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Max Von Hatten Assessment plan- Performance assessment TED 407 Performance Assessment: Using the cities that

the students have created each student will write an extended response essay in the form of a creative story. The students will write a creative story explaining the history of their city that they have created. The students will utilize the forms of the preterit and the imperfect in order to create historical events that occurred in their city, or events that played a role in creating their city. Standards and Objectives: 4.1.N.b: Identify basic differences and similarities in grammatical structures between ones own language and the target language. 3.1.M.a: Acquire new content about familiar topics The Student will be able to: 6.4 Create own examples of correct verb usage. 2.1 Explains concepts in own words 2.1.1 Expresses understanding of concepts by creating original examples. Rubric: explanation Outcomes: Using the content and language learned in this section create a brief history of their city that they have created with fictional events that have occurred. Scores will be out of a total of 10. 5 points will be based on number and quality of the explanation of ideas. 5 more points will be given for proper grammatical and vocabulary use. Rubric: 5= excellent- creates 5 or more events that are clearly stated and concise with elaboration adding to the overall effect of the paper 4= acceptable- creates 4 events that are clearly stated and concise with elaboration of events 3= adequate- creates 3 events that are clear with adequate elaboration 2= needs improvement- creates 2 events that need improvement in clarity and elaboration in an essay style format. 1= inadequate- creates 1 event that lacks cohesiveness and elaboration in an essay style format.

Grammar and vocabulary 5= excellent (proper use of vocabulary terms from unit in explaining view point, grammar is good with few to no mistakes.) 4= good( proper use of vocabulary and grammar is concise but contains few mistakes) 3= adequate ( vocabulary is adequate for explanation but lacks key terms used in unit and more than a few grammar mistakes.) 2= needs improvement( does not utilize the proper vocabulary from the unit and grammar contains many errors makes statement unclear) 1= inadequate (does not utilize the proper vocabulary making paper ineffective for readers and grammar usage is incorrect creating an unclear explanation and not concise.) I Choose to use this particular scoring rubric for the students to have clear guidelines to following when creating ideas, prewritings, revising, and finalizing their creative story. The style of an analytic rubric will best help me assess the different dimensions of the performance-based assessment. According to Miller, Linn, and Gonlund, (2009), to display features that would constitute as exemplary performance down to a quality of work that needs improvement. (p. 272).