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Tlc Holi lcsiival is cclcbiaicd in Viaja liom ilc Vasania Pancami uniil a lcw days
alici Plalguna Puinima (Gauia Puinima). Duiing ilis iimc Nanda Malaiaja givcs
Kisna and lalaiama lcavc liom cowlciding io play Holi, so ilai ilcy can iliow
colouicd dycs and waici ai cacl oilci and ai all ilc oilci Viajavasis.
On ilc Vasania Pancami day Simaii Radlaiani and Hci sallis aic aiiaclcd wiil
colouicd powdci by ilc gopas as ilcy aic on ilcii way io Nandisvaia io cool loi
Kisna in ilc moining. In ilc lazc ol abii and gulal (iypcs ol colouicd powdci)
ilai llics up liom ilis colouilul aiiacl, Si Kisna sccicily cmbiaccs and lisscs
Simaii Radlaiani, bui Laliia pioudly pulls Hci away liom Him and salcly biings
Hci io Nandisvaia wlcic ilcy can pcacclully go io ilcii daily duiy ol cooling
Kisna's bicallasi.
Days laici Pauinamasi announccs: Tomoiiow is Magli puinima (ilc lull moon
day in Magla) and ilc lusband ol any gopi wlo woislips Vasania Madana (ilc
spiing god ol lovc - wlo is aciually Kisna) ai ilc looi ol an Asola iicc on ilis
day will gain a loi ol wcalil and many cows!` Hcaiing ilis, ilc oldci gopis allowcd
ilcii dauglicis-in-law io do ilc puja.
On ilai Puinima day Simaii Radlaiani siis in ilc Madlavi mandapa io mcci
Kisna on ilc picicxi ol doing Vasania Madana puja, wcaiing a ciimson saii.
Vindadcvi iclls Hci: O Radla, Maianga dcvi, a Kinnaia goddcss, las comc! Slc is
a icaclci in song and all lci lclpcis aic cxpcii in playing ilc vina. Lisicn io low
ilcy will sing and play!`
Wlilc Simaii Radlaiani lisicncd io ilc pciloimancc ol ilcsc angclic giils, Si
Kisna appcaicd on ilc sccnc lolding, His lluic in His lcli land and a llowciball ol
vcimilion in His iigli land. Hc was suiioundcd by His dcai liicnds lilc Subala,
wlo wcic loudly singing. His cycs wcic iolling in a siaic ol appaicni inioxicaiion,
and a liicnd siood on ciilci sidc ol Him, sciving Him goldcn bcicl lcavcs wlicl Hc
acccpicd wiil His plcasing icddisl playlul lips. Rcddisl powdci llcw lcic and
ilcic, so ligli ilai ii didn'i ioucl Him, bui lcll down on Him liom ilc sly, vciy
bcauiilully colouiing and sccniing His lcad iilala, laii and cyclids. Tlc wind
movcd ilc vincs' icsilcss spiouililc lands and clusici-lilc bicasis io obscuic Haii,
and ilc vincs' icsilcss cycbiows loolcd ai Him as il iclling lim: No! No!`
Anoilci vinc slyly smilcd ai Kisna wiil lci llowcis as il calling Him: Comc,
Madlumangala said: O Kisna! Is ilis sound I lcai ilc cclo ol oui singing, oi is ii
ilc sound ol somconc clsc's lcsiival, clallcnging ouis'` Kisna said: O abodc ol
lusiic! Ii musi bc somconc clsc's lcsiival! Go and scc wlcic ilcsc songs and
ilyilms aic coming liom!` Madlumangala wcni and saw ilc gopis singing, and
said io ilcm: O impudcni Laliia! Wly aic you so pioud, maling sucl giavc
ollcnccs' Wc cowlcidboys did noi picl any llowcis liom ilc Madlavi gaidcn
bccausc oui liicnd Kisna wanis io play His spiing gamcs ilcic, bui wly aic you so
iudc io picl all ilc llowcis ilcic' Don'i you lnow ilc pioud, snalc-lilc aims ol
my liicnd' You will comc io lnow ilcm now! I am going io icll Him!`
Madlumangala iciuins io Kisna and says: O Iiicnd! Now Youi spiing play las
bccomc a succcss. Tlc Vasania Lalsmi (ilc goddcss ol spiing) las comc
pcisonally wiil all lci opulcncc, playing lluics, vinas, midangas, laiaialas cic. lilc
no-onc clsc in ilc ilicc woilds! Tlcy sing cvcn bciici ilan ilc singcis in lcavcn,
wlai io spcal ol oilcis! Tlcic is moic lcsiival paiaplcinalia ilcic ilan anywlcic
clsc in Loid lialma's cicaiion, moic ilan cvcn in Youi own lcsiival, alilougl You
aic ilc piincc ol Viaja!`
Tlcn ilc cowlcidboys pioicsicd saying: O laio (Madlumangala, ilc bialmana
boy)! Ii is noi piopci ol you io piaisc ilc camp ol ilc cncmy lilc ilai! You
slould piaisc youi own camp! You musi bc inioxicaicd!` Madlumangala icplicd:
Tlc Madlu Mangala (auspicious winc, oi spiing) malcs cvciyonc diunl, jusi ol
iiscll!` Kisna said: Vciy wcll, my liicnd. Go and invcsiigaic luiilci ilc gopis'
aciiviiics, and wc will comc bacl laici.`
Madlumangala blisslully wcni bacl and pioudly iold Laliia: O clumsy Laliia! Gci
oui ol lcic, on ilc oidci ol loius-cycd Kisna! Don'i sical oui madlavi llowcis,
oilciwisc you'll bc punislcd!` Laliia said: O slamclcss, dccciilul bialmana boy!
Wly do you spoil youi own aiisiociacy by spcaling sucl inioxicaicd woids' Tlc
spoilcss gopis ol Viaja will siay on ilc banl ol ilc Yamuna undci ilc icd Asola
iiccs io do Vasania Madana puja on ilis day wiil ilc jcwcl-lilc lcioinc Simaii
Radlaiani, wlosc lcaii is lull ol liicndslip, wlo is cxpcii in cvciyiling and wlo
is adoincd wiil all good qualiiics. Alilougl Slc las many cnilusiasiic
maidscivanis Slc gavc up Hci lamily iiadiiion io join us pcisonally. Wly aic you
blubbciing so madly'`
Madlumangala icplicd: O Laliia! Wlo clsc bui Kisna is ilcic io dcsiioy ilc piidc
ol Cupid' Hc cannoi only maddcn cvciyonc wiil dcsiic, bui Hc is also inioxicaicd
wiil ii Himscll! How can you woislip ilc mundanc Cupid and disicgaid ilis
iiansccndcnial Cupid' I ilinl you musi lavc gonc oui ol youi minds! Lisicn, I
will do you a lavoui. I can bc ilc piicsi loi youi Madana puja! Comc along wiil
mc io scc Him!` Simaii Radlaiani said: O Laliia! Tlis mosi cxpcii bialmana is
woislipablc. Tcll Candiavali and Caiucandia io woislip lim niccly.`
Tlcsc iwo gopis ilcn camc and bcgan io smcai Madlumangala wiil liagiani dycs
and waicis ol dillcicni colouis, maling lim lool lilc lluiaiaja Siva, ilc ling ol
ilc glosis. Madlumangala ciicd oui: O Kisna! Tlc gopis aic smoilciing mc wiil
sinduia, lunluma and liagiani powdcis, bcing maddcncd by ilc Vasanioisava! I
am unablc io cscapc, bcing siunncd by ilc liagiani waici ilcy lavc iliown ovci
mc! Quiclly savc mc bcloic ilcy commii ilc sin ol lilling a bialmana!`
Hcaiing ilis liom a disiancc, Kisna undcisiood ilai His icpuiaiion was bcing
diminislcd, so Hc quiclly camc ilcic wiil His liicnds, calling oui : Hala! Hala!`
Tlcn Si Kisna, wlo was loolcd upon by ilc gopis wiil lcai, icspcci and
basllulncss, saw Madlumangala moiionlcss and misciablc, so Hc said: O! You
lavc abuscd My innoccni liicnd, wlo is vciy dcai io Mc, bcing inioxicaicd by ilis
spiing lcsiival! Now I slall givc you a liiiing punislmcni!` Tlcn Hc ilicw a
llowciball inio ilc gioup ol gopis, dispcising ilcm. Sccing ilis, ilc dcmigoddcsscs
in ilc lcavcnly plancis piaiscd lim and a llowciball-ligli biolc oui bciwccn ilc
iwo paiiics. Lniciing ilc ianls ol ilc cncmy, Kisna playcd His lluic, maling ii
sound lilc Cupid's swcci dium playing duiing ilc baiilc ol lovc.
Tlc gopis casi slaip glanccs ai Kisna liom all sidcs, and Kisna sloi ilc
sampiasvapana (slccp-causing) missilc ai ilcm wiil ilc bow ol His cycbiows. Tlc
gopis bodics wcalcncd, ilcii cycs lcll slui, ilcii mouils yawncd, ilcii voiccs
clolcd, ilcii lips iicmblcd and ilcy lcll aslccp. Sccing ilis, Candiavali bccamc
bcwildcicd. Wiil valoui slc ilcn sicppcd loiwaid io picicc Kisna's lcaii wiil lci
aiiow-lilc glanccs, cnclaniing ilc cnclanici ol ilc woild and lccping Him in lci
snalc-lilc aims. Alici somc iimc Kisna camc bacl io consciousncss and cmbiaccd
ilc loius-lilc gopis jusi as an clcplani slalcs a loicsi ol loius llowcis, lissing
ilcm and bicaling ilcii nccllaccs and blouscs. Wlcn ilc log ol colouicd powdci
dissipaicd, ilc baiilclicld causcd amazcmcni io ilc cycs. Tlc icd powdci was
scaiicicd ovci ilc bodics ol ilc gopis lilc blood covciing an angiy clcplani. Tlc
bluisl musl loolcd lilc blacl bccs suiiounding ilc clcplani, and ilc gopis'
jcwcllcd syiingcs loolcd lilc ilc clcplani's iccil and boncs.
Sccing ilc gopis in ilis condiiion, Madlumangala diowncd in an occan ol bliss
and bcgan io dancc wiil iaiscd aims, calling oui: Ho lo! Dcai liicnd Kisna! Wcll
donc! I lavc ncvci lcli so blisslul in my wlolc lilc! Jusi scc low ilcii puja
paiaplcinalia is scaiicicd all ovci, low ilcii oinamcnis aic biolcn and low ilcy
aic covcicd wiil ablii and gulal! Tlcy lavc icccivcd ilcii jusi icwaid! lui alas!
Alas! Tlcy aic moic clcvci ilan anyonc in lialma's cicaiion, lci us ilcicloic llcc
bcloic ilcy mcci ilcy supicmc lcadci Visablanu-nandini (Simaii Radlaiani)!`
Hcaiing ilis, ilc cowlcidboys said: Tlis loul-mouilcd Madlumangala is
somciimcs aliaid, somciimcs biavc and somciimcs angiy! Consolc lim, so ilai lc
will noi lccl disiicsscd, O Kisna!` Kisna said: O Madlumangala, slow youi
lcailcssncss io ilosc wlo you wcic picviously aliaid ol! Wly slould you bc aliaid
wlilc I am lcic'` Hcaiing ilis, Madlumangala gavc up lis lcai. Hc now bccamc
ilc bold lcadci, and lcd Kisna and ilc boys bacl io ilc gaidcn ol madlavi llowcis,
wlcic ilc gopis wcic. Tlc sallis piciccd Kisna wiil ilousands ol slaip aiiow-
lilc glanccs and Kisna did ilc samc io ilcm, picicing ilc slicld ol basllulncss on
Simaii Radlaiani's clcsi, wlilc Slc piciccd His lcaii wiil ilc aiiows ol Hci soli
smilc. Sccing Kisna's cnclanicd condiiion, Madlumangala blisslully said: Iiicnd,
don'i bc bcwildcicd wlilc Youi bcsi liicnd is lcic! Talc ilis ball and iliow ii ai
ilcm! Wlai is impossiblc io do wlcn You lavc a liicnd lilc mc'`
Simaii Radlaiani lall-closcd lci cycs, movcd Hci cycbiows and lilicd Hci aim,
maling Hci banglcs jinglc wlilc Hci loius lands ilicw a sinduia bomb ai Kisna's
clcsi. Tlcn, io ilc gicai bliss ol ilc sallas and sallis, Kisna bcgan io iun alici
Simaii Radlaiani lilc an angiy lion wlo was awalcncd liom lis slumbci,
caiiying a powdcball wiil Him. Tlcn Laliia said: O ciown jcwcl ol iclislcis ol
mcllows! Wlo lnows wlicl iasila giil las slown ilc passion in lci lcaii by
iliowing ilis icddisl powdciball on Youi clcsi' Ii is noi piopci io gci bcwildcicd
iigli now!`
Dcspiic lcaiing ilis, Kisna lcpi on iunning alici Simaii Radlaiani. Tlcn Radlila
gavc a clcvci lini io Syama-salli wiil a sligli squini ol Hci cycbiows and lid
Hciscll bciwccn Hci giilliicnds. Kisna ilcn smcaicd Syama-salli's loiclcad,
clcsi, laii and clccls wiil liagiani waici and lalulamala anxiously said: Dcai
Syamasundaia, Youi clcvcincss buins my lcaii! Wly aic You luiiing my innoccni
liicnd, lcaving ilai giil wiil ilc slining smilc wlosc lacc cclipscs ilc auiumn
moon, ilc splcndoui ol wlosc iccil cclipscs pcails, and wlo aciually ilicw ilc
ball ai You'`
Hcaiing ilis, Kisna cagcily ian up io Simaii Radlaiani and iold Hci: Comc lcic
and slow Mc Youi siicngil by iliowing ilcsc balls ai Mc!` Hcaiing ilis Simaii
Radlaiani iold Hci liicnds: O sallis! Suiiound Him and pcli lim wiil youi
powdciballs!` Tlc sallis suiioundcd Kisna and clanicd: glcio! glcio!
(suiiound Him! suiiound Him!) maio! maio!` (lill Him! Kill Him!) Mixcd wiil
ilc sounds ol ilc singing cucloos ilis gicw inio a gicai noisc. lcing suiioundcd
by ilc gopis in ilis way, ilc gicai iclislci, Si Kisna, squiiicd paini ai all ol ilcm
liom His jcwcllcd syiingc, wlilc ilc young gopis luilcd llowciballs ai Him. Tlc
slamclcss gopis suiioundcd Kisna, jusi as ilc moonbcams suiiound ilc moon,
wlilc Maiangi dcvi and lci Kinnaiis sang swcci lovc songs.
Tlc banglcs on ilc gopis' loius sicm-lilc aims jinglcd as ilcy solily ilicw
llowciballs ai ilc ling ol lovcis wiil ilcii loiuslilc aims. Kisna's moonlilc lacc
slowcd signs ol wcalncss, mcicly as spoii, and ilc gopis snaiclcd away His lluic,
llowciballs, and bow and aiiows. Wlcn onc gopi wanicd io icmovc Kisna's
oinamcnis Simaii Radlaiani sioppcd lci wiil a lini ol Hci cycbiows. Wiil Hci
own land Slc wipcd ilc colouis liom His lacc, and gavc Him pan landcd io Hci
by Hci maidscivanis, wlilc Syama salli bcgan io lan Him on Hci indicaiion.
Sccing ilc gopis covcicd wiil colouicd powdci, Madlumangala lauglcd and
danccd wiil iaiscd aims, cxclaiming: Ho lo! Wc lavc won my liicnd! Tlc piidc
ol Malaiaja Visablanu's mosi gloiious dauglici las bccn biolcn ioday by Si
Kisna, and Slc is pcisonally sciving Him now as a lumblc maidscivani! Wlai
could bc moic amusing! lui, alici all, low could Kisna noi lavc won wiil a
counsclloi lilc mc'`
Sccing lim dancing, al ilc sallas and sallis bccamc mosi lappy. lcing vciy
saiislicd wiil lim, Simaii Radlaiani gavc Madlumangala onc ol Hci pcail
nccllaccs. Alici ilis, ilcy all lad a lcasi and iool icsi.

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