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Smith 1 Michelle Smith Mrs. Petty English 102 18 April 2014 Democide Outline I.

Introduction: Those who are not directly related to the conflicts within the country of Africa are often oblivious to the mass murders that unjustly occur a. A lead into what my topic is about. b. A brief description/ background of the democide that has been occurring. c. A sentence or two long summary of what democide is. d. Thesis: Africa's wavering political position leaves an open seat for leaders to come in and commit democide against the civilians who have a differing political agenda. 1. The protestors killed in Libya 2. The Protestors killed in Sudan 3. The democide in Zimbabwe 4. The political state of Nigeria e. Second Introduction Paragraph: (If needed) 1. This will be an extension of the first paragraph, once it gets too long or there is a II. sudden shift in information. Body Paragraph 1: One of the most well known areas that peaceful protesters were attacked was in Lybia.

Smith 2 a. This happened some time between the 1990s to the 2000s (or that is when the article was published). b. This happened in Libya, but I will specify where exactly in Libya that the murders occurred. c. This happened for political reasons, and the protesters were trying to stop the injustice that the government was allowing; that was when police enforcement killed them. d. This ties into my topic because my sole purpose is to relate how political wars can lead to the murder of innocent people. III. Body Paragraph 2: Much like the protestors killed in Libya, there was another non-violent group of protesters in Sudan that were killed by local police officers. a. The first few sentences will describe where exactly in Sudan that the people were killed. b. The next sentence will be when the events occurred, and if there were different times that they happened. c. Like Libya, the cause of the murders was because of conflicting government views, so those who held a different stance were harmed. d. I can compare the differences with this situation and Lybia to see if there were an similarities or what was very different. e. I will add a sentence explaining how this goes back into my overall paper. IV. Body Paragraph 3: The democide in Zimbabwe is another example of a government's lack of consideration for those who are caught in between a war.

Smith 3 a. Thousands of people were killed because of political dilemmas b. Some of the church helped the slaughter. c. I will talk about what exact policies started the fight. d. An extra sentence about its relations to my topic. V. Body Paragraph 4: The political wars in Nigeria led to the destruction of a nation that is still barely unable to rebuild today. a. Because some of the tribes in Nigeria were killed by the government, it wanted to frame the entire democide as tribal wars. b. This was setup as a kind of interview with a man who experienced the wards, so I can use this to talk about someone who was involved. c. I will have to use what exactly the government was trying to hide, and why they needed to use tribal wars as a way of covering up the homicide. d. I will have to relate the killings in Nigeria, as well as some of the other countries mentioned in the articles about this event, to support how the democide here has impacted other societies. Also, I will be a good analysis for my paper to use. VI. Body Paragraph 5: Some question that the influence of the western region will help improve the state of Africa. a. One of the articles discusses how important it is for actors from the western countries to spread awareness of the demcodies in Africa.

Smith 4 b. If the article has mentioned any, I will talk about some actors who have tried to spread the word about how the unfair treatment in Africa is still active. c. Leaving myself out of the essay, I will talk about the commercials that play on many channels that broadcast some of the most major actors who are promoting the public's donations for Africa. This shows that the democide affects more than just the area that people are dying in. Murder on a mas scale tends to spread around the world like rumours. d. A sentence that concludes this paragraph and relates it back to the entire point of the paper. VII. Conclusion: Like most other parts of the world, Africa has endured brutal massacres dealt by the hand of the nations own government. a. Explain that the government does this to keep a domineering kind of order over its people. b. Briefly explain all of my supporting details. c. One or two conclusion sentences.

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