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Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 2010

Lighter | Faster | Smarter Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 2010, with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, provides hassle-free protection for your syste ! "nce installed it acts as a shield a#ainst viruses, wor s, tro$ans, spywares and other alicious threats! %t also provides protection a#ainst new and unknown viruses usin# Quick Heal&s renowned '(A)can technolo#y, and *locks alicious we*sites! Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 2010 is very low on resource usa#e and #ives enhanced protection without slowin# down your co puter!

Price: Rs.1119/Year

System Requirements : Platforms

+indows 2000 Professional +indows ,P Ho e-Professional +indows ,P Professional ./-*it +indows Vista Ho e Pre iu -Ho e 0asic-0usiness-1nterprise-2lti ate 342*it and ./-*it5 +indows 6 Ho e Pre iu -Ho e 0asic-)tarter-Professional-1nterprise-2lti ate 342-*it and ./-*it5 View all system requirements

7he powerful virus detection en#ine of Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro scans and re oves viruses, wor s, tro$ans and any other threats that ay try to sneak into your syste throu#h re ova*le drives, e ail attach ents and %nternet downloads!

)pyware is alicious software that is installed on the syste without the user8s knowled#e to #ather personal infor ation of the user and to onitor the critical infor ation such as user na e, passwords, *ank account details, credit card details etc! 7he Anti)pyware feature *locks spywares *efore they #et installed on your P9! %t also protects your privacy *y detectin# and cleanin# spywares, and *lockin# their activities of identity theft auto atically!

A new advanced alware scannin# en#ine scans re#istry, files and folders at li#htnin# speed to thorou#hly detect and clean )pywares, Adwares, :o#uewares, 'ialers, :iskwares and lots of other potential threats in your syste !

'etects and cleans rootkits proactively *y doin# deep syste re#istry and file syste scan! )cans runnin# processes, for any suspicious rootkit activity that is kept hidden in the syste !

Autorun Prote tion

;alwares that spread *y e<ploitin# the autorun feature of re ova*le devices are on the rise, and 2)0 drives 3 e ory stick, flash drive, porta*le hard drive5 have now *eco e carriers of autorun alwares! Autorun Protection is a new feature fro such alwares *y disa*lin# the autorun feature! Quick Heal that safe#uards your syste a#ainst

!rowsing Prote tion

7he 0rowsin# Protection feature protects your co puter fro we*sites! threats occurrin# throu#h alicious

Self Prote tion

)elf Protection is a new feature which will protect Quick Heal files, folders, confi#urations and re#istry entries a#ainst alicious activities, and also fro #ettin# ta pered!

"ntertainment Mo#e
)uppresses pro pts across all Quick Heal like playin# #a es, watchin# security of the co puter! odules and reduces syste load which akes activities ovies or presentations uninterrupted without co pro isin# the

Firewal l
Quick Heal =irewall Pro acts as a wall *etween your syste and hackers! Powered *y A#nitu "utpost, it keeps hackers at *ay *y akin# your syste invisi*le on the %nternet! 'elivers total protection a#ainst known and unknown internal and e<ternal network *ased attacks! $ui k %eal AntiVirus an# AntiSpyware 9heck ;ark and V0100> certified en#ine 100> protection fro all the viruses in-7he-+ild 'aily auto atic updates 'etects and re oves co ple< )pywares and 7ro$ans 'etects and re oves latest adwares, dialers, *ots and riskwares '(A)can technolo#y takes care of new unknown alwares even *efore the si#nature update is availa*le

$ui k %eal Firewall Professional 1asy confi#uration of security level 'etects all types of hacker attacks Protects all types of network connectivity ;onitors all inco in# connections auto atically Port stealth &'AS an (e hnology pro)i#es 9o prehensive future virus protection Auto atic protection fro new wor s, tro$ans and *ots =astest detection rates !est Solution for omple* Viruses+ Spywares+ Rootkits (ro,an

"mergen y -&
9reate your own e er#ency *oota*le 9' that will help you to clean *oot your +indows P9, scan and clean all the drives includin# (7=) partitions! 7his helps in cleanin# *adly infected P9 fro file infectin# viruses which cannot *e cleaned fro inside +indows!

'ati)e !oot S an
?ou can schedule (ative )cannin# of your P9 at ne<t *oot which will scan and clean all drives at *oot ti e *efore +indows is co pletely loaded! 7his will help you in detectin# and cleanin# even the lo##ers! ust cunnin# rootkits, spywares, special purpose tro$ans and