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Oosterhouse Adventures

Youth With A Mission - Chico, California

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna! We pray that you are experiencing the joy of a risen Savior during this Easter season. We have a hope and peace that nothing else in this world can offer and our hearts are overflowing with thankfulness for Gods free gift of salvation. A lot has happened since our last newsletter and we thought wed tell the stories with photos. Enjoy the ride!
In December our whole family helped build an aquaponics system at the YWAM base in Creel, Mexico. Some local Tarahumara Indians are pictured with us. We drove 7,000 miles round trip and enjoyed a wonderful, and snowy, Christmas in Michigan.

Spring 2014

Our YWAM Chico aquaponics project has been progressing steadily. Weve got a holding tank installed on the hill to gravity feed our system with creek water. Dan had to dig a trench to run a pipe bringing creek water from an existing pipe along the road, up the hill, and across the work site to the tank. One Friday morning all the staff, students and volunteers gathered in the aquaponics area for an hour of prayer. We prayed for further vision for the fenced in area such as fruit trees and water purification systems. We also prayed for finances for an aquaponics training class for Dan. Wed like to install a system in another country after we learn more about how it all works and become more comfortable with it. We asked God where we should be focusing for our first installation. Dan has been getting IBC containers lined up to use as fish tanks. We plan to build the grow beds and do the plumbing this week. Well need to use solar power to run the air and water pumps and currently we know almost nothing about solar. We are praying for guidance in this area to find an affordable way to install solar panels and hook them into the system.

In January one of our board members graciously spent a day clearing and leveling the land in preparation for us to start aquaponics here. It was a blank canvas without water or electricity.

In February we invited all of our volunteers over to celebrate Gods provision. These folks helped lighten our load and do some professional projects. They are from Canada, Minnesota, Montana, California and Utah.

In March Dan went to Mexico again to help build an aquaponics system in a Tarahumaran village near YWAM Creel. He worked with our YWAM Amarillo friend, Jimmy, and a team from Texas.

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The youth above (with 4 of our staff) are from a nearby town called Hamilton City. Its 95% percent Hispanic and has a high rate of crime, drugs and gangs. Our base hosted a free skate night with hotdogs in February to start to build relationships. Every week since then weve gone there on Friday afternoon and let this group of boys play soccer at a sports complex. This past week we started doing short, small groups with the kids and were telling them that they have a future and a hope. We pray that with Gods help they will transform their city.

In April our family participated in a fundraiser at a local park called the Walk for Water. This was to raise money and awareness of all those around the world that lack clean, safe water. We walked over a mile then filled our buckets with water from the creek and walked back carrying the water just like many women do in Africa. Wed love to learn more about water purification so we can bring clean water methods to villages along with aquaponics.

Our base is planning to offer a secondary school in the fall called the School of Worship. As a precursor to this school, we hosted a Worship Seminar in February that Robin was able to attend. Our worship of God is proportionate to our revelation of who God is.

So now you know what weve been up to for the past few months. Dan is planning to attend a 5 day training program in May for aquaponics and in June we are both planning to go to Tijuana, Mexico for a YWAM workshop. God is so faithful, last year was challenging but this year weve really settled into our niche here. Thank you so much for your financial support and prayers. When you support us you also support all of the ministries youve just read about! Please pray for us as we move forward with aquaponics. Its exciting but challenging. Please pray for our current DTS, theyll be going to Brazil for outreach in June. If youd like to contribute towards Dans training, please send a check to YWAM (or us) at the address below. Please leave the memo line blank and put our name on a sticky note on the check. Thanks so much and God bless you! Love, Dan and Robin, Caleb, Joshua and Nathaniel
Stay in Touch Dan and Robin Oosterhouse 15850 Richardson Springs Rd Chico, Ca 95973 (530)342-3713 Robin - oostfam@gmail.com Dan - drcj13@gmail.com On facebook, find our Oosterhouse Adventures page. Also find our new blog: oosterhouseadventures.blogspot.com

In March we hosted 2 Butte Country Reach for the Future conferences. One was a Jr High group and one was Senior High, both groups had about 350 students! These are powerful retreats for public school kids to heal from past hurts and learn about their destiny and how to be a positive influence on their generation. One Saturday in March we drove up to Mount Lassen to play in the snow. We took along a couple of gals that work in housekeeping with Robin. One of them is from Brazil and this was her first time to see snow. It was a beautiful and fun day!

Caleb helped cut up firewood with some teens and Josh and Nate have loads of adventures with friends around here.