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Zimbra Collaboration Server

At a Glance
In order to make a transition to a new email platform as seamless as possible, a comprehensive migration planning efort is required. A project
involving such a critical business application typically includes design requirements, infrastructure and application integration requirements,
account provisioning, production readiness testing, and backup and disaster recovery plans. VMware Professional Services has created this
Migration Checklist to assist customers in migrating data from legacy email systems to Zimbra Collaboration Server in the most seamless
manner possible. Technical leads, project managers, training and communications leads and test users should participate in the completion
of the Migration Checklist.
Dene Migration Strategy
Dene Roll-Back Strategy
Create migration scripts (if required)
Set up & test split-domain (if required)
Set up Migration servers
Install any required migration tools
Identify test users/mailboxes
Run connectivity tests
Z|nbra o |eqacy |nv|ronnen
|eqacy |nv|ronnen o Z|nbra
|||e ran:er nec|an|:n
||A| Acce:: o |eqacy |nv|ronnen
(if needed)
Run test migrations (determine how long
based on number of items & mailbox size,
validate administrative access)
Identify and resolve migration errors
Run Dry-run tests of large set of accounts
(100% if possible)
Create Day-to-Day plan
|:ab||:| a conac ||: v|| ena|| and
phone numbers for members of the
Migration Team, System Owners, and
Helpdesk Agents
(This is important if any unforeseen
system outages happen on legacy
system, networking, etc.)
Create a reporting structure to determine:
\|a qroJo/oer:on(:) :|oJ|d be
informed for migration status, including
fall-out cases?
\|a ||:: :|a|| be :en o |e|ode:| or
support teams?
\|o :|oJ|d J:er: conac o re:o|ve |::Je:`
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Zimbra Collaboration Server
1-2 weeks before Migration, reduce the
T|ne To||ve (TT|) or |e |NS/|X
records (especially important in ash-cut)
Initiate Platform Clean Up in case testing
has been done on Production
Initiate Provisioning Blackout
Validate that a Backup exists for both the
|eqacy and Z|nbra :y:en:
|xecJe n|qra|on & cJ over
Instruct users how to re-create shares
(permissions), create mail lters,
re-create mail signatures
Re-initialize BlackBerry devices (if
Start Provisioning
Ask Customer to open support case to
notify Zimbra Support that Migration is in
System monitoring during the rst 2
weeks after cut-over (valid for ash-cut
Pe:e TT| o aooroor|ae dJra|on
Sar |econn|::|on o |eqacy Sy:en
(This not part of Zimbra Service but
certain partners may like to do this.)
About VMware Professional Services
VMware Professional Services is an organization of experienced IT professionals who ofer end-to-end consulting services for datacenter,
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|xen:|ve con:J||nq exoer|ence aroJnd ne::aq|nq :o|J|on:
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OJr aooroac| o a Z|nbra Co||abora|on Server |no|enena|on con:|der: |e arqeed and cJrren endJ:er |oad oro|e:. ||nd|nq |e r|q|
balance that meets your requirements, time, and cost constraints is a key benet of using an experienced performance consultant.
VMware Professional Services is here to deliver a top-quality service for customers by providing a premium repository of knowledge and
experience on Zimbra Collaboration Server.