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I. Elemination Rules

For an elemination, to count and be valid, the following conditions must be met:

All eleminations must take place with a spoon, any other objects will not result in an elemination and you
may be removed from the game.
The spoon must make physical contact with the target or any piece of clothing the target is wearing.
The target must have both feet outside of the following SAFE ZONES:
o The target’s own bedroom and bathroom
o The target’s current classroom (during class and ten minutes before or after)
o Any official Univeristy or Organization meeting (be it with a professor, SGA, Chapter, etc.)
o The dining hall is safe from 11a-1p and 5p-7p ONLY
It is prohibited to use physical force to remove a target from a safe zone.
It is prohibited to take another person’s spoon while they are touching it.

Once you have eleminated your target you need to log onto www.TheHappyZork.com and report your target as
eliminated under your “play game” page. Once your target has verified the elemination you will be e-mailed a new

II. Termination

Below is a table listing reasons for termination and how to prevent them. Should you meet any of these reasons a
terminator will be assigned to terminate you and remove you from the game. Terminators may have multiple targets
at once, and once a terminator is assigned to you, you will have two people out to eleminate you. If the terminator
does not reach you within 72 hours (3 days) and you still have not eleminated your target you will be automatically
removed from the game.

Reason for Termination How to Stop

You failed to eleminate your target Eleminate your target ASAP
within 72 hours (3 days)
You failed to report a elemination Report your elemination ASAP
within 12 hours
You broke the rules -------

Players that have been eleminated may be asked to serve as terminators, or current players may be used.

III. Objections and/or Rule Violations

Any and all objections to elemination or reports of rule violations need to be sent directly to Zach Blackmon at
z.r.blackmon@wingate.edu. He will review all reports and act accordingly; his decision shall be final.

IV. Liability and Safety

Wingate University, or its employees, shall not be held liable for any injury or damage resulting from playing in
Gotcha. Additionally please be smart in gameplay, do not put yourself or others at risk of injury, or damage property
in order to get an elemination.
V. End Game

When only two people remain, they will be assigned each other as targets. There will be no terminators at this point.
Should a situation occur where the two cannot agree on who got the kill first both players will be neutralized for two-
hours and then game play can resume.