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During my rought riding I found that there are some missing points, because of the distribution system in meerut VISHNU COLD DRIN of prob$emes I found%& !O R"!#IL"R there are $ote

!hey ma'e $oding of carrets in (ehic$es of R)* + ,"! according their con(inence not accordance to shopper

!ime schedu$e is -am to .pm in that period if /e ha(e 011 carret in our (ehic$e and there are 21 thums up 31 co' 01 ma4a 02 $im'a 32 sprite etc5+ after comp$eting 61 out$ets stoc' of 21 carret of thums up ha(e been finished + shoppers demand is thums up , in that (ery case it effect to the ser(ices of company5

If some s'us remaining sa$esman com bac' /ith it at deepot !ime e7pensi(e 8ore e7pensi(e Shoppers + retai$ers dissatisfaction Not effecti(e and proper a(ai$abi$ity of S Us in mar'et5 Not proper$y ,9, 8any more Not proper benefit of shoppers schems

!here are so many effects /hich I found in my ROU! RIDIN) session /ith the sa$esman 5One idea came in my mind , if there is a rout (ise ca$$ing system : e(ery 8D ta'e the order from e(ery out$et in the morning to ma'e a te$ephonoc ca$$ and

according to the order /or' shou$d be done ; then the /or' /ou$d be effecti(e and better 5

#fter comp$eting rout riding + "DS /e se$ect a topic on /hich i ma'e my pro<ect report5 ,R"" S"LLIN) is one of the most important topic for me because of it is ha(ing the so$ution to a$$ abo(e prob$em re$ated to Vishnu co$d drin'5


SOFT DRINK IN INDIA @hen the soft Drin' first sa/ $ight of the day in India, no one 'no/s5 =or decade it /as a $oca$ $o/& ey industry, main$y confined to Bthe sahib C the e$iteD5 !he

popu$ar drin' in the midd$e c$ass homes /as s/eetened $emon <uice mi7ed /ith /ater 'no/s as Enimbus paniF to day5

Coca&Co$a came to India amidst many fan fares in the 6G21 and it became the nationa$ drin' in a fe/ years5 !hough other soft drin's brands /ere a(ai$ab$e in more than one city, co'e /as the first nationa$$y a(ai$ab$e brand of soft drin'5 *ut the nationa$ soft drin' suffered a ma<or set bac' in 6GCC, /hen the anta party came to po/er + forced come to $ea(e the country5

Soon after, the company, /hich promoted co'e, de(e$oped its o/n co$a, Campa& co$a and used a simi$ar $ogo5 *ut it fai$ed to catch the fancy of the consumers5 ,aste captured the mar'et5 It had the monopo$y as the nationa$ drin' + o(er the year de(e$oped $oya$ consumers + an e7tensi(e distribution, net/or's + infrastructure5 ,ar$e he$d the mar'et ti$$ ,epsi came into the scene in the $ate eighties5

@hi$e much about /or$d has changed since 6--., the pure and simp$e magic of one thing stays the same Coca&Co$a5 Coca&Co$a product are ser(ed more than CC3 mi$$ion times e(eryday, Huenching the thirst of consumers in more than 6G2 countries and in e(ery c$imate5

BIRTH OF A REFRESHING IDEA 9ohn Styth ,erberton, first introduce the refreshing taste of Coca&Co$a in #t$anta )eorgia5 It /as 8ay of 6--., /hen the pharmacist concocted Carme$&co$ored syrup in a three $egged brass 'ett$e in his bac'yard5 He first BdistributedD the ne/ product by carrying BCoca&Co$aD in a <ug do/n the street to <ucobs pharmacy5 =or

fi(e cents consumers cou$d en<oy a g$ass of Coca&Co$a at the soda fountain5 @hether by decision or accident, carbonated /ater /as teamed /ith the ne/ syrup, producing a drin' that /as proc$aimed BDe$icious + RefreshingD5

Dr5 ,embertonFs partner and boo''eeper, fran'5 85 Robinson suggested the name and penned Coca&Co$a In the uniHue f$o/ing script i5e5 famous /or$d/ide today5 8r5 Robinson thought Bthe t/o CFs /or$d $oo' /e$$ in ad(ertisingD5 *y 6--., Sa$es of Coca&Co$a a(eraged nine drin's per day5 !he first year Dr5 ,emberton so$d 02 ga$$ons of syrup, shipped in bright red /ooden 'egs5 Red has been a distincti(e5$or associated /ith the No5 6 soft drin' brand e(er since5 =or his efforts, Dr5 pemberton grossed I 21 + spentI C35G. on ad(ertising5 In 6-G6, #t$anta "nterprenur, #sa5 )5Cand$er had aHuired comp$ete o/nership of the Coca&Co$a business /ith in four years, his merchandising f$air he$ped e7pand consumption of coca&co$a to e(ery state + territory5 In 6G6G, the Coca&Co$a Company /as so$d a group of in(estors for I02 mi$$ion5 Robert @5@oodruff become president of the Coca&Co$a Company in 6G03, and his more than si7 decades of $eadership too' the business to unre(ea$ed heights of commercia$ success, ma'ing coca&Co$a and institution the /or$d o(er5

COCA COLA FIRST BOTTLED : Coca&Co$a began strict$y as a ner(e tonic but candy merchant 9oseph # *eiden hard of 8ississippi /as $oo'ing for a /ay to ser(e this refreshing be(erage at picnics5 He responded to this demand and began offering bott$ed Coca&Co$a, using syrup shipped from #t$anta during an especia$$y busy summer in 6-GJ5

In 6--G, $arge sca$e bott$ed possib$e /hen as a chand$er granted e7c$usi(e bott$ing

rights to 9oseph *5 @hitehead and *en<amin =, !homas of chatt annoga !ennessee !he contract mar'et, the beginning of the Coca&Co$a, Company uniHue independent, bott$ing system remains the foundation of Company soft drin' operations5

*ac', the soda bott$es /ere a$$ (ery simi$ar /ith Coca&Co$a *eing the ,remium product, other companies /ere often tempted to sti$$ their product as Coca&Co$a5 !he ans/er /as to create distincti(e bott$e for Coca&Co$a5 #s resu$t a pa$e green bott$e /ith the famous contour shape /as de(e$oped in 6G62 by the Root )$ass Company !erre&Haute, Indian5

THE BOTTLING SYSTEM !oday, Coca&Co$a, product consumers around the /or$d through a $arge distribution net/or' made&up of $oca$ bott$ing companies5 !hese bott$es are $ocated around the /or$d and most are 9VC *ott$ing Companies pac'age, mar'et and distribute the product using thousands of de$i(ery truc's and mi$$ions of pieces of eHuipment at retai$ $ocations5 Kua$ity contro$ monitored constant$y by the company is necessary to produce high& Hua$ity soft drin' on a g$oba$ basis5

COCA-COLA INDIA Hindustan C !a-C "a B#$#%a&#s P$t' Ltd' "(ery person /ho drin's a C !a-C "a en<oys a moment of refreshment and shares an e7perience that mi$$ions of others ha(e sa(ored5 #$$ of those indi(idua$ e7periences combined ha(e created a /or$d/ide phenomenon L a tru$y g$oba$ brand5 On the distribution front, 61&tonne truc's, open&bay three&/hee$ers that can na(igate the

narro/ a$$ey/ays of Indian cities, ensure a(ai$abi$ity of our brands in e(ery noo' and corner of the country5 !he company&o/ned *ott$ing arm of the Indian Operations, Hindustan Coca&Co$a *e(erages ,ri(ate Limited is responsib$e for the manufacture, sa$e and distribution of be(erages across the country5 # career at Hindustan Coca& Co$a *e(erages ,(t5 Ltd5 is tru$y a one&of&a&'ind e7perience5 Come taste $ife at Coca& Co$a5 THE Coca-Cola MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TCCMS) !he Coca&Co$a Company has on$y one Hua$ity system, ca$$ed !he Coca&Co$a 8anagement System :ear$ier referred to as !he Coca&Co$a Kua$ity System;, for its entire bott$ing operations :Company o/ned as /e$$ as =ranchise o/ned;around the /or$d5 On# * %"d On# C !a-C "a On# G" +a" Standa%d,

COCA-COLA COMPANY E-IST TO: *enefit #nd Refresh e(eryone it touches5 !his is our promise5 @e stri(e to de$i(er on this promise e(ery day, Creating a Stronger and 8ore Sustainab$e =uture for our business and for the communities /e ser(e5


PROMISE: !he Coca&Co$a Company has on$y one Hua$ity system around the /or$d =or us, Kua$ity is more than <ust something /e taste or see or measure5 It sho/s in our e(ery action5 @e re$ent$ess$y stri(e to meet the /or$dFs e(er&changing e7pectations because 'eeping our Kua$ity ,romise in the mar'etp$ace is our highest business ob<ecti(e and our enduring ob$igation5 8ore than a bi$$ion times a day, consumers choose our brand of refreshment because Coca&Co$a isM

!he Symbo$ of Kua$ity Customer and Consumer Satisfaction # Responsib$e Citi4en of the @or$d

.UALITY ASSURANCE / CONTROL: !he Coca&Co$a Company has one g$oba$ standard5 Coca&Co$a India fo$$o/s the same internationa$ Hua$ity standard across a$$ the bott$ing operations /ithin India5 "(ery ingredient use in the manufacturing of be(erages meets a$$ the $oca$ regu$atory, Company and Internationa$ standards #$$ ingredients undergoes e7tensi(e testing and inspection prior of being re$eased for use5 On periodic bases e7terna$ (a$idation and testing is performed by independent and accredited $aboratory in a$$ our ingredients used in the manufacture of be(erages5 Coca&Co$a India procures the ingredients from pre&se$ected $ots appro(ed from authori4ed supp$iers !he Coca&Co$a Company has on$y one Hua$ity system around the /or$d

0ATER STANDARDS: @ater used for manufacture of our be(erages meets L@HO "d 3 :)uide$ines; LIS 6J2J3%011J :Indian Standard; IS 6J2J3%011J

L!ota$ pesticide residues in !reated @ater /hich is used for manufacturing carbonated be(erage not to e7ceed 152 ppb /hi$e the content of indi(idua$ pesticide residue shou$d a$/ays be $ess than 156ppb

Status @e comp$y the /ater Hua$ity norms in !reated @ater5

MULTIPLE BARRIER TREATMENT (MBT) TO THE TREAT 0ARTER: #$'a$inity Reduction + Coagu$ation Disinfection Carbon ,urification ,o$ishing =i$tration "nhanced =i$tration !o ,roduction Source @ater 8u$tip$e *arrier treatment pro(ides a Bsafety barrierD + ensure fu$$ comp$iance to IS 6J2J3 !he 8u$tip$e *arrier !reatment process has an additiona$ ro$e of organics remo(a$ inc$uding pesticides

1a%i us 0at#% T%#at2#nt T#!3n " &i#s 4 % R#2 $a" 4 C nta2inants 8inimi4ing the inf$u7 of contaminants inc$uding pesticides into the /ater source is the most re$iab$e + cost&effecti(e means of reducing pub$ic&hea$th ris' L# techno$ogy that effecti(e$y remo(es one pesticide, may not necessari$y remo(e another pesticide L!he remo(a$ or destruction of a specific pesticide /ith a certain techno$ogy is high$y dependent on the Hua$ity of the source /ater L)ranu$ar #cti(ated carbon treatment is the most effecti(e + /ide$y accepted method for ,esticide Remo(a$ & :US",# 0116; ,esticide !reatment !echno$ogies Remo(a$ !echno$ogies 65 Chemica$ Coagu$ation

05 Carbon #dsorption 35 8embrane ,rocess :RO; Ref% Carbofuran :NGGO; &8i$tner et a$5 6G-G

T%#at2#nt *it3 G%anu"a% A!ti$at#d Ca%+ n (GAC) 8ost effecti(e + /ide$y accepted method :US",# 0116;

"7perimenta$ data L Isotherms + ,artition coefficients indicate high carbon affinity for E,esticideF mo$ecu$es

!his process remo(es pesticides $i'e Lindane, Heptach$or etc ustra$ian Drin'ing @ater )uide$ines, 6GG.; Remo(a$ efficiency depends on 65 !ype of pesticide 05 Concentration 35 ,resence of other natura$ organic contaminants J5 ,rocess design L:)rade of carbon, Contact time;

!he Coca&Co$a Company is the /or$dFs $argest be(erage company and the most admired corporation in the United State of #merica5 Coca&Co$a is recogni4ed as the /or$dFs best& no/n brand in the mar'et in India5

Coca&Co$a /as there in India ti$$ 6GCC, /hen the Indian )o(ernment banned it due to the strong resentment against 8u$tinationa$ Companies5 Coca&Co$a /as re& $aunched again in India in Sep5 6GG3 at Hathras near #gar5 !he Indian /e$comed bac' the once most $o(ed Co$a drin' in the country /ith great enthusiasms #nd Vigor, Coca&Co$a mar'ed its re$aunching by acHuiring fi(e ,ar$e "7port $td5 *rands& !hums up, )o$d Spot, Citra, Limca and 8aa4a5


!hough the /or$dFs $argest distribution system, consumer in near$y 011 countries en<oy the companyFs products at a rate of more then -3J mi$$ion ser(ing per day Coca LCo$a India has in the $ast three years, $ed an unpara$$e$ e7pansion in the carbonated soft drin' mar'et pioneering5 !he company across merchandising and pac'aging5 !he company has introduced g$oba$ standard in the industry and has strengthened its mar'et $eadership through competiti(e pricing, aggressi(e presence presence and easy a(ai$abi$ity Coca&Co$a India is no/ poised for a ma<or e7pansion dri(e, throughout India in the commercia$ be(erage category5

GUDING PRINCIPLES OF THE COMPANY @e /i$$ conduct our se$(es and our business acti(ities /ith the highest standard of honesty, integrity and professiona$ism5 @e /i$$ recogni4e the positi(e contributions that /e ma'e as indi(idua$s and them members to product our business success5 @e /i$$ encourage a $earning en(ironment /here peop$e can constant$y gro/ de(e$op and contribute5 @e /i$$ stri(e for e7ce$$ence and see' continuous impro(ement in e(ery thing /e do5 @e /i$$ respect a$$ stoc'ho$ders, inc$uding emp$oyeeFs partners and supp$iers and insta$$ them /ith a passion to de$i(er the highest Hua$ity goods and ser(ices5 @e /i$$ foster initiati(e and creati(ity by empo/ering indi(idua$s to attain /e$$&defined ob<ecti(es5

REASON FOR THE GRO0TH OF SOFT DRINK INDUSTRY: !he basic idea behind rapid gro/th of the soft drin' industry is due to the

fo$$o/ing reasons% !he great corporate /ar bet/een Coc' + ,epsi, /ho ha(e $eft no stone unturned for monopo$i4ing the Indian soft drin' mar'et5 !he basic ideo$ogy of these t/o giants to promote soft drin's as a food item in India househo$d and brea' the seasona$ barriers5 !he main reason behind the gro/th of the soft drin' /as to capture the heat and mind of peop$e and to ma'e brand a(ai$ab$e for the consumers5 ,resent soft drin' boom in Indian /as attributed of $egacy of Coca&Co$a and therefore it ho$ds a ma<or share in the industry Coca&Co$a is the number one, of the most /ide$y 'no/n, accepted and admired !rademar' of the /or$d5

COMPANY5S OB6ECTI1ES / GOAL No/ HCC* :,; Ltd5 Unit N*D is a CO*O operation, companyFs mission is that is HCC and CCI as they common ob<ecti(es are% ,rofitabi$ity Sa$es )ro/th 8ar'et Share Impro(ement Retaining customers Loya$ty 8a'ing good re$ation /ith dea$ers *est distribution system !o continuous$y increase o/n share percentage in soft drin's5

AD1ERTISING #d(ertisement p$ays an important ro$e in the success of our product since our first ne/spapers add5 In 6--. that read, Coca&Co$a De$iciousP Refreshing "7hi$arating

In(igorating5 #d(ertisement is a 'ey of imp$ementing a strategy o(er one hundred years o$d&to trigger desire as offer and in as many /ays as possib$e5 !hrough the years Coca&Co$a s$ogans ha(e been memorab$e ones% =$ight $ights inc$udes5 !he pause that Refreshes ItFs the Refresh thing to do ItFs the rea$ thing )$oba$ High Sign *e rea$$y Refreshed !hing go better /ith coc' ItFs the rea$ thing IFd $i'e to buy the /or$d a coc' Coc' adds $ife Coc' is itP Catch the @a(e >ou CanFs beat the fee$ing #$/ays Coca&Co$a #$/ays !he Rea$ !hing Cric'et, S$eep Cric'et Drin' On$y Coca&Co$a !a'e #/ay !he Rea$ Refresher ,yaar 8ohabbat Coca&Co$a 9o Chaho Ho 9ay, Coca&Co$a "n<oyP Life ho toh aise


!handa 8at$ab Coca&Co$a 9io !handa ,io !handa !hande a !ad'a )har 8ein !handa Hai Na ,iyo Sar Utha e Sab'a !handa "'


B%and Na2# 65 CocaLCo$a :Cane;5 05 =anta :Cane;5 35 !humps& Up

SKU5s ( S#""in& K#7 Units) &011 m$, 311m$ :R5)5;, .11 m$, 051 $t5 :,et;, 331m$

& 011 m$, 311m$ :R5)5;, .11 m$, 051 $t5 :,et;,331m$

& 011 m$, 311m$ :R5)5;, .11 m$, 051 $t5 :,et;, 331m$

:Cane;5 J5 8aa4a 25 Limca :Cane;5 .5 8aa4a !etra ,ac' C5 Sprite :Cane;5 -5 in$ey Soda G5 in$ey @ater 615 Diet Co'e & 311 m$, .11 m$ :,et;5 & 211 m$, 651 $t5, 051 $t5 :,et;5 & .11 m$5 & 011 m$ & 011 m$, 311m$ :R5)5;, .11 m$, 051 $t5 :,et;, 331m$ & 021 m$ :R5)5;, .11 m$ :,et;5 & 011 m$, 311m$ :R5)5;, .11 m$, 051 $t5 :,et;,331m$

PRODUCTION PROCESS !he production process is high$y mechanica$ and automatic5 !he ra/ materia$ reHuired for soft unit drin' is concentrate, sugar syrup and bott$e5


CLEANING OF BOTTLES: It is a mu$ti step process e(ery precaution is ta'en to ensure sani ta'en and hygiene of drin'5 In this bott$es are put into /ater tan' for sometimes than /asted by /ater <et at $o/ pressure but at increased pH to ensure hygiene of bott$es5

CON1ERSION OF HARD 0ATER TO SOFT 0ATER: It is one of thee typica$ physico&chemica$ processes in steps of soft drin' manufacturing5 !his is done to impro(e the taste of /ater good and to remo(e bio&

chemica$ impurities such as su$phates phosphates and harmfu$ from /ater5

PREPARATION OF SUGAR SYRUP: Sugar Syrup is made in specia$ syrup room e(ery precaution is ta'en to ensure abso$ute concentration $e(e$ of sugar syrup5 Sugar syrup once made best /ithin J hours of productions5

CONCENTRATE: Concentrate from Coca&Co$a and =anta supp$ied by Coca&Co$a Company, for Limca, !hums up is procured from other supp$iers Here concentrate is stored under preser(e conditions5 FILING OF BOTTLES: On bott$ing, $ime bott$es are fi$$ed /ith soft /ater sugar syrup, Concentrate, and then Co0 is passed in it in order to be co$ori4ing Sugar syrup so$ution co$or and to impact typica$ effer(escence :=i44; Characteristic to be(erage5

CRO0ING OF FIELD BOTTLE% Cro/ing of fi$$ed bott$e is then done, cro/n procured from 8#NS# I 8anufacturing Co5 D#8#N + DIU5

STAMPING: Is than done on US# imported machines fitted /ith $aser printer ,On this machine, batch no5, date + time of manufacturing + retai$ price is printed around nec' of the bott$e5


STRONG / SHIPPING% No/ bott$es are hand pic'ed fi$$ed carats, stored and then ship to the agencyQdeport from /here demand comes5 ,er day productions at HCC* :,; Ltd5, Unit Na<ibabad ,er day productions of aerated :soft Drin'; assemb$y $ine in 31-11 carats :in 0J Hrs5; @hich comes out to 31-11?0J R C3G011 bott$es per day5

THEORETICAL ASPECT OF MARKETING INTRODUCTION OF MARKET #s /e 'no/ that India is a de(e$oped in country, in ancient time nobody 'ne/ about the trade, economy + mar'eting5 #s their reHuirement began to increase, they began to 'no/ the meaning of trade + business5 =irst$y they e7change their goods to each other according to their reHuirements5 *ut their reHuirements /ere increasing day by day /hich cou$d not be fu$fi$$ed by e7change5 So some peop$e thought /hy they donFt this e7change as a business5 !hey /i$$ se$$ it :to the reHuested peop$e; in e7change of some currency5 Li'e this trade or business has started5 S=irst$y the peop$e /ere not in f$a(or of business5 So they opposed it5 *ut after 'no/ing the uti$ity of business they began to accept it happi$y5 #fter seeing the success of trade and business the traders began to thin' about a fi7 p$ace a$$ the dea$ing of trading and business cou$d be possib$e or that p$ace /here the se$$ers cou$d contact easi$y to the buyers and cou$d se$$ commodities easi$y and cou$d earn profits5

So this p$ace /here a$$ dea$ing of trade or business /ere comp$eted began to

ca$$ mar'et or /e can say the mar'et is p$ace /here the buyers and se$$ers gathered to engage in e7change according to their reHuirements5 !he peop$e began to understand (ery /e$$ the meaning of mar'et5

In other /ords /e can say that mar'eting is thus the father of inno(ation and product de(e$opment promoter of entrepreneuria$ ta$ents, de(e$opment of economy stimu$ator of consumption and higher standard of $i(ing and guardian of price system5

DEFINITION OF MARKET B# 8ar'et may be defined a p$ace /here buyer and se$$er meet and function, goa$ and ser(ices5 Our offered for sa$e and transfer of o/nership of $itt$e occurD5 8ar'et&,eop$e /ith needs and /ant money to spend /i$$ingness to spend it mar'ets and so on5

TYPE OF MARKET )enera$$y the mar'ets are of t/o types%& ,erfect 8ar'et Imperfect 8ar'et

PEREFCT MARKET : Under perfect competition there can be on$y one price for a commodity at a gi(en time

IMPREFECT MARKET: It one ru$es for a commodity in the mar'et is sai$ to be perfect but /hen different force charge for one commodity at the same time it is said to me an imperfect 8ar'et5

8ar'eting is thus the father of inno(ation and product de(e$opment5 ,rompter of entrepreneuria$ ta$ents de(e$oper of "conomy, Stimu$ator of consumption and higher of standard of $i(ing and guardian of price system5

DEFINITION OF MARKETING 8any companies in the past concentrated on se$$ing /hat they produced5 !hese companies offered rebates to premiums to the customer to retai$ers /hen customer interests started changing5 !his approach is the ro$es approach, /here the emphasis is main$y on se$$ing the product5

MAIN DEFINITION IS AS FOLLO0S B8ar'eting is a business process by /hich products are matched s/ith mar'ets and though /hich transfer of o/nership are effected5D

B8ar'eting is a system of business action designed to p$an, price promote is distribute /ant satisfying good to ser(ices to mar'et5

MARKETING MIIntegration of e$ements of mar'eting into a mi7 attaining ob<ecti(es of a firm is ca$$ed 8ar'eting 8i75

ELEMENTS OF MARLETING MI-: 8ar'eting 8i7 denotes a combination of (arious e$ements /hich in their tota$ity constitute a firmFs mar'eting system 8c5 Carthy proposed a four e$ement

c$assification of these foo$s the four ,Fs i5e55 ,roduct, price, ,$ace + promotion5 No/

a days other factors :e$ements; a$so ta'en into consideration in mar'eting these inc$udes po$itics, peop$e :custom, cu$ture, sa(ings income etc5;

PRODUCT: ,roduct 8i7 is the assortments of goods or ser(ices that particu$ar for sa$e to buyers5 ,roduct 8i7 in(o$(es p$anning, de(e$oping and producing the right type of product or ser(ices to be mar'eted by the firm, product strategy inc$udes decision about Hua$ity, si4e product $ine breadth, /idth, branding product $ife cyc$e and ne/ product de(e$opment etc5

PRICE: It refers to the amount of money that customers pay for the product or ser(ices and in return producers gi(e that product at some conditions i5e5 discount offers or other after sa$es ser(ices

PLACE MI-: Refers to combination of a$$ acti(ities the company under ta'e of ma'e product accessib$e and a(ai$ab$e to target customers ,$ace or physica$ distribution mi7 consists of t/o things%& :a; ,hysica$ distribution :b; Channe$s of distribution

PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION % Inc$udes a$$ those acti(ities in(o$(ed in mo(ing product and ser(ices from producer to the u$timate consumer


CHANNELS DISTRIBUTION: 8ar'eting Channe$s are sets of interdependent organi4ation in(o$(ed in the process of ma'ing a product or ser(ices a(ai$ab$e for use or consumption

PROMOTION MI-: Inc$udes a$$ the acti(ities the company underta'es to communicate and promote its products to the target mar'et5

PROMOTION TOOLS: ADVERTISING: Is any paid form of non&persona$ presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or ser(ices by and identified sponsor5

SALES PROMOTION Consists of di(erse co$$ection of incenti(e too$s, most$y short term, designs to stimu$ate Huic'er andQor greater purchaser of particu$ar products Q ser(ices by consumers from the trader sa$es promotion too$s inc$udes contests, premiums etc5

PUBLIC RELATION & PUBLICITY : In(o$(es a (ariety of programs designed to promote and Q or protect a companyFs image or its indi(idua$Fs products5 PERSONAL SELLING It face to face interaction /ith one or more prospecti(e purchaser for the purpose of ma'ing presentations, ans/ering Huestions and procuring orders5


DIRECT MARKETING: Is an interacti(e mar'eting system that uses one or more ad(ertising media to affect a measurab$e response and Q or transaction at any $ocation by direct mai$, te$emar'eting e$ectronic mar'eting + soon

PRODUCT: Company regu$ar$y does modification and product $ine e7tension in its product $ine5 =o$$o/ing are the by products under the !rademar' of Coca&Co$a India5

B%and Na2# 65 CocaLCo$a :Cane;5 05 =anta :Cane;5 35 !humps& Up :Cane;5 J5 8aa4a 25 Limca :Cane;5 .5 8aa4a !etra ,ac' C5 Sprite :Cane;5 -5 in$ey Soda G5 in$ey @ater 615 Diet Co'e

SKU5s ( S#""in& K#7 Units) & 011 m$, 311m$ :R5)5;, .11 m$, 051 $t5 :,et;, 331m$

& 011 m$, 311m$ :R5)5;, .11 m$, 051 $t5 :,et;,331m$

& 011 m$, 311m$ :R5)5;, .11 m$, 051 $t5 :,et;, 331m$

& 021 m$ :R5)5;, .11 m$ :,et;5 & 011 m$, 311m$ :R5)5;, .11 m$, 051 $t5 :,et;,331m$

& 011 m$ & 011 m$, 311m$ :R5)5;, .11 m$, 051 $t5 :,et;, 331m$

& 311 m$, .11 m$ :,et;5 & 211 m$, 651 $t5, 051 $t5 :,et;5 & .11 m$5


PACKAGING:COC#&COL# thrust on god and inno(ati(e pac'aging Suitab$e for India house ho$ds5 "(ery precaution is ta'en that pac'aging /i$$ be suitab$e and con(enient for consumers5 In addition Coca&Co$a a$so ta'en into consideration of target consumers and their choice in formu$ating pac'aging5

PRICING:Discount Rs5 615C2 per carate to agencies charge of mar'et and go do/n5 #$$ pricing are go(erned by Coca&Co$a India5

P% du!t 4 Coca- Cola 331m$ 011m$ .11m$ 0Lt5 .11 m$ :8aa4a; 6011 m$ :8aa4a;

P%i!# at MEERUT 211Q& Carate of 0J *ott$es 6J.Q& Carate of 0J *ott$es JJJQ& Carate of 0J *ott$es J61Q& Carate of 1G *ott$es 220Q& Carate of 0J *ott$es JG0Q& Carate of 60 *ott$es

DISTRIBUTION NET0ORK # distribution net/or' is a 'ey e7terna$ resource5 Norma$$y it ta'es years to bui$d and itFs not easi$y changed5 !oday, the company product reaches consumer and customer through a $arge distribution net/or'5 Hindustan Coca&Co$a has maintained an effecti(e and regu$ar distribution net/or'5


DISTRIBUTION MI- OF HCCBPL8 DASNA (GHA9IABAD) 8a7imum area of north /estern U,5 Is Ser(ed HCC* :,; Ltd5 Unit Dasna55

CO1ERAGE AREA OF HCCBN0 (P) Ltd' DASNA :a; :b; :c; :d; :e; :f; :g; :h; :i; :<; )H#AI#*#D 8""RU! 8UA#==#RN#)#R ,#URI)#RH@#L S#H#R#N,UR !"H!I )#RH@#L U!!#, #SHI )#U!#8 *UDH N#)#R *I9NOR *UL#ND S#H#R

Hindustan Coca&Co$a bott$ing North @est :,; Ltd5 Unit Dasna has maintained an effecti(e and regu$ar5 Distribution Net/or' Company has t/o type of distribution system5

DEPOT SYSTEM: In this system the company dispatches the $ot of its product to Depot :#t ,resent there are 2 depots in /estern U5,5 Region5 !here are at Dehradoon, 8eerut, )ha4iabad, Noida, and Saharanpur; Staff /hich are companyFs persona$, then responsib$e for maintaining the constant + regu$ar supp$y of soft drin' in the area fi$$ing this !erritory5 Company& Depot & Dea$er & =at agent & Retai$erQshoppers & consumers

: # mi7ture of 6 + 0 $e(e$ channe$ of distribution;

AGENCY SYSTEM: Under this system company appoint a agent or distribution for a area /ho then $oo' after the demand + supp$y factor of its territory5 !he distribution then supp$y to the dea$ers though their o/n (ehic$e company sa$es team : Sa$es e7ecuti(e + Sa$es officer monitor the acti(ities of distribution + a$so ma'e a(ai$ab$e the communication bet/een dea$erFs + company Company #gent Dea$er Consumer

: #0 Le(e$ Channe$ of distribution;

DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL OF HINDUSTHAN COCA-COLA !he distribution channe$ of product of any organi4ation accounts a $ot its success5 Hindustan Coca&Co$a has maintained an effecti(e and regu$ar distribution net/or'5 !he company uses t/o types of channe$s5

DIRECT CHANNEL: In !his channe$, the company dispatches the $ot of its product of depot staff is than responsib$e for maintaining the constant and regu$ar supp$y of soft in the area in its territory5 Company #gent Dea$er Consumer

INDIRECT CHANNEL: In this indirect Channe$ the company gi(es the franchise or agencies5 !he agency than supp$y to the dea$er and retai$ers5 Company #gent Dea$er


PROMOTION MI- OF HINDUSTAN COCA-COLA !he Hindustan Coca&Co$a a$so p$ays a ma<or and dominating ro$e in ad(ertising5 In fact, parenta$ company go(erns the company ad(ertising5 !he Company in(ested 3&21 crore rupees on ad(ertising5 !he media of ad(ertisement uti$i4ed by the company are as fo$$o/T Radio !e$e(ision Hoarding )$o/ sings Stic'ers Screen Lights *anners Ne/s ,apers 8aga4ines ,osters "7hibition Sponsoring "(ents

SALES PROMOTION TECHNI.UES OF THE COMPANY ARE AS FOLLO0 : )ood ad(ertising "ffecti(e Incenti(e ,o$icy Use good Hua$ity of ra/ materia$ #ttracti(e ,ac'aging

#$$otting S5)5#5S5 :Refrigerator, Chest coo$er, !ab$e, Umbre$$a, Chair etc5; to retai$ers5

Decorating Retai$ers shop by disp$ay board, dea$erFs board etc5



S0OT OF COKE Coca&Co$a is the most /ide$y 'no/n acceptab$e and admired trademar' in the /or$d5 "(en though, I try to find out strength /ea'ness opportunity and threats for Coca& Co$a5

STRENGTHOF COCA-COLA Coca&Co$a is the most /ide$y 'no/n accepted recogni4ed and admired trademar' company in the /or$d5 !he Company aim is to earn profit through consumer satisfaction5 !he /or$d most effecti(e and successi(e distribution system5 "ffecti(e and effecti(e $abor force5 Largest brand range by /hich so$e (o$ume is high # $argest Huantity of sa$es generating assets5 In the mar'et /hich he$p in retai$er and increase the sa$e (o$ume5

0EAKENESSES OF COCA-COLA "7tensi(e mar'eting and distribution net/or'5 Currency prob$em in 'ey in transactiona$ mar'et5 !he price of soft is (ery high by /hich most of the consumer cannot purchase it5 *ott$ing system is (ery e7pensi(e5 # $arge cast in curd in earring /ashing and

brea'ing the bott$e5 India is not good soft drin' mar'et is seasonab$e5 !he f$uctuation in the po$icy of go(ernment create disturbance in the mind of 8NCFs5 Different c$imates condition and paying copouts of consumer is different region :our se$$ing po$icy;5

OPPORTUNITIES Rura$ area can become a good soft drin' mar'et so for soft drin' cou$d not reach in rura$ area in /ho$e shape, Coca&Co$a Company can increase his so$e (o$ume through good mar'eting in rura$ area5 8ost of the Indian /ou$d $i'e to eat fruit and other re$ated things5 !he Coca& Co$a Company can increase his brand range of the other type other type of fruit f$a(ors5 In a country of G11 mi$$ion peop$e /ith a per capita consumption of soft drin' at on$y three, is (ery $ess5 !he consumption of soft drin' an increase good mar'eting acti(ity and decreases the price5

THREATS In India go(ernment has no stabi$ity5 #fter e$ection e(ery go(ernment /ant to impose his po$icy and regu$ation in the country5 8ost of the peop$e mu$tinationa$ company shou$d be imposed *ann so this is $argest thrust for Coca&Co$a and other 8NCS5 In India, ,epsi is main competitor of Coca&Co$a5 So, Coca&Co$a Company shou$d a/are to the mar'eting strategy and po$icy of ,epsi5

In India, many indirect competitors ha(e tried to capture the soft drin' mar'et $i'e fruit, 9umpin etc5 So these indirect competitors are threats for Coca&Co$a5







Research is conducted in order to determine the acceptabi$ity :or other/ise; of hypotheses5 Ha(ing set up a hypothesis, /e co$$ect data /hich shou$d yie$d direct information on the acceptabi$ity of that hypothesis5 !his empirica$ data reHuires to be

organised in such a fashion as to ma'e it meaningfu$5 !o this end, /e organise it into freHuency distributions and ca$cu$ate a(erages or percentages5 *ut often, these statistics on their o/n mean (ery $itt$e5 !he data /e co$$ect often reHuires to be compared and /hen comparisons ha(e to be made, /e must ta'e into account the fact that our data is co$$ected from a samp$e of the popu$ation and is sub<ect to samp$ing and other errors5 !he remainder of this paper is concerned /ith the statistica$ testing of samp$e data5 One assumption /hich is made is that the sur(ey resu$ts are based on random probabi$ity samp$es5

The null h !o"he#$#:

!he first step in e(a$uating samp$e resu$ts is to set up a nu$$ hypothesis :Ho;5 !he nu$$ hypothesis is a hypothesis of no differences5 @e formu$ate it for the e7press purpose of re<ecting it5 It is formu$ated before /e co$$ect the data :a priori;5 =or e7amp$e, /e may /ish to 'no/ /hether a particu$ar promotiona$ campaign has succeeded in increasing a/areness amongst house/i(es of a certain brand of biscuit5 *efore the campaign /e ha(e a certain measure of a/areness, say 7O5 #fter the campaign /e obtain another measure of the a/areness, say yO5 !he nu$$ hypothesis in this case /ou$d be that Uthere is no difference bet/een the proportions a/are of the brand, before and after the campaignU, Since /e are dea$ing /ith samp$e resu$ts, /e /ou$d e7pect some differencesV and /e must try and estab$ish /hether these differences are rea$ :i5e5 statistica$$y significant; or /hether they are due to random error or chance5


If the nu$$ hypothesis is re<ected, then the a$ternati(e hypothesis may be accepted5 !he a$ternati(e hypothesis :H6; is a statement re$ating to the researchersW origina$ hypothesis5 !hus, in the abo(e e7amp$e, the a$ternati(e hypothesis cou$d either be%

a5 H6% !here is a difference bet/een the proportions of house/i(es a/are of the brand, before and after the campaign, or b5 H6% !here is an increase in the proportion of house/i(es a/are of the brand, after the promotiona$ campaign5 Note that these are c$ear$y t/o different and distinct hypotheses5 Case :a; does not indicate the direction of change and reHuires a !@O&!#IL"D test5 Case :b;, on the other hand, indicates the predicted direction of the difference and a one&tai$ed test is ca$$ed for5 !he situation /hen a one&tai$ed test is used are% :a; comparing an e7perimenta$ product /ith a current$y mar'eted ones :b; comparing a cheaper product /hich /i$$ be mar'eted on$y if it is not inferior to a current product5

Pa%a&e"%$c "e#"# an' non-!a%a&e"%$c "e#"# !he ne7t step is that of choosing the appropriate statistica$ test5 !here are basica$$y t/o types of statistica$ test, parametric and non&parametric5 ,arametric tests are those /hich ma'e assumptions about the nature of the popu$ation from /hich the scores /ere dra/n :i5e5 popu$ation (a$ues are UparametersU, e5g5 means and standard de(iations;5 If /e assume, for e7amp$e, that the distribution of the samp$e means is norma$, then /e reHuire to use a parametric test5 Non&parametric tests do not reHuire

this type of assumption and re$ate main$y to that branch of statistics 'no/n as Uorder statisticsU5 @e discard actua$ numerica$ (a$ues and focus on the /ay in /hich things are ran'ed or c$assed5 !hereafter, the choice bet/een a$ternati(e types of test is determined by 3 factors% :6; /hether /e are /or'ing /ith dependent or independent samp$es, :0; /hether /e ha(e more or $ess than t/o $e(e$s of the independent (ariab$e, and :3; the mathematica$ properties of the sca$e /hich /e ha(e used, i5e5 ratio, inter(a$, ordina$ or nomina$5 :!hese issues are co(ered e7tensi(e$y in the data ana$ysis course notes;5 @e /i$$ re<ect Ho, our nu$$ hypothesis, if a statistica$ test yie$ds a (a$ue /hose associated probabi$ity of occurrence is eHua$ to or $ess than some sma$$ probabi$ity, 'no/n as the critica$ region :or $e(e$;5 Common (a$ues of this critica$ $e(e$ are 1512 and 15165 Referring bac' to our e7amp$e, if /e had found that the obser(ed difference bet/een the percentage of house/i(es a/are of the brand from pre&to&post&campaign cou$d ha(e arisen /ith probabi$ity 1516 and if /e had set our significance $e(e$ in ad(ance at 1512, then /e /ou$d accept the Ho5 If, on the other hand, /e found the probabi$ity of this difference occurring /as 1510 then /e /ou$d re<ect the nu$$ hypothesis and accept our a$ternati(e hypothesis5

T !e I e%%o%# an' " !e II e%%o%#: !he choice of significance $e(e$ affects the ratio of correct and incorrect conc$usions /hich /i$$ be dra/n5 )i(en a significance $e(e$ there are four a$ternati(es to consider% ($)u%e T !e I an' " !e II e%%o%# Correct Conc$usion Incorrect Conc$usion

#ccept a correct hypothesis Re<ect a correct hypothesis


Re<ect an incorrect hypothesis #ccept an incorrect hypothesis

Consider the fo$$o/ing e7amp$e5 In a straightfor/ard test of t/o products, /e may decide to mar'et product # if, and on$y if, .1O of the popu$ation prefer the product5 C$ear$y /e can set a samp$e si4e, so as to re<ect the nu$$ hypothesis of # R * R 21O at, say, a 2O significance $e(e$5 If /e get a samp$e /hich yie$ds .0O :and there /i$$ be 2 chances in a 611 that /e get a figure greater than .1O; and the null hypothesis is in fact true, then /e ma'e /hat is 'no/n as a !ype I error5 If ho/e(er, the rea$ popu$ation is # R .0O, then /e sha$$ accept the nu$$ hypothesis # R 21O on near$y ha$f the occasions as sho/n in the diagram o(er$eaf5 In this situation /e sha$$ be saying Udo not mar'et #U /hen in fact there is a mar'et for #5 !his is the type II error5 @e can of course increase the chance of ma'ing a type I error /hich /i$$ automatica$$y decrease the chance of ma'ing a type II error5 Ob(ious$y some sort of compromise is reHuired5 !his depends on the re$ati(e importance of the t/o types of error5 If it is more important to a(oid re<ecting a true hypothesis :type I error; a high confidence coefficient :$o/ (a$ue of 7; /i$$ be used5 If it is more important to a(oid accepting a fa$se hypothesis, a $o/ confidence coefficient may be used5 #n ana$ogy /ith the $ega$ profession may he$p to c$arify the matter5 Under our system of $a/, a man is presumed innocent of murder unti$ pro(ed other/ise5 No/, if a <ury con(icts a man /hen he is, in fact, innocent, a type I error /i$$ ha(e been made% the <ury has re<ected the nu$$ hypothesis of innocence a$though it is actua$$y true5 If the <ury abso$(es the man, /hen he is, in fact, gui$ty, a type II error /i$$ ha(e been made% the <ury has accepted the nu$$ hypothesis of innocence /hen the man is rea$$y gui$ty5 8ost peop$e /i$$ agree that in this case, a type I error, con(icting an innocent man, is the more serious5

In practice, of course, researchers rare$y base their decisions on a sing$e significance test5 Significance tests may be app$ied to the ans/ers to e(ery Huestion in a sur(ey but the resu$ts /i$$ be on$y con(incing, if consistent patterns emerge5 =or e7amp$e, /e may conduct a product test to find out consumers preferences5 @e do not usua$$y base our conc$usions on the resu$ts of one particu$ar Huestion, but /e as' se(era$, ma'e statistica$ tests on the 'ey Huestions and $oo' for consistent significances5 @e must remember that /hen one ma'es a series of tests, some of the correct hypotheses /i$$ be re<ected by chance5 =or e7amp$e, if 01 Huestions /ere as'ed in our UbeforeU and UafterU sur(ey and /e test each Huestion at the 2O $e(e$, then one of the differences is $i'e$y to gi(e significant resu$ts, e(en if there is no rea$ difference in the popu$ation5 No mention is made in these notes of considerations of costs of incorrect decisions5 Statistica$ significance is not a$/ays the on$y criterion for basing action5 "conomic considerations of a$ternati(e actions is often <ust as important5 !hese, therefore, are the basic steps in the statistica$ testing procedure5 !he ma<ority of tests are $i'e$y to be parametric tests /here researchers assume some under$ying distribution $i'e the norma$ or binomia$ distribution5 Researchers /i$$ obtain a resu$t, say a difference bet/een t/o means, ca$cu$ate the standard error of the difference and then as' UHo/ far a/ay from the 4ero difference hypothesis is the difference /e ha(e found from our samp$esTU !o enab$e researchers to ans/er this Huestion, they con(ert their actua$ difference into Ustandard errorsU by di(iding it by its standard de(iation, then refer to a chart to ascertain the probabi$ity of such a difference occurring5





PRIMARY OB6ECTI1E: !he Ob<ecti(e to study the pro<ect B# 8#R "! SURV"> !O NO@ #*OU!

HO@ "=="C!IV"L> U!ILIA" O= ,R"" S"LLIN) IN 8""RU!D on the beha$f of "DS :"(ery Dea$er Sur(ey; conducted in 8eerut of Vishnu Co$d Drin' :VCD is the $argest distributer of CO " in 8eerut;5

SECONDARY OB6ECTI1E% !he secondary ob<ection of study is as% !o find out "DS :"(ery Dea$er Sur(ey; of Vishnu Co$d Drin' :Depot; route in 8eerut5 !o find out the brand a(ai$abi$ity5 !o find out that reason on /hich the purchase of Coca&Co$a depend5 !o find out the impact of ,ree Se$$ing5 !o find out the react of the shoppers about the ,ree Se$$ing5 !o find out the /here the retai$er /ant to register their comp$aints5 S@O! #na$ysis





@e 'no/ that mar'eting basica$$y consists of spotting the need of customer + meeting them in the best possib$e manner5 Research p$ays a 'ey ro$e in the process starting /ith mar'et measurement5 Research he$ps the firm in e(ery component of the tota$ mar'eting tas'5 It he$ps a firm in e(ery component of the tota$ mar'eting tas'5 It he$ps a firm acHuire a better understanding of the consumer, the competition and the en(ironment5 It a$so aids the

NEED / SIGNIFICANT OF THE STUDY !he company contro$s more than ha$f of the India soft drin' mar'etV it p$ans to maintain its need5 !he merchandising po$icy etc5 it inc$udes the sur(ey to ca$cu$ate the e7isting status of organi4ations brand (isibi$ity /ith respect to its competitors5 !he main source of information for this study /as the retai$ out$ets, the consumers + the company s personne$5 !he data co$$ected for this pro<ect /as primary data5 8a'ing the census of the entire uni(erse /as not possib$e, hence, samp$ing becomes ine(itab$e5 !he samp$e /as designed 'eeping in (ie/ the samp$e unit the si4e of the samp$e5

DE1ELOPING THE SAMPLING DESIGN !he samp$e /as designed 'eeping in (ie/ the fo$$o/ing components5

CHOOSING THE SAMPLE UNIT =or this pro<ect, simp$e random samp$ing /as chosen, /here each samp$e e$ement has

a 'no/n + eHua$ probabi$ity of se$ections5

CHOOSING THE SAMPLE SI9E !he samp$e si4e /as chosen 'eeping in mind the si4e to be good enough to so$(e the purpose + shou$d be in a(ai$ab$e time5 So for 8eerut mar'et, the samp$e si4e /as chosen to be 6211 retai$ out$ets5 #ppro7imate$y retai$ out$asts /ere obser(ed for (isibi$ity of the product5

FIELD 0ORK !he fie$d/or' /as conducted in accordance /ith the research methodo$ogy5 "fforts ha(e to be made to put respondents at ease + sometimes to o(ercome hosti$ity5 Retai$ers are the fina$ meeting ground bet/een a companyFs product + the consumer5 8anaging the retai$er enhance the consumer buying e7perience5 ,roduct on the out$etFs she$f carets or S5)5#5 a he$ps the consumer ma'e his purchase /ith so many brands of competitors <ost$ing for attention on the $imited space in retai$erFs store, merchandising ensures that our brands stand out5 In short, effecti(e (isibi$ity + merchandising on retai$ out$et offers more (a$ue to our consumers than our competitors5 !hus e(en before companyFs product is used, the (ery e7perience of buying it /i$$ gain an edge o(er competitors5

RESEARCH DESIGN #fter defining the research prob$em, the choice of research design depends on the depth + e7tent of data reHuired the cost + benefits of research + the time a(ai$ab$e for comp$eting it5 Research design is the actua$ b$ueprint of research pro<ect, in the pro<ect the method of research used5 #ccording to the (isibi$ity of the brands, $i'e ho/ many bott$es + crates are

a(ai$ab$e in the out$et + ho/ many crates are (isib$e, /hether S5)5# + the bott$es Qcans inside it are (isib$e5 #$so ho/ many face on disp$ayFs are there of (arious brands 5 In this pro<ect research instruments used main$y are obser(ation method + inter(ie/ method5

DATA COLLECTION Data is the foundation of a$$ mar'eting research5 Data co$$ection is an e$aborate process in /hich the researcher ma'es a p$anned search for a$$ re$e(ant data5

Samp$e Si4e R .11:Out$et;





DATA ANALYSIS !he co$$ected from the sur(ey ha(e studied and the findings are c$assify under the fo$$o/ing5

RETAILER ANALYSIS 8ain prob$em of a manufactures can broad$y di(ided into t/o parts5 ,roduction Distribution

"(ery manufacturer attempt to producing the goods and ser(ices of best possib$e Hua$ity at minimum possib$e cost5 !his is on$y ha$f success of a manufacturer5 !he success is comp$eted /hen he ma'es these goods and ser(ices a(ai$ab$e at proper time and at right $ace5 It is not enough to produce the goods and ser(ice of best Hua$ity at minimum cost5 It I eHua$$y important rather more important these goods and ser(ice must be paid a(ai$ab$e to the consumer at proper time and at proper p$ace5=or the Coca&Co$a product retai$er p$ays 'ey ro$e because most of the consumer ha(e no brand $oya$ty5 In India soft drin' mar'et is based on easy a(ai$abi$ity

!he fo$$o/ing picture emerged from retai$er sur(ey #$$ the retai$er is satisfy /ith the supp$y of :HCC*L; depot5 # s$ight increase in incenti(es + profits margin for retai$er + dea$er can boost up Coca&Co$a sa$e5 #mong Coca f$a(or, !humps up in the number in sa$e of 8eerut + !hen Co'e

+ Limca5 CONSUMER ANALYSIS Consumer is the 'ing of mar'et at this time, a manufactures produced on$y those goods /hich fore consumer the need and /ants of customer5 !hese fore consumer p$ay (ery important ro$e5 #$$ the mar'eting acti(ity of a$$ business and industria$ enterprises of today go around the habit taste preferences and attitude of consumers5 #$$ the effort is made to pro(ide ma7imum satisfaction to the consumer5 !he consumer sur(ey high$ighted the fo$$o/ing points%

6; Consumers are satisfied /ith the taste of a$$ f$a(ors5 0; #$$ the group of consumers strong$y fe$t the decrease in price cou$d /in $ot many consumers for soft drin'V means the price of soft drin' is high5 3; 8ost of the consumer says that ad(ertisement is ha(ing the significant impact to be fami$iar /ith the company5



ROUTE RIDING !he be(erage industries are to be more specific, the soft drin' industries ha(e one of the most acti(e net/or's in term of its production, supp$y, distribution, mar'eting, consumption and a$so persona$ re$ations at the (ery second $e(e$ of its distribution net/or'5 !hat is the reason it is some time said :$#%7 4ast 2 $in& ! nsu2#% & ds';

Rout riding is necessary for fi$$ing the consumerFs needs5 It is one type of distribution channe$ for the product5 Consumers a$/ays thin' that /hen they ha(e needed the product, the product shou$d be a(ai$ab$e5

During the (ery initia$ age there /as a reHuirement to e7ercise rout riding, the ob<ecti(e of /hich /as%

!o understand and ana$y4e the mar'et in its ra/ and basic form5 !o the gain deep 'no/$edge of the merchandising and processing acti(ities of the rout agents and understand the be(erage mar'et5

!o underta'e the comparati(e study of the (arious brands and f$a(or pac's of a$$ e7isting be(erages or soft drin's5

!o de(e$op inno(ati(e ideas to enhance the distribution system5

Route riding is a basica$$y accompanying Coc' (ans a$ong /ith route agents and understanding the /ay5 !hey conduct merchandising acti(ities right from the charged (ans $ea(e the depot5 T3# % ut# %idin& <3as# *as 4 % t3# initia" t*#nt7 da7s in *3i!3 *# 3ad ! $#%#d di44#%#nt % ut#s 4 1is3nu C "d D%in=s8 M##%ut'


!he route riding is a crucia$ phase because the actua$ dea$ing /ith the customers can be (ery efficient$y understood through this process /hich is important at a$$ $e(e$s of decisions ma'ing in the industry5 !he route i5e5 the Co'e (ans /ere charged and $eft the depot by - am in the morning, accompanied by the sa$esman5 !he (ans had to co(er the entire route and the route agent had to do merchandising and sa$es against cash, /hich /as a significant feature of this industry5 !he targets /ere gi(en t/ice or thrice in a /ea' that /as a cha$$enge for them and after achie(ing these targets the sa$esman /ere a/arded /ith some specia$ incenti(es5 #s there e7ists a p$ayer $i'e ,epsi5 So it had a $ot to do /ith schemes, discounts and other incenti(es5 !he routes /ere a$$ocated on the basis of indi(idua$ areas and demand of the product in the particu$ar area5 !he Sa$esman ha(e been responsib$e for accomp$ishment of their sa$es targets on there routes and /as gi(en incenti(es on achie(ing the targets5 Not on$y this Sa$esman a$so has responsibi$ity of mo(ing the f$a(ors and pac's in proportion a$ong /ith the proper disp$ay of the product for proper (isibi$ity and arrangement of products in brand orders a$ong /ith BVISI purity5D !he sa$esman had responsibi$ity of setting up 8onopo$y Co'e sa$es counters /here no product e7cept that of Co'e /ou$d be a(ai$ab$e among the soft drin's and especia$$y of ,epsi5 !hese 8onopo$y sa$es counters en<oyed benefits in terms of discount, schemes VISIFs coo$ers :=ridges;, disp$ay boards, g$o/ signboards, /a$$ paintings, banners, posters and other incenti(es5 !he entire acti(ities of the sa$esman /as contro$$ed by the 8ar'eting De(e$oper :8D;, /ho a$so assisted the sa$esman in achie(ing there targets and /here in charge of the sa$es performance in there assigned areas5 He /as a$so concerned /ith the promotiona$ acti(ities on his routes and hand$ing of po$icy matters in the corporate regarding supp$y to industria$ canteens and cafeterias5

@e as summer trainees /ere reHuired to study and ana$y4e the acti(ities of sa$esman :first 01 days, Rout Riding;, 8ar'eting De(e$oper + 8ar'eting De(e$oper "7ecuti(e :ne7t 02 days, "DS;, Sa$es !eam Leader, #rea Sa$es 8anager and to be fami$iar /ith the mar'et5 @e had been pro(ided mar'et ana$ysis sheets by #S8, by he$p of this shit /e ha(e ta'en the "DS :e(ery dea$er sur(ey; in the mar'et of 8eerut region5

THE OBSER1ATIONS: A%# as 4 "" *s: !he Huantity of the co$d and /arm stoc's of a$$ brands and f$a(ors a(ai$ab$e at the out$et a$ong /ith the out$et detai$s5 InHuiring about the satisfaction of the retai$ers in terms of sa$es of Co'e products, schemes, discounts combo offers and the benefits of the promotiona$ offers5 InHuiring about the beha(ior and the merchandising by the sa$esman, 8D, 8D" to the retai$er5 InHuire about the performance of the (arious brands and f$a(ors pac's and customerFs response to those brands or f$a(ors and a$so to educate the retai$ers about (arious schemes and incenti(es to increase sa$es (o$ume5 #t $ast the assessment of the effecti(eness of the promotiona$ materia$s and acti(ities $i'ed *oards, )$o/ sign board, Signage, @a$$ paintings, *anners, Rac's, counters, VISIFs Coo$ers and a$so impact of Nation /ide ad(ertising on brands $oya$ty by the customers5 !he information so co$$ected /as reHuired to be fi$$ed in the mar'et ana$ysis sheet :specimen in ne7t continuous pages; and reported to the #S8 a$ong /ith other information in order to their seriousness5


ROUTES OF MEERUT Shardhana 8a/ana Hasthanapur Dora$a Sha'otai Sarurpur ura$i an'r'hara


.u#sti n N ' >:- @hich brand you prefer to sa$eT

,",SI CO " O!H"R



which brands they prefer to sale


T3# 2 st s#""in& +%and is C =#8 it is <%#4#%%#d +7 t3# ?@A in M##%ut8 t3#n P#<si / Ot3#%s (E'&'- D#"i&3t Su&a% 4%##8 RC C "a)'


.u#sti n N ' B:- Ho/ much crates do you sa$e in a dayT

1&2 2&61 61 or more


Numbers of crates sold in a day

10 or more crates 18% 0-5 crates 5-10 crates 25% 0-5 crates 57% 5-10 crates 10 or more crates

A!! %din& t su%$#7 *# 4 und t3at t3# sa"#s 4 S 4t D%in= in M##%#ut *3i!3 s3 *s in Pi# C3a%t a%# s#&2#nt#d a!! %din& t t3# Out"#t ! nditi n *3i!3 is d#<#nd u< n t3# A%#a 4 P <u"ati n'


.u#sti n N ' @:- #re you satisfied /ith CO " products + its ser(icesT

>"S NO



number of customer satisfied with coke product & services

!O 33% ES !O ES 67%

In u% su%$#7 *# 4 und t3at ?CA s3 <<#%s a%# satis4i#d *it3 t3# s#%$i!#s 4 C =# P% du!ts in M##%ut'


.u#sti n N ' D:-@hich brand is more profitab$e for youT

CO " X ,",SI X O!H"R


more profitable brands


In u% su%$#7 *# 4 und t3at C =# is 2 %# <% 4ita+"# +%and in M##%ut t3an P#<si8 +#!aus# 4"a$ %s' 4 C nsu2#% T%ust8 its P% 2 ti na" st%at#&i#s8 S#%$i!#s8 Di44#%#nt


.u#sti n N ' E:-@hat most$y consumer preferred in co$d drin'sT

CO " X ,",SI O!H"R


mostly consumer preferred in cold dinks



In 27 su%$#7 I 4 und t3at ! nsu2#% <%#4#%%#d COKE8 a4t#% t3at P#<si +#!aus# 4 Fua"it7 and @its t#st'


.u#sti n N ' ?:- /hich brand of CO " the customer more $i'es to drin'T

!HU8S U, X CO " X LI8C# S,RI!" 8#A## X X Y X Y

most likely brands of coke

#%&%% 18% SPRITE 11%

TH"#S "P 36%

TH"#S "P COKE $I#C% SPRITE #%&%%

$I#C% 21%

COKE 14%

In 27 su%$#7 I 4 und t3at T3u2s-u< *3i!3 is <%#4#%%#d +7 t3# @?A 4 t3# s#"#!t P%i2a%7 Data8 Li2!a *it3 B>A8 MaGaa >HA8 C =# >HA in M##%ut'


.u#sti n N ' C:- #re you satisfied /ith the Sa$esmanT

>"S NO



satisfied with the coke salesman

!O 42% ES 58%



In 27 su%$#7 I 4 und t3at EHA 4 t3# S3 <<#%s a%# satis47 *it3 t3# sa"#s2an 3is +#3a$i % / s#%$i!#s ' DBA 4 t3# S3 <<#%s a%# n t satis47 *it3 t3# sa"#s2an in M##%ut'

.u#sti n N ' H:- @hat is the reason do you thin' behind the $o/ sa$es of the 321 m$ ,"! pac'T



reason behind the low sale of 350ml pet pack

%)(ERTISI!' 27%



POOR P%CK%'I!' 22%

CO!S"#ER "!CO!(I!E!CE 19%

In 27 su%$#7 in M##%ut I 4 und t3at t3# N#* "aun!3#d PET <a!= 4 di44#%#nt 4"a$ %s 4 t3# ! =# +%and a%# i&n %#d +7 t3# ! nsu2#%s +#!aus# 4 Hi&3 P%i!#s8 Ad$#%tisin& BCA8 P % <a!=a&in& BBA 8 In! n$#ni#n!# >IA

.u#sti n N ' I:- Does your sa$esman te$$ you about a$$ the schemes and discountT

>"S NO


salesman tell about the proper schemes & discount

ES 45% !O 55%


In 27 su%$#7 I 4 und t3at8 DEA sa"#s <#%s nn#" t#""s a+ ut t3# s!3#2#s and dis! unts and EEA d n t t#"" a+ ut it t t3#2'

.u#sti n N ' >J:- Ho/ often company officia$ :S5"5; (isit you in a monthT

Once !/ice 8ore


No (isit

sales executive visit in a month

!o -,s,t 27%

O*ce 34%

O*ce T+,ce #ore

#ore 11%

!o -,s,t T+,ce 28%

In 27 su%$#7 I 4 und t3at sa"#s <#%s nn#" a%# BCA S3 <<#%s sa7s t3at Sa"#s EK#!uti$# d n t & 4 %# an7 $isit'

.u#sti n N ' >>:-!o /hom do you /ant to register your comp$aintsT Sa$esman Sa$es "7ecute Distributor

#rea Sa$es 8anager

to whom the complaints will be register

%rea Sa.es #a*a2er 14% ),str,10tor 19%

Sa.esma* 26%

Sa.esma* Sa.es E/ec0te ),str,10tor %rea Sa.es #a*a2er

Sa.es E/ec0te 41%

In 27 su%$#7 I 4 und t3at S3 <<#%s *ant t %#&ist#% t3#i% C 2<"aints 2 %# +7 t3# Sa"#s EK#!uti$#s ! 2<a%is n t t3# Sa"#s2an8 Dist%i+ut % / ASM'

.u#sti n N ' >B:-!ype of out$et is according to sa$eT Lo/ Le(e$ 8edium Le(e$


High Le(e$

level of outlets according to sales

H,24 $e28%

$o+ $e-e. 30% $o+ $e-e. #e3,0m $e-e. H,24 $e#e3,0m $e-e. 42%

In 27 su%$#7 I 4 und t3at BHA 4 t3# Out"#t a%# Hi&3 L#$#"8 @JA L * L#$#"8 DBA 4 M#diu2 "#$#"' T3#s# L#$#" a%# a!! %din& t t3# P#% C%at# Sa"#s in M##%ut Cit7'




!he most se$$ing brand is Co'e, it is preferred by the .3O in 8eerut, then ,epsi + Others :"5g5& De$ight Sugar free, RC Co$a;5 #ccording to sur(ey /e found that the sa$es of Soft Drin' in 8eereut /hich sho/s in ,ie Chart are segmented according to the Out$et condition /hich is depend upon the #rea of ,opu$ation5 In our sur(ey /e found that .CO shoppers are satisfied /ith the ser(ices of Co'e ,roducts in 8eerut5 In our sur(ey /e found that Co'e is more profitab$e brand in 8eerut than ,epsi, because of Consumer !rust, its ,romotiona$ strategies, Ser(ices, Different f$a(ors5 In my sur(ey I found that consumer preferred CO ", after that ,epsi because of Hua$ity and 3its test5 In my sur(ey I found that !hums&up /hich is preferred by the 3.O of the se$ect ,rimary Data, Limca /ith 06O, 8a4aa 6-O, Co'e 6-O in 8eerut5 In my sur(ey I found that 2-O of the Shoppers are satisfy /ith the sa$esman his beha(ior + ser(ices 5 J0O of the Shoppers are not satisfy /ith the sa$esman in 8eerut5 In my sur(ey in 8eerut I found that the Ne/ $aunched ,"! pac' of different f$a(ors of the co'e brand are ignored by the consumers because of L High ,rices, #d(ertising 0CO, ,oor pac'aging 00O , Incon(enience 6GO In my sur(ey I found that, J2O sa$es personne$ te$$s about the schemes and discounts and 22O do not te$$ about it to them5 In my sur(ey I found that sa$es personne$ are 0CO Shoppers says that Sa$es "7ecuti(e do not go fore any (isit5

In my sur(ey I found that Shoppers /ant to register their Comp$aints more by the Sa$es "7ecuti(es comparison to the Sa$esman, Distributor + #S85 In my sur(ey I found that 0-O of the Out$et are High Le(e$, 31O Lo/ Le(e$, J0O of 8edium $e(e$5 !hese Le(e$ are according to the ,er Crate Sa$es in 8eerut City5





!hese findings are based upon Co'e *rand percentage /ise5

In the sur(ey /e ha(e found that C-O shop'eepers satisfied /ith beha(ior of sa$esman and 00O shop'eepers non&satisfied5 In the sur(ey /e ha(e found that CJO shop'eepers says that the supp$y is regu$ar and 0.O shop'eepers says non&regu$ar5 #na$ysis /e ha(e found that sa$es man (isit at the shops 00O once, J1O t/ice, 31O more and -O no #fter ana$ysis /e found that Sa$es "7ecuti(e (isit at the shops 63O once, J0O t/ice, 31O more and CO no&(isit5 #fter ana$ysis /e ha(e found that Distributor (isit at the shops 66O once, .O t/ice, 2O more and C-O no&(isit In the ana$ysis /e ha(e found that CJORetai$ers buy the Co'e for brand image, 60O for Re$ationship /ith sa$esman, 61O Re$ationship /ith S5"5 and JO for Discount5 2CO Retai$ers says that the sa$es man ensure the (isi&Coo$ purity /hi$e J3O says no5 .GO Retai$ers says that the sa$es man pro(ide posters and stic'ers /hi$e 36O says no5 In the sur(ey /e ha(e found that C-O Retai$ers says that the sa$es man or any companyFs representati(e $isten their prob$ems /hi$e 00O says no5 #fter ana$ysis /e ha(e found that .6O Retai$ers /ant to register their comp$aints to sa$esman, J.O to sa$es e7ecuti(e, .O to distributor, 30O to area

sa$es manager5

In the sur(ey /e ha(e found that sa$e of 06O shop are $o/ $e(e$, JJO medium $e(e$ and 32O high $e(e$5 So for the end of my Summer !raining, I found that Co'eFs !humsUp *rand is more demanded5 ItFs se$$ing techniHue of route agents of the Co'e /hich boost up the sa$e of Co'e5 I found that the ser(ice of our distribution system is good in e(ery area5






Since finding is based on the sur(ey of 8""RU!, c$ear picture of Coca& Co$a in India can be predicted5

05 35

!ime period is (ery short for the research report5 No5 Of studentsQ youngster supersedes as inter(ie/ee than other group, it mat affect resu$ts


Resu$t on the basis of dea$er sur(ey may s$ight$y differ from actua$5




65 05 35 Sa$esman must be 'no/n about a$$ the schemes5 Distributor shou$d ta'e retai$ers on account by meeting them indi(idua$$y5 Sa$esman shou$d ta'e e(ery retai$er from $o/ $e(e$ to high $e(e$ at same /ay J5 Dea$er shou$d, that much po/er, from /hich he Q she can so$(e the comp$aints Q prob$ems of retai$ers and customer5 25 .5 Sa$esman shou$d be co&operati(e in nature5 #$$ brands in a$$ pac'age si4e shou$d be made a(ai$ab$e to a$$ out$ets this shou$d be done by the sur(ey conducted by the sa$esman5





0EBSITE ///5cocaco$a5com5 ///5goog$e5com


65 8aga4ine

*usiness @or$d *usiness India *usiness !oday India !oday

05 Research methodo$ogy 35 8ar'eting 8anagement J5 8ar'eting Research

C5R5 hotharia ,HILI, O!L"R D5D5 Sharma ,au$ )ree







#re you satisfied /ith your sa$esman beha(iorT a5 :>es ; b5 :No;


Is the supp$y to you regu$ar and properT a5 :>es ; b5 :No;


Ho/ many times in a day does your sa$esman (isits your out$etT a5 Once c5 8ore b5 !/ice d5 No (isit


Does your sa$esman assure you a$$ the brands a(ai$abi$ityT a5 :yes; b5 :No;


Does your sa$esman te$$ you about a$$ the schemesT a5 !hums&up U!C b5 Limca U!C c5 Sprite U!C >es >es >es No No No


Ho/ often company officia$ :S5"5; (isit you in a monthT a5 Once c5 8ore b5 !/ice d5 No (isit


Ho/ often distributor (isits your out$etT a5 Once c5 8ore b5 !/ice d5 No (isit


!he reason on /hich your purchase is dependent uponT a5 *rand image c5 Re$ationship /ith S5"5 b5 Re$ationship /ith sa$esman d5 Discount


Does your sa$esman ensure you a(ai$abi$ity of posters + stic'ersT a5 :yes; b5 :No;


Does any company representati(e :sa$esman; $isten to your prob$emT a5 :yes; b5 :No;


!o /hom do you /ant to register your comp$aintsT a5 Sa$esman c5 Distributor b5 Sa$es "7ecute d5 #rea Sa$es 8anager


!ype of out$et according to sa$eT a5 Lo/ Le(e$ b5 8edium Le(e$ c5 High Le(e$


!ype 8anufacturer Country of origin Introduced Co$or =$a(or Variants

Soft drin' :Co$a; !he Coca&Co$a Company United States 6--. Carame$ "&621d Co$a, Co$a )reen !ea, Co$a Lemon, Co$a Lemon Lime, Co$a Lime, Co$a Orange and Co$a Raspberry5 See *rand portfo$io section be$o/ ,epsi Irn *ru RC Co$a Co$a !ur'a Aam Aam Co$a 8ecca&Co$a

Re$ated Virgin Co$a products ,arsi Co$a Kib$a Co$a "(oca Co$a Corsica Co$a *rei4h Co$a #fri Co$a