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Womens Suffrage Lesson Plan Rationale: Enfranchising the entire population above the age of 21 was an important step

in American politics. The women of this country were an integral part of our daily lives, but we felt that they were not equipped to vote or participate in our electoral process. This was changed by a great number of women and men of all races at first at the state level but eventually expanding to the federal level. The impact of state level measures on the federal government is apparent here again. Curriculum Frameworks:US II.8,9 NCSS 10: Civic Ideals and Practices: The basic freedoms and rights of Women have constantly been infringed upon throughout the history of the United States. Gaining the vote was a small step forward in the freedoms of woman, but an extremely important step. This enfranchisement would lead us to see them as equals politically and our first in a long line of women Congress members. Important questions to answer are: why were women denied the vote? How were both men and women(of all races), important to the passage of the 19th amendment? Learning Objectives: Students will be able to: Define suffrage, enfranchisement, 19th Amendment and other key terms, Describe how the state level actions and fights eventually lead to a federal Constitutional amendment that gave woman the right to vote. Teaching Methods: Art/Music, Writing, Group Work(if they choose) Procedure: Opener: (10 Minutes) o Prompt: Why might women not have been able to vote in national elections before the progressive era? o Student Response systems: Vote on important class topics: Should we make the girls do all of the homework for everyone? Y/N (let all vote on this initially) 2nd round of the same question: Take away the clickers from the most numerous sex in the classroom. Repeat the asking of the question. Notes continued- 10-20 minutes Main Activity- Go over womens law from Illinois, then the 19th amendment. Source and Contextualize them. Emphasis on the dates.(10-15 Minutes) o Why did the US take so long to make it a federal law? What could be the reason? Listen to a few women suffrage songs. Pass out lyrics so students can follow along o Analyze the songs for word choice. Keep Women in Her Sphere.(15 Minutes) o Students will then be told that they are going to write their own song for a reform of the Progressive era: Civil Rights, Government, Trusts, Consumer Protection, Conservation etc (20 Minutes) o They will get time to review their notes to figure out what they want to do it on. o Students will have the opportunity to present- If time all will.

Assessment: Exit ticket/homework: Song lyrics. Sourcing and contextualizing questions of the documents. Materials: Lyrics to Keep women in her sphere, Oh, Dear what can the matter be?, Documents from Illinois and 19th amendment handouts

Keep Woman in Her Sphere (Auld Lang Syne) By D. Eastbrook

I have a neighbor, one of those Not very hard to find Who know it all without debate And never change their mind I asked him"What of woman's rights?" He said in tones severe-"My mind on that is all made up, Keep woman in her sphere." I saw a man in tattered garb Forth from the grog-shop come He squandered all his cash for drink and starved his wife at home I asked him "Should not woman vote" He answered with a sneer-"I've taught my wife to know her place, Keep woman in her sphere." I met an earnest, thoughtful man Not many days ago Who pondered deep all human law The honest truth to know I asked him"What of woman's cause?" The answer came sincere -"Her rights are just the same as mine, Let woman choose her sphere."

Oh Dear, What can the matter be? By: L. May Wheeler

Chorus: Oh Dear, what can the matter be Dear dear what can the matter be Oh dear, what can the matter be Women are wanting to vote Verses: Women have husbands, they are protected Women have sons by whom they're directed Women have fathers, they're not neglected Why are they wanting to vote? Women have homes, there they should labor Women have children whom they should favor Women have time to learn of each neighbor Why are they wanting to vote? Women can dress, they love society Women have cash with all its variety Women can pray with sweetest piety Why are they wanting to vote? Women have reared all the sons of the brave Women have shared n the burdens they gave Women have labored this country to save And that's why we're going to vote Final Chorus: Oh Dear, what can the matter be Dear dear what can the matter be Oh dear, what can the matter be Why should men get every vote?