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Referral and Retention Incentive Program Policy In order to encourage our families to actively participate in attracting and retaining

new families who share our values and would be a good fit in the Triad family, we offer a Referral and Retention Incentive Program. Definitions: New Student : A student who has not attended Triad in the past and is not an incoming sibling of an existing family. Referring Family: An established Triad family who has been enrolled in the school for no less than one semester. For each new student who is referred, accepted, and enrolled for no less than three weeks, the referring family shall receive a Referral and Retention Incentive Payment based up the following schedule: Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four Year Five $500 $400 $300 $200 $100

Payment for year one shall commence with the first tuition billing following the new students third week of attendance. Payments shall be credited to the referring familys tuition account in installments calculated over twelve months. As an example, if a new student begins attending Triad on the 1st of November, the referring family would begin receiving payment for their referral on December 1st. The $500 would be split equally over 12 months. Referring families may collect multiple RRIP payments up to a maximum of $2,500 per academic year. RRIP payments can only be applied to Tuition and/or Curriculum & Registration Fees on a familys tuition account. In no case shall the RRIP be applied to a voucher account or create a cash-refund. The Referring Family may opt to forego the RRIP and transfer the payments to the Sponsored Tuition Fund. These transfers are not tax deductible. Annual grants of sponsored tuition shall be the responsibility of the Triad School Board. Should the new student leave Triad for any reason voluntary or involuntary including graduation, the RRIP payments cease on the new students last date of attendance. Additionally, if the referring family leaves Triad for any reason voluntary or involuntary including graduation, payments shall cease on the referring familys last date of attendance only if they are being applied to the referring familys account. The referral relationship shall be established by the new family providing the name of the referring family as the person(s) who referred them to Triad on the New Student Application. Following this establishment, a Referral Confirmation and Election Form will be mailed to the referring family to instruct the school on how the RRIP shall be applied.