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Logue 1 Kaylyn Logue Mrs. Tyree English III, Per.

6 24 January 2014 Balance between Human and Animal Habitats I. Introduction A. Have you ever seen an Eskimo Curl? Probably not, since the animal became extinct in 1922 because of overhunting. (N) An animal that is extinct simply means that the species no longer exists anywhere on earth. B. Human and animal habitats must be balanced in order to help prevent animal extinction, avoid animal attacks, and keep Gods plan for all creation. II. Background A. The asteroid impact theory was the spark of major extinction. (M) B. Human actions are the main cause for extinction. C. Deforestation, specifically the Amazon rainforest, has caused several animals to lose their habitats making them endangered to be extinct. (G) III. Animal Attacks A. In Florida a woman was attacked by a bear, while she was walking her dogs in her neighborhood. (A) B. Fish showed violent behavior when 70 people were bathing in a river in Argentina.(B) C. Hippopotamus and Crocodiles have been the cause of several fatalities in Muleba District, Tanzania. (C)

Logue 2 D. In Los Angeles, Mountains Lions can be seen around the city and are the cause to many attacks. (D) IV. Extinction A. Because of humans hunting to extreme measures, several animals have become extinct such as the dodo and great auk. (N) B. In Mexico the Guadalupe fur seal was an endangered species because people wanted the fur in order to sell it to make a large profit. (N) C. In the United States, the bald eagle is considered as the symbol of freedom, but because of humans killing them, they are among the numerous amount of animals close to extinction. (N) D. As human population grows, there will be less habitat space for other creatures, such as the black-footed ferret and northern spotted owl, in order to make enough living space for humans. (F) E. The American ivory-billed woodpecker lives in forestry habitats especially in southeastern United States, but in order to meet the needs of humans, the availability for a home is small. (N) F. By 2050, Ohio State University predicts that the number of endangered species will be raised by 10.8% meaning 31 species will be close to facing extinction. (F) V. Animals in Christianity A. All creatures are created by God so both deserve the same respect. (K) B. People are busy focusing on abortion and war so they are oblivious to the mass amount of endangered species because of the loose of habitats due to humans. (K) C. Jesus tells parable that include sheep and birds. (L)

Logue 3 D. Genesis 2:15 states that, [t]he Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it, which included the animals Adam named personally. E. Luke 12:6 says, [a]re not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God, shows that every creature is special to God, so humans should treat animals the same as God does. VI. Animals in other cultures A. Muskogee and Cherokee tribes have strong beliefs regarding animals. (I) 1. Animals are considered superior to humans since they contain more power and knowledge. (I) 2. The tribes have laws to respect animals in order to prevent overhunting and be thankful for the blessings that come from the death of an animals. (I) 3. Tribes believes the people have a responsibility to take care of animals. (I) 4. Muskogee and Cherokee tribes believe that animals were the first living creatures and created every feature of the world. (I) 5. Cherokees have stories about animals who provided a human with insight because the human treated the animal well. (I) B. Egyptian religion revolve around animals. 1. Animals represent gods in Egyptian religion.(J) 2. Animals are said to have superpowers according to the German Egyptologist Hellmut Brunner. (J) 3. Humans and animals are believed to be equal. (J)

Logue 4 4. Sacred Animals are put into three different classes which are temple animals, same species as temple animals, and private animals. (J) 5. A God is believed to manifest through temple animals. (J) VII. Conclusion A. God tells us to watch over his creation which is needed in order to avoid humans and animals from hurting each other. B. There must be a balance between human and animal habitats because if not your children or grandchild make not be able to ever see your favorite animal because it has become extinct.