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1. Date of approval of RA 9292 a. April 14, 2004 b. April 14, 2007 c. April 17, 2004* d. None of these 2.

There are __________ Articles and __________ sections in the RA 9292. a. 8,42 b. 8, 43* c. 7, 43 d. 7,42 3. Any person who shall violate any provision of RA 9292 or any rules, regulations, the Code of Ethics and the Code of Technical Standards of Practice is stated in section _________. a. 35* b. 36 c. 37 d. 38 4. This act is was consolidation of House Bill No. 5224 and Senate Bill No. 2683. a. RA 9292* b. RA 5734 c. RA 6541 d. None of these 5. The chairperson of the PRC shall include in the Commissions program the implementation of RA 9292, the funding of w/c shall be included in the Annual General Appropriation Act. a. Sec 39 b. Sec 40* c. Sec 41 d. Sec 42 6. According to section 43, RA 9292 shall take effect __________ following its full publication in the __________ or any newspaper of general circulation a. 15 days, Law Gazette b. 15 days, Official Gazette* c. 15 days, internet d. 30 days, internet 7. Who among the following persons was not a signatory of the 9292? a. FRANKLIN DRILON b. JOSE DE VENECIA JR c. OSCAR G. YABES d. JESUS P. NAZARENO* 8. Section 40 of RA 9292. a. Appropriations* b. Repealing clause c. Effectivity d. Separability clause

9. Which of the following is not true for the qualifications of Board Members of Electronics Engineering? a. Be a citizen and a resident of the Philippines for 5 consecutive yrs prior to his appointment* b. Member of good standing of the APO c. Must not have been convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude d. Be of good moral character and integrity 10. All records of the Board, including applications for the examination, administrative cases involving PECE, ECE and ECTs shall be kept by a. BECE b. IECEP c. PRC* d. APO 11. The members of the Board shall hold office for a term of __________ from date of appointment or until their successors shall have been appointed and qualified and may be re-appointed once for another term. a. two years b. at least 3 years c. 3 years* d. 5 years 12. Section 7 states that the Board is vested with the authority to: Adopt an official __________ of the Board. a. logo b. icon c. Avatar d. Seal* 13. The compensation and allowances of the Board is comparable to that being received by the Chairman and members of existing regulatory boards under the Commission as provided for in the __________. a. Civil Service b. Dept of Budget & Mngt c. RA 1992 d. Gen Appropriations Act* 14. Each member of the Board shall take the/a __________ prior to the assumption of office. a. panel interview from the Appointment committee b. board exam c. proper oath* d. none of these 15. How much or what fine is required for any person who shall violate any provision or any rules, regulations, the Code of Ethics and the Code of Technical Standards of Practice promulgated under RA 9292? a. Not less than Php100,000.00 nor more than Php 1M or by imprisonment of not less than 6 months nor more than 6 year b. Php100,000.00 to Php 1M or 6 yrs imprisonment or both, in the discretion of the court

c. Not less than Php100,000.00 nor more than Php 1M or by imprisonment of not less than 6 months nor more than 6 years, or both, in the discretion of the court* d. none of these 16. The Board and the __________ shall correct and rate the licensure examination papers a. Commission* b. APO c. IECEP d. none of these 17. According to section 2-Statement of Policy, the state shall therefore develop and nurture competent, virtuous, productive, and __________ PECE, ECE, and ECTs a. God-fearing b. religious c. versatile d. well-rounded* 18. A candidate for Electronics Engineer or Electronics Technician who obtains a passing rating in the majority of the subjects but obtains a rating in the other subject/s below _________ percent but not lower than __________ percent, shall be allowed to take one removal examinations on the subject/s where he/she failed to obtain the passing rating. a. 70, 50 b. 70, 60 c. 50, 70 d. 60, 70 19. Within __________ years after the effectivity of RA 9292, the Board shall issue Certificate of Registration and Professional Identification Cards without examination to all applicants for registration as Electronics Technicians who comply to all the requirements stated in section 20. a. 3 (three) b. 5 (five)* c. 7 (seven) d. none of these 20. With reference to prob 22, all submittals/documents shall be accompanied by a certification from __________ registered PECEs vouching for the integrity, technical capability and good moral character of the applicant. a. at least 3* b. 3 c. 5 d. none of these 21. The position x of an experimental rocket moving along a long rail is measured to be x(t) = (4m/s)t + (7m/s2)t2 + (5m/s3)t3 (0.35m/s4)t4 over the first 10s of its motion, where t is in seconds and x is in meters. Find the velocity of the rocket for the first 10 seconds. a. 43 m/s b. 224 m/s c. 244m/s * d. 2240 m/s

Sol. v = dx/dt = (4m/s) + (14m/s2)t + (15m/s3)t2 (1.4m/s4)t3 Substituting t = 10 s, gives v = 244 m/s 22. Early in the nineteenth century, James Watt invented the steam engine. In order to convince people, who relied heavily on horses for mechanical work, he demonstrated how useful his steam engine was by utilizing a horse that lifted water from a well over a certain period of time and called the corresponding power expended one horsepower. Assume that water has a mass density of 1.0 x 103 kg/m3, that the well was 20m deep, and that the horse worked for 8 hours. How many liters of water did the horse raise from the well? Use the following constants: 1 hp = 746 Watts, g = 9.8 m/s2. a. 1.1 x 10 2 L b. 110 L c. 1.1 x 103 L d. 1.1 x 105 L* Sol.
The work done of the tension in lifting a mass of water is given by: W = m g y where W = work, m = mass = pV, y = distance, V = volume, p= mass density, The power is given by:

P = work /time,


Substituting all values, we get for V

V =

746W 8hx3600 s / h 2 3 1x10 3 kg / m 3 9.8m / s 2 20 m 1.1x10 m

Since 1 m3 = 103 L, then V = 1.1 x 105L. 23. As provided in ACT 3846, the construction of a radio station shall begin only when a. A personnel of NTC has conveyed through telephone that the application has already been approved. b. the firm applying for the construction permit has submitted to the NTC its application for the same. c. the technical documents has already been signed and sealed by the PECE. d. The NTC has already issued a Permit to construct.* 24. As provided in RA7925, a VAS provider needs to secure a franchise if a. it is offered by a telecommunications entity whose proceeds of utility operations are not cross-subsidized. b. it does not discriminate other service providers against rates. c. it is offered by a telecommunications entity that uses a separate book of accounts for VAS. d. it puts up its own network.* 25. According to the code of ethics, if you are employed in a company and you wish to engage in a business which may compete with your company, the most ethical thing to do is to a. inform your employer about it* b. have somebody run the business instead of you c. try to find new clients

d. keep your prices lower than your companys 26. These materials are hard and brittle, insulative to electricity and heat, and very resistant to high temperatures and harsh environments. a.polymers b.metals c.ceramics* d.semiconductors 27. These materials have a large number of non-localized electrons, as an effect are very good conductors of electricity and heat. They are strong yet deformable, and extensively used in structural applications.These materials have a large number of non-localized electrons, as an effect are very good conductors of electricity and heat. They are strong yet deformable, and extensively used in structural applications. a.ceramics b.composities c.semiconductors d.metals* 28. Materials composed of more than one material type and are designed to display a combination of the best characteristics of each component material. a.polymers b.ceramics c.metals d.composites* 29. A material whose atomic arrangement occurs as periodic, repeating structures over large distances. a.crystalline* b.polycrystalline c.solid d.amorphous 30. An elemental solid having a different crystal structure, usually due to the prevailing temperature and pressure. a.amorphous b.polymorph c.crysallite d.allotrope* 31. This metal is alloyed with steel to give it corrosion resistance properties, resulting in stainless steel. a.vanadium b.molybdenum c.chromium* d.magnesium 32. This element is used in modern, super strong permanent magnets because of their high coercivities a.beryllium b.neodymium* c.yttrium d.alnico 33. The deterioration of an engineered material due to interaction with diverse environments which lead to the degradation of its material properties a.corrosion* b.disintegration c.oxidation d.dissolution 34. It is a method of managing all the activities that affect the quality of goods or services in order to prevent faults.

b.Quality Circle c.Quality Control d.Quality Standard 35.This type of business organization can be set up without any formality. It exist when there are a number of people involved who are part owners of the business. a.Association b.Corporation c.Partnership* d.Sole Proprietorship

a.Quality Assurance *