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Kelsie Suluai English 11 Oberg 3-5-14 Under god The phrase one Nation, under God has brought

up many arguments that under god should not be removed from the pledge but others argue it should. And that the pledge violates the first amendment. The original draft of the pledge did not have under god; under god was added in 1954 by the knights of Columbus. Under god should be kept in the pledge because of several reasons. America is a diverse country and will continue to become more diverse. When this country started, the settlers were from England and the religion was not very diverse but as time grew on, the U.S. became more diverse. In this case because there are cultures and religions mixing each other; there began a controversy. One nation couldnt be under one god because there were religions who had several. Under god or god could be the ultimate oath for most people, not like just oath but witness. 1892 was when the pledge was written. It was written by Francis Bellamy who was a Christian Socialist. There were no religious remarks back then. Later on there was another argument about adding equality but they did not because at the time women and African American were not seen as equals. During the 18th century, there were many immigrants coming from all over the place. People did also bring their religions but they were mostly looking for a better life, in the U.S. When the pledge was written it was a pledge to stand by the U.S. Ever since though more and more parts were added to the pledge people became upset, from what

soon began as standing by, and now meant to actually pledge to the U.S. but not just that it was to be under one god. The issue a couple of years ago was brought up by Michael Newdow. He being an atheist did not agree with his daughter reciting the pledge, proclaimed it violated the first clause of the first amendment. Later in the trial though the court ruled he had no power there because he did not have custody of the child. Sandra Banning his ex-wife disagreed and thought it was a good thing. It is a good thing because when growing up these kids will remember the pledge. Its also a great way to be one with their country. To the point people who believed in another religion or those who did not were very upset. So why would it matter. I think that once you say something and have to recite it every day, its kind of being forced on you. America is starting to become a diverse country due to immigration and because of that immigration theres cultural diffusion and religions as well. So I think that they should keep under god but make it optional. When I was in school teachers had made us say the pledge. I remember the kids who refused got in trouble Maybe you would look at it differently as well. If you put it was a witness type thing its like god could be the ultimate witness. Either atheist or not its just a witness. There is more religious people within the U.S. than atheists. So if the people may be looked at this in a different way like different in perspective. Then there wouldnt be so many angry people.

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