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(Ligli piaycis gloiilying Loid Siva, spolcn by Siiman Malapiablu.Rccoidcd in
Muiaii Gupia's "Sii Caiianya Caiiia Malalavya")
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"I icpcaicdly ollci my obcisanccs unio you, ilc coniiollci ol ilc iliiiy piimal
dcmigods;unio you, ilc oiiginal lailci ol all cicaicd bcings; unio you, wlosc
claiacici is giacious; unio you, wlosc lcad is cicsicd by ilc sicllc moon aiiscn
liom ilc wavcs ol ilc Ganga and unio you, wlo aic a lcsiival loi ilc cycs ol ilc
laii goddcss Gauii."
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?"*."70"+!/'2/0" .4A"+,2."C/0"
"I ollci my obcisanccs unio you, wlo aic dicsscd in gaimcnis icscmbling molicn
gold, ilc moon, bluc loiuscs, coial, and dail iainclouds; unio you, wlo bcsiow
ilc mosi dcsiiablc boons on youi dcvoiccs by mcans ol youi dcliglilul dancing;
unio you, wlo aic ilc masici ol ilc impcisonalisis and unio you, wlosc llag bcais
ilc imagc ol ilc bull."
'"#$+12*,( '( C"5"'"@ -*./0"
" I ollci my obcisanccs unio you, wlo dispclls dailncss wiil youi ilicc cycs - ilc
moon, ilc sun and liic; unio you, wlo causcs auspiciousncss loi all ilc living
cniiiics ol ilc univcisc and unio you, wlosc poicncy casily dclcais ilai ol
ilousands ol moons and suns."
&"2"&)"+>"')$>")* &"E&'2*'/0"
"I ollci my obcisanccs unio you, wlosc loim is biillianily illuminaicd by ilc
jcwcls ol Anania, ilc ling ol snalcs; unio you, wlo aic cloilcd by a iigci-slin and
ilus iadiaic divinc cllulgcncc; unio you, wlo siis upon a ilousand-pciallcd loius
and unio you, wlosc iwo aims aic adoincd by lusicious banglcs."
>)(#/!"# (./,0" 2")": .*,(2*
"I ollci my obcisanccs unio you, wlo biings lappincss io youi sciviiois, as you
poui on ilcm ilc liquid ncciai liom youi iwo icddisl loius lcci, wlicl iing wiil
claiming anllcbclls. Obcisanccs unio you, wlo is adoincd wiil an abundancc ol
gcms - plcasc cndow mc wiil puic lovc loi Loid Haii."
-); )/#" 5$.*!," #:?:!," -":)(
-); ?4AK" !/)/0"K" ./&:,(."
*'0+/,* !/#/#4'"+>/!"+#"''"+
" 'O Slii Rama, O Govinda, O Mulunda, O slauii, O Slii lisna, O Naiayana, O
Vaasudcva!' I ollci my obcisanccs unio you, Loid Sliva, ilc monaicl ol
inioxicaicd bcc-lilc dcvoiccs, maddcncd by diinling ilc ncciai ol ilcsc and oilci
loly namcs ol ilc Loid. Obcisanccs unio you, ilc dcsiioyci ol all giicl."
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C*CF/&*'/+0/-: .")"+>)",/0"
'(120$ 2")() 12"?'*+&:?2"+>)",/0"
-*./0" &")."+5:)".( !"#$ !"#"@
" I ollci my icspccilul obcisanccs again and again unio you, wlo is loicvci
cnquiicd ol conlidcniially by Slii Naiada and oilci sagcs; unio you, wlo also
gianis lavois io ilcm vciy quiclly; unio you, wlo bcsiows ilc lappincss ol Haii-
blalii; unio you, wlo cicaics auspiciousncss and unio you, wlo is ilc guiu ol
-); 5":);+!(')$&"."+#"65"7/0"
'"'+>)/K"+!/'2/0" )"&"+>)",/0"
&",/ &"#:'?"KB2"+5$.*!,"+7;7/+
5/!"+>)".*K/0" !"#$G&': ':120"#
"I ollci my obcisanccs unio you, wlo aic a lcsiival ol auspiciousncss loi ilc cycs
ol Goddcss Gauii; unio you, wlo is ilc monaicl ol lci lilc-bicail; unio you, wlo
is capablc ol bcsiowing iiansccndcnial iasa and unio you, wlo is cxpcii in loicvci
singing songs ol ilc pasiimcs ol Loid Govinda wiil gicai longing."
('"' -*."&0/AB"?"# ",12:'"E #"2"'
-4K."! 2")*+>)(#" 7"12('" -;52)"#
CF/!"# 8" .*CF/!"# ">3)."+."*12"."E
0$ 12/."+>3)K"@ >")"#"E &"#/,")"#
" A pcison, lillcd wiil loving lcclings, wlo lcais wiil iapi aiicniion ilis
wondcilul cigli-lold piayci io Loid Sliva, can quiclly gain Sii Haii-picma as wcll
as iiansccndcnial lnowlcdgc, ilc icalisaiion ol ilai lnowlcdgc, and
unpicccdcnicd powcis."