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Backward Design Lesson Plan Template

Name Morgan Holm Subject Language Arts Grade level Preschool

Lesson title I like Fruits and Vegetables

Step 1Desired Results Standards, benchmarks, other objectives as needed (e.g., IEP)What should students know, understand, and be able to do as a result of the lesson?

Domain: Cognitive, Language and Literacy Objectives: After using the interactive PowerPoint, the preschooler will be able to verbally state each fruit and vegetable with 80% accuracy.

Step 2Assessment Evidence Performance taskWhat will students do to show what they have learned? Performance criteriaHow good is good enough to meet standards? At the end of the Power Point, the last slides will quiz the students on the fruit/vegetable name. A picture of the fruit or vegetable will be displayed and the student will verbally state what it is. They will be given three chances, and receive feedback by the teacher each time on if they have the correct answer or not.

Step 3Learning Plan Learning activities (step by step from start to finish, detailed enough for another teacher to follow) 1. Teacher will have the computers all set up with the Power Points on screen before the children sit down. 2. Gather students and explain to them that we will be doing an activity using computers. 3. Tell the students that we will be using a PowerPoint to learn the names of fruits and vegetables. 4. Teacher will have the computers all set up with the Power Points on screen before the children sit down. 5. Model how to push the audio button to hear the name of the fruit/vegetable. 6. Model how to use the pen tool and trace the name of the fruit and vegetable. 7. Have the children sit at a computer and use the interactive Power Point. 8. Walk around and give feedback to the children while doing their final Quizzes. 9. Gather the children around to summarize what was learned today.

Adapted from Tomlinson and McTighe, Integrating Differentiated Instruction + Understanding by Design , ASCD, 2006.

Tools for Assessment

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