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ITEM NO. SUBJECT: Incorporation of provision of Channel sleepers in IRPWM & fixing of codal life of channel sleepers.

(Item proposed by by ast Coast Rail!ay" RDSO FILE REF: AGENDA: &lmost all girder bridges having !ooden sleepers have been replaced !ith steel channel sleepers. 'o! steel channel sleepers are becoming a ma(or P.!ay trac) component from maintenance points of vie!. #he g*idelines for maintenance of this vital item have not been incorporated in IRPWM+,--. till date. #herefore the correction slip needs to be iss*ed in IRPWM to incorporate g*idelines regarding criteria of rene!al & maintenance of steel channel sleepers. /*rthermore these steel channel sleepers !hich are being made invariably !ith same standard material & specification over all Indian Rail!ay are *tili0ed *nder different expos*re conditions at different parts of co*ntry. 1eing a metallic sleeper2 the life of steel channel sleepers is different *nder different climatic conditions *nder same loading conditions. It has been observed that life span of these sleepers are abo*t 3 to 4 years in coastal regions !hereas in other regions its life span is abo*t 5 to 6- years or even more. #h*s iss*e of codal life of steel channel sleepers needs detailed deliberations and necessary g*idelines on this iss*e incl*ding criteria of their rene!al and maintenance needs to be incorporated in IRPWM. NOTES BY SECRETARY: 6. #he iss*e of 7teel channel sleeper !as disc*ssed vide item no. 66,6 of 89 th #7C *nder the s*b(ect :Maintenance of channel lee!e";. & committee of C# $7WR2 C# $7 CR2 C# $7CR2 <$#rac)+II$R<7= and <$1&7$R<7= !as constit*ted to propose a ne! para in IRPWM regarding maintenance of channel sleeper incl*ding >+beam. &gain it !as disc*ssed against pending items as 7l. no. 69 in 5- th #7C2 7l. 'o. 6? in 56st #7C and 7l. 'o. 6, in 5,nd #7C. 5,nd #7C recommended for clos*re of item after approval of correction slip to IRPWM by Rail!ay 1oard. 7*bse@*ently2 a ne# !a"a $%&'() on Steel Slee!e" on B"i*+e has been incorporated in IRPWM vide &C7 'o. 6,5 dated -3.-?.,-6,. Para ,?8 (b" incorporates instr*ctions regarding design2 dimension and sections2 sleeper spacing2 fabrication of steel sleeper & other components2 laying and maintenance of steel sleeper and inspection sched*le only for channel sleepers. ,. #he life of steel sleeper on bridges shall depend *pon environment and loading and environment conditions !hich !ill vary from rail!ay to rail!ay. #herefore relevant data are re@*ired from all Aonal Rail!ays to decide abo*t the codal life of steel sleepers. & proforma has been prepared for collecting relevant details. &ll 0onal rail!ays have been re@*ested to send the details of 7teel Channel sleepers in the enclosed proforma for arriving at service life. C#$%

#7C may deliberate for f*rther approach on the iss*e.