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ASME I Part PG General Requirements for All Methods of Construction The requirements of Part PG apply to power boilers and

high pressure, high-temperature water boilers and to parts and appurtenances thereto and shall be used in conjunction with the specific requirements in the applicable Parts of this Section that pertain to the methods of construction used. Service Limitations The rules of this Section are applicable to the following services !a" boilers in which steam or other vapor is generated at a pressure of more than #$ psig !#%& 'Pa"( !b" high-temperature water boilers intended for operation at pressures e)ceeding #*% psig !# #%% 'Pa" and+or temperatures e)ceeding ,$%-. !#,#-/". .or services below those specified in PG-,.# it is intended that rules of Section 01 apply( however, boilers for such services may be constructed and stamped in accordance with this Section provided all applicable requirements are met. /oil-type hot water boilers where the water can flash into steam when released directly to the atmosphere through a manually operated no22le may be e)empted from the rules of this Section provided the following conditions are met. There is no drum, header, or other steam space. 3o steam is generated within the coil. Tubing outside diameter does not e)ceed # in. !,$ mm". Pipe si2e does not e)ceed 3PS &45 !63 ,%". 3ominal water capacity does not e)ceed * gal !,& l". 7ater temperature does not e)ceed &$%-. !#88-/". 9dequate safety relief valves and controls are provided.

Referenced Standards Specific editions of standards referenced in this Section are shown in 9ppendi) 9-&*%. Materials :aterial subject to stress due to pressure shall conform to one of the specifications given in Section 00 and shall be limited to those that are listed in the Tables of Section 00, Part 6, e)cept as otherwise permitted in PG-;.,, PG-;.&, PG-#%, and PG-##. :aterials shall not be used at temperatures above those for which stress values are limited, for Section 0 construction, in the

Tables of Section 00, Part 6. Specific additional requirements described in PG-$ through PG-#& shall be met as applicable. :aterial covered by specifications in Section 00 is not restricted as to the method of production unless so stated in the specification, and as long as the product complies with the requirements of the specification. 0f, in the development of the art of boiler construction, it is desired to use materials other than those herein described, data should be submitted to the <oiler and Pressure 1essel /ommittee in accordance with the requirements of 9ppendi) $ of Section 00, Part 6. :aterial not completely identified with any approved /ode specifications may be used in the construction of boilers under the conditions outlined in PG-#%. Size Limits and Tolerances :aterials outside the limits of si2e or thic'ness given in the title or scope clause of any specification in Section 00 may be used if the material is in compliance with the other requirements of the specification, and no similar limitation is given in the rules for construction. Pipe having a tolerance of =#> on either the ?6 or the 06, rather than the tolerance specified in the material specification, may be used, provided the material complies with all other requirements of the specifications. 7hen used under e)ternal pressure, such pipe shall be limited to a ma)imum of ,5 in. !*#% mm" in diameter. The pipe shall include the designation #> ?6 or #> 06, as appropriate, in any required documentation and mar'ing of the material. The use of austenitic alloy steel is permitted for boiler pressure parts that are steam touched in normal operation. @)cept as specifically provided in PG-A.#.#, PG-#,, and P@<-$.&, the use of such austenitic alloys for boiler pressure parts that are water wetted in normal service is prohibited. 1isit our site to download http://goo.gl/s8y79y