlook 7oney6 )6 Brand 1xcellence Award :5((B/SI 4Star News6 ;6 The 7ost 3onsistent =arge Bank 4Best Banks N :5(( s!r#ey "y B!siness Today and J97G6 ,6 7ost 9referred Bank Amongst >etail 3ons!mers 43=SA s!r#ey on ersonal "anking trends6

-6 7ost 9rod!cti#e 9ri#ate Sector Bank 4/IBA3 :5(( Banking Awards6 .6 8rd Strongest Bank in Asia@9acific >egion 4Asian Banker6 +6 The Best ?omestic Bank N India 4The Asset Tri le A 3o!ntry Awards :5((6 (56 The Best ?omestic Bond 2o!se N India 4The Asset Tri le A 3o!ntry Awards :5((6 ((6 Best >isk 7aster 9ri#ate Sector category 4/IBA3 :5(( Banking Awards6 (:6 Best Bond 2o!se India N :5(( 4/inance Asia6

(wards won in 5?45

(6 Best Bank @ 3NB3@TF(. Indias Best Bank and /inancial Instit!tion Awards :5(: :6 3onsistent 9erformer @ Indias Best Banks N :5(: s!r#ey "y B!siness Today I J97G 86 /astest Growing =arge Bank@ ?!n I Bradstreet@9olaris /inancial Technology Banking Awards :5(: )6 /astest Growing =arge Bank @ B!sinessworld Best Banks S!r#ey :5(: ;6 Best Bank @ >!nner A @ O!tlook 7oney Awards :5(: ,6 ?eal 7aker of the Dear in >! ee Bonds @ B!sinessworld 7agna Awards @ India&s Best ?eal 7akers :5(: -6 India Bond 2o!se of the year @ I/> ASIA @ 3o!ntry Awards :5(: .6 Best ?omestic Bond 2o!se @ The Asset Tri le A 3o!ntry Awards :5(: @ O!r Bank has "een honored with this award for the Third year in a row$ +6 The Best 1merging B!llion ?ealing Bank of the year :5((@(: at +th India International Gold 3on#ention (56 Best Ac<!iring Instit!tion in So!th Asia@ Fisa =1A?1> Award at Fisas :5(: A93171A Sec!rity% S!mmit% Bali$ ((6 37O Asia Award :5(: for im actf!l retail design and merchandi'ing$


T%ERE (RE 6 3(I) RE(,O),0

They had to gi#e ! the ATI name after !sing it for (8 years as we were not re ared to acce t terms and conditions 4incl!ding royalty6 from ATI A73 $The decision to

re"rand itself was taken "y the "ank as it was allowed to !se the Ia osOATIIa osO "rand name for free till Can!ary 8(% :55.% "eyond which it had to ay royalty for !sing the name$

The recommendation for name change to Axis Bank has arisen from the

existence of se#eral shareholder@!nrelated entities !sing the ATI "rand% and the conse<!ent "rand conf!sion that this generates

The name ATI "ank was changed to AXIS "ank as ATI ga#e a look of

go#ernment sector "ank$ They had to change o!r name to ha#e o!r own "rand and identity$

The new name (.I,


The new name was chosen considering the "anks an@Indian as well as The first time that a "ank has dro ed an esta"lished "rand for an !nknown

international resence$


The name Axis is chosen as it is sim le and it con#eys a sense of solidity

and a sense of mat!rity$ It also has a !ni#ersal a eal$ The New =ogo de icts a strong growth ath for the "ank s! indicating that the "ank is mo#ing on from a osition of strength$ Rebranding ECercise

orted "y a strong "ase%

The name was taken into effect conse<!ent to the a ro#al of shareholders% The ATI "rand is owned "y ATI Asset 7anagement 3om any The "ank wo!ld change logo and colo!r of logo the "ank is likely to s end The "ank ac<!ired the ser#ices of Ogil#y I 7ather 4OI76 to design and

>eser#e Bank of India and the central go#ernment 4>egistrar of 3om anies6$
o o

aro!nd >s ;5 crore in the re@"randing exercise$


im lement the re"randing cam aign


Axis Bank is the third largest ri#ate sector "ank in India$ Axis Bank offers the entire s ectr!m of financial ser#ices to c!stomer segments co#ering =arge and 7id@3or orates% 7S71% Agric!lt!re and >etail B!sinesses$ The Bank has a large foot rint of (+)- domestic "ranches 4incl!ding extension co!nters6 and ((%:); AT7s s read across the co!ntry as on 8(st 7arch :5(8$ The Bank also has o#erseas offices in Singa ore% 2ong Jong% Shanghai% 3olom"o% ?!"ai and A"! ?ha"i$ Axis Bank is one of the first new generation ri#ate sector "anks to ha#e "eg!n o erations in (++)$ The Bank was romoted in (++8% *ointly "y S ecified Andertaking of Anit Tr!st of India 4SAATI6 4then known as Anit Tr!st of India6%=ife Ins!rance 3or oration of India 4=I36% General Ins!rance 3or oration of India 4GI36% National Ins!rance 3om any =td$% The New India Ass!rance 3om any =td$% The Oriental Ins!rance 3om any =td$ and Anited India Ins!rance 3om any =td$ The shareholding of Anit Tr!st of India was s!"se<!ently transferred to SAATI% an entity esta"lished in :558$ Bith a "alance sheet si'e of >s$8%)5%;,( crores as on 8(st 7arch :5(8% Axis Bank has achie#ed consistent growth and sta"le asset <!ality with a ; year 3AG> 4:55+@(86 of :,M in Total Assets% :)M in Total ?e osits% :-M in Total Ad#ances and 8-M in Net 9rofit$

Registered Office
The registered office of Axis Bank is located at0 Trish!l% 8rd /loor% O osite Samartheshwar Tem le% Near =aw Garden% 1llis"ridge% Ahmeda"ad% G!*arat @ 8.5 55,

Corporate Office
(Cis %ouse, CD5 'adia International Centre, Pandurang /udhkar 3arg, 'orli, 3umbai E @??? ?5A The 3or orate Office of Axis Bank is located at Axis 2o!se 7!m"ai$ Axis 2o!se has recei#ed the 9latin!m rating awarded "y the AS Green B!ilding 3o!ncil for its en#ironment friendly facilities and red!ction of car"on emission$

The /ank has set up eight whollyDowned subsidiaries7 Axis 3a ital =td$ Axis 9ri#ate 1<!ity =td$ Axis Tr!stee Ser#ices =td$ Axis Asset 7anagement 3om any =td$ Axis 7!t!al /!nd Tr!stee =td$ Axis Bank AJ =td$ Axis Sec!rities =td$ Axis /inance =td$

Axis Bank =td$ has "een romoted "y the largest /inancial Instit!tions of the co!ntry% ATI% =I3% GI3 and its s!"sidiaries$ The Bank was set ! in (++8 with a ca ital of >s$ ((; crore% with ATI contri"!ting >s$ (55 crore% =I3 @ >s$ -$; crore and GI3 and its fo!r s!"sidiaries contri"!ting >s$ ($; crore each$

Capital ,tructure
The Bank has a!thori'ed share ca ital of >s$ .;5 crores com rising .;5%555%555 e<!ity shares of >s$(5K@ each$ As on 8(st 7arch% :5(8 the Bank has iss!ed% s!"scri"ed and aid@! e<!ity ca ital of >s$ ),-$+; crores% constit!ting ),-%+;)%),. shares of >s$ (5K@ each$ The Banks shares are listed on the National Stock 1xchange and the Bom"ay Stock 1xchange$ The G?>s iss!ed "y the Bank are listed on the =ondon Stock 1xchange 4=S16$

2istribution )etwork
The Bank has a network of (+)- domestic "ranches 4incl!ding extension co!nters6 and ((%:); AT7s across the co!ntry% as on 8(st 7arch :5(8$ The Banks o#erseas network consists of ) "ranches in Singa ore% 2ong Jong% ?I/3 N ?!"ai% 3olom"o and 8 >e resentati#e offices at Shanghai% ?!"ai% and A"! ?ha"i$

Vision 2015
To "e the referred financial sol!tions ro#ider excelling in c!stomer deli#ery thro!gh insight% em owered em loyees and smart !se of technology

Core Values

3!stomer 3entricity 1thics Trans arency Teamwork Ownershi

(n o"er"iew of "arious business segments

RET(I* /()0I)&
The Bank aims to increase its share in the financial ser#ices sector "y contin!ing to "!ild a strong etail franchise$ The segment contin!es to "e one of the key dri#ers of the Banks growth strategy% encom assing a wide range of rod!cts deli#ered thro!gh m!lti le channels to c!stomers$ The Bank offers a com lete s!ite of rod!cts across de osits% loans% in#estment sol!tions% ayments and cards and is committed to de#elo ing long@term relationshi s with its c!stomers "y ro#iding high@<!ality ser#ices$ The Bank !rs!es an effecti#e c!stomer segmentation strategy% the s!ccess of which is reflected in the fact that Sa#ings Bank de osits grew at a 3om o!nded Ann!al Growth >ate 43AG>6 of :,$(8M o#er the last fi#e years$ ?!ring the year% Sa#ings Bank de osits grew :8$))M to >s$ ,8%--. crores from >s$ ;(%,,. crores last year$ On a daily a#erage "asis% Sa#ings Bank de osits grew :5$:,M to >s$ ;:%:)8 crores$ The Bank has also maintained its a roach in increasing the ro ortion of >etail Term ?e osits$ On the 8(st 7arch :5(8% retail term de osits grew :)$8-M year@on@year to >s$ ;+%;8( crores% constit!ting ):$8-M of total term de osits% com ared to 8-$:5M last year$ =ikewise% the Bank contin!ed to foc!s on increasing its share of retail loans in total ad#ances$ The retail loans of the Bank grew )8$,:M to >s$ ;8%+,5 crores as on 8(st 7arch :5(8 from >s$ 8-%;-5 crores last year$ >etail loans constit!ted :-$)5M of the Banks total ad#ances as on 8(st 7arch :5(8% com ared to

::$(8M last year of which sec!red loans acco!nted for .-M$ The distri"!tion of s ecific ortfolios within the >etail loan segment as on 8(st 7arch :5(8 was as follows0 home loans @ ,;M% loans against ro erty @ -M% a!to loans @ ()M% ersonal loans and credit cards @ +M$ The Bank so!rces retail loans thro!gh (:5 Asset Sales 3entres o erating o!t of +, cities with standardised a raisal and o#ersight mechanisms$ >etail loans are also originated from (%(.8 "ranches thro!gh which one@third of incremental retail loans are c!rrently so!rced$ The cards "!siness is an integral art of the Banks retail strategy with e#er@increasing n!m"ers of transactions mo#ing to the electronic mode$ The Bank is one of the largest de"it card iss!ers in the co!ntry% with a "ase of ():$+ lacs% which rose from (:)$++ lacs at the end of last year$ Bith more than a million cards in force% the Bank is now the sixth largest credit card iss!er in the co!ntry$ The Bank has also emerged as one of the largest ac<!irers in the co!ntry with an installed "ase of :$(, lac oint@of@sale terminals$ ?!ring the year% the Bank also la!nched mo"ile 9OS$ To Indians li#ing and working o#erseas% the Bank offers a com lete s!ite of "anking and in#estment rod!cts !nder its N>I Ser#ices$ The Bank has )+ "ranches a!thorised to iss!e 9ortfolio In#estment Scheme 49IS6 ermissions to N>IsK9IOs who wish to trade in the Indian secondary markets thro!gh registered stock "rokers on recognised stock exchanges$ To s! ort the "!siness% the Bank has la!nched a :)x- integrated hel desk for N>I c!stomers with the facility of toll@free n!m"ers from key geogra hies$ As on 8(st 7arch :5(8% the Banks aggregate N>I de osits 4Sa#ings H Term ?e osits6 stood at >s$ (8%(5) crores against >s$ .%,:) crores last year$ The Bank also offers rod!cts in the area of retail forex and remittances% incl!ding tra#el c!rrency cards% inward and o!tward wire transfers% tra#ellers che<!es and foreign c!rrency notes% remittance facilities thro!gh online ortals as well as thro!gh colla"oration with corres ondent "anks% exchange ho!ses and money transfer o erators$ The "ank contin!ed to ha#e a market leader osition in Tra#el 3!rrency cards with (( c!rrency o tions other than IN> "eing offered$ The "ank is lanning to introd!ce two new c!rrency o tions New Pealand ?ollar 4NP?6 and Thai Baht 4T2B6$ Additionally% the Bank also la!nched a m!lti@c!rrency card s ecifically aimed at cor orates

and "!siness tra#ellers$ The aggregate load #al!e on Tra#el 3!rrency 3ards crossed AS? 8 "illion d!ring the year$ Axis Bank 9ri#Qe% a "!siness #ertical offers ri#ate "anking sol!tions to meet the ersonalised in#estment needs of high net worth indi#id!als as well as the cor orate ad#isory needs of families in "!siness$ Axis Bank 9ri#Qe "rings sol!tions offered "y #ario!s "!siness gro! s 4retail and cor orate6 within the Bank and #ario!s gro! entities !nder one integrated latform$ The Bank also distri"!tes third arty rod!cts s!ch as m!t!al f!nds% Bancass!rance rod!cts 4life and general ins!rance6% online trading and gold coins thro!gh its "ranches$ The Bank is one of the leading "anking distri"!tors of m!t!al f!nds in India and distri"!tes m!t!al f!nd rod!cts of all ma*or asset management com anies$ These rod!cts are sold thro!gh the Banks "ranch distri"!tion network "ased on client re<!irements$ The Bank also distri"!tes life ins!rance rod!cts of 7ax =ife Ins!rance 3om any and d!ring the year% it sold more than ($., lac olicies with a remi!m mo"ilisation of >s$ -+5$,: crores$ ?!ring the year% the Bank entered into an arrangement with Tata AIG General Ins!rance 3om any =imited to distri"!te general ins!rance rod!cts$ The Bank offers online trading ser#ices to its c!stomers in colla"oration with Axis 3a ital =td$ 4a (55M s!"sidiary of the Bank6 !nder the name Axis ?irect% an enhanced and sim lified Online Trading latform which is now a#aila"le to N>I c!stomers$ ?!ring the year% ().%8+5 online trading acco!nts were o ened% taking the total n!m"er online trading acco!nts to :+-%5,+ as on 8(st 7arch :5(8$ The Bank also sold gold and sil#er "ars to retail and cor orate c!stomers !nder the "rand 7oh!r thro!gh its "ranches$ ?!ring the year% the Bank added 8:; "ranches s read across :-+ centres$ The Bank added (%8:( AT7s d!ring the year to reach a network si'e of ((%:); as on 8(st 7arch :5(8 com ared to +%+:) AT7s last year$ The Bank has de loyed ;;5 A!tomated ?e osit 7achines 4for cash de osits into c!stomer acco!nts6 and has extended this facility :)X- in certain "ranches which ha#e integrated self@ser#ice lo""ies$ Besides the AT7 network%

internet "anking% mo"ile "anking and hone "anking ha#e de#elo ed as im ortant alternate channels of the Bank$

/;,I)E,, /()0I)&
B!siness Banking offers transactional "anking ser#ices% le#eraging ! on the Banks network and technology$ Its initiati#es foc!s on roc!rement of low@cost f!nds "y offering a range of c!rrent acco!nt rod!cts and cash management sol!tions across all "!siness segments co#ering cor orates% instit!tions% central and state go#ernment ministries and !ndertakings as well as small and retail "!siness c!stomers$ 9rod!ct offerings of this "!siness segment aim at ro#iding c!stomised transactional "anking sol!tions to f!lfill c!stomers "!siness re<!irement$ 3ross@sell of transactional "anking rod!cts% rod!ct inno#ation and a c!stomer@centric a roach ha#e s!cceeded in growing c!rrent acco!nt "alances and realisation of transaction "anking fees$ As on 8(st 7arch :5(8% "alances in c!rrent acco!nts increased "y :($;;M and stood at >s$ ).%8:: crores com ared to >s$ 8+%-;) crores last year$ On a daily a#erage "asis% c!rrent acco!nts "alances grew "y )$-8M to >s$ :.%,+. crores com ared to >s$ :-%)58 crores last year$ In the cash management ser#ices 437S6 "!siness% the Bank foc!ses on offering c!stomised ser#ice to its c!stomer to cater to s ecific cor orate re<!irements and im ro#e the existing rod!ct line to offer enhanced feat!res to c!stomers$ The Bank is also foc!sing on host@to@ host integration for "oth collections and ayments% s!ch as IT integration "etween cor orates and the Bank for seamless transactions and information flow$ The Bank ro#ides com rehensi#e str!ct!red 7IS re orts on a eriodic "asis% for "etter acco!nting and re orting$ 37S contin!ed to constit!te an im ortant so!rce of fee income and contri"!ted significantly to generate low cost f!nds$ The Bank is one of the to 37S ro#iders in the co!ntry with the n!m"er of locations co#ered !nder 37S increased to .+5 from .5( last year$ The n!m"er of 37S clients has grown to (;%.(. from ((%;). last year$ The Bank has "een acting as an agency "ank for transacting go#ernment "!siness to #ario!s central go#ernment ministries% de artments% state go#ernments and !nion territories$ The

Bank acce ts income and other direct taxes thro!gh )5, a!thorised "ranches at ::; locations and central excise and ser#ice taxes tho!gh ;, a!thorised "ranches at () locations incl!ding e@ ayments$ The Bank also handles the dis"!rsement of ci#il ension thro!gh all its "ranches and defence ension thro!gh (;( a!thorised "ranches$ In addition% the Bank ro#ides collection and ayment ser#ices to fo!r central go#ernment ministriesKde artments and (8 state go#ernments and !nion territories$ The Bank is associated with (( state go#ernments towards !ndertaking 1lectronic Benefit Transfer 41BT6 ro*ects for dis"!rsement of go#ernment "enefits 4wages !nder 7GN>1GS and Social Sec!rity 9ension 4SS966 thro!gh direct credit to "eneficiary "ank acco!nts !nder smart card "ased IT ena"led financial incl!sion model$ The total go#ernment "!siness thro!gh !t d!ring the year was >s$ +:%,.5 crores$ The Bank is a S1BI@registered c!stodian and offers c!stodial ser#ices to "oth domestic and offshore c!stomers$ As on 8(st 7arch :5(8% the Bank held assets worth a roximately >s$ (:%;(( crores !nder its c!stody% registering a growth of ,M o#er last year$

In the "ackdro of a s!"d!ed macro@economic en#ironment% ca ital ex endit!re "y cor orates remained lackl!stre d!ring the year$ =oans for working ca ital and the drawdown on committed sanctions in existing ro*ects !nder im lementation contri"!ted to the growth in cor orate credit d!ring the year$ The cor orate credit ortfolio of the Bank com rising ad#ances to large and mid@cor orates incl!ding infrastr!ct!re6 grew -$.+M to >s$ +.%:8+ crores from >s$ +(%5;8 crores last year$ This incl!des ad#ances at o#erseas "ranches amo!nting to >s$ :+%+-: crores 4e<!i#alent to AS? ;$;: "illion6 com rising mainly the ortfolio of Indian cor orates and their s!"sidiaries as also trade finance$ The ad#ances at o#erseas "ranches acco!nted for (;$::M of total ad#ances$ The Banks infrastr!ct!re

"!siness incl!des ro*ect and "id ad#isory ser#ices% ro*ect lending% de"t syndication% ro*ect str!ct!ring and d!e diligence% sec!ritisation and str!ct!red finance$ The Bank has introd!ced a relationshi model% foc!sing on cross@selling a wide range of rod!cts to cor orates$ /ee@"ased "!siness thro!gh loan syndication% trade finance and treas!ry "!siness contin!ed to grow$ The Banks sectoral a roach to credit contin!ed to achie#e greater efficiency with increased attention on identifying sector@s ecific o ort!nities$ 9ortfolio com osition is "eing contin!o!sly monitored "y tracking ind!stry% gro! and com any@s ecific ex os!re limits$ The internal and external rating of the credit facilities of c!stomers is !ndertaken and monitored on ongoing "asis with the entire lending ortfolio of the Bank "eing internally rated$ The mid@cor orate gro! contin!es to "e an im ortant "!siness franchise of the Bank with an asset "ook of >s$ :5%5(5 crores as on 8(st 7arch :5(8% registering a growth of (;$:8M o#er last year$ In #iew of the macro economic scenario% ex os!re was confined to ind!stries with a ositi#e o!tlook only after e#al!ation of rele#ant credit risk factors with the o"*ecti#e of "ooking "etter@rated ex os!res$

The Bank has an integrated Treas!ry% which co#ers "oth domestic and glo"al markets and f!nds the "alance sheet across geogra hies$ It lays an im ortant role in the so#ereign de"t markets and artici ates in rimary a!ctions of >BI$ It also acti#ely artici ates in the secondary go#ernment sec!rities and cor orate de"t market$ O#er the last few years% the Bank has emerged as one of the leading "anks ro#iding foreign exchange and trade finance ser#ices$ Thro!gh its #ario!s #erticals% the Treas!ry ser#es c!stomers across #ario!s ind!stries% segments and regions$ The foreign exchange and money market gro! !nder Treas!ry is an acti#e artici ant in the inter@"ankKfinancial instit!tions s ace$ It also

maintains ro rietary ositions to generate trading income for the Bank$ An acti#e Balance Sheet 7anagement gro! within Treas!ry takes care of asset@lia"ility mismatches and interest rate sensiti#ities of the Banks ortfolio$ The interest rates and deri#ati#es gro! ro#ides deri#ati#e sol!tions to c!stomers for its "alance sheet and c!rrency ex os!res$ The Glo"al /inancial Instit!tions ?i#ision 4G/I?6 gro! in Treas!ry is res onsi"le for fostering "!siness relationshi s with financial instit!tions across geogra hies and !ndertakes foreign c!rrency f!nd raising$ The Bank contin!ed to "e a dominant layer in lacement and syndication of >! ee denominated de"t$ ?!ring the year% the Bank arranged de"t aggregating to >s$ ();%),( crores and retained its to osition in arranging >! ee denominated de"t for the fifth consec!ti#e calendar year as er Bloom"erg and also as er 9>I71 ?ata"ase for the nine months ended ?ecem"er :5(:$ ?!ring the calendar year :5(:% the Bank won the Best ?omestic Bond 2o!se in India "y The Asset Tri le A 3o!ntry Awards "y Asset 7aga'ine% India Bond 2o!se "y the I/> Asia% and ?eal 7aker of the year "y B!siness Borld 7aga'ine$

I)TER)(TIO)(* /()0I)&
The international o erations of the Bank ha#e generally catered to Indian cor orates who ha#e ex anded their "!siness o#erseas$ The o#erseas network of the Bank c!rrently s ans the ma*or financial h!"s in Asia$ The Bank now has a foreign network of fo!r "ranches at Singa ore% 2ong Jong% ?I/3@?!"ai and 3olom"o 4Sri =anka6% and three re resentati#e offices at Shanghai% ?!"ai and A"! ?ha"i% "esides strategic alliances with "anks and exchange ho!ses in the G!lf 3o@o eration 3o!ncil 4G336 co!ntries$ Bhile "ranches at Singa ore% 2ong Jong% ?I/3@?!"ai and 3olom"o ena"le the Bank to artner with Indian cor orates doing "!siness glo"ally and rimarily offer cor orate "anking% trade finance% treas!ry and risk management sol!tions% the Bank also offers retail lia"ility rod!cts from its "ranches at 2ong Jong and 3olom"o$ The re resentati#e offices and strategic alliances with "anks and exchange ho!ses in the G33 co!ntries cater to the large Indian dias ora and romote the Banks N>I rod!cts$ Bith management of li<!idity "eing a ma*or challenge in

the resent glo"al markets% the Bank conscio!sly restrained its asset growth at the o#erseas centres to re ort an asset si'e of AS? ,$.) "illion as at 8(st 7arch :5(8 #is@R@#is AS? ,$8; "illion as at 8(st 7arch :5(:$ /!rther% interactions are also in rogress with 3hina Banking >eg!latory 3ommission 43B>36 for ! grade of the Shanghai >e resentati#e Office into a "ranch$

I)-OR3(TIO) TEC%)O*O&+
Technology is one of the key ena"lers for "!siness and for deli#ering c!stomised financial sol!tions$ The Bank contin!ed to foc!s on introd!cing inno#ati#e "anking ser#ices thro!gh in#estments in scala"le% ro"!st and f!nction@rich technology latforms to ena"le deli#ery of efficient and seamless ser#ices across m!lti le channels for c!stomer con#enience and cost red!ction$ The Bank has also foc!sed on im ro#ing the go#ernance rocess in IT$ ?!ring the year% the Bank has recei#ed certification of ISO :-55(0:55; "y BSI 4ANAB accredited6 for com lying with the standards of Information Sec!rity 7anagement System for its data centres located in Na#i 7!m"ai and Bengal!r!$ The Bank has also s!ccessf!lly com leted migration of its data centre to a co@hosted location d!ring the year$ The new remises offer a category IF data center that com lies with the highest "enchmarking standards a lica"le to data centres romising "!ilt@in red!ndancy of infrastr!ct!re$ A ro"!st 9ro*ect 7anagement framework is !sed to ens!re that in#estments in IT are "ased on good gate@kee ing rinci les and res!lt in a ro riate ay"ack in #al!e terms$ The Bank has made significant rogress in im lementing the recommendations of the >BI Borking Gro! iss!ed in A ril :5(( on Information Sec!rity% 1lectronic Banking% Technology >isk 7anagement and 3y"er /ra!ds$ The Bank is committed to im lementing the recommendations on the #ario!s s!"*ect areas indicated in the g!idelines$ The "road meas!res taken in res ect of the #ario!s areas incl!ded cond!cting a detailed ga analysis to im lement the controlsKs!ggestions contained in the g!idelines% examining each recommendation closely and taking decisions either to ac<!ire a sol!tion or im lement roced!ral controls$ The Bank has !t in lace the a ro riate organisational framework as recommended in the g!idelines$ Se#eral information sec!rity sol!tions ha#e either "een

im lemented or finalised for im lementation to rotect c!stomer data% re#ent external attacks as well as strengthening internal controls$ 9olicies and roced!res of the Bank ha#e also "een re#iewed and s!ita"ly modified$ The rogress in each area of the recommendations has "een closely monitored "y the to management and the stat!s of im lementation has "een re orted to the Board and >BI at reg!lar inter#als$

The Bank has identified agric!lt!ral lending as an area of otential growth and offers a di#erse range of lending sol!tions to the farming clientele and other stakeholders in the agric!lt!re #al!e chain$ Acti#ity and geogra hy s ecific rod!cts and rod!ct #ariants were introd!ced to effecti#ely reach o!t to the #ario!s #al!e@chain artici ants and to meet their credit re<!irements$ In order to ro#ide a strategic foc!s to agric!lt!ral lending% the Bank has ado ted a cl!ster@centric a roach for agric!lt!ral lending in areas where the Bank "elie#es agric!lt!re is intensi#e and where a otential market exists$ The "!siness architect!re for agric!lt!re "!siness is decentralised with Agric!lt!re B!siness 3entres 4AB3s6 at #ario!s locations across the co!ntry s earheading the "!siness$ To increase the foc!s on !n"anked and !nder "anked areas% 8 new AB3s were formed d!ring the year at G!wahati 4Assam6% Bh!"aneswar 4Odisha6 and 9atna 4Bihar6$ The "ranches and agric!lt!re cl!sters follow a h!"@and@s oke model with "ranches "eing the sole to!ch oint for farmers$ As of 8(st 7arch :5(8% the agric!lt!re "!siness is o erated thro!gh -;+ "ranches attached to +8 agric!lt!ral cl!sters% which are controlled "y :5 AB3s$ To achie#e the o"*ecti#es of increasing the "!siness reach% consistent growth of ortfolio and maintaining <!ality of assets% "!siness% credit% o erations and collections f!nctions in this "!siness are handled inde endently$ A art from lending to farmers% the Bank also acti#ely artici ates in awareness cam aigns and forming farmers cl!"s in many of its ! co!ntry "ranches in co@ordination with National Bank for Agric!lt!re and >!ral ?e#elo ment 4NABA>?6$ The Bank allies with re !ted cor orates in agro "ased ind!stries to ro#ide #al!e to the farmers$ The Bank will contin!e to increase its reach in r!ral and semi@!r"an areas "y increasing the n!m"er of

agric!lt!re cl!sters and AB3s as er re<!irement and "ring more and more "ranches !nder agric!lt!re lending$ The Bank also s! orts the weaker sections of society thro!gh its lending to 7icro /inance

Instit!tions 47/Is6$ To im ro#e credit deli#ery to the target c!stomers thro!gh smart !se of technology% the Bank in the c!rrent year has started Axis Sahyog% a social collateral lending initiati#e wherein economically acti#e weaker section indi#id!als are ro#ided with micro loans for agric!lt!re and micro enter rises$ Biometric ena"led IT architect!re is !sed for enrolment and for a!thorising transactions$ 9resently% Axis Sahyog has "een im lemented in two states0 Bihar and 7adhya 9radesh$ The Bank also !ses the ser#ices of instit!tional B!siness 3orres ondents for so!rcing and ser#icing micro loans in a so!thern state$ The Bank ioneered first e#er listing of 7!lti Originator Sec!ritisation 47OS136 transaction of microloans in the co!ntry$ This initiati#e will go a long way in de#elo ing an alternate so!rce of f!nding for the microfinance sector$ As on 8(st 7arch :5(8% the Banks o!tstanding loans in the agric!lt!ral sector was >s$ ()%.); crores% constit!ting -$;)M of the Banks total ad#ances

-I)()CI(* I)C*;,IO)
The Bank regards financial incl!sion not merely as a cor orate social res onsi"ility initiati#e "!t as an integral com onent of its r!ral strategy$ The financial incl!sion initiati#es of the Bank are aimed at ena"ling c!stomers in r!ral markets to !se formal "anking channels for their "anking needs s!ch as sa#ings% ayments% credit and ins!rance$ A art from sa#ings% ayments are the ma*or re<!irement of s!ch c!stomers d!e to migration of workforce$ The Bank offers no@frills acco!nts% tailor@made fixed de osits and rec!rring de osit rod!cts to meet the sa#ings re<!irements of c!stomers$ As on 8(st 7arch :5(8% the Bank had o ened ,($,( lac no@frills acco!nts co#ering ):%88. #illages$ The Bank has "een in the forefront of se#eral inno#ations in this s ace$ It has tied@! with leading telecom com anies to ro#ide sa#ings and remittance facilities !sing the mo"ile hone and their distri"!tion o!tlets in key domestic ayment corridors$ The Bank is also a

leading layer in the remittance market% ena"ling migrant workers in !r"an areas remit money to their families in the hinterland$ The Bank endea#o!rs to meet the entire set of financial needs of its c!stomers% incl!ding micro@lending% 3hhota@de osits and micro@ ins!rance 4!nder life and general ins!rance categories6$ The Bank also acti#ely artici ates in electronicKdirect "enefit transfer for dis"!rsal of "enefits !nder #ario!s go#ernment schemes !sing smart cards and "iometric a!thentication technology$ The Bank has made significant in#estments in technology% and is integrated with the Aadhar latform thro!gh N93I to ena"le transfer of Aadhar "ased social welfare "enefits$ The Bank has la!nched se#eral rogrammes to deli#er micro@loans to r!ral c!stomers thro!gh its "!siness corres ondents in Tamil Nad!% Bihar and 7adhya 9radesh$ It has also tied ! with leading cor orates to deli#er credit to their end cons!mers thro!gh their r!ral s! ly chain artners$

%;3() RE,O;RCE,
The 2!man >eso!rces 42>6 f!nction is instr!mental in creating and de#elo ing h!man ca ital in alignment with the Banks #ision$ Talent 7anagement with artic!lar foc!s on grooming f!t!re leaders% learning and de#elo ment and em loyee engagement ha#e "een the key foc!s areas in the Banks 2> o"*ecti#es$ The Bank has "!ilt a learning infrastr!ct!re to ens!re a#aila"ility of skilled and em owered workforce$ The =earning 7a s aligned to the o#erall de#elo ment lan of em loyees are designed to facilitate learning rocess across all le#els thro!gh a "lended learning a roach of classroom rogrammes% external rogrammes% certification rogrammes as well as e@ learning mod!les$ The Bank also creates alternate talent i elines "y entering into arrangements with Training and 1d!cation Instit!tes and contin!es to maintain a strong em loyer "rand in the financial ser#ices sector es ecially on the cam !ses of the remier "!siness schools of the co!ntry$ A art from ha#ing a strong resence in the talent market% the Bank also "elie#es in maintaining a strong image internally "y kee ing its workforce engaged at all le#els$

To inc!lcate and li#e its motto of One Bank% One Axis and foster a s irit of connectedness% the Bank hosts se#eral em loyee engagement rogrammes and channels to connect its thinly@s read em loyee o !lation across a widely dis ersed geogra hical network$ Thro!gh these latforms% em loyees can share their !ni<!e ex eriences% facilitate "est ractice sharing% cast their o inion and feed"ack a"o!t the Banks rod!cts and ser#ices$ The Bank also offers a#en!es for se#eral em loyee health and wellness initiati#es thro!gho!t o!r network$ The Bank has "een cond!cting its ann!al 1m loyee 1ngagement St!dy to ca t!re% analyse and draw action lans to enhance the engagement <!otient$ A third@ arty framework% "enchmarked as one of the "est% is !sed for administering and analy'ing the res!lts of the st!dy% with foc!s on meas!ring and im ro#ing em loyee engagement <!otient$ Taking concrete ste s "ased on the st!dy findings hel s in "!ilding a stronger and more engaged workforce$ The Bank seeks reg!lar feed"ack from em loyees on the olicies and ractices to ens!re that it is in consonance with em loyee em owerment$ Incidentally% the foc!s areas for the Banks erformance management system are Ownershi % 3ontin!o!s 9rocess and 2!mane To!ch% which are dri#en "y strengthening the c!lt!re of erformance feed"ack 4"oth formal and informal6$ In addition to erformance% the ersonal de#elo ment lan of an em loyee incl!des a feed"ack on "eha#io!ral com etencies for growth$ Axis =eadershi 9ractices 4A=9s6 are defined for em loyees at different le#els of the hierarchy to romote desired "eha#ior and to facilitate an o"*ecti#e assessment$ The A=9s form a framework for all the eo le rocesses in the Bank$ These are an integral art of rocesses like Talent Ac<!isition% 9erformance 7anagement System% 9romotion% Talent A reciation% =eadershi ?e#elo ment and /eed"ack$ The Bank has artnered with the "est in class leadershi trainers of the co!ntry to ro#ide key osition holders and !nit heads the f!ndamentals of managing self and team leadershi tho!gh a series of Ins ired =eadershi worksho s$ The Bank has also la!nched an inho!se m!lti@rater feed"ack tool A=9 3om ass% "ased on the Axis =eadershi 9ractices$

The strength of the workforce was 8-%+5( at the end of the year as com ared to 8(%-8. last year$ A yo!ng workforce with an a#erage age of :+ years and the Banks olicy of "eing an e<!al o ort!nity em loyer contin!es to significantly contri"!te towards emergence of the Axis Bank "rand$ The Bank ins ires e#eryone to excel and contri"!te to% irres ecti#e of gender% race or age% and this echoes in all 2> initiati#es !ndertaken$ The Bank is also a socially res onsi"le em loyer$ A art from ho!sing its own NGO Axis Bank /o!ndation% the Bank has artnered with Teach for India for romoting the no"le o"*ecti#e of ro#iding ed!cation to !nder ri#ileged children$ The Bank contin!es to stri#e towards realisation of its #ision of "eing the referred financial ser#ice ro#ider excelling in c!stomer deli#ery thro!gh insight% em owered em loyees and smart !se of technology$


As an integral art of society% the Bank is aware of its cor orate social res onsi"ilities and has "een engaged in comm!nity and social in#estments$ /or this !r ose% the Bank has set ! a Tr!st N the Axis Bank /o!ndation 4AB/6 to channel its hilanthro ic initiati#es$ The /o!ndation has committed itself to artici ate in #ario!s socially rele#ant endea#o!rs with a s ecial foc!s on ro#iding s!staina"le li#elihoods% o#erty alle#iation% ed!cation of the !nder ri#ileged% healthcare etc$ The Bank has decided to contri"!te ! to one ercent of its net rofit ann!ally to the /o!ndation !nder its 3S> initiati#es$ The /o!ndation is constantly engaged in identifying the right target gro! and ens!ring that s! states% targeting -%:-%5;+ "eneficiaries$ The /o!ndation has "een ro#iding s! ort to #ario!s initiati#es in ed!cation% targeting lementary ed!cation% ed!cation for the ort reaches the !ltimate "eneficiary$ 9resently% the /o!ndation is r!nning )5 rograms across (,8 districts in (+

!nder ri#ileged children$ 9resently% :8 rograms are r!nning in the field of ed!cation co#ering 88 districts in (8 states romoting s! mentallyK hysically challenged% hearing im aired% #is!ally challenged etc$ ?!ring the year% the /o!ndation has dis"!rsed >s ,$:8 crores for #ario!s ed!cation rograms$ The

/o!ndation also works for ro#iding highway tra!ma care and r!ral medical relief$ The /o!ndation has "een working with =ifeline /o!ndation since :55- for s! orting the highway resc!e ro*ects in the states of 7aharashtra% Jerala% G!*arat and >a*asthan$ It has ro#ided aid to aro!nd -%;55 critical accident #ictims and more than (;%555 minor accident #ictims$ The /o!ndation aims to ro#ide one million li#elihoods to the !nder ri#ileged in some of the most "ackward regions of the co!ntry "y :5(-% ;5M of the "eneficiaries "eing women$ The /o!ndation has so far artnered with (- NGOs to ro#ide s!staina"le li#elihoods and has la!nched ro*ects in artnershi with these NGOs in the states of Best Bengal% Odisha% Tamil Nad!% 7aharashtra% Charkhand% 3hhattisgarh% Bihar% Attar 9radesh and 7adhya 9radesh$ These rograms aim at alle#iating o#erty and hel in ro#iding s!staina"le li#elihood o tions$ 9resently% (- rograms are r!nning in the field of li#elihood co#ering (8, districts in (- states$ ?!ring the year% an amo!nt of >s 8($5+ crores was dis"!rsed towards #ario!s li#elihood rograms$ The /o!ndation is also acti#ely in#ol#ed in im lementing se#eral initiati#es in Green Banking$ In line with the Banks initiati#e in Green Banking with the theme of >ed!ce% >e!se and >ecycle% the /o!ndation has initiated the rocess of collecting all the dry waste% generated in the 3or orate Office and se#enteen offices of the Bank in 7!m"ai and recycle it into note"ooks% note ads and en#elo es$ This initiati#e was la!nched in A!g!st :5((% has hel ed recycle aro!nd .-%:5, kilograms since ince tion$ The /o!ndation also has an Officer 1ngagement 9rogram% which enco!rages officers of the Bank to get in#ol#ed in #ario!s #ol!nteering acti#ities$ The Bank la!nched an em loyee ayroll rogram titled Axis 3ares$ As on 8(st 7arch :5(8% -%;:) officers of the Bank ha#e enrolled for Axis 3ares with a monthly collection of >s$ ()$,) lacs$ The f!nds collected !nder this initiati#e are !tilised for the rograms of the /o!ndation and the details of !tilisation are shared with the officers e#ery month$ Ander the aegis of Basket of 2o e% the /o!ndation organises collection dri#es for clothes% "ooks and toys for distri"!tion to the needy$ The /o!ndation has also la!nched a new initiati#e titled Gift of =ife$ ?!ring the year% :- "lood donation dri#es ha#e "een organised across the co!ntry% thro!gh which (%+8) !nits of "lood has "een collected$ 1xhi"itions of #ario!s NGOs are held at the 3or orate Office and other offices of the Bank% to ro#ide a latform to these NGOs for exhi"iting their rod!cts and o !larise

their work$ 3ond!cting the exhi"itions has also romoted #ol!nteering among o!r officers with NGO artners$ ?!ring the financial year% ;, s!ch exhi"itions ha#e "een organised which has hel ed these NGOs to generate sales o#er >s$ ()$)5 lacs$

0ey 3ilestones
O ens the (5%555th AT7 @ =argest AT7 network amongst ri#ate sector "anks in India >eached : lakh installed 1?3 machines N the highest for any "ank in India Becomes the first Bank in the world to reach S: "illion loading on re aid Tra#el 3!rrency3ards $

=a!nches India tra#el card @ India&s first and only Indian c!rrency re aid tra#el card for foreign nationals The Bank ina!g!rates Axis 2o!se% its new 3or orate Office at Borli% 7!m"ai$

O ens it&s (555th "ranch at 71T Bandra >eclamation% 7!m"ai

=a!nches 9latin!m 3redit 3ard% India&s first 17F chi "ased card O ens its ?!"ai >e resentati#e Office

(wards F Recognition
($ Bank of the Dear @ 7oney Today /93I= Awards :5(:@(8 :$ Best Bank @ 3NB3@TF(. Indias Best Bank and /inancial Instit!tion Awards :5(: 8$ Best Bank @ >!nner A @ O!tlook 7oney Awards :5(: )$ 3onsistent 9erformer @ Indias Best Banks N :5(: S!r#ey "y B!siness Today I J97G ;$ /astest Growing =arge Bank @ ?!n I Bradstreet @ 9olaris /inancial Technology Banking Awards :5(: ,$ /astest Growing =arge Bank @ B!sinessworld Best Banks S!r#ey :5(: -$ Best ?omestic Bond 2o!se @ The Asset Tri le A 3o!ntry Awards :5(: @ O!r Bank has "een honored with this award for the third year in a row$ .$ India Bond 2o!se of the year @ I/> ASIA @ 3o!ntry Awards :5(: +$ ?eal 7aker of the Dear in >! ee Bonds @ B!sinessworld 7agna Awards @ India&s Best ?eal 7akers :5(: (5$ The Best 1merging B!llion ?ealing Bank @ +th India International Gold 3on#ention@ :5((@(: (($ Best Ac<!iring Instit!tion in So!th Asia @ Fisa =1A?1> Award at Fisas :5(: A93171A Sec!rity S!mmit% Bali (:$ Gold Shield for 1xcellence in /inancial >e orting in the 9ri#ate Banks category @ :5((@(: @ I3AI 4Instit!te of 3hartered Acco!ntants of India6

Adarsh Jishore Shikha Sharma >ama Bi*a !rkar J$ N$ 9rith#ira* F$ >$ Ja!ndinya S$ B$ 7ath!r 9rasad >$ 7enon >$ N$ Bhattacharyya Samir J$ Bar!a A$ J$ ?asg! ta Som 7ittal 9$ C$ O'a 3hairman 7anaging ?irector and 31O ?irector ?irector ?irector ?irector ?irector ?irector ?irector ?irector ?irector 3om any Secretary

T%E CORE 3()(&E3E)T TE(3

F$ Srini#asan Somnath Seng! ta Snehomoy Bhattacharya >$ J$ Bammi 9$ 7!kher*ee S$ S$ Ba*a* Finod George 7$ F$ S!"ramanian S$ J$ 7itra B$ Go alakrishnan Ba i 7!nshi 3$ Ba"! Cose h San*ee# J$ G! ta F$ J$ Ba*a* Sidharth >ath A$ >$ Gok!lakrishnan >a*endra ?$ Ads!l 1xec!ti#e ?irector 43or orate Banking6 1xec!ti#e ?irector and 3/O 1xec!ti#e ?irector 42!man >eso!rces6 1xec!ti#e ?irector 4>etail Banking6 9resident @ Treas!ry I International Banking 9resident I 3hief A!dit 1xec!ti#e 9resident @ Bholesale Banking O erations 9resident @ >!ral and Incl!si#e Banking 9resident @ ?istri"!tion 9resident @ =aw 9resident I 3hief >isk Officer 1xec!ti#e Tr!stee I 31O @ Axis Bank /o!ndation 9resident @ /inance I Acco!nts and In#estor >elations 9resident @ 7id 3or orates 9resident @ Infrastr!ct!re B!siness 9resident @ Stressed Assets 9resident N S71

9resident 4IT I >etail Banking >$ F$ S$ Sridhar =alit 3hawla >a*esh J!mar ?ahiya Nilesh Shah O erations6 9resident @ 3or orate 3redit 9resident @ 2!man >eso!rces 9resident @ In#estment Banking

Axis Bank =td$ has "een romoted "y the largest and the "est /inancial Instit!tion of the co!ntry% ATI$ The Bank was set ! with a ca ital of >s$ ((; crore% with ATI contri"!ting >s$ (55 crore% =I3 @ >s$ -$; crore and GI3 and its fo!r s!"sidiaries contri"!ting >s$ ($; crore each.

Products & Services:

PER,O)(* /()0I)&7 (ccounts7D

Savings Accounts Account Portability Current Accounts

Salary Accounts

o o o o o

/ixed ?e osits Tax Sa#er /ixed ?e osit >ec!rring ?e osits 1ncash :) Interest >ates

Axis Bank offers its #al!a"le c!stomers a #ariety of loans in India that will s!it their needs$ At Axis "ank yo! are s!re to find a loan rod!ct that is *!st meant for yo!$ Be offer loans in #ario!s denominations so that yo! can !rs!e yo!r dreams of "!ying a car% a home or to send yo!r child a"road for higher ed!cation$ Do! can also a#ail o!r loan facilities thro!gh the internet "y ro#iding few "asic details and o!r re resentati#e will rom tly res ond to yo!r <!ery for getting a loan$ No matter what "e yo!r need% o!r li"eral criteria for loan a lication rocessing will see to it that yo!r a lication is rocessed in minim!m time and in a hassle@free manner$

Home Loan Personal Loan Loan Against Security Car Loan Loan Against Shares Loan Against Gold Education Loan Loan Against Property

Credit cardsD (6 :6 86 )6 ;6 ,6 -6 .6 +6 9latin!m Ad#antage 9latin!m 3redit card Gold credit card Sil#er credit card 1asy credit card 1@sho credit card 3or orate credit card Tr!st chemists card Shriram credit card 2ebit cards D 9riority 9latin!m 3hi 9riority de"it card 3lassic de"it card Gold de"it card Gold 9l!s B!siness gold Prepaid cards D Tra#el c!rrency 93 9ayroll 93 3or orate gift 93 >ewards 93 >emittance 93 7eal 93 Ann!ity 93

(ccountsGD (6 :6 86 )6 ;6 ,6 -6 .6 +6 (56 ((6 (:6 (86 Normal 3!rrent B!siness Ad#antage B!siness 9ri#ilege B!siness 3lassic B!siness Select 3!rrent acco!nt for "anks 3!rrent acco!nt for Go#t org 3!rrent acco!nt for B!ildersK>eal 1state 3!rrent acco!nt for 3As 3!rrent acco!nt for 9harma =ocal c!rrent AKc 3hannel One Jrishi 3!rrent ()6 B!siness glo"al (;6 3a ital market (,6 3l!" ;5 (-6 Shi ing I 7aritime (.6 3ash mgmt (+6 Tra#elKTo!rismK 2os itality AKc

Credit 7D
(6 :6 86 )6 ;6 =arge cor orates Agri "!siness S71 Standard S71 /ast Track 7icrofinance

(6 /orex :6 3!rrency /!t!res 86 Intl$"!siness )6 7oney market ;6 3onstit!ent SG= facilities

Cash 3anagement ser"ices7D

9ayment Sol!tions@ 4 N1/T%>TGS%9ower ay%At ar ayment% ?i#idendKInterest ayment% 13S credit6 3ollection sol!tions@ 4local che<!e collection%A co!ntry che<!e collection% 9?3s collection%I9O collectionK>ights Iss!e etc6

)RI (ccounts7D
(6 :6 86 )6 ;6 N>1 Sa#ings N>O Sa#ings N>I 9rime N>I 9riority 9IS acco!nt

2eposits 7D
(6 N>1 >! ee de osit :6 N>O >! ee de osit 86 /3N> ?e osit )6 >/3 Term de osit

,6 -6

N>1 Salary >/3 acco!nt

9AN assistance N>I =ocal ost "ox =ocker PRIORIT+ (ccounts7D (6 :6 >esident N>I

Life Insurance 2ealth Ins!rance 2ome Ins!rance Tra#el Ins!rance 7otor Ins!rance B!siness g!ard

Other ,er"ices7D
(6 :6 86 )6 ;6 =ocker I9O Smart 1@statement 7o"ile "anking Internet "anking N /!nd transfer% Bill ayment% Online sho ing


Pri"ate banks7D
o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

)ationalised banks7D Bank of Baroda State Bank of India 9!n*a" National Bank 3anara Bank ?ena Bank Indian O#erseas Bank Indian Bank Anion Bank of India A3O Bank 3entral Bank Bank of India Syndicate Bank Allaha"ad Bank Oriental Bank of 3ommerce o 3or oration Bank o Anited Bank o Fi*aya Bank o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Bank of 9!n*a" Bank of >a*asthan 3atholic Syrian Bank 3ent!rion Bank 3ity Anion Bank ?hanalakshmi Bank ?e#elo ment 3redit Bank /ederal Bank 2?/3 Bank I3I3I Bank I?BI Bank Ind!sInd Bank ING Fysya Bank Camm! I Jashmir Bank Jarnataka Bank Jar!r Fysya Bank =axmi Filas Bank So!th Indian Bank Anited Bestern Bank

7a*or com etitors are I3I3I "ank% 2?/3 "ank in the ri#ate sector and SBI% Bank of Baroda% Indian "ank among the 9SA$ /!rther% these "anks ha#e "een ranked !nder #ario!s arameters like@ c!stomers ex erience with the staff% "ranch facilities% acco!nt o ening rocess% t!rnaro!nd time% AT7 !sers$ AXIS "ank has "een ranked the "est "ank in three cities@ Jolkata% G!wahati and Bengal!r!$ It ranks among the to ; "anks in six cities$

Tho!gh no$ ( in Jolkata "!t it scored "etter in ?elhi% 7!m"ai and 3hennai among the metros$ Axis has esta"lished its new identity in *!st three years$

Competitive strategy @ Axis had an ad#antage d!e to the 9rod!ct Inno#ation$ It created a different set of segment where eo le "elie#e in higher set of ser#ices$ ,egmentation strategy E 2emographic "ariables0@ =ocation @ 7etros I di#isional cities Occ! ation N B!siness ersons% Salaried ersons4Go#t$ I 9ri#ate6% Borking woman$ Age N Senior citi'ens% 7inors$ Psychographic "ariables7D =ifestyle N 9eo le who "elie#e in modern "anking with higher set of ser#ices i$e Internet "anking 4icontact%mo"ile refill%tra#el c!rrency card etc$6

Targeting strategy E Target market0@ 3or orate "anking market @ This market target the ind!stries and f!lfil their financial needs$

3a ital market @ This segment is targeted on the long term needs of the indi#id!al as well as of ind!stries$ >etail "anking market @ This segment is for the retail in#estor and ro#ide them short term financial credit for their ersonal% ho!sehold needs$ Selecti#e s eciali'ation strategy @ 2ere the "ank selected a n!m"er of segments% each o"*ecti#ely attracti#e I a ro riate$ There may "e little or low synergy among the segment "!t each segment ro#es to "e worth f!ll for it$ 4If we take the exam le of cards then Axis "ank ha#e se arate set of credit cards% each targeted at different set of eo le i$e$ segment and each one has its own im ortance for the "ank6 9ositioning strategy @ Axis "ank has ositioned itself as a "ank which gi#es higher standard of ser#ices thro!gh rod!ct inno#ation for the di#erse need of indi#id!al I cor orate clients$ So they want to highlight following oints in their ositioning statement0

3!stomer centric Ser#ice oriented 9rod!ct inno#ation

Communication ,trategy E

Generate Brand awareness$ ?e#elo ositi#e attit!de a"o!t the "rand$ Gi#e rod!ct information$ 3omm!nicate Banks em hasis on high standard of ser#ices


CO)CEPT O- &RO'T% Growth in relation to a "anking organi'ation relates to increase in the "!siness o#er a eriod of time$ Dear to year growth is calc!lated and targets are fixed to e#al!ate the

erformance and standing of the "ank in relation to ind!stry% in relation to com etitors% in relation to "ranch$ Growth means the increase in ad#ances and de osit s of a "ank in c!rrent year in com arison to re#io!s year% Growth also means the increase in re#en!e rofits% earning of the Bank in com arison to re#io!s year$ It also e#al!ates the increase in "!siness er em loyee of the "ank in com arison to the re#io!s year$ O erating rofits% net rofits% earning er share% di#idend er share% ret!rn on ca ital em loyed% ret!rn on e<!ity$ Interest co#erage ratios are the other yardsticks to meas!re the growth of a "!siness entity o#er a eriod of time$ 9rofit maximi'ation and wealth maximi'ation are the !ltimate goals of an organi'ation "eca!se it leads to the growth of the organi'ation to a large extent$ As regards Growth% it can "e st!died from #ario!s angles like in terms of sales% net rofit% reser#e and s!r l!s% earning er share% internal growth I s!staina"le growth$ As a matter of fact% the desired growth rate and the de"t financing "oth are interrelated$ The higher the growth rate% the greater wo!ld "e the need for external financing if other things remaining the same or #ice@#ersa$ Balanced ?e"t e<!ity mix and its relationshi with growth may "etter "e st!died in terms of net assets growth% fixed assets growth% net rofit growth% re#en!e growth% reser#es I s!r l!s growth and earnings er share growth$ )ET (,,ET, &RO'T% Net assets is the s!m total of asset side of the "alance sheet excl!ding any ro#ision for de reciation f!nd or the assets shown at "ook #al!e less de reciation charges or if the market #al!e of the asset is to "e dis osed off less any ex ected loss or ro#ision against that asset$ This total of the asset side excl!de the fictitio!s assets if there is any shown in the asset side of the "alance sheet like reliminary ex enses% disco!nts on iss!e of shares or de"ent!re% interest aid o!t of ca ital etc$ Net assets incl!de "oth ty es of assets i$e$ fixed asset as well as the c!rrent asset ossessed "y the "!siness entity owned "y the concerned$ This asset ro#ides the "ase for making the concern ca a"le for carrying o!t its "!siness acti#ities for earning re#en!e and consolidate its osition in the years to come$ These assets are ossessed "y the "!siness from #ario!s so!rces shown in the lia"ility

side of the concern i$e$ owners f!nds and "orrowed f!nds or the internal reso!rces of the "!siness created o!t of rofits

ObHecti"es of the study7

To know the li<!idity trend of the "ank$

To make a com arati#e analysis "etween the /D :55- and /D :5(:

To find reasons "ehind the increase and decrease in the "!siness "anking$

To find the effect of rofita"ility$

rod!cts and ser#ices rendered "y the "ank on its

To find the domestic and international reach of the "ank$

Research 3ethodology7
>esearch methodology is a way to systematically sol#e the research ro"lem$ The research methodology incl!ded #ario!s methods and techni<!es for cond!cting a research$ TSciences define research as T the mani !lation of things% conce ts or sym"ols for the !r ose of generali'ing to extend% correct or #erify knowledge% whether that knowledge aids in constr!ction of theory or in ractice of an art$U >esearch is th!s% an original contri"!tion to the existing stock of knowledge marketing for its ad#ancement% the !r ose of research is to disco#er answers to the <!estions thro!gh the a lication of scientific roced!re$ 7y research ro*ect has a s ecified framework for collecting the data in an effecti#e manner$ S!ch framework is called TResearch 2esignU$ The research rocess which I ha#e followed consist following ste s$

Type of Research E ?escri ti#e research

Analytical research

2ata Collection 3ethod

?ata is an im ortant tool for the s!ccess of any s!r#eyK ro*ect$ 7ore o#er it red!ces the !ncertainty in decision making rocess$ In order to make meaningf!l research a s!ita"le methodology was ado ted$

4 Primary data 5 ,econdary data

Primary 2ata7
?ata that has "een collected from first@hand@ex erience is known as rimary data$ 9rimary data has not "een !"lished yet and is more relia"le% a!thentic and o"*ecti#e$ 9rimary data has not "een changed or altered "y h!man "eings% therefore its #alidity is greater than secondary data$ ,ources of Primary 2ata7 So!rces for rimary data are limited and at times it "ecomes diffic!lt to o"tain data from rimary so!rce "eca!se of either scarcity of o !lation or lack of coo eration$ >egardless of any diffic!lty one can face in collecting rimary dataO it is the most a!thentic and relia"le data so!rce$ /or exam le0 calls% s!r#eys% emails% direct inter#iews etc$ ,econdary 2ata7 Secondary data are those which already "een collected "y someone else and which already had "een assed thro!gh the statistical rocess$ Ad#antages to the secondary data collection method are @ (6 it sa#es time that wo!ld otherwise "e s ent collecting data% :6 ro#ides a larger data"ase 4!s!ally6 than what wo!ld "e ossi"le to collect on ones own 2owe#er there are disad#antages to the fact that the researcher cannot ersonally check the data so it&s relia"ility may "e <!estioned$

/or exam le0 Internet% we" ages and "logs% 9!"lished 9rinted So!rces% 9!"lished 1lectronic So!rces% An !"lished 9ersonal >ecords% Go#ernement >ecords% 9!"lic Sector >ecords ,ource of data in this proHect E Secondary data 2ata collection techni!ueD These are those which ha#e already "een collected "y someone else and which ha#e already "een assed thro!gh the statistical rocess$ I ha#e collected it from the so!rces like News a er %Internet% Banks Ann!al >e ort% Co!rnals and 9!"lication etc$ Tools for analysisD Bar charts% 9ie charts


Financials :
,)(P ,%OT O- 0E+ -I)()CI(* I)2IC(TOR, 7 5??> D 5?45 ( E in crores) -I)()CI(* %I&%*I&%T, 5??= D 5??> 5??> D 5??< 5??< D 5?4? 5?4? D 5?44 5?44 E 5?45 C(&R 8A +ears9 85$::M 88$,8M :.$,5M 8;$-(M 88$85M :.$:(M ),$8+M 8($:.M

Total ?e osits @ Sa#ing Bank ?e osits @ 3!rrent Acco!nt ?e osits Total Ad#ances @ >etail Ad#ances Total In#estments Shareholders& /!nds Total AssetsK=ia"ilities

.-%,:,$:: ((-%8-)$(( ()(%855$:: (.+%:8-$.5 (+%+.:$)( :5%5))$;. ;+%,,($() (8%;+($,. 88%-5;$(5 .%-,.$;5 :;%.::$(: :)%.:($,( 88%.,($.5 8:%(,-$-) )5%.;5$8( 8,%+(-$5+

55?,4?@ 6? A4,BB= <B 6<,=A@ ?= 4B<,=A< A@ 6=,A=? 66 <6,4<5 ?< 55,>?> A@ 5>A,B5= =<

.(%;;,$-- (5)%8)5$+; ():%)5-$.8 (,%5;($-. ),%885$8; (5%:(8$;+ :5%.:5$-8 ;;%+-)$.: (,%5))$); :-%-;+$:8 -(%++($,: (.%++.$.8

(5+%;--$.; ()-%-::$5; (.5%,)-$.; :):%-(8$8-

Net Interest Income Other Income O erating >e#en!e O erating 1x enses

:%;.;$8; (%-+;$)+ )%8.5$.) :%(;)$+:

8%,.,$:( :%.+,$.. ,%;.8$5+ :%.;.$:(

;%55)$)+ 8%+);$-. .%+;5$:8%-5+$-:

,%;,:$++ )%,8:$(8 ((%(+;$(: )%--+$)8

>,?4= =A A,@5? 55 46,@6= <= B,??= 4?

)5$)8M 8+$+)M )5$:8M 8-$,-M

O erating 9rofit 9ro#isions and 3ontingencies Net 9rofit





=,@6? >=


(%(;)$.+ (%5-($58

(%+5+$;: (%.(;$8,

:%-:,$5: :%;()$;8

8%5:-$:5 8%8..$)+

6,4>> BB @,5@5 54

8+$))M );$(:M

-I)()CI(* R(TIO, 1arnings 9er Share 4Basic6 4in E6 Book Fal!e 4in E6 >et!rn on 1<!ity >et!rn on Assets 3a ital Ade<!acy >atio 43A>6 Tier I 3a ital 43A>6

5??= D 5??> 5??> D 5??< 5??< D 5?4? 5?4? D 5?44 5?44 E 5?45

8:$(; :);$() (,$5+M ($:)M

;5$,( :.)$;5 (+$+8M ($))M

,;$-. 8+;$++ (+$.+M ($,-M

.:$+; ),:$-:5$(8M ($,.M

4?5 <@ AA4 << 54 55I 4 B>I

(8$-8M (5$(-M

(8$,+M +$:,M

(;$.5M (($(.M

(:$,;M +$)(M

46 BBI < @AI

?i#idend 9er Share 4in E6 ?i#idend 9ayo!t >atio

,$55 :8$)+M

(5$55 :8$(,M

(:$55 ::$;-M

()$55 (+$-.M

4B ?? 4> 4AI

SWOT analysis:
Strengths Good c!stomer and ca ital "aseO s! ortO ser#icesO Beaknesses O ort!nities cost de osits6 "ase$ >egional concentrationO interference$ Infrastr!ct!re financingO O#erall rankingO Threats a#en!es 4A73% Trading% Ins!rance6 ?omination of esta"lished Go#t$ "anksO of /oreign "anksO Im ro#ed Increasing "!siness 1mergence Single entity$ 9romoters 2igh le#el of Good 3ASA 4low Go#t$

-I)()CI(* PER-OR3()CE
The financial highlights for the year under review are presented below:

(J in crores
P(RTIC;*(R, ?e osits O!t of which Sa#ings Bank ?e osits 3!rrent Acco!nt ?e osits Ad#ances 5?44D45 ::5%(5)$85 ;(%,,-$+, 8+%-;)$5(,+%-;+$;) 5?4?D44 &RO'T% (.+%:8-$.5 (,$8(M )5%.;5$8( 8,%+(-$5+ ():%)5-$.8 :,$).M -$,.M (+$:(M

O!t of which >etail Ad#ances Non@retail Ad#ances Total AssetsK=ia"ilities Net Interest Income Other Income O!t of which Trading 9rofit 4(6 /ee K and other income O erating 1x enses 4excl!ding de reciation6 9rofit "efore de reciation% ro#isions and tax ?e reciation 9ro#ision for Tax Other 9ro#isions and Brite offs Net 9rofit A ro riations0 Transfer to Stat!tory >eser#e Transfer toK4from6 In#estment >eser#e Transfer to 3a ital >eser#e Transfer toK4from6 General >eser#e 9ro osed ?i#idend S!r l!s carried o#er to Balance Sheet 4(6 1xcl!ding 7erchant 1xchange 9rofit 0E+ PER-OR3()CE I)2IC(TOR, Interest Income as a ercentage of working f!ndsV Non@Interest Income as a ercentage of working f!ndsV Net Interest 7argin >et!rn on A#erage Net Borth O erating 9rofit as a ercentage of working f!ndsV >et!rn on A#erage Assets 9rofit er em loyeeVV B!siness 4?e osits less inter@"ank de osits H Ad#ances6 er em loyeeVV Net non@ erforming assets as a ercentage of net c!stomer assetsVVV * * * Borking f!nds re resent a#erage total assets$

8-%;-5$88 (8:%(.+$:( :.;%,:-$-+ .%5(-$-; ;%):5$:: 8,($;, ;%5;.$,, ;%,,)$., -%--8$(( 8):$:) :%5);$,8 (%()8$58 )%:):$:( (%5,5$;; @ ;($+5 @ --5$5. :%8;+$,.

:-%-;+$:8 (()%,).$,5 :):%-(8$8,%;,:$++ )%,8:$(8 )+,$+)%(8;$(, )%).+$.) ,%-5;$:. :.+$;+ (%-)-$((%:.5$58 8%8..$)+ .)-$(: 4()$+)6 )$-, 88.$.; ,-5$8, (%;):$8)

8;$8)M (;$85M (-$,.M ::$(-M (-$5(M 4:-$:;M6 ::$88M :,$(-M (;$+8M (.$(.M (-$5.M 4(5$-5M6 :;$(+M :;$(+M @ @ @ ()$..M ;:$++M

5?44D45 5?4?D44 .$-(M -$)+M :$(;M :$:+M 8$;+M 8$,;M :($::M :5$(8M :$+)M 8$(-M ($,.M ($,.M E()$8) lacs E()$8; lacs E(8$,, E(:$-, crores 5$:;M crores 5$:,M

9rod!cti#ity ratios are "ased on a#erage n!m"er of em loyees for the year$ 3!stomer assets incl!de ad#ances and credit s!"stit!tes$ 9re#io!s year fig!res ha#e

"een regro! ed where#er necessary$

Growth Analysis


8 In crores9 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0

Net Profit

2007 - 2008- 2009 - 2010- 201108 09 10 2011 2012

I change in )et Profit

3ar1?> B5I 8I9

3ar1?< B<I 8I9

3ar14? 6<I 8I9

3ar14 4 6@I8I9

3ar145 5AI8I9


The Bank contin!ed to show a steady growth "oth in "!siness and earnings with a net rofit of E)%:):$:( crores for the year ended 8(st 7arch :5(:% registering a growth of :;$(+M o#er the net rofit of E8%8..$)+ crores last year$

-EE F 3I,CE**()EO;, I)CO3E

6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 2007- 2008- 2009- 2010- 201108 09 10 11 12 FEE MIS. INC OME IN C RORES

I change in -ee 3is Income

3ar1? > 4A@5

3ar1? < 5A56

3ar14 ? 6456

3ar14 4 @46A

3ar145 A?A<

Other income com rising fees %trading fofit and miscellaneo!s income increased "y (-$5(M to ;%):5$:: crores in :5((@(: from )%,8:$(8 crores last year and constit!ted )5$8)M of o erating re#en!e of the Bank $/ee income is a significant art of the earnings and is generated from a di#erse set of "!siness in the "ank$

The main so!rce of fee income are clientW"ased merchant foreign exchange trade% ser#ice charges from acco!nt maintenance%transaction "anking 4incl!ding cash management ser#ices6%syndication and lacement fees% rocessing fess from loans and commission on non f!nded rod!cts 4s!ch as letters of credits and "ank g!arantees6%inter chang fees on AT7 N sharing arrangements and fee income from the distri"!tion of third N arty ersonal in#estment rod!cts$ ?!ring the year% ro rietry trading rofits fell "y :-$:;M to 8,($;, crores from )+,$+- crores last year%owing to ad#erse market conditions in the de"t and e<!ity markets $7iscellaneo!s income dro ed "y 8$-+M% mainly d!e to lower reco#eries of loans written Noff in earlier years$ ?!ring the year% s!ch reco#eries acco!nted to :+($.) crores$

8$ )ET I)TERE,T 3(R&I)

3.8 3.7 3.6 3.5 3.4 3.3 3.2 3.1 2007 - 2008- 2009- 2010- 201108 09 10 11 12 NIM

3ar1? NI7 > 8$)-M

3ar1? < 8$88M

3ar14 ? 8$-;M

3ar14 4 8$,;M

3ar145 8$;+M

NI7 is X 4Interest earned N Interest ex ended6K ?e osits$ NI7 increases when interest ex ended decreases and NI7 decreases when interest ex ended increases$ It has faced eno!gh fl!ct!ations o#er the ast years$ An increasing NI7 re#eals a healthier financials of an instit!tion$

@ RET(I* (,,ET,

40000 35000 30000 25000 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 2007 - 2008- 2009- 2010- 201108 09 10 11 12 retail a et !i" #rore $

/D Retail assets

3ar1? > 46A<5

3ar1? < 4B?A5

3ar14 ? 5?>54

3ar14 4 5==A<

3ar145 6=A=?

The Bank contin!ed to foc!s on retail term de osits which grew "y )8M to E)-%.,, crores as on 8(st 7arch :5(:% against E88%);- crores last year$ As a res!lt% the ercentage share of retail term de osits to total term de osits has increased to 8-M on 8(st 7arch :5(: from 85M last year$ The share of aggregate retail de osits% com rising sa#ings "ank and retail term de osits in total de osits has increased to );M on 8(st 7arch :5(: from 8+M last year$

A 9 ,%(RE%O*2ER RET;R),

600 500 400 300 200 100 0 2007- 2008- 2009- 2010- 201108 09 10 11 12 %oo& 'a(e )er *are

-+ /ook "alue per share

3ar1? > 5@A

3ar1? < 5>A

3ar14 ? 6<B

3ar14 4 @B6

3ar145 AA5

Book Fal!e 9er Share increased from E),:$-- to E;;($++$ >et!rn on Assets 4>oA6 is maintained at ($,.M as last year$ The hardening of interest rates led to a contraction in the net interest margin 4NI76 "y , "asis oints for the year to 8$;+M from 8$,;M last year$ On <!arter@on@<!arter "asis% the NI7 was 8$:.M in L(% 8$-.M in L:% 8$-;M in L8 and 8$;;M in L)$

B 9 )ET'OR0 /R()C%E, L E.T)

1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 %R+NC,ESE./N.

-+ /R()C%E, L E.T)

3ar1? > B@@

3ar1? < =<5

3ar14 ? <>6

3ar14 4 46<?

3ar145 4B55

In addition to its "ranch network of (%,:: "ranches and extension co!nters s read across (%5;5 centres% the Bank added 8%,;) AT7s d!ring the year to reach +%+:) as on 8( st 7arch :5(: against ,%:-5 AT7s as on 8(st 7arch :5(($ This year% the Bank has added :8( new "ranches and ( extension co!nter% taking the total n!m"er of "ranches and extension co!nters 413s6 to (%,::% of which ,-) "ranchesK13s are in semi@!r"an and r!ral areas and +). "ranches are in metro olitan and !r"an areas$ The Bank is resent in all the States and Anion Territories 4exce t =akshadwee 6% co#ering a total of (%5;5 centres$

= (T31,7

10000 9000 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 +/M0S

/D (T31,

3ar1? > 5=B@

3ar1? < 6A56

3ar14 ? @5<6

3ar14 4 B5=?

3ar145 <<5@

The Bank has emerged as a ioneer in the transaction@"ased ricing model in total AT7 o!tso!rcing which en#isages no ca ital ex endit!re for the Bank$ Ander this model% ayment is "ased on a ay@ er@!se model for the Banks c!stomer transactions and a sharing of re#en!e with the ser#ice ro#ider YInde endent AT7 ?e loyer 4IA?6Z for other "ank transactions$ The Bank contin!es to "e the largest ri#ate sector "ank and the : nd largest "ank in terms of the si'e of its AT7 network in India$ Along with the AT7 network% other alternate channels s!ch as internet "anking% mo"ile "anking and hone "anking% ha#e also grown well and a strong ro#iding higher le#els of c!stomer architect!re of alternate channel has "een created%

con#enience and ser#ice <!ality to c!stomers$ A new "ranch design olicy en#isages a self@

ser#ice lo""y at the entrance of the "ranch% which shall ho!se #ario!s facilities incl!ding AT7s% self@ser#ice kiosks and ass "ook rinters$ ?!ring the year (5. "ranches which ha#e s!ch self@ser#ice lo""ies commenced o erations$ $ The Bank has also increased its AT7 network to +%+:)% as com ared to ,%:-5 AT7s last year$ In addition to domestic "ranches% d!ring the year the Bank o ened an international "ranch office in 3olom"o% Sri =anka to finance cross@"order trade and man!fact!ring acti#ities$ This is in addition to the existing "ranches at Singa ore% 2ong Jong and ?I/3 4?!"ai International /inance 3entre6 and re resentati#e offices at Shanghai% ?!"ai and A"! ?ha"i$ As art of its strategy of "!ilding the organic growth engine% the Bank contin!ed to enlarge its geogra hical co#erage of centres with otential for growth% incl!ding district head<!arters and other Tier II cities and towns across the co!ntry$ This has hel ed the Bank artic!larly in the ac<!isition of low cost retail de osits% retail assets% lending to agric!lt!re% S71 and mid@ cor orates as also the sale of third@ arty rod!cts$ The Bank has also o ened a >e resentati#e Office in ?!"ai d!ring the year$ This was in addition to the existing "ranches at Singa ore% 2ong Jong and ?I/3 4?!"ai International /inance 3entre6$ The o ening of o#erseas offices ro#ides o ort!nities to the Bank to finance cross@"order trade and man!fact!ring acti#ities in addition to the a"ility to so!rce remittances and other "!sinesses from the N>I comm!nity$

>9 C3, &RO'T% 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 2007 - 2008- 2009- 2010- 201108 09 10 11 12 NO. OF C MS C 1IEN/S

/D 37S 3=I1NTS

3ar1?> 8(+8

3ar1?< ).;:

3ar14? ,,()

3ar144 .),;

3ar145 ((;).


The year% the Bank handled (5; I9Os and ))) di#idend mandates 3ash 7anagement Ser#ice 437S6 contin!ed to constit!te an im ortant so!rce of fee income and contri"!ted significantly to generate low cost f!nds$ The Bank is one of the to 37S ro#iders in the co!ntry and the n!m"er of 37S clients has grown to ((%;). from .%),; last year$ ?!ring the year% the n!m"er of locations co#ered !nder 37S increased from ,+: last year to .5($ ?!ring against (5( I9Os and )8) di#idends mandates last year$


C(R2, /;,I)E,,

140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 2007- 2008- 2009- 2010- 201108 09 10 11 12 -+ Card base 3ar1?> BA 3ar1?< >? 3ar14? >B 3ar144 4?? 3ar145 45A C +R2 %+SE! IN 1+3,S$

Interpretation7D As on 8(st 7arch :5(:% the Bank has a "ase of a roximately (:; lac "ase cards% lacing it among the leading layers in the co!ntry$ Bhich was a roximately (55 lac as on 8(st march :5(($

4? C(,% 'IT%2R('),7

12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 2007- 2008- 2009- 2010- 201108 09 10 11 12 3ar1?> @45@ 3ar1?< @>5> 3ar14? B>6@ 3ar144 >A6> 3ar145 44>B@ #a * 4it*5ra4"! i" #rore $

-+ Cash withdrawn s 8in crores9

As on 8(st 7arch :5(:% the Bank has a "ase of a roximately (:)$++ lac de"it cards% lacing it among the leading layers in the co!ntry$ The Bank is a dominant layer in re aid cards with a card "ase of a roximately ),$-( lac$ The credit card "ase of the Bank on the 8( st 7arch :5(: was a roximately -$. lac and co#ers a range of retail and commercial credit cards$ As on 8(st 7arch :5(:% the Bank has a "ase of a roximately (:)$++ lac de"it cards% lacing it among the leading layers in the co!ntry$ The Bank is a dominant layer in re aid cards

with a card "ase of a roximately ),$-( lac$ The credit card "ase of the Bank on the 8( st 7arch :5(: was a roximately -$. lac and co#ers a range of retail and commercial credit cards$ ((6 ,(MI)&, (CCO;)T, &RO'T%

60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 S% 2e)o it !i" #rore $

-+ ,/ 2eposits

3ar1?> 4<<>5

3ar1?< 5A>55

3ar14? 66>B5

3ar144 @?>A?

3ar145 A4BB>

The Bank has !rs!ed an effecti#e c!stomer segmentation strategy o#er the years to de#elo the retail lia"ilities "!siness and increase its retail de osit "ase% artic!larly Sa#ings Bank and 3!rrent Acco!nt de osits$ The Sa#ings Bank de osits of the Bank grew to E;(%,,. crores as on 8(st 7arch :5(:% against E)5%.;5 crores last year% registering a strong growth of :,M% with the n!m"er of sa#ings "ank acco!nts growing to ((+$8; lac on the 8( st 7arch :5(:% registering a growth of :-M o#er the re#io!s year$ In the "ack dro of dereg!lation of interest rates on

Sa#ings Bank de osits "y >eser#e Bank of India 4>BI6% the growth is significant$ O#er a fi#e@ year eriod% Sa#ings Bank de osits ha#e grown at a 3om o!nded Ann!al Growth >ate 43AG>6 of 8)M$ On a daily a#erage "asis% Sa#ings Bank de osits grew "y :5M to E)8%)): crores$ Sa#ings Bank de osit growth led "y0 [Bide Network @Branch and AT7 3hannel reach [Banks own sales channel [/oc!sed strategy for niche c!stomer segments [3or orate and go#ernment ayroll acco!nts

459 ,%(RE%O*2I)&

Shareholding (Q4'09)



10.36% 23.43%

Shareholding (Q4' 0)

24% 10.27% 33.13%



Shareholding (Q4'

23.6% 9.5% 37.89%



Shareholding (Q4' !)

23.5% 9.7% 33.9%



The shareholding attern of the Bank as of 8(st 7arch :5(: was as !nder0 ,r )o i$ ii$ iii$ i#$ #$ #i$ #ii$ )ame of ,hareholders Administrator of the S ecified Andertaking of the Anit Tr!st of India 4SAATI6 =ife Ins!rance 3or oration of India 4=I36 General Ins!rance 3or oration and fo!r 9SA ins!rance com anies O#erseas in#estors 4incl!ding /IIsKO3BsKN>Is6 /oreign ?irect In#estment 4G?> iss!e6 Other Indian financial instit!tionsKm!t!al f!ndsK"anks Others Total I of PaidDup Capital :8$;8 +$,+4(6 )$(, 88$(+ .$;) ,$); ()$)) 4?? ??

The Bank&s dil!ted 1arning er Share 419S6 for :55-@5. was >s$ 8($8( and now in :5(: it has risen while s! ort to


#iew to

of of This


o#erall a

erformance shareholders ca ital

of with o!r



f!t!re to in




o"*ecti#e ca ital growth%

rewarding increase


di#idends ratio

retaining f!t!re






the Bank&s a"ility to consistently grow earnings o#ertime$ 7ainly the "!yers ca!se the mo#ement of market$ 7ore the "!yers higher the rice of sec!rities% if no "!yers rice of sec!rities fall$

(.I, /()0 *I3ITE2 D /(*()CE ,%EET

/(*()CE ,%EET (, (T 64 3(RC%,

5?45 (s at 64D?6D5?45 ,chedule )o C(PIT(* ()2 *I(/I*ITIE, 3a ital >eser#es I S!r l!s ?e osits Borrowings Other =ia"ilities and 9ro#isions TOT(* (,,ET, 3ash and Balances with >eser#e Bank of India Balances with Banks and 7oney at 3all and Short Notice In#estments Ad#ances /ixed Assets Other Assets TOT(* 3ontingent lia"ilities Bills for collection Significant Acco!nting 9olicies and Notes to Acco!nts Sched!les referred to a"o#e form an integral art of the Balance Sheet (- I (. (: , . + (5 (( 4?=,?5<,54@ 65,6?<,<@6 <64,<5?,>A< 55,A<6,5A? B@,>5<,5>5 (8.%.,(%,85 -;%::)%+:+ -(+%+(,%:5. ::%-8(%);, ),%8:(%:5( : 8 ) ; @,465,?6< 556,<A6,6>@ 6@?,=4B,=54 >B,@65,=A= )%(5;%);. (.;%..:%-+:,:%,-.%.:) .:%5..%,:8E in !housands9 As at 8(@58@:5(( 4E in Thousands6

5,5?4,?@6,?66 (%.+:%8-.%5(5

5,>AB,5==,<6@ :%):-%(88%-(,

4,B<=,A<A,6>B (%):)%5-.%:.,

5,>AB,5==,<6@ :%):-%(88%-(, @,>?5,6=6,=@= )%);8%+()%)8: 6@B,6@B,?@6 8:)%-8(%5-:


The Bank has set ! a Tr!st N the Axis Bank /o!ndation 4AB/6 to channel its hilanthro ic initiati#es$ The /o!ndation has committed itself to endea#o!rs with a s ecial foc!s on artici ate in #ario!s socially rele#ant ro#iding s!staina"le li#elihoods% o#erty alle#iation%

ed!cation of the !nder ri#ileged% healthcare% sanitation etc$ The Bank has decided to contri"!te

! to one ercent of its net rofit ann!ally to the /o!ndation !nder its 3S> initiati#es$ /or the financial year ended 8(st 7arch :5(:% the /o!ndation has extended #ario!s grants aggregating E(.$.; crores$ ?!ring the year% the /o!ndation artnered with 8, NGOs for ed!cating o#er a lac !nder ri#ileged and s ecial children in (8 states$ The /o!ndation s! orted "alwadis lementary 4n!rseries6 and foc!sed on early childhood rogrammes for :@, year olds li#ing in sl!m areas% with s ecial foc!s on the girl child$ The /o!ndation also foc!sed on ro*ects in s! "etter erformance and red!ce school dro o!ts$ The /o!ndation also s! /o!ndation for ed!cation where the standard and <!ality of the ed!cation in the schools are oor to ens!re orts #ario!s ro*ects to im art #ocational training to the !nder ri#ileged yo!th$ The /o!ndation works with =ifeline ro#iding highway tra!ma care and r!ral medical relief in the states of 7aharashtra% Jerala% G!*arat and >a*asthan$ It has ro#ided aid to more than -%;55 critical accident #ictims and more than (;%555 minor accident #ictims$ The /o!ndation also worked with an NGO to ro#ide essential lifesa#ing medicines to the r!ral oor in the state of Odisha$ The /o!ndation aims to ro#ide one million s!staina"le li#elihoods to the !nder ri#ileged in some of the most "ackward regions of the co!ntry in the next fi#e years% with ,5M of the "eneficiaries "eing women$ The /o!ndation also r!ns ro*ects in skill de#elo ment% water har#esting and low@cost agric!lt!ral ractices to enhance farm yield$ In line with the Banks initiati#e in Green Banking with the theme of >ed!ce% >e!se and >ecycle% the /o!ndation carried o!t a recycling initiati#e at the 3or orate Office$ This initiati#e has hel ed the Bank to rod!cti#ely !se aro!nd :(%;-: kilograms of dry waste d!ring the year$ The /o!ndation has artnered with an organisation for other s!ch recycling acti#ities$ Ander the Axis Bank 1ngagement 9rogramme% each de artment at the 3or orate office has an AB/ 3ham ion to look after the initiati#es of the /o!ndation in their res ecti#e de artments$ Ander the aegis of Basket of 2o e% the Bank r!ns collection dri#es for clothes% "ooks and toys for distri"!tion to the needy$ The Bank holds reg!lar exhi"itions at the 3or orate Office and "ranches to ro#ide a latform to NGOs for exhi"iting their rod!cts$ The Bank has la!nched an em loyee ayroll rogramme titled Axis 3ares% in which 8%,,( officers of the Bank ha#e enrolled as on 8(st 7arch :5(: and their monthly collection stands at E-$;: lacs$ The f!nds collected !nder this rogramme are !tilised for the rograms of the /o!ndation$



PRO-IT F *O,, (CCO;)T -OR T%E +E(R E)2E2 64 3(RC%, 5?45 +ear ended 64D?6D5?45 ,chedule )o 8E in !housands9 I I)CO3E Interest earned Other income TOT(* E.PE)2IT;RE Interest ex ended O erating ex enses 9ro#isions and contingencies TOT(* I I I )ET PRO-IT -OR T%E +E(R 8I D II9 Balance in 9rofit I =oss Acco!nt "ro!ght forward from re#io!s year I M (3O;)T (M(I*(/*E -OR (PPROPRI(TIO) (PPROPRI(TI M O), 7 Transfer to Stat!tory >eser#e Transfer toK4from6 In#estment >eser#e Transfer to 3a ital >eser#e Transfer to General >eser#e 9ro osed di#idend 4incl!des tax on di#idend6 Balance in 9rofit I =oss Acco!nt carried forward TOT(* M I E(R)I)&, PER EN;IT+ ,%(RE 4/ace #al!e E(5K@ er share6 4>! ees6 Basic (. 4:$:$:6 4?5 <@ .:$+; (. 4:$:$)6 <5,44<,=B4 ,.%(;+%:)8 @<,B<=,=?= 8)%:-)%88@5,@55,?A@ 88%..)%+5, (8 54<,<@B,@=@ () A@,5?5,4B6 5=@,4@>,B6= Dear ended 8(@58@:5(( 4E in Thousands6 (;(%;).%5;. ),%8:(%88. (+-%.,+%8+,

I I (; 46<,=B<,?5@ (, (. 4:$($(6 B?,?=?,<<A 64,>>B,AB@ 564,=5B,A>6 .;%+(.%:85 )-%-+)%:.( 85%:-(%+-+ (,8%+.)%)+5

4?,B?A,A46 D A4<,?@= D =,=??,=5A =6,5<@,@=B <5,44<,=B4

.%)-(%::4()+%8-:6 )-%,85 8%8..%)+( ,%-58%;,5 )+%,+-%-5,.%(;+%:)8

?il!ted Significant Acco!nting 9olicies and Notes to Acco!nts (- I (. Sched!les referred to a"o#e form an integral art of the 9rofit and =oss Acco!nt

4?5 5?


,ome of the key findings in this proHect7

9rofit after tax ! :;$(+M to E)%:):$:( crores

Net Interest Income ! ::$(-M to E.%5(-$-; crores

/ee I Other Income ! ::$88M to E;%5;.$,, crores

?e osits ! (,$8(M to E::5%(5)$85 crores

?emand ?e osits ! (-$;,M to E+(%)::$58 crores


Ad#ances ! (+$:(M to E(,+%-;+$;) crores

>etail Assets ! 8;$8)M to E8-%;-5$88 crores

Network of "ranches and extension co!nters increased from (%8+5 to (%,::

Total n!m"er of AT7s went ! from ,%:-5 to +%+:)

Net N9A ratio as a ercentage of net c!stomer assets down to 5$:;M from 5$:,M

1arnings er share 4Basic6 increased from E.:$+; to E(5:$+)

9ro osed ?i#idend ! from ()5M to (,5M

3a ital Ade<!acy >atio stood at (8$,,M as against the minim!m reg!latory norm of

(.I, bank supports few )&Os on proHect basis

( 321TNA% New ?elhi @ To take ed!cation to the streets and em owering street and working children thro!gh ed!cation in ?elhi and ?ehrad!n$ : 3INI AS2A% Jolkata @ To "!ild ca acities of ; smaller NGO as well as mainstream atleast )%;55 children in formal schools o#er a eriod of 8 years 8 3A=9% Cai !r @ To set ! :; 9ehchanshalas in 3h!rch! and Niwai "locks of >a*asthan for "ridge co!rse learning for o!t@of@school girl children ) ?11?S 9!"lic 3harita"le Tr!st% 7!m"ai Grant @ for ro#iding 1nglish literacy to ?eaf Do!th

; ?ee alaya% New ?elhi @To "!ild ca acities of , smaller NGO as well as mainstream at least )%;55 children in formal schools o#er a eriod of 8 years , ?isha% New ?elhi @To ed!cate (%.55 children from + sl!ms of 7aya !ri and Naraina Ind!strial Area - ?oor Ste schools% 7!m"ai Grant@ for ado ting 8 7!nici al Schools% ro#iding remedial ed!cation . 1kla#ya /o!ndation% Bho al @To set ! (.5 Shiksha 9rotsahan Jendras in 7adhya 9radesh to ed!cate a"o!t ;%555 children + 1na"le India% Bangalore Grant@ for 3om !ter Training 9rogram for #is!ally im aired% e#ent!ally leading to ens!re em loyment (5 /o!ndation for 1d!cation I ?e#elo ment Grant@ towards ed!cation and o !lari'ation of Science in schools4?oosra ?ashak6% Cai !r and among adolescents in r!ral >a*asthan$ (( Godh!li% New ?elhi Grant @towards ed!cating :55 children from 7eera"agh sl!ms of New?elhi and e#ent!al mainstreaming into formal schools (: India /o!ndation @for the Arts% Bangalore Grant for art ed!cation in the tri"al areas (8 Jatha% New ?elhi Grant@ towards ;5 early childhood centres or kathawadis for children from :@- yrs from ;5 sl!ms across ?elhi () Jherwadi Social Belfare Association%7!m"ai Grant@ for ro#iding #ocational training to yo!th (; =ifeline /o!ndation% Fadodra Grant @towards the second hase of 2ighway >esc!e 9ro*ect (, =ight of =ife Tr!st% 7!m"ai Grant @towards s! lementary ed!cation for a rox$ ;55 children from Std$ FI N X in the areas of Jar*at% Tiware% 7ohili and Jondiwade in 7aharashtra (- 7ano#ikas Jendra% 3alc!tta Grant@ towards identification and coaching of slow learning children from:( m!nici al schools (. 7BA /o!ndation% 7!m"ai Grant@ for creating o ort!nities for Fal!e adding and other acti#ities s!ita"le to ersons with different ty es and le#els of disa"ilities (+ 7F /o!ndation% 2ydera"ad Grant@ towards Fillage >eso!rce 3entres in +, #illages of Nalgonda ?istrict% Andhra 9radesh :5 National Association@ for the Blind% 7!m"ai Grant to integrate (;5 "lind children from Orissa% =!cknow% 7!m"ai and 3handigarh into formal schools

:( Na# Bharat Cagriti Jendra% Charkhand Grant @for (55 remedial coaching centres to reach o!t to a rox$ :;55 children from Std$ FI N X in 8 Blocks of 2a'ari"agh district in Charkhand :: Na#*yoti India /o!ndation% New ?elhi Grant@ towards s! children in 2olam"iJalan% New ?elhi :8 Noida ?eaf Society% Noida Grant @towards ca acity "!ilding of 2earing Im aired yo!th "y im arting skills ena"ling em loyment thro!gh s eciali'ed #ocational rograms$ :) 9aragon 3harita"le Tr!st% 7!m"ai Grant@ for teacher training rogram :; 9ardada 9ardadi 1d!cation Society% Grant@ towards ed!cation of 855 r!ral girls from An! shahar% A9An! sahar% A9 :, 9rati"andhi Jalyan Jendra% 2ooghly Grant@ towards incl!si#e ed!cation rogram for children with hearing disa"ility$ :- 9rayas Bharati Tr!st 49BT6% Bihar Grant@ towards ed!cation of girl children in Bihar :. Sahaara 1d!cation Tr!st% 7!m"ai Grant@ for ed!cating children residing in o"ser#ation homes of 7!m"ai :+ Sakhi% 9atna Grant@ towards ed!cation of girl children in Bihar 85 Sa#e the 3hildren India% 7!m"ai Grant@ for (; Balwadis and 8; st!dy centres in sl!ms in 7!m"ai 8( Shaisha#% Bha#nagar Grant @towards , Balghars% (5 1d!cational centres and Balsenas in G!*arat 8: Shanti ?e#i 3harita"le Tr!st% New ?elhi Grant@ towards (: centres in J!s!m ahari and >ang !ri in New ?elhi for S! children 8) Tro ical >esearch I ?e#elo ment 3entre Grant@ for "ridge co!rse for child la"orers in 2a#eri ?istrict 4T>?36% Jarnataka lementary 1d!cation for ;55 children 88 S9C Sadhana School% 7!m"ai Grant @for the salaries for s ecial ed!cators to ed!cate s ecial lementary ed!cation to 855

NGOs s!

orted on one time "asis0@

( Sriram Social Belfare Tr!st% 3hennai Towards art f!nding of a 2igh School ex ansion ro*ect at 3hennai

: Cagannath Instit!te of Tech I 7anagement% Towards cost of e<!i ment for a mini tool room for training S3KST Orissa st!dents and tri"als 8 National Societies for 3lean 3ities% 7!m"ai Towards art f!nding of Balwadi 9ro*ect for 8;5 children from sl!ms of Bandra ) 7ission for Fision Grant for !rchase of a B!s for atients& !se to T!lsi 1ye 2os ital% Nasik$ ; ?ar ana Academy of /ine Arts% Ahmeda"ad Grant towards their rod!ction of a lay in 2indi @ &Ans!ni& , 1asow 7ar Timotheos Belfare 3entre% Jalyan Grant for !rchase of a B!s to carry mentally challenged st!dents from their home to the school and "ack in Jalyan$ - Fidya 9arasarak 7andal% 7!m"ai Towards art f!nding for constr!cting the School "!ilding



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