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Ma. Angela U.


Research Reaction Paper (MGT 299) One of the milestones in my stu ent life is oing a research pro!ect. "hene#er $ hear the %or & $ can !ust put the 'ran of my (meh) face on. $ 'et that is !ust something normal 'ecause $ ha#en*t pro'a'ly seen the 'eauty of researching yet. At this point& it is 'ut a challenge to merge research %ith the emotional an social perspecti#e especially that $ ha#e to 'alance my %or+ an stu ies at the same time. $n any %ay though& researching really teste my patience an other intrinsic #alues %hich taught ho% to manage my sanity espite the o . On a contrary& $ reali,e that oing a research coul really stimulate the min ($*m hoping not to get Al,heimer*s in the future) an coul also in uce moti#ation (that is& if you are really #ery intereste in a particular topic& 'ecause $ assume you %ill really 'ecome a 'etter researcher than the -.$). On a further personal note& $ rather felt the presence of eath prematurely. /0agge. 1eriously though& my groupmates %ere #ery pleasant an un erstan ing an in a %ay& $ %as a'le to han le my stressor. They taught me not only a'out the research topic& 'ut also other aspects. $ i not e#en +no% that $ ha some other personal pro'lems 'ecause of the pro'lems o#erlappe 'y research. To 'e honest& at first& $ really foun our research pro!ect 'oring& perhaps 'ecause $ i n*t ha#e the interest in 'am'oo. 1ooner enough& $ caught myself eating up my %or s %hen $ reali,e the inner sense of 'eing that is in 'am'oo. The engineere 'am'oo supply chain is a helpful research to society& 'ut complicate an still #ague per se. There %as no efinite research a'out its supply chain in $loilo Pro#ince %hich ma+es our research a first2han e0perience. 3es& %e %ere a'le to come up %ith a fair output& 'ut it is har to generali,e a particular thought especially if it only comes from a single person per +ey player. The 4ey $nformant $nter#ie% that %e i %as not really sufficient. Our output coul ha#e 'een 'etter if %e %ere !ust gi#en enough time. Any%ay& at least& %e %ere someho% a'le to grasp the essence of our topic an %hat its un erlying contents shoul 'e. $ thought research %as easy& especially %ith the presence of the internet. Guess not. A lot of fun & effort an time plus a e patience an humility %ill pro'a'ly 'e the constant processes therein. .ase on our e0perience& $ am more con#ince that 'eing a researcher comes %ith a aily ose of interest in a particular topic of your research so that you coul 'e a'le to come up %ith a goo contri'ution to the society. This remin e me again of Maslo%*s Theory of -ee s %herein a greater amount of satisfaction comes from the sense of achie#ement on a higher le#el. -o%& $ coul 'etter un erstan %hy researchers are #ery passionate a'out their %or+. $ +no% $ still ha#e a long %ay to achie#e that le#el of satisfaction& too.