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3001: O'Connors Fight

1990 Rainbow Arts

BACKGROUND It's 3001. It has not been possible to developed an independent SpaceTravel, yet. Because of this, travel through space and live on other planets is only possible in a distance of 15 light-years (from our sun). The imperium was reigned by an imperator, who kept up law and order for some time. But now, the imperator is dead and a war has started between the six lords of the universe, who'll become the new imperator. The six lords do nearly everything to expand themselves and to reign the whole universe one day. One of them is John O'Connor. A master in strategy and a believer in law and order. Will he reign the universe one day and will he cope with the other 5 cruel lords? WHAT TO DO The player takes the role of O'Connor and has stop all other lords and to take over their planets. After the titlescreen has disappeared, you have the possibility to enter a code. By clicking on the upper numbers, you can change the starting positions of the lords. Click left button again to enter the game. On the left side, all planets are shown (planets have the color of the lord who reigns the planet/Players color is white). The whole gameplay is controlled by the menus on the right side of the screen. THE MENUS ON THE MAIN SCREEN TOP VIEW By this the view can be changed to 3D INFO In the middle of the screen a comunicationcreen appears. In the upper side of the screen the date and the position of the own Spacecrafts is shown. Under this it's shown, how many systems produce spacecrafts or fuel for the player. It's shown, how many spacecrafts the player has . These can be stationed by the cursorkeys. If no ships are in the system, it's naturally easy for the other lords to take this one over. The more ships you have in a system, the wider you can expand . This is also shown. (Maximum is 11 lightyears) By clicking the right button you can leave the info-screen. RAID By this other planets can be taken over. First you must choose one planet in the graphicscreen on the left (by clicking on it). On the upper right side of the mainscreen, more details are shown (also, if it is possible for the player to reach the system). After you haven chosen a planet click on RAID. Now you have the following possibilities: 1) No one reigns the system (grey), No problem to take it over, you just have to decide, if it shall produce ships or fuel . 2) The system belongs to another lord (colored) and has its own trups (circles). Now a new screen appears, on which is shown, wo'll win (depends on troops of enemy/own troops) 3) The system belongs to another lord (colored) and the lord himself is in the system (arrow). A fight will start as described in 2). The loser of the fight has to leave all his own systems and the winner will reign them from now on. If a lord looses 2 times in such a fight, he's no longer in game. Sometimes it's possible to land on the mainplanet. To land down on the base, some obstacles have to be avoided. This is controlled by the cursorkeys on the lower part of the screen. If you collide to often with certain obstacles, landing cannot be finished. PUTSCH This is possible for three times. To win this, you have to fly through an asteroid-field. Steering is the same as landing-steering. THE MENUS ON THE SYSTEM SCREEN This menus can be reached by clicking once more on the system. On the left side are some informations about the system on the right side those menus:

CHANGE STATUS By this you can change production on one of your planets from fuel to ships or vice versa. A landing on the planet is necessary. TROOPS All troops of all six lords are shown. NEW GAME End game and return to startposition. AUTHORS Information about the authors of the game. After one menu has been chosen the other 5 lords will start their action. After they are finished, the number of spaceships and the amount of fuel will grow (if a lord has taken over some new planets) . If you wanna quit the whole program click on the power LED on the lower left side of the screen. PROGRAMCODE AND GRAPHICS : Ingo Boeker + Jan Dark --Translated into English and typed by T.E.W. of AEON. Edited by PARASITE. For more Amiga documents, visit www.lemonamiga.com