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This form may take you 1 hour to fill in. You will need the following information to fill in the form: - Financial statements for the current and last 2 years - International business plan

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Paid Up Capital : Company Ownership Sole Proprietor Partnership Private Public

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Singapore Headquarters Function Which of your companys headquarter functions are conducted out of Singapore? Market development and planning Please elaborate:

Business & investment planning & co-ordination

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Logistics & shipping management

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Research, Development or design functions

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Banking, financial & treasury functions

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Manufacturing & other VA activities Key Executives in the Company Name

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Companys Shareholders Country Registered* / Nationality* Company Registration No. (for Singapore registered companies only) % share of equity **

Name of Company / Individual

* Country Registered applies to shareholders that are companies whereas Nationality applies to shareholders that are individuals ** To total up to 100%, for shareholders holding less than 5% equity, please group by country Related Companies (corporate share > 10%) Country of incorporation % of Equity Commenc ement Date (mm/yyyy) Business Activity

Name of Company

Financial Information^ (S$ mil) Group Group refers to the applicant company and the above related companies FY 20 ending / / (dd / mm / yyyy) (prior year) Group world-wide Sales (S$ 000) Staff Strength^ Only include information regarding staff directly under the applicant companys payroll. FY 20 (prior year) Total number of employees FY 20 (prior year) FY 20 (current year) FY 20 (projected) FY 20 ending / / (dd / mm / yyyy) (prior year) FY 20 ending / / (dd / mm / yyyy) (current year)

FY 20 (projected)

No. of employees based overseas

^ Information required for the 2 preceding financial years, current financial year and projection for the next financial year.

Overseas Investment^ (S$) FY 20 (prior year) Direct Investment Overseas (Include equity investment and long-term loans to overseas branches/subsidiaries/affiliated companies) Income from Abroad (Include dividend and interest received from overseas branches/ subsidiaries and affiliated companies.) Financial Information^ (S$ 000) Applicant Company only FY 20 (prior year) Total Sales Overseas* FY 20 (prior year) FY 20 (current year) FY 20 (projected) FY 20 (prior year) FY 20 (current year) FY 20 (projected)

Total Business Spending in Singapore*

Profit Before Tax Tax paid/payable Wages*

Total Assets* Overseas * Definitions: Overseas Sales: Refers to transactions with overseas clients Total Business Spending: Defined as total production / operating cost excluding cost of raw materials and royalties/ know how fees. It includes general and administrative expenses such as manpower costs, financial charges, utilities, telecommunication. Wages: To include wages for staff directly under the companys payroll. Wages should include employers CPF contribution and other staff benefits (e.g. bonus, medical, transport allowance). Assets: To include both current assets and long term assets (in the form of fixed assets, portfolio investments and long term loans to overseas branches / subsidiaries and affiliated companies) Top 3 Overseas Markets (Ranked by Sales) FY 20 (prior year) Country 1. 2. 3. Sales S$ Country 1. 2. 3. FY 20 (current year) Sales S$ Country 1. 2. 3. FY 20 (projected) Sales S$

^ Information required for the 2 preceding financial years, current financial year and projection for the next financial year.

International Business Plan Please attach a copy of your companys international business plan with the information below. 1. 2. What are the strategic focus, plans and goals for your company for the next 3 years? State the core competencies and sustainable competitive advantages of your company. What are the overseas market(s) that your company is targeting for the next 3 years? State briefly the rationale for your choices by showing how much your company understands about the need(s) and potential market size of your target market(s) Explain why your company is able to fulfill the need(s) of your target market. Describe the products/ services that your company intends to offer in the overseas market(s) stated above. Explain how the products/ services offered would be able to meet the needs of the overseas market(s). List the key competitors in your target market(s) and your strategy for differentiating your company from these competitors. Who are your principal clients and partners? How would these clients and partners enhance your chances of penetrating your targeted overseas market(s)? Explain briefly the future marketing plans that is, the product strategy, price strategy, promotion strategy and distribution strategy your company have devised for the overseas market(s). Explain how you would adapt your corporate development strategy to your international business plan. Briefly describe your implementation plan to achieve the goals of your company. Please include any other relevant information pertaining to the international business plan of your company.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Credit Rating Has your company received any credit rating done by an external agency? Yes, please attach report/details No Incentives Received by the Company Please list any incentives / concessions received by your company or pending approval from any government agency or statutory board Govern Status Period of Support Value (S$) ment Description of incentive / concession (approved/ From To Agency pending)

Declaration I declare that the information furnished are true and correct and undertake to inform the IE Singapore immediately of any changes in the information given in this application: Signature Company Stamp

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