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1990 Trojan Software

Loading: Ensure your machine has been switched off for ten seconds, insert the write protected game disc and switch on. Ensure your phazer is plugged into the correct port of your computer before loading the game. Calibrate the Phazer carefully at the beginning of the game. ALIEX: After a long couragerous space battle your orbital destroy craft substained too much damage and you have force landed on what looked like a friendly planet. Boy where you wrong! As soon as your landing was detected all available trops and equipment where despatched to wipe you out. You must fight for your life and the change to escape this evil planet. SHOOT OR BE SHOT: You are stranded, your only weapon is your hand held puls cannon, but with limited energy it can run out of ammo, so look for ammo boxes dropped at 10.000. 20.000, 40.000 etc points, shooting these will replenish your ammunition and lifeforce energy. Your lifeforce energy starts at 100% but as the attackers bomb and shoot you it goes down, if it reach zero your game is over. Your craft put down in a desert, this is where your battle commences but after a period of time (The time the desert is scanned ten tims) you flee to a jungle for more cover, but all you find is more attackers. DESERT RATS The enemies you encounter on the desert are: Mutant Troops: These take two hits to kill, but watch out they will randomly turn and shoot at you or, even mutate into an energy disc, if this energy disc reaches the screen edge in will deplete your lifeforce. Tanks: Heavily Armoured these take four hits to destroy. They drop timebombs which if allowed to explode will consume your energy. Hoverbikes: These bikes take six hits to destroy, shoot them quickly as they release lifeforce depleting energy disks as before. JUNGLE WARFARE Mutant men: These have got tougher, they take three shots to kill and carry timebombs. Bomber: This madman will take four of your best shots to kill him. Perieye: An aquatic terror who will rise from underwater to fire at you. WHen you can see if you will have to hit if three times. Hoverbike: The turbo model, Faster but the reduced amour plating means four shots to destroy it. King Wasp: Do not let this king wasp reach the end of the screen, two hits should suffice. Mosquito: A Close relative to the king wasp, and the same rules apply. Birds: Large birds are common to both levels, one hit should show who's boss. NOTE Press C from the title screen to calibrate gun, and press ESC to exit game. Returns: If you find a fault within 28 days of purchase, please return it for a free replacement, Proff of purchase should be sent with any returns. ALL RETURN TO : FIRESTAR RETURNS TROJAN PRODUCTS UNIT 7 DAFEN PARK LLANELLI DYFED

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