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Your Name Public Debt Settlement Letter

November 4, 2009

From: Your Name

Phone: ______________
To: Robert Van Zeck
Commissioner of the Public Debt,
Department of the Treasury
Bureau of the Public Debt
PO Box 426
Parkersburg, WV 26106-0426
Subject: Letter and Documents for Public Debt Settlement.

Dear Sir,
Form PD F 1455 (unsigned) is being submitted by the SETTLOR of the two listed Trust to
allow for the payment and settlement all of the Public Debts that has been assigned to me and the
two associated Trust persons. The form is unsigned because at the present time all of the different
public certifying officers you have listed, refuse to sign these forms because the values are unknown
or they scared of liability. It is being requested that I would like to do all signing and exchanging of
property, when in the presents of the ones really authorized to perform this task. Please contact me
to setup the meeting arrangements to settle this and any other initial items. My first goal in this
process is to pay and settle my shares of the Public Debt.
I have also attached the form 1071 (unsigned) and copy of “Certificate of Live Birth” to
support my claim to the State of __________ Certificate of Live Birth “Birth NOTE”. I will sign
these over in the presents of whomever you require at the time of the redemption of the Note’s
My Live Birth was on __________ in City, __________ county in the state of __________.
I was registered into the county of __________’s books and records on __________, under a
"Certificate of Live Birth" number __________. (SSN # is __________)
I, Your :Name am the SETTLOR of the two listed Trusts and as such have the Full Right
and Authority under Iowa Trust Code 633A.2102, 633A.2201 633A.2202 and 633A.3101 to
Terminate the following two Trust and have the accounts settled. This letter informing you that the
Living Individual, Your :Name as the Beneficiary of the Your Name “UBO - Cestui Que” Trust,
is Rejecting All of the Benefits from both the Social Security Trust and the Birth Trust and is no
longer to be classified as a beneficiary but has now assumed the role of SETTLOR for the Trusts.
Certified copy of “Certificate of Live Birth”; is being sent to support my claim also covered under
my attached form 1071. The “Certificate of Live Birth” known as the “Equitability Title
Certificate” or “Title of Equity” for the Trust and the “Social Security Card” will be signed over
when required.

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November 4, 2009
(continued) Timothy Gerard Devine Public Debt letter

If there are any additional unaddressed requirement(s) or forms required, please submit them
to or contact me, at the above address, within three (3) working DAYS of the date stamp of this
letters receipt and they will be responded to immediately. Also if anything has been done
incorrectly per your rules let me know as to what needs to be corrected. At the present time the
Living individual, Your :Name is also Dead in the waters of Commerce and is demanding access to
some of his trust property and assets until the settlement process has been completed.
If this is not the correct Department and/or other Departments are needed to be contacted,
then please either forward it to them or contact them.
You can call me at phone# if there are any problems.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Your :Name, Trust SETTLOR
a Majority citizen

1. PD F 1455 (unsigned).
2. Certified Copy of the “Certificate of Live Birth” to support claims (unsigned).
3. Form sec 1071 is also attached to address the “Birth NOTE” (unsigned).

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