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PVT and Visualisation Sapphire cells

Sapphire tubes cells

A sapphire tube is closed by 2 lids and offers a complete view on the full cell volume.
These cells are ideal for large and global visualization. It is possible to introduce large items inside the cell and to equip the cell with various instrumentation. They are equipped with thermostatation and protection jacked. They can be easy mounted on laboratory support frames and supplied with many options. They are particularly suited for : Multiphase behaviour visualization + sampling Visualization of solubilisation of mixture with long solubilisation process that requires an efficient mixing (mixer option) Atomisation and spray visualization (e.g. for SAS and RESS)

Max Pressure Max Temperature Int diameter (mm) Tube length (mm) Total cell volume

SC 350
350 bar 150 C 12.5 105 15 ml

SC400 1
400 bar 100 C 25.4 100 51 ml

SC700 1
700 bar 100 C 25.4 100 51 ml

EC350 placed in a oven

EC350 equipped with variable speed mixer

Options : mixer for viscous solutions observation or solid dissolution. Top nozzle connector for spray visualization + bottom filter for particle collection Sampling devices at the top or at the bottom Piston for cell volume variation P & T probes, valves, rupture disk Integration in a oven Supply with pump, compressor etc..

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PVT and variable volume cells

These cells allow both observation through the windows and quick and precise thermodynamic measurements. These cells are best suited for: Precise volume control with measurement of the piston position in the cell Precise pressure and temperature measurement and control Sample collection Experiments that require large cell volumes: larger volume cells can be manufactured upon request
Configuration Max pressure Max Temperature Window diam (mm) Length (mm) Total volume EC 400 400 bar 150 C 20 mm 100 mm 50 ml EC 700 700 bar 150 C 20 mm 130 mm 30 ml EC 1000 1,000 bar 150 C 8 mm 100 mm 20 ml

3 sapphire windows placed at 90 Fine thread capstan for precise volume variation Construction in stainless steel Jacket for thermostatation on the full cell volume Possibility to introduce large solid object (up to internal diameter) Possibility to turn the cell of 90 or 180 PC with datalogging Many options available for fluid introduction, sampling, pressure control, mixers, etc.

HP port Stirrer



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Custom made visualization and spectroscopic cells

These cells are designed upon request and can be dedicated to your application. Derived from solutions that Separex has already developed many options can also be proposed on standard cell -Specific material, dimensions, agitators - Remote control options - Skid mounting with many instrumentation including precise sampling, circulation pumps, spectroscopic cells, etc.

skid mounted cell used for sterilization

Hydrate Reactor with 1 liter cell in

titanium at 700C / -40 C to 150C

Spectroscopic cells up to 1000 bar / 400C

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