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FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

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Father buries infant over cleft lip


Police nd journalists remains

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea

AUTHORITIES in Siem Reap are awaiting the arrival of an expert from Bangkok to examine remains discovered near Angkor Thom temple on Wednesday evening that police believe are those of missing Canadian journalist and author Dave Walker. Chao Mao Vireak, chief of the Siem Reap Provincial Immigration Police Unit, said the location of the body just a few hundred metres from the entrance to the popular tourist destination had been secured by Cambodian police and would remain undisturbed until a doctor with expertise in forensics arrived from Bangkok to examine the scene. So far, the body of the Canadian victim has not been examined by Cambodian police, because now we are waiting for a specialised doctor who will be sent from Bangkok, in Thailand, to examine the body on Friday [today], Mao Vireak said. This Continues on page 6
Baton-wielding security guards beat civilian Eum Roly as he lies on the ground near Phnom Penhs Freedom Park yesterday.

Violence mars May Day

Post Staff

T LEAST five people were injured yesterday morning when a Labour Day rally next to a heavily fortified Freedom Park was violently broken up by police and security forces some dressed in civilian clothing wielding batons and cattle prods. More than 1,500 people had gathered around Naga Bridge on Norodom Boulevard at about 9am to voice demands

Cops wield batons, cattle prods to break up rally

for better working conditions and wages, and to greet the arrival of opposition leaders Sam Rainsy, Kem Sokha and Mu Sochua. At about 10am, after the Cambodia National Rescue Party leaders had left, more than 100 helmeted Daun Penh district security guards, along with municipal police and plain-clothed men wielding wooden batons, metal poles and cattle prods, were deployed to disperse the thinning crowd. A Post reporter heard the forces being given direct orders to attack civilians, who by gathering near the park had defied a newly reimposed ban on meetings in all public areas in Phnom Penh, effective from yesterday until the end of the council election campaign period on May 16. On Street 108, security guards were seen beating people over the head with batons at random. One man was dragged off his motorbike and beaten on the ground by a crowd of district security guards in front of journalists and NGO workers. Lying on a bed in Licadhos clinic in Phnom Penh where three of the victims were being treated the man,

34-year-old Eum Roly, described the attack. About 10 security guards used the metal and wooden sticks as well as batons to beat my hands, back and head until I was almost unconscious. Luckily, journalists and NGOs intervened to stop them, he said. Roly, a CNRP supporter, said that he had done nothing to incite the attack and that he was at the scene in support Continues on page 4




dren on the side of the road because of cleft lips, David Fruitman, director of Operation Smile Cambodia, said. Sometimes people blame themselves and think a cleft lip is punishment. In the Buddhist faith ... some people think its a fault of the past life of the baby, he said, adding that some of the clinics patients have reported being afraid to go to school for being mocked or bullied. Dr Keo Vanna, director of reconstructive surgery at the Childrens Surgical Centre in Phnom Penh, said poverty can play a role in rejecting children born with the disgurement, as parents who are poor feel hopeless when presented with what they view as an expensive health problem. They think they need to spend a lot of money on surgery and do not know there are clinics that will help them free of charge, he said. For the buried newborn baby at least, the situation isnt all bleak. Several clinics have already offered free, corrective surgery once she is at least a year old. The prognosis is very good for most patients with a cleft lip or palate, Vanna said. Most of the time its not a very difcult surgery.

Child buried alived, saved Too little known

Chhay Channyda and Laignee Barron

NEWBORN baby girl who didnt even have a name yet was taken out of her hospital on Wednesday morning and buried alive allegedly by her father because he couldnt bear the site of her cleft lip. The baby was born at 3am on Wednesday at Svay Rieng Provincial Hospital, according to medical staff. Sometime later that morning, Kong Sok, a 29-year-old Svay Rieng town farmer, took his unwanted daughter to the Prey Chhlak pagoda, dug a hole in the ground and buried her in a plot of dirt, where she was left for dead, police say. Only her cries saved her. At 4pm, pagoda boys heard a cry and thought it was a ghosts voice, so they told monks, Touch Sithuon, a Svay Rieng town police ofcer, said. The monks went looking for it and found a pile of dirt with a baby inside and they called police. The father says he is so ashamed because his daughter was born with a cleft lip, so he decided to bury her. It is really pitiful. She is a healthy baby weighing 3 kilograms, she just has a cleft lip. When the monks found her,

to comment on refugee deal: UN

deal is fully in compliance with international commitments and standards. Should resettlement to Cambodia become a reality, the UN would want to ensure that access to health and education, guarantees of nonrefoulement (not sending refugees back to the place they are seeking refuge from) and employment opportunities, among other things, are adequately provided. The envoy, the highestranking UN rights ofcial to visit Cambodia since 2010, has kept a low prole during her time here, avoiding any rm public criticism of the government thus far, despite numerous protest deaths since last years election and several violent governmentbacked crackdowns. Pansieri, however, claried that comments she made earlier this week stating Cambodia was keen to abide by its international commitments to human rights which rang hollow amid yesterdays crackdown on Labour Day events were simply based on what Foreign Minister Hor Namhong had told her on Tuesday. I was reporting on a meeting and reporting what was discussed in that meeting, she said. She also said that the UN had concerns about the current ban on demonstrations which she had shared with the government, which told her the ban was only temporary. She added that both authorities and demonstrators needed to show restraint. Its important that the security forces act with utmost restraint, and it is essential, equally important in fact, that demonstrators also act with restraint and respect for public property, she said.

Kevin Ponniah

A newborn baby lies on the ground wrapped in blankets on Wednesday in Svay Rieng province after she was buried alive. PHOTO SUPPLIED

she had been in the ground for at least an hour but was still breathing. She was quickly rushed to an emergency room. Though the state of her injuries from the burial is unknown, she is expected to recover. The hospital had to insert an oxygen tube, because when she was brought here she was weak, Ke Ratha, director of the Svay Rieng Health Department, said. Police arrested the father, who is being detained for questioning. The mother, Heng Ny, 28, was brought to the emergency room to breastfeed the baby.

Ny told police she was not aware that her husband had buried their daughter, and had burst into tears when her baby was taken away, according to police reports. Even though cleft lips and palates are easily corrected, and affect as many as one in 500 babies in the Kingdom, the birth defect, like other disabilities and deformities in Cambodia, tends to be heavily stigmatised. Wednesdays incident wasnt the rst time in Cambodia a parent rejected his or her child because of a cleft lip. Weve heard stories of parents abandoning their chil-

DESPITE being willing to offer assistance to ensure that a proposed refugee resettlement scheme between Cambodia and Australia meets international standards, the United Nations knows almost nothing about the proposal that the Cambodian government has been studying for months, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Flavia Pansieri said yesterday in an interview with the Post. And without knowing the specic parameters of the deal, she added, its impossible for the UN to envisage what specic assistance it might provide. Let me try to clarify this issue. We know too little about this case or this discussion to know whom exactly are we talking about and what is their status. Are we talking about asylum seekers? Are we talking about persons who have been recognised as refugees? Are we talking about migrant workers? Pansieris visit which was scheduled long in advance, according to the UN has awkwardly coincided with the government saying it has agreed in principle to the refugee deal, in addition to reinstating a ban on public assembly in Phnom Penh during International Labour Day and the subnational council election campaign period. She has avoided criticising the deal because of the lack of information being provided, Pansieri told the Post. The UN is not taking a position on a deal on which it doesnt have enough information about, but is certainly committed to providing technical support to make sure if there is a deal, this




I had no idea the authorities would crack down like this, he said. But despite the beating and the ongoing ban on public assembly, Sok Chamroeun says he will join the CNRP with their election campaigns as soon as he has recovered. I have a right to join and support any political party, he said. Speaking to the crowd from the back of an open truck before the violence, Cambodia National Rescue Party deputy leader Sokha slammed the governments treatment of its workers. In democratic countries in the world, their government always comes out to welcome and encourage their workers every [International Labour Day]. But in Cambodia, the government uses guns to welcome the workers. It is very strange, Sokha said. However, I do not condemn the police who follow the orders of their leaders, and I also thank our police that make an

May Day dismay

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of his wife, a garment worker, and others demanding a pay hike in the sector. I arrived there to support the workers demonstration I had no intention of cursing or attacking the police or security guards, he said. At least three journalists were also attacked, according to the Overseas Press Club of Cambodia. Another victim of yesterdays violence, 44-year-old Soy Sok Chamroeun, spoke to the Post shortly after being given ve stitches to heal head wounds he received at the hands of security forces. A group of security forces beat my forehead and the back of my head as well as my right arm, he said, adding that he was also ambushed while driving his motorbike. Sok Chamroeun, a moto driver, said he attended yesterdays rally with his 21-year-old son to support union workers in their demonstration.

Baton-wielding plainclothed security chase and beat Eum Roly as he sits on motorbike yesterday near Phnom Penhs Freedom Park.


Eum Roly lies on a bed at Phnom Penhs Licadho ofce yesterday after receiving treatment for his injuries. SCOTT HOWES

effort to protect our workers. The CNRP speeches were interrupted when a car sped into the crowd, onlookers said. A group of about 100 people surrounded the car, hitting its roof and trying to overturn it, until police brought in a tow truck and hauled the vehicle away with the driver inside. While rights groups condemned the ban on gatherings and the violence, the ruling Cambodian Peoples Party said yesterday morning that it supported measures taken to stop Labour Day demonstrations. The CPP strongly supports the Cambodian governments measures to enforce the implementation of laws so as to ensure the democratic process and human rights for all Cambodian people, a statement released by the CPP says. City Hall spokesman Long Dimanche said that any fur-

ther attempts to defy the ban will also be met with force. As we have said already, the authorities will take administrative measures against any group of people who do not understand the authorities ban [on assembly], he said. He added that if the CNRP continues to act stubbornly and campaign in the streets today the rst of the council election campaign period force will, once again, be used. If the CNRP are still stubborn against our ban, our authorities will need to enforce the law and crack down. At a new conference yesterday afternoon, Rainsy and Sokha vowed to out the ban and march along the roads. Sokha said that with the area surrounded by razor wire the CNRP plans to create a new Freedom Park. The respect of the law on

elections has been abused, party leader Rainsy said, adding that he has sent a letter to National Election Committee president Im Suosdey calling on him to take action against the authorities abusing the law by banning campaigning. Suosdey could not be reached for comment. Speaking to a crowd of about 300 people on Veng Sreng Boulevard earlier in the day, at a ceremony for the victims of fatal military police shootings on January 3, Rainsy encouraged people to le complaints over the crackdown. The current ruling group is not afraid of Cambodian courts, they are afraid of the ICC [International Criminal Court]. So we le a complaint to the ICC, Rainsy said. Despite roadblocks set up by the security forces impeding

their march, activists representing 17 unions successfully delivered letters with demands including a minimum monthly wage raise to $160 and for courts to drop charges against 23 people arrested at demonstrations in January to the two political parties. Security ... pushed us around, and we still managed to stay peaceful, said Kong Athit, vice president of Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers Democratic Union, one of the marchs organisers. Yesterdays violence seemed to have gone unnoticed by Kirt Chantharith, spokesman for the National Police. I didnt receive any report of police beating anyone, he said. I think that nothing happened this morning. ADDITIONAL

UN murder charges expected

Vong Sokheng

THE suspect in the murder of a Dutch UN consultant and the brutal attack on her 19-monthold daughter is expected to be charged with murder by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court today, police said yesterday. Deputy Phnom Penh Municipal Police chief Chuon Narin said yesterday that 35year-old suspect Chea Pin had been preliminarily charged by police, and would be ofcially charged today. The suspect was [prelimi-

narily] charged with murder, and we will send him to the court [on Friday], Narin said. A police ofcial at the court, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the suspect had actually been sent to court yesterday, but could not be charged because of a problem with his paperwork. The case le had some holes, the ofcial said. Therefore the court sent the suspect back to the police to complete the case le, and will send him back to the court [on Friday]. Pin was arrested on Tuesday

night for his alleged involvement in the fatal stabbing of UN Habitat consultant Daphna Beerdsen, and the assault on her daughter, Dana Oele, in a botched burglary on Monday. Dana was airlifted to Thailand in the early hours of Tuesday morning. An employee at Bangkok General Hospital, where Oele has undergone surgery for her injuries, said that the infant was still in intensive care as of yesterday. ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY

At government rally, all proceeds smoothly

Mom Kunthear

Takeo ofcial accused of graft

Chhay Channyda

THE Anti-Corruption Unit arrested the head of the Takeo provincial social affairs department on Wednesday for allegedly embezzling about $110,000 of government funds. Som Oum Monira, director of the social affairs department in Takeo, was arrested and sent to the provincial police station, and will be transferred to court today, a court ofcial, who declined to be named, said yesterday. Investigating deputy prosecutor Kin Sochetra could not be reached for comment. This is the second arrest of an allegedly corrupt ofcial in Takeo province since provincial ofcial Sok Ranny was arrested by the ACU in January. Director of the provincial vocational training cen-

ter, Ranny allegedly embezzled $310,000 from 18 teaching staff. Last week, Kampong Cham Provincial Court sentenced Mang Yusreng, director of a district social affairs ofce, to three years in prison for pocketing the pension of 10 retired teachers. All the arrests of corrupt ofcials are applauded, but the government must also look into big scandals, said San Chey, coordinator for the Afliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacic. Chey noted that, no one was charged in the 2010 Global Fund scandal, which saw ofcials solicit bribes in exchange for government health contracts, and the larger Ministry of Social Affairs scandal in 2011 involving millions in misplaced funds that were logged as irregular expenses.

HILE workers and opposition supporters marched to mark Labour Day yesterday, and batonwielding district security guards enforced a ban on gatherings, a very different, uninterrupted rally took place at the capitals Koh Pich Exhibition Center. About 2,000 workers from pro-government unions and government officials heard Labour Minister Ith Sam Heng call for talks to raise the minimum wage a key demand of workers protesting yesterday. It is their [workers] right to act to show their opinion, but some activities to demand higher wages are not acceptable. It is only through negotiation with each other can we find the best resolution, he said. Also at the event, Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An said the government was trying to please investors and keep factories from shutting down. We have to keep investors investing in our country and avoid strikes, she said. She added the government

A banner hangs on Koh Pich Exhibition Center during a government Labour Day event yesterday in Phnom Penh. SCOTT HOWES

often pays attention to workers calls for wage rises and improving conditions, including instituting a higher minimum wage. But Chak Sopheap, president of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, said yesterdays violence elsewhere in the city was a very sad moment. The government again showed not only the international community but also its own citizens that they cant rely on them, she said. If they argue the crackdown is for investors, what about the citizens? They do nothing to harm investment. Yesterdays vio-

lence showed they are not serious about their promises. Sam Heng also announced at the rally that his ministry had met with Thai officials and selected three provinces where offices will be built to act as a one-stop shop for migrant workers heading to Thailand to apply for working visas, a move the government says will protect migrants. Countless Cambodians travel to Thailand every year for seasonal work, usually without proper legal documents, leaving them vulnerable to abuse. ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY DANIEL PYE





Storms take toll

Lightning kills three in provinces

Minister urges end to strike

Mom Kunthear

Cat burglar has dog of a time stealing cow
IN THE annals of crime, stealing a cow is, in terms of ease, right up there with stealing candy from a baby. But not when other members of the animal kingdom decide to intervene. Police said a 28-year-old crept onto a farmers property in Takeos Tram Kak district on Tuesday night, and led one of three cows away while their owner dozed. The seasoned farmers dogs proved themselves mans best friend by letting off a yelp so impassioned that they woke their master. Following the cows heavy footprints, villagers tracked down and detained the thief. KOH SANTEPHEAP

HREE people were killed in lightning strikes on Wednesday in Banteay Meanchey and Kandal provinces, taking the total number of lightning fatalities in the rst four months of this year to 17, according to a National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) ofcial. Of the three struck on Wednesday, one man was hunting for frogs in a rice field in Banteay Meancheys Poipet town, one woman was sitting outside her home in the same provinces Phnom Srok district, and another man was riding his motorbike in Kandals Koh Thom district. But the total of 17 lightning deaths this year is far less compared with the same period in 2013, when 35 people were killed and 24 injured, said Keo Vy, director of NCDMs information department. The ... death toll has decreased year on year, particularly in the last two years, Vy said, crediting better education. One hundred and three people were killed nationwide by lightning last year.


N HIS rst public acknowledgement of the ongoing mass strike in Svay Rieng provinces Bavet town, Cambodias labour minister yesterday implored workers to end demonstrations and settle their grievances through arbitration. After speaking at the Koh Pich Exhibition Center for a government-backed International Labour Day celebration, Ith Sam Heng said his ministry is coordinating talks between employers and employees in Bavet. The employers are trying to nd the best way to reopen their factories ... I asked them to collect employeedemands and other relevant information to bring before the Arbitration Council, Sam Heng said. We will try to get [factories] back to work as soon as possible. All factories in the Manhattan and Shandong Sunshell special economic zones (SEZs) have been closed since Tuesday, and the vast majority of factories at the Tai Seng SEZ are also closed. Pav Sina, president of the Collective Union of Movement of Workers (CUMW),

Garment workers on strike walk past the Tai Seng Bavet special economic zone last week in Svay Rieng province. pHoto SUPPLIED

High dealer on highway to prison after drug raid

POLICE arrested another member of a ring of drug dealers on Wednesday, a group authorities previously accused of getting high on their own supply. In March, a 45-year-old was arrested and packages of yama were confiscated, but four others escaped. Not feeling the heat anymore, one of the men, 22, returned to Kandals Kien Svay district on Wednesday, which police had been monitoring. He confessed, saying he thought they didnt know about his crimes, and besides, he only sold drugs in small amounts. NOKORWAT

has estimated that 30,000 people are holding demonstrations outside factories or not going work. Workers began striking after the Khmer New Year, demanding a $50 bonus that one factory granted workers as an incentive not to protest. But Sam Heng said a local union incited the strike. The labour minister did not mention CUMW by name, but the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC)

has repeatedly named Sina as the strikes provocateur, despite Sinas denials. Its just a convenient excuse, GMAC secretary-general Ken Loo said of Sinas claim that Bavet factory workers began the strike on their own. Now there is violence and he is trying to distance himself. Alleged property damage and violence was brought up by Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An yesterday. Police arrested one person

on Tuesday for allegedly damaging a car, and GMAC has said strikers have attacked workers who did not join. We will try our best to solve the problem and avoid violence, Sam An said. Police have at times blocked gatherings in front of the factories on National Road 1, said Kem Chamroeun, CUMWs Svay Rieng representative. But if their demands are not met, strikers will attempt to block the road, he said.

Friends identify journalists clothing: police

Continued from page 1

Bystanders answer call after phone robbery

A MOBILE phone theft was thwarted by members of a community in the capitals Sen Sok district on Wednesday. Police say an unemployed man and a motodop snatched a womans phone as she was chatting on the back of a moto. Shouting out phone snatchers! the woman alerted members of the public, who caught one of the suspects. The other abandoned his bike and tried to escape into a wooded area, but was also caught. NOKORWAT

doctor was selected by the Canadian Embassy there. The body now is still being kept in the forest, and is at the same place where he was found dead. The body will be moved from the place to the provincial police headquarters after the completion of the examination. Walker, 58, was last seen on February 14 when he left his Siem Reap guesthouse to allow staff to clean his room. His phone, computer and personal effects were all left behind, and his whereabouts remained shrouded in

mystery until the discovery of the remains on Wednesday evening. Major Pheng Pich, deputy chief of the provincial technical and scientific police unit in Siem Reap, said the remains were found by children who went to pick fruit in dense forest about 250 metres from the Elephant Terrace feature of the Angkor Thom temple complex at about 5pm. Two ... men who are the persons friends, and who came to directly view the body, have testified that he was their friend named Mr Dave Walker, who disappeared since February 2014, because they remembered his clothes and trou-

sers and his shoes, he added. Pich said that police had preliminarily concluded Walker had not been murdered, because there were no wounds on his body. However, Brad Gordon, an attorney representing Walkers family in Cambodia, said yesterday that the polices conclusion was premature. Were not accepting that. I think some further examinations need to be done, he said. An investigation sanctioned by the family was carried out in cooperation with Cambodian police, but Gordon declined to comment on whether it pointed towards foul play.

A statement released by Gordon yesterday on behalf of Walkers family thanked police for their cooperation, and called for a fuller investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death. Dave Walkers family asks that the Cambodian authorities continue their efforts to determine the cause of Daves disappearance and death, says the statement, which also calls on the Canadian government to begin formally investigating the case. The Canadian Embassy in Bangkok could not be reached for comment. ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY STUART WHITE

Fake mourners steal motos while at funeral

A FUNERAL in Takeos Traing district on Wednesday was marred by the theft of two motorbikes, allegedly by men posing as fellow mourners. Police say two relatives of the deceased woman fell asleep after the ceremony and the lingering faux-mourners made use of the lull to make off with the motorbikes. Other relatives apparently saw the men, but thought they were wheeling away their own rides. NOKORWAT

Re: Announcement Damco (Cambodia) Ltd., would like to hereby announce that Ms. Nhem Sokereya, Sales Executive, is no longer an employee of the company with immediate effect. The Company shall not bear responsibility for any action / behavior of this person from here-fore. The company will formally notify its respective clients accordingly. Damco (Cambodia) Ltd., fully respects and abides by Cambodias labor law to follow the best ethical work practices. From The Management of Damco (Cambodia) Ltd Email: Cambodia@damco.com Tel: 023 960 000 www.damco.com
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Police chiefs lorry hits man on motorbike

A 30-YEAR-OLD man was severely injured this week in a crash in Ratanakkiris Banlung town that involved a lorry belonging to the provincial prison chief, according to local authorities. Police say the man was drunkenly riding his motorbike and arrived at a crossroad where he collided with the speeding lorry. He was admitted to a local hospital. The lorry sped away but was found later at the provincial prison chiefs house. DEUM AMPIL
Translated byPhak Seangly


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This week in biz

Acleda Bank takes on role in tax collection
TAXPAYERS are now able to pay their dues at Acleda Bank as the government seeks to outsource its tax revenue collection to the private sector, the head of Cambodias largest bank said on Wednesday. In Channy, president and CEO of Acleda Bank, said the tax collection switch would free up capacity in government and make it easier for people to make payments. All taxes, including property, company and stamp duty tax, will now be accepted at Acledas 251 branches. The same rate will be charged as at government offices but with much better services, Channy said.

Oil refinery construction delayed due to planning

CONSTRUCTION on a $2.3 billion oil refinery in Preah Sihanouk and Kampot provinces has been set back again due to planning delays, the projects local partner, Cambodia Petrochemical Company, said on Tuesday. Construction on the refinery was slated to begin in December 2013; however, ground breaking is still yet to occur. The refinery is now expected to be finished in late 2016.

Water passes through holding pools during the sterilisation process at Phnom Penhs Water Supply Authority in the citys Chroy Changvar district.


Clean water in pipeline for Kep

Hor Kimsay

Aeon Mall to open with high-end list of tenants

HE Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) will invest $1.3 million in a water treatment plant in Kep province to supply clean water to more than 1,000 households there, the companys head said last week. Speaking at the announcement of PPWSAs 2013 results

in Phnom Penh last Thursday, Sim Sitha, director-general of the water utility, said the projects top priority was to provide Kep residents with clean water prots would come later. The potential in Kep is not so big, so we cannot focus 100 per cent only on the prot, Sitha said. But in the long term, when an economy of scale can be reached, the project would

start to make money for PPWSA, the only listed company on the Kingdoms stock exchange, Sitha added. Provincial Governor Ken Sotha told the Post that Kep households rely on their own sources of water, either a well or a pond. Supplies can run short during the dry season, he said. The expansion plan of PPWSA will provide a lot of ben-

ets to the people in Kep, he said. It would be a key source to attract more tourists in to the province, he added. Sotha estimated that about 1,200 households could benet from the project. Kuy Vat, president and CEO of Vtrust Group, a rm which includes a brokerage arm, said the PPWSA expansion was a positive sign for investors. However, it will not have

a signicant impact on the share price of PPWSA, as the scale of expansion is small, he said. A 10-month feasibility study has been completed by PPWSA and work on the project will begin as soon as technical support agreements are reached with the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Sitha said.

Cross-border insurance to be compulsory

Chan Muyhong

PHNOM Penhs new Aeon Mall will open on June 30 with 186 businesses, including high-end fashion labels Valentino and Pierre Cardin. Despite the $205 million mall expecting 27,000 visitors per day, City Hall representatives said no planning had gone in to alleviating the expected traffic increase come opening day. Aeon Co, parent company of Phnom Penh shopping centre developer Aeon Mall Co, on April 25 reported a record $62.3 billion in revenue for its financial year ending February 28.

ToURist buses and commercial vehicle operators crossing over the Cambodia-Vietnam border will soon be required by law to have insurance in both countries or risk being denied entry, a bilateral agreement signed on Tuesday states. In an effort to meet requirements stipulated in the ASEAN 2015 integration plan, insurance industry representatives from Cambodia and Vietnam signed a memorandum of understanding to ensure that all commercial vehicles crossing the countries shared border were insured. The MoU was signed by the Cambodia Insurance Association (CIA) and Vietnams largest insurance provider and industry representative, Bao Viet

Insurance Corporation (BIC), at the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Until now, commercial vehicles such as trucks and tourist busses crossing the border have not been legally required to have insurance in both nations. Both countries now require crossborder vehicles to have insurance to cross the border, but we have different laws on auto insurance, Chhay Rattanak, president of the CIA, told the Post yesterday. That is why we signed the MoU as a bilateral agreement on the issue. The agreement, which is set to be implemented within three months of its signing, is in line with the obligations and requirements stipulated in Protocol 5 of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Scheme of Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance.

Commercial trucks and tourist busses will be required to be insured with both passenger liability and third-party liability cover within the next three months. Failure to meet the insurance requirements will result in the vehicle being refused border crossing, Rattanak said. The insurance requirements will be extended to smaller passenger vehicles in the near future, he added. Some 500 commercial trucks and tourist busses cross the Cambodia-Vietnam border every day, according to documents included in the MoU. So Nguon, co-chair of the Energy, Infrastructure and Transport Working Group, welcomed the news; however, he called on Vietnamese insurance firms to offer affordable insurance prices to Cambodian transport companies.

Vietnam insurance company is bias to their citizen. They sell us insurance in higher price than what they offer to their citizens which create unfair business competition, Nguon said. How can we compete if they charge us more than they charge their businessmen? he added. Rattanak added that members of the Cambodia Insurance Pool would work with the Vietnamese insurance provider, BIC, which is partially government-owned, to promote each others products. All insurance companies in the Kingdom are members of the Cambodia Insurance Pool. The insurance pool was established in 2009 following a memorandum of understanding for cross-border travel to and from Cambodia.

ANZS financing of ruling party senator Ly Yong Phats controversial sugar plantation came under fire again this week with an investigation by NGO Oxfam into Australias big four banks and their links to rights abuses in developing countries. Titled Banking on shaky ground, the Oxfam report questions the duediligence processes of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the National Australia Bank, Westpac and ANZ, citing examples of each bank financing companies that have been linked to land grabs and rights abuses.

Oxfam probe calls over Oz banks on abuse links


Markets Business
warned of China falls short again Australians debt crisis without cuts
HINESE manufacturing grew less than analysts estimated in April, again highlighting weakness in the economy from exports to construction that could force extra government measures to support growth. The Purchasing Managers Index was at 50.4, the National Bureau of Statistics and China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing said yesterday in Beijing, less than the 50.5 median estimate of 38 analysts in a Bloomberg survey. Marchs reading was 50.3. Numbers above 50 signal expansion. Yesterdays data showed weakness in export orders that may make it harder for Premier Li Keqiang to avoid a deeper slowdown after property construction plunged in the rst quarter and economic growth cooled. Chinas gross domestic product is projected to expand 7.3 per cent this year, the weakest pace since 1990, as the government reins in credit. We continue to expect growth to slow, said Zhang Zhiwei, chief China economist at Nomura Holdings Inc in Hong Kong. We expect the government to loosen scal and monetary policies in the

Big losses coming: Sony

SONY yesterday warned it would report a bigger-thanexpected annual loss, blaming costs tied to its exit from the personal computer business, as the once-mighty firm undergoes a painful restructuring. The Japanese electronics giant said it would book a 130 billion net loss ($1.27 billion) in the latest fiscal year to March, while it slashed its operating earnings outlook. The figure is worse than a 110 billion net loss forecast just three months ago, when Sony also announced it would cut 5,000 jobs in its struggling computer and television units. AFP

China manufacturing
Data from the Chinese government
Purchasing managers index Measures the rate of change compared to previous month 50 = no change

Increasing rate of growth Apr 50.4


51.0 50.1





Increasing rate of contraction

A 2013 M J J A S O N D J F 2014 M A

Japan vehicle sales fall

Source: NBS

JAPANESE auto sales dropped 11.4 per cent in April from a year ago, an industry group said yesterday, highlighting the impact of a sales tax rise which sparked a mad dash to stores ahead of the levy hike. The drop marked the first fall in eight months, with sales of new cars, trucks and buses totalling 188,864 vehicles, the Japan Automobile Dealers Association said. The Japanese auto market the worlds third largest behind China and the US had been enjoying double-digit sales rise in recent months as shoppers snapped up big-ticket items before the April 1 tax rise. AFP

next few months, he said, adding that banks reserve ratios may be reduced in May or June and then again in the third quarter. Ahead of the data, Societe Generale SA analysts said that a reading of 50.4 would indicate that growth momentum remained soft and an economic slowdown would continue in the second quarter. GDP rose 7.4 per cent in the January-to-March period from a year earlier. Chinas State Council on Wednesday pledged extra efforts to support trade, including through nancing and export rebates, with Li saying

the situation was severe and complicated. In yesterdays data, an export-order index hit 49.1 from 50.1 in March. The State Council last month outlined a package of spending on railways and housing and tax relief to support growth. The central bank also lowered the reserve-requirement ratio for some rural banks by as much as 2 percentage points. Almost all provinces failed to meet their growth targets in the rst quarter even after scaling back their ambitions as the government instructs ofcials to focus on reining in debt and curbing pollution. BLoombeRG

AUSTRALIA risks a debt crisis similar to Europe unless efforts are made to bring the budget decit under control, the head of the rst national audit of government spending in 18 years said yesterday. Tony Shepherd, chairman of the National Commission of Audit, recommended gradual cuts of A$60 billion to A$70 billion (US$55.8 billion-US$65.1 billion) per year within the decade to improve efciency and productivity across all areas of spending. If we kick the can down the road and leave it too late to make this correction, the correction will be sudden, Shepherd told reporters. It will be difcult and it will be painful, and that has been the European and the UK experience. Australia has enjoyed 22 years of annual growth, sidestepping the worst of the global nancial crisis thanks to a mining boom fuelled by Asian demand. Revenues have dropped in the past two years as investment in the resources sector has slowed, but the country has maintained a moderate unemployment rate and contained ination. Last May, the then Labor

government unveiled an A$18 billion decit for 2013/14 but within months said this had ballooned to A$30 billion as the Asia-led mining investment boom slowed. Since its election last September, the conservative government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott has repeatedly warned that budget problems lie ahead and has said Australia is facing a decit of A$47 billion this nancial year. Abbott tasked the audit commission with advising on how to bring the budget back to a surplus equal to 1 per cent of gross domestic product before 2023/24. It recommended a raft of spending cuts to government services and payments, including childcare, health care, education and pensions. If we dont x the budget, Australia will have little or no buffer to meet future economic and nancial shocks, Shepherd said in a statement as his report also recommended privatising some agencies. History has shown that a strong budget is an essential foundation for a strong economy, he added. The Abbott government hands downs its rst budget on May 13. AFP


target price, which was $2.50. Most domestic individual investors are comparing GTIs market price with Phnom Penh Water Supplys [PPWSA] without considering the potential returns, especially dividends, the number of shares and so on. This means that they have less understanding of Grand Twins and are instead waiting and see the situation after subscriptions are nished. Domestic institutional and big individual investors are worried about the garment sector due to the issues around salary increments. However, they are considering subscribing some shares thanks to the good nancial performance of GTI. How does GTIs offering compare to Phnom Penh Water Supply in 2012? Though GTIs book-building process was not as crowded as PPWSAs, the process went smooth and the result was successful oversubscribed. With strong interest from institutional investors, were condent the subscription process and listing of GTI will be just as successful. What does so much foreign interest mean for the economy?

CSX future hangs on Grand Twins success

THE Cambodian Stock Exchange (CSX) is set to welcome the second company to go public since launching in 2012. Grand Twins International (GTI), a Taiwanese-owned garment manufacturer, announced its eight-million-share initial public offering in January. With the help of underwriting rm Phnom Penh Securities, GTI has cemented its share price at $2.41 and will ofcially list on May 29. This week, Stephen Hsu, CEO of Phnom Penh Securities (PPS), talks to the Post about investor sentiment surrounding the lIPO and about the future of Cambodias stock exchange. Hows the IPO tracking and what is the mood among investors? Foreign individual investors are willing to purchase more because of the lower price compared to other companies in the same industry in other countries. Institutional investors are readying to join during the subscription process they didnt join during book building as they were waiting for nal price since the offering price, $2.41, is set below their For any garment manufacturer, performance and prot is directly affected by salary increments, especially since they compete purely on sale price. For Grand Twins, however, they compete with the others by quality, as they produce only world-renowned brands, which in turn offer high sale prices. In short, we dont see any big issue of the sectors unrest and wage disputes for Grand Twins and I hope that my clarication here can provide some condence to local investors who often hesitate to join GTI due to this sector issue. What does a more-populated CSX mean for the economy? In every developed country, the stock market is always considered as a leading indicator of the countrys economy the better performance of the stock market, the healthier the economy of that country. So, Cambodias stock market will play an important role for the development of the whole economy. The next three to ve years are a critical period for the market to generate public condence and attract more listed companies. This interview has been edited for length and clarity

Stephen Hsu, CEO of Phnom Penh Securities, gives a speech during a presentation at Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China late last year. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Foreign institutional investors, especially frontier market investors, always seek out potentially good listings in every emerging market. GTI is one of these cases. Investing in a Cambodian stock is the same as opening a company in Cambodia. To explain it better, these foreign institutional investors not only bring capital to expand the opera-

tions of the listed company, but also share their expertise with the listed business for sustainable growth. Are there more IPOs coming? GTIs IPO is crucial and critical for this newborn securities market, as every potential issuer is looking at this case. Once GTI succeeds, we are condent

that there will be more by the end of 2014. We have three potential candidates to list within the next 12 months, while other underwriters have their own clients, I believe. The market will have at least ve stocks by the end of 2015, if everything goes smooth. Has GTIs IPO been affected by the garment sectors unrest?

As tourist arrivals dry up, Thailand turns to Thais

THE Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will organise four travel fairs by June to boost domestic tourism following the drop in foreign tourist arrivals due to the political tensions that began last October. The four fairs, which the TAT hopes will drive Thai tourism for the rest of this year, are expected to attract 450,000 visitors and generate 500 million baht in revenue. More than 200 tourism operators including airlines, travel agents and hotels will exhibit their products at the events with special offers. The first three fairs are expected to draw 200,000 visitors and generate 300 million baht, up from 170,000 visitors and 200 million baht in revenue from fairs last year. Targeted visitors are business owners, retirees, families and working people in the Greater Bangkok area. Apart from helping to boost overall tourism, the agency also hopes to increase the number of weekday holidaymakers, Anupharp Thirarat, deputy TAT governor for domestic marketing, said, adding that average hotel occupancy is now 40 per cent on weekdays and 70 per cent on weekends. This year, the TAT hopes to achieve a domestic tourism target of 137 million trips, up by 6 per cent from last year, for revenue of 700 billion baht, up by 9 per cent.

CONTENT MAKER/JOURNALIST KHMER SERVICE, ABC INTERNATIONAL RADIO AUSTRALIA BASED IN PHNOM PENH Radio Australia (RA) is seeking a part-time Khmer -speaking content maker to work with the existing team based in Cambodia and Australia, broadcasting to Cambodia in Khmer and English. The successful applicants need to have strong editorial skills, highly developed radio and online reporting abilities, presentation and production skills, and an in-depth understanding of Cambodia, media consumers and landscape, and RAs target audience. Salary package is between U$500-U$600 per month. Key Selection Criteria 1. Demonstrated editorial skills in producing multimedia content and University degree in media is essential. 2. Native Khmer speaker with uent English and understanding of Khmer audiences and market. 3. An active user of social and digital media services with an insight into the attitudes, interests and behaviours of Cambodian media consumers and landscape. 4. Ability to translate accurately from English to Khmer at a procient level, and Khmer to English at an adequate level. 5. Ability to use relevant software for word processing, audio, photo and video editing. 6. Demonstrated ability to communicate and work effectively and positively in a small team. 7. Ability to manage and prioritise workload. 8. An understanding and commitment to ABC Editorial Policies, Equity & Diversity and OH&S policies and practices. Further Information: Hours of work are: 8.00-5.00, 3 days a week. At time there may be a requirement to travel within Cambodia as part of your duties. Note: Only short listed applicants will be contacted for interview. Applications close 10 May 2014

A woman photographs the new Thai-Lao Friendship bridge.


A bright spot
Its not all doom and gloom for Thailand when it comes to foreign tourist arrivals. Tourism in Chiang Khong has

been booming since the opening of the fourth Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge thanks to arrivals of tourists from southern China, but development of this district of the northern province of Chiang Rai is proving difficult. The TAT revealed the number of Chinese tourists crossing Chiang Khong border was 22,000 last year, up from 18,000 in 2012 and only a few thousand in 2011. Isara Sathapanaset, director of the TATs Chiang Rai office, said that arrivals had significantly increased since the success of the 2012 film Lost in Thailand, which was a huge hit in China. The opening of the bridge last December will help tourism in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, as tourists can travel easier, he said. The bridge over the Mekong links Chiang Khong with Ban Houayxay in Laos. Three other Thai-Lao Friend-

ship Bridges have been built over the past 30 years. Isara said Chinese tourists often travel in convoys of four to eight vehicles. They usually stay in Chiang Rai on the first and last days of their stay and also visit Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, Lampang, Sukhothai, Bangkok and Pattaya. Chiang Mais Maejo University conducted a survey of 449 people in Chiang Khong from February 27 to March 27. They were asked about the readiness of the district to be a new border tourist destination. The poll found 90 per cent of respondents believed Chiang Khong was ready to become a new tourist destination, particularly for its culture and hotels, while 84 per cent thought the development of Chiang Khong into a tourist destination would stimulate trade and boost incomes. About 5 per cent did not see any benefit from tourism development. BANGKoK Post

Qualied and experienced individuals should send a cover letter specifying the position applied for and addressing key selection criteria, together with a CV to: douglas.seda@abc.net.au



Markets Business

US barely expands in Q1
THE US economy hit the brakes again despite hopes that 2014 would be the breakout year for the recovery. According to government data released on Wednesday, economic growth was stagnant during the first three months of the year. GDP grew at a measly 0.1 per cent annually, below even the most modest forecasts. That represents the slowest pace of growth since the nation was hanging off the fiscal cliff at the end of 2012. With budget battles resolved for now and no major federal spending cuts on deck, economists had believed that would clear the way for the recovery to kick into second gear. the washINgtON pOst

IMF throws helpless Ukraine $17B lifeline

Richard Carter and Jeremy Tordjman

Twitter hits all-time low

TWITTER shares on Wednesday finished at their lowest level since the companys November Wall Street debut after the company added fewer new users than expected. Shares sank 8.6 per cent to $38.97 on the NYSE, after earlier falling to $37.24. Though still above its IPO price of $26, Twitter has lost nearly half its value since peaking at $73.31 in December 26. Investors were troubled by data showing the firm had 255 million active monthly users in March, below the 257 million projected by Wall Street. aFp

From Kentucky to Tokyo

Japanese drink giant Suntorys whisky Yamazaki stands beside a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon whiskey. Suntory said yesterday it had completed a nearly $16 billion buyout of the rm behind Jim Beam, creating one of the worlds biggest high-end spirits makers and giving it a foothold in the US liquor market. The combined company will have about 3,400 employees. Beam markets a range of bourbons and internationally known whiskeys, having evolved from a small family base in the US state of Kentucky. aFp

HE International Monetary Fund has approved $17 billion in nancial aid to recession-wracked Ukraine, where the president has admitted that authorities are powerless to prevent pro-Russian militants over-running the east of the country. The Washington-based IMF said that $3.2 billion would be available immediately, as the West tries to shore up the government in Kiev, which has put its armed forces on full combat alert amid fears of a Russian invasion. IMF chief Christine Lagarde said that urgent action was necessary to prop up the Ukrainian economy, which the fund predicts will shrink by 5 per cent this year, as the crisis takes its toll on industry and consumers. The immediate deployment of aid may also help Kiev pay a bill to Russian state-owned gas rm Gazprom the company calculates at $3.5 billion. Russia has threatened to

turn off the taps to Ukraine and by extension to several European countries if the bill is not paid in full, amid the worst East-West showdown since the Cold War. Talks are due to take place today in Warsaw between the European Union, Russia and Kiev over the gas dispute. The IMF aid comes with strings attached, include slashing fuel subsidies, reducing endemic corruption and capping salary increases. The package is part of a total rescue plan worth some $27 billion from Western powers for the former Soviet republic. The deal was approved by the IMFs 24-member board, including a representative from Russia, which the West accuses of fomenting unrest in the eastern regions of the country to destabilise its neighbour. The lifeline came as the countrys interim president admitted the police was helpless after pro-Russian separatists tightened their grip on eastern towns and cities, spearheaded by armed men Kiev suspects are sent by the Kremlin. Speaking in Santiago, Rus-

sian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow did not intend to react immediately to a new series of sanctions announced on Monday by the US, the EU and others in the G7 top world economies. We want to give our fellow governments the opportunity to calm down, Lavrov said after meeting his Chilean counterpart. Moscow will not rush to do anything stupid, Lavrov added, threatening however that the Kremlin would examine retaliatory measures if your actions continue. Putin has warned that titfor-tat moves by Russia could harm Western interests in the lucrative energy sector. The EU said on Wednesday it was considering slapping sanctions on some of Putins closest allies but the 28-member bloc is divided on the issue, according to diplomats. Lavrov also called for the release of the seven hostages from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe held in Slavyansk but insisted we cant make decisions for these militias. aFp




Table etiquette still matters

Joyce E A Russell Analysis

Thai Set 50 Index, Apr 30 1100

Ho Chi Minh Stock Index, Apr 30 700

1025 950 875 800

650 600 550 500

ECENTLY, I was invited to attend as a special guest a lunch that focused on the etiquette of dining. No, this wasnt for businesspeople; it was for seventh-graders at an independent school in Maryland. The faculty at Indian Creek School has been putting on this etiquette luncheon for many years with the goal of teaching kids how to behave and handle themselves in a more formal social event. While enjoying my lunch with the students, it struck me just how crucial these social skills really are in todays workplace. Watching over 10 tables of teenagers trying to navigate their way through a five-course meal while figuring out which utensils to use, how to pass food around the table and what to talk about at the meal was enlightening, to say the least. The children were prepared, yet they were also curious as to why these social skills are so important today. Many college students and business professionals ask the same questions. I told the young people at my table that some applicants have lost jobs based on how poorly, rudely or inappropriately they behaved at meals. From the recruiters perspective, if a person cant behave properly in this social situation, then they probably will behave just as poorly with clients or customers. Companies want to ensure that the

Brighton College students practise serving dinner and being served during an etiquette lesson at the college in Brighton, UK. BLOOMBERG

person they are hiring is projecting the right image to others. Many of us, however, have not learned proper dining etiquette for a variety of reasons. And, things seem to have gotten worse with the introduction of fast food, pre-packaged meals, dual careers and rushed lifestyles. What is proper etiquette at a meal? See how many of these guidelines you can follow at a family meal. Arrive to the event at least 10 minutes early (and never late).

Take your hostess a small gift. Wait to be seated until the host sits down or all the women are seated. Place your napkin on your lap within a minute of being seated. Wait until everyone is served before starting to eat your meal. Always say please and thank you when being served. Keep it simple when ordering at a restaurant. Dont order the most expensive thing on the menu. Business lunches are not the best place to try something exotic or messy. Pass food from the left to right;

pass the salt and pepper together and place them directly on the table, not to someones hands (and by the way, it is considered rude if you season food before tasting it). Only cut enough food for the next mouthful. Dont talk with food in your mouth. Dont play with your utensils or wave/point them at others. Pace your eating with those you are with so that you dont finish way before them or way after them. Keep your left hand in your lap, unless you are using it, and keep your elbows off the table. Make small talk or conversation with everyone at the table. No slurping, burping and other loud noises. Dont apply makeup or brush your hair at the table. Dont blow your nose at the table or be rude to the wait staff. Do not bring your cellphone or other technology to the table, and make sure they are turned to silent if they are nearby (definitely challenging in todays world). Send out a thank-you note after the event. The list above offers just a handful of the existing etiquette rules for dining. There are plenty of others, especially as they relate to how to eat certain foods (such as chicken, pasta, soup). And, we havent even talked about drinks at the dinner table. Because fewer individuals are being taught etiquette at home, if you feel you may be deficient in this area, spend the time to learn what to do.



South Korea

KOSPI Index, Apr 30 2100 1975 1850 1725 1600


PSEI - Philippine Se Idx, Apr 30 7000 6625 6250 5875 5500



FTSE Straits Times Index, Apr 30 4000

FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI, Apr 30 1900

3500 3000 2500 2000

1800 1700 1600 1500



Hong Kong
Hang Seng Index, Apr 30 25000

CSI 300 Index, Apr 30 3000

23250 21500 19750 18000

2750 2500 2250 2000




Nikkei 225, Apr 30 16000


Taiwan Taiex Index, Apr 30 9000

15500 15000 14500 14000

8500 8000 7500 7000




Laos Composite Index, Apr 30 1500 1350 1200 1050 900


Jakarta Composite Index, Apr 30 5000 4625 4250 3875 3500



International commodities

Cambodian commodities
(Base rate taken on January 1, 2012) (%) -0.71 % 3.64 % 2.22 % 1.25 % 4.00 % 5.50 % -40.00 % 1.82 % 7.06 % 3.33 % 15.56 % 0.77 %

BSE Sensex 30 Index, Apr 30 23000 22000

Karachi 100 Index, Apr 30 30000 29500 29000 28500 28000

Food -Cereals -Vegetables - Fruits

Item Rice 1 Rice 2 Paddy Peanuts Maize 2 Cashew nut Pepper Beef Pork Mud Fish Chicken Duck Unit
R/Kg R/Kg R/Kg R/Kg R/Kg R/Kg R/Kg R/Kg R/Kg R/Kg R/Kg R/Kg

Construction equipment
Average 2780 2280 1840 8100 2080 4220 24000 33600 18200 12400 20800 13100 Item Steel 12 Cement Unit R/Kg R/Sac Base 3000 19000 Average 3100 19500 (%) 3.33 % 2.63 %

Crude Oil (WTI) Crude Oil (Brent) RBOB Gasoline NYMEX Heating Oil ICE Gasoil

USD/bbl. USD/bbl. USd/gal. USd/gal. USD/MT

92.28 111.44 3.89 270.65 305.4 944

-0.02 0.13 0 0.82 0.71 3.75

-0.02% 0.12% -0.05% 0.23% 0.40%

3:20:13 3:20:56 3:19:29 1:32:44 3:19:51

2800 2200 1800 8000 2000 4000 40000 33000 17000 12000 18000 13000

21000 20000 19000

NYMEX Natural Gas USD/MMBtu

0.30% 22:35:27



Item Gasoline Diesel Petroleum Gas Charcoal Unit
R R R Chi Baht

5250 5100 5500 86000 1200

5450 5200 5500 76000 1300

3.81 % 1.96 % 0.00 % -11.63 % 8.33 %

S&P/ASX 200 Index, Apr 30 5500 5250 5000 4750 4500

New Zealand
NZX 50 Index, Apr 30 5500 5250 5000 4750 4500


CBOT Rough Rice CME Lumber

USD/cwt USD/tbf

15.84 361.2

0.1 -0.2

0.60% -0.06%

14:14:53 17:00:00



(ViNi Garden) (All-you-can-eat Buffet) - (Store Manager): 1 - (Service Supervisor): 2 - (Cook Supervisor): 2 - (Ass. Service Supervisor)
- - - - () -

- (Ass. Cook Supervisor) - (Cook): 25 - (Customer Service): 25

(ViNi Garden) ? ( Mobitel ) 023-21-71-32 ( K) 023-6-712-712



Drumming up support
Thailands PDRC leader Suthep Thaugsuban bangs a drum on Wednesday. Suthep has set May 14 as the date to launch a nal all-out battle against the government. He did not reveal a venue for the planned rally, or what his movement plans to do on that day, to keep the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order in the dark until the last minute. It will be a major operation to take back sovereign power. This ght will last about two to ve days but we will do it decisively, Suthep said. In the leadup to that rally, Suthep also announced two major rallies for this Monday and for Tuesday, May 13. Shorly after Sutheps announcement, the UDD unveiled a change of date for a red shirt rally to this Monday as well.

Pro-Russian mob attacks building in Donetsk

A CrOWd of some 300 proRussian militants attacked the prosecutors office in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk yesterday, AFP reporters on the scene said. The mob hurled rocks at about 100 riot police defending the building, who responded with stun grenades and tear gas, in the latest unrest to hit the crisis-wracked eastern part of Ukraine. The crowd stripped weapons and shields from some of the police, several of whom fled. At least four police officers were wounded in the clashes as the crowd, some of whom were chanting fascists, fascists, set upon them. The building came under attack from several sides, according to the reporters. There were no visible signs of firearms being used. Donetsk is the heart of what separatists call their Donetsk Republic. It was already the scene of violent clashes on April 28 when men armed with knives, baseball bats and iron bars attacked a pro-Kiev rally. The Western-backed government in Kiev has admitted it had effectively lost control of the increasingly chaotic east, with interim president Oleksandr Turchynov saying they were helpless to prevent rebels over-running towns. More than a dozen towns and cities in eastern Ukraine are already in the grip of the separatists, who have vowed to hold a referendum on May 11 on independence from Kiev and closer ties with Russia. Meanwhile, European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso said on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putins goal is to impose full control over Ukraine, though not necessarily through military force. Kiev and Western governments accuse Putin of remotely fomenting a pro-Russian insurrection in eastern Ukraine, and Barroso said Moscows intervention represented a dangerous precedent that flouted international law. I have no doubts that the goal of Mr Putin is to have full control of Ukraine, Barroso said at an event organised by the Atlantic Council think tank in Washington. Im not saying that his goal is necessarily to occupy all Ukraine, but to have full control of Ukraine, thats his goal, I have absolutely no doubt. In fact, he said it to me, he said several times that an independent Ukraine was an artificial creation of the West, he said. The problem is that intellectually and emotionally, the leadership in Russia, and certainly President Putin, have not accepted the independence of Ukraine. AFP

Chinas Xi vows decisive actions

Kelly Olsen

Hinese President Xi Jinping ordered a crackdown after a stabbing spree and explosion at a railway station in the restive Muslim-majority region of Xinjiang left three people dead and 79 wounded, state media said yesterday. The violence came as Xi was wrapping up what state media characterised as an inspection tour of the volatile region in Chinas far west, during which he had called for a strike rst strategy to ght terrorism. The battle to combat violence and terrorism will not allow even a moment of slackness, and decisive actions must be taken to resolutely suppress the terrorists rampant momentum, Xi said in comments published early yesterday by the ofcial

Xinhua news agency. Xinhua earlier said that attackers slashed people with knives and set off explosives at the southern railway station in Xinjiangs capital Urumqi on Wednesday evening. The agency called it a violent terrorist attack, though so far no particular group has been blamed. In the past, China has accused what it calls religious extremists with support from outside groups, but is careful not to blame the regions ethnic Uighurs in general. The Peoples Daily, the mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party, reported on its ofcial account on Sina Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, that two of the dead were attackers who had detonated bombs they were carrying, citing a person or people familiar with the situation. It added that the other

fatality was a regular citizen. The mayhem came just two months after machetewielding attackers rampaged through a railway station in the southern city of Kunming, killing 29 people and wounding 143 in what many in China dubbed the countrys 9/11. Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for exile group the World Uyghur Congress, citing local sources, claimed more than 100 Uighurs were arrested in the aftermath of Wednesdays attack. Uighurs struggling between despair and survival expect Xi Jinping to come to East Turkestan to give constructive suggestions on improving the turbulent situation, he said in an email, using the term for the region favoured by Uighur exile groups. However, the fact is Beijing continues encouraging armed suppression of Uighurs, he

wrote. He suggested the situation remained volatile, as any Chinese provocation would directly incite further turbulence. Xinjiang is a vast and nominally autonomous region where Uighurs are the largest ethnic group, though decades of migration to the area by Chinas dominant Han majority has fostered tensions. The area is periodically hit by deadly clashes that authorities blame on terrorists but which rights groups and analysts say are driven by cultural and religious repression as well as economic disparities. Explosives went off at 7:10pm on Wednesday, centred around luggage left on the ground between the station exit and a public bus stop, Xinhua said, citing witnesses, without elaborating on the nature of the explosions.

It quoted one witness, a bread vendor, as having heard two blasts. The station was closed after the incident and rail services suspended before being reopened at around 9pm under the presence of armed police. In another high-prole incident in October last year, three members of the same Xinjiang family crashed their car into tourists in Beijings Tiananmen Square, killing two, before setting it on re and dying in what authorities called a terrorist attack. The timing of the latest incident came at a particularly sensitive and potentially embarrassing time for Xi, whose rst visit to the region since taking power has received prominent coverage in state media. It was unclear if Xi was still in Xinjiang when the attack occurred. AFP

Gerry Adams held over notorious IRA murder

NOrtHern Ireland police yesterday questioned Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams, a chief negotiator in the Irish peace process, over the notorious IRA murder of a woman suspected of being an informant in 1972. The 65-year-old republican leader was arrested on Wednesday night over the killing of mother-of-10 Jean McConville after voluntarily attending a police station in Antrim, Northern Ireland, for an interview. Adams strongly rejected any involvement in the murder one of the most infamous incidents in Northern Irelands violent history saying the allegations were malicious. While I have never disassociated myself from the IRA and I never will, I am innocent of any part in the abduction, killing or burial of Mrs McConville, he said. Sinn Fein was once the political arm of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) paramilitary group, which waged a bloody campaign over three decades for British-controlled Northern Ireland to become part of Ireland. The party now shares power with the pro-British Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in the devolved government in Belfast. It is also represented in the Irish parliament in Dublin. Sinn Fein deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald said Adamss arrest was politically motivated, as it came three weeks ahead of local and European Parliament elections. McConville, a 37-year-old widow with 10 children, was snatched from her home in west Belfast, becoming one of more than a dozen so-called disappeared of the conflict. The IRA accused her of being an informer for the British army, although a police watchdog later found no evidence to support the claim. The IRA admitted her murder in 1999 and four years later her remains were found on a beach in County Louth. She had been shot in the back of the head. McConvilles son Michael, who was 11 years old when he saw his mother dragged away, said he was pleased that the police were doing their job. However, he admitted in a BBC interview that he still refused to name the people he saw taking his mother, saying he still feared reprisals. If I told the police a thing either me or one of my family members or one of my children would get shot by these people, he said. Everybody thinks this has all gone away it hasnt. Nobody has ever been found guilty of McConvilles murder, but former IRA leader Ivor Bell, 77, was last month charged with aiding and abetting those involved. Five others in addition to Adams have also been questioned. Detectives are using evidence given to researchers at Boston College in the United States, who interviewed a number of former paramilitaries. The interviewees were told the transcripts would not be published until after their deaths, but a US court last year ordered that the tapes should be handed over to police. Former IRA commander Brendan Hughes and convicted IRA bomber Delours Price, now dead, both alleged Adams was involved in McConvilles death. AFP




Global terrorist threat is evolving, US warns

THE worldwide terror threat is evolving as al-Qaeda linked groups and other militants become increasingly violent and Syria spawns a new generation of global terrorists, the US warned on Wednesday. The State Departments 2013 Country Reports on Terrorism showed the number of attacks around the world rose last year to more than 9,700 up some 43 per cent from 6,700 in 2012. But ofcials cautioned that even though some 17,800 people had been killed up from 11,000 in 2012 most of the attacks were smaller and more localised than in past years. US counter-terrorism efforts to combat al-Qaeda have degraded the core leadership, but subsequently 2013 saw the rise of increasingly aggressive and autonomous AQ afliates and like-minded groups in the Middle East and Africa, the report said. Al-Qaedas leadership was also struggling to maintain discipline within the AQ network and communicate guidance to its afliated groups, said Counter-terrorism coordinator Tina Kaidanow. Orders by al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri to minimise collateral damage were routinely disobeyed, such as in Septembers violent attack by Shebab on a busy mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The civil war in Syria has proved a fertile breeding ground attracting thousands of foreign ghters, particularly from North Africa, the Gulf and Europe, who have joined the bitter ght against President Bashar al-Assad. They have ourished amid the chaos as money has owed from the Gulf for Sunni terror groups, particularly those operating in Syria. But Assad has also been aided by Shiite militia, such as the Lebanon-based Hezbollah, funded and supported by Iran. Many governments are becoming increasingly concerned that individuals with violent extremist ties and battleeld experience will return to their home countries or elsewhere to commit terrorist acts, the report noted. This has fuelled growing concern about the creation of a new generation of globallycommitted terrorists, similar to what resulted from the inux of violent extremists to Afghanistan in the 1980s. AFP

Votes being counted in Iraq

HE counting of votes was under way yesterday following Iraqs relatively peaceful elections, but with results not due for weeks and parties bitterly divided, forming a new government is expected to take months. Prime Minister Nuri alMaliki, who is seeking a third term in power, has said he is certain of victory but to retain the top job he must court disaffected parties within his own Shia community, as well as Sunnis and Kurds who have angrily voiced opposition to his rule. Many ordinary Iraqis, meanwhile, have voiced frustration with a marked deterioration in security, rampant corruption, high unemployment and what critics of the government say is insufcient improvement in public services. Preliminary results from Wednesdays elections are not expected for at least two weeks. Initial gures from the election commission said nearly 60 per cent of Iraqs 20 million eligible voters cast ballots. Turnout in the last election in 2010 was 62 per cent. Much as was the case following previous elections, forming a government is like-

Members of the Iraqi security forces keep watch as Iraqi election commission ofcials prepare to count votes yesterday. AFP

ly to take months. While Malikis bloc is tipped to win the most seats, no single party is expected to win a majority on its own and Iraqs various political alliances and communal groups will have to form coalitions. Complicating matters further is the fact that the three main positions of power the president, typically a Kurd, the prime minister, normally a Shiite, and the speaker of parliament, usually a Sunni Arab are often negotiated as an encompassing package. Finding a balance between the three communities Sunnis, Shias and Kurds is not

that easy of a process, said Ayham Kamel, Middle East and North Africa Director for Eurasia Group. Kamel predicted government formation could take three to six months, noting: Its a bit difcult to do all of these things at once. Wednesdays general election, the rst since US troops withdrew in late 2011, came amid a protracted surge in nationwide bloodshed that has left more than 3,000 dead already this year. The bloodletting continued on election day, with 14 people killed, including two election workers.

But a security clampdown meant violence levels were lower than in the preceding two days, when in all nearly 90 people died, with Washington and the United Nations hailing the vote as a broadside to extremists trying to derail the political process. US Secretary of State John Kerry said Iraqis had courageously voted, sending a powerful rebuke to the violent extremists in Iraq and the region. The UN Security Council urged Iraqs leaders to form a government that represents the will and sovereignty of the Iraqi people as soon as possible. The Security Council, in a statement, stressed no act of violence or terrorism can reverse a path towards peace, democracy and reconstruction in Iraq, underpinned by the rule of law and respect for human rights, which is supported by the people and the government of Iraq and the international community. Despite the myriad issues facing Iraqis, candidates largely appealed to voters on ethnic, communal or tribal grounds, and the campaign itself hinged on Malikis bid for a third term. AFP




TORONtO mayor Rob Ford said on Wednesday that he is taking a leave of absence in order to enter rehab, after a new video emerged allegedly showing him smoking crack days ago. Ford, 44, has already admitted to binge drinking and smoking crack and is campaigning for re-election on a give-meanother-chance platform. The Toronto Sun tabloid posted on its website audio of the mayor, apparently intoxicated in a bar on Monday night. Ford can be heard swearing and lewdly commenting about several municipal and provincial politicians. AFP

Crack-smoking mayor Ford set to enter rehab

Drug resistance giving killer diseases free rein

HE rise of superbugs, stoked by misuse of antibiotics and poor hospital hygiene, is enabling long-treatable diseases to once again become killers, the WHO warned on Wednesday. In a hard-hitting study of antimicrobial resistance when bacteria adapt so that existing drugs no longer curb them the UN health agency said the problem was a global emergency. Without urgent, coordinated action, the world is headed for a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries which have been treatable for decades can once again kill, warned Keiji Fukuda, the WHOs assistant directorgeneral for health security. Unless we take signicant actions to improve efforts to prevent infections and also change how we produce, prescribe and use antibiotics, the world will lose more and more of these global public health goods and the implications will be devastating, he said. The unprecedented report gathered data from 114 countries, and focused on seven different bacteria responsible for diseases such as diarrhoea, pneumonia, urinary tract

The growing threat of drug-resistant bacteria

One of the principal causes of resistance is inappropriate use Courses of antibiotics are too short in some poor countries and doses are too low In rich countries drugs are often inappropriately prescribed Farmers in some countries add antibiotics to animal feed to help them grow faster

Resistance has been encountered in 7 bacteria responsable for:

Pneumonia Hematological infections

E.coli bacteria
Strains of the bacterium, which can be deadly, are now resistant to antibiotics

Diarrhoea Urinary tract infections Gonorrhoea surfaces 3 Bacteria become sealed

antibiotic 4 The is expelled Some bacteria are capable of rejecting antibiotics by pumping them out of the cell

Patients remain ill for longer periods and the risk of death increases

Resistance strategies
Bacteria are living organisms which can evolve and adapt, allowing them to resist antibiotics

1 Mutation of the surface

The target to which antibiotics would normally bind mutates

Modification of the antibiotic Several drug-resistant bacteria produce an enzyme which can break down antibiotics

Bacteria close the pores through which the antibiotic can enter the cell

Antibiotic Antibiotics must attach themselves to a receptor in order to work


Closed pore Enzyme Bacterium spits out the antibiotics active healing elements

Sources: OMS, Janssen-Cilag

Heavy rain lashes East coast of United States

StREEts collapsed and flights were delayed as heavy rains lashed the US East Coast as far south as usually sunny Florida on Wednesday, after tornadoes ripped through other parts of the country leaving dozens dead. Boston, New York and Washington were all drenched, while in northern Florida authorities rescued people from the roofs of their submerged houses, as forecasters reported up to 55 centimetres of rain soaked some neighbourhoods in just a few hours. The National Weather Service said the weather woes were to continue into yesterday. AFP

infections and gonorrhoea. Even so-called last resort antibiotics are losing their ability to ght such bacteria, with half of the patients showing resistance in some countries, the report said. The capacity to treat serious infections is really becoming less in all parts of the world, Fukuda said, stressing that antimicrobial resistance is not a just future issue . . . but very much an issue today. Medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said the scale of the crisis was frighteningly clear on the ground. We see horrendous rates of

antibiotic resistance wherever we look in our eld operations, said Jennifer Cohn, an MSF medical director. Among the reports key ndings were the global spread of resistance to carbapenem antibiotics the last resort treatment for life-threatening infections caused by the common intestinal bacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae. Known as K pneumoniae, it is a major cause of hospitalacquired infections such as pneumonia and sepsis, often hitting newborns and intensive-care patients. Resistance to one of the most widely used antibacteri-

al medicines for the treatment of urinary tract infections caused by E coli, uoroquinolones, is also widespread. There was hardly any resistance when the drugs were introduced in the 1980s, but it now affects half of patients in many part of the world, the WHO said. The problem is a particular concern in Africa, the Americas, South and Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Resistance to third-generation cephalosporins the last resort for tackling gonorrhoea, which infects more than a million people every day has been conrmed in Austria, Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Japan, Norway, South Africa, Slovenia and Sweden. Another case in point is MRSA methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus which has grabbed headlines due to a rash of outbreaks at hospitals. Patients with MRSA are 64 per cent more likely to die than those with a non-resistant form of the bug, the WHO said. In parts of the Americas, resistance to MRSA treatment had reached 90 per cent, while levels of 60 per cent were seen in Europe, the study found. Resistance also raises health

costs because of longer hospital stays and more intensive care. We rely upon these medicines to protect people when they are most vulnerable, Fukuda said. We anticipate to see more deaths, he said. Efforts to tackle the problem have lagged behind its growth, the WHO said, agging weak or totally absent monitoring in many countries. The WHO urged policymakers to strengthen resistance tracking and laboratory capacity, and to tighten regulation and promote appropriate drug use. They should also do more to stop infection in the rst place, with better hygiene measures, access to clean water, infection control in healthcare facilities, and vaccination to reduce the need for antibiotics, it said. Health workers and pharmacists should only prescribe antibiotics when truly needed, and the medical industry should step up efforts to ensure the sector stays ahead of emerging resistance, the WHO said. Patients, meanwhile, should only use antibiotics when prescribed by a doctor, complete their treatment even if they feel better and not use leftover drugs, it added. AFP

The Kingdom of Cambodia Nation Religion King National Committee for SubNational Democratic Development Secretariat (NCDDS) Job Advertisement - Short Term Consultancy Development of Gender Responsive Budgeting Policy Based on the Organic Law on Administrative Management of the Capital, Provinces, Districts, Municipalities and Khans, adopted in May 2008, the ten-year National Program for Sub-National Democratic Development (NP-SNDD) and its rst three-year Implementation Plan (IP3) 20112013 have been approved by the Royal Government. The purpose of the NP-SNDD and the IP3 are two-fold: to develop accountable, sub-national democratic institutions with effective administrations and to promote improved sub-national development for the benet of the Cambodian population. The National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development (NCDD) is mandated as the overall program authority and through its Secretariat (NCDDS) is responsible for policy formulation and program coordination. Implementation of the National Program is assigned to seven national institutions, six each with their own sub-program, including the NCDDS; the Ministries of Interior, Economy and Finance, and Planning; the State Secretariat for Civil Service; and the National League of Council Associations, and one with a cross-cutting mandate (Ministry of Womens Affairs - MoWA). To support the capacity development and transfer of skills to the various national institutions and sub-national administrations, the NCDD Secretariat is seeking a qualied short term consultant to develop gender responsive budgeting policy for SNA level for Sub-Program 4 Ministry of Economy and Finance in coordination with technical support from MoWA and NCDDS for the period of 25 working days over the period of three months (June to August 2014). Qualication and Experience Requirements: Master degree or equivalent in Gender Studies, Economics or other relevant eld Good knowledge of Gender and Development as opposed to Women in Development Approach At least 2 years of relevant work experience in Gender Responsive Budgeting Experience in working with government agencies at national and subnational level Good and up-to-date knowledge about the democratic decentralization reform processes in Cambodia, about RGCs gender polices and legal framework would be an asset Excellent oral and written English communication skills Available in Cambodia during the duration of the assignment Interested individuals must provide updated CVs and information on their qualications and experience and must demonstrate how they are qualied to provide the required services along with the name of at least three (3) referees with their contact information. Short-listed candidates may be called for interview. Before you apply, please refer to the Terms of Reference for the above brief outline of required services that is available from the NCDD Website: www. ncdd.gov.kh/jobsprocurement. Applications that include a cover letter along with CV must be delivered directly, through express mail to the below listed address or alternatively sent by e-mail to Mr. Nop Novy, Chief of Procurement Ofce, Kim Vann, ViceChief of Procurement Ofce or Ms. Poch Monika, Senior Procurement Ofcer at NCDDS, Ministry of Interior, Norodom Blvd., Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA from 08:00am to 17:00pm, Monday to Friday or through e-mail at novy@ncdd.gov.kh; kim_vann@ncdd.gov.kh or pmonika@ncdd.gov.kh . The closing date/time is 17:00 hours, May 22, 2014 Only shortlist candidates will be contacted.


Inghting blast kills 5 militants
AT LEAST five militants were killed when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb apparently planted by a rival group in Pakistans troubled northwest, the Taliban and officials said. The bomb struck the vehicle of Amir Hamza, a local commander of the Sajna group in the remote Shaktoi area of South Waziristan tribal district late on Tuesday, killing him along with four associates. A local commander of Sajna group and his four associates have been killed, they died on spot, the local intelligence official said. A militant source confirmed the incident. The attack occurred five days after a ceasefire had supposedly ended a feud between supporters of commander Khan Said Sajna and followers of the late Hakimullah Mehsud. The sources said the incident, suspected to be fresh rebel infighting, was the first violation of the ceasefire between the militant groups. The feud began after Sajna, a senior commander, was rejected for the TTP leadership following the killing of then leader Mehsud last November, militants say. AFP


UNESCO damns dumping at reef

NESCO yesterday condemned a decision to allow the dumping of dredge waste in Great Barrier Reef waters and recommended the Australian marine park be considered for inclusion on the World Heritage in Danger list. The decision in January to allow 3 million cubic metres of dredge waste to be disposed of in park waters followed a decision by the government to allow a major coal port expansion for Indias Adani Group on the reef coast in December. Conservationists warn it could hasten the demise of the reef, which is already considered to be in poor health, with dredging smothering corals and seagrasses, and exposing them to poisons and elevated levels of nutrients. In its rst comments on the issue, the United Nations Educational, Scientic, and Cultural Organization noted with concern and regrets the move, which it said was approved despite an indication that less-impacting disposal alternatives may exist. It asked the government to provide a new report to the

Labour movement
Turkish protesters wearing gas masks hold a banner reading Workers who resist win as they march towards Taksim Square in Istanbul during a May Day rally yesterday. Turkish police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters who tried to defy a Labour Day ban on demonstrations on Istanbuls Taksim Square, the scene of protests that have dogged the government for months. In other International Labour Day demonstrations around the world, thousands gathered in Malaysias capital to protest against a planned new tax but also took shots at the governments prosecution of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and handling of missing ight MH370. In Moscow, some 100,000 workers paraded on Red Square for the rst time since the 1991 Soviet breakup as the takeover of Crimea triggered a surge of patriotism and boosted Russian President Vladimir Putins standing. AFP

World Heritage Committee proving dumping was the least damaging option and would not hurt the reefs value. More generally, UNESCO expressed concern regarding serious decline in the condition of the Great Barrier Reef, including in coral recruitment and reef-building across extensive parts of the property. The body said a business-asusual approach to managing the property is not an option. Given the reefs long-term deterioration, it recommended the World Heritage Commitee consider putting it on its in danger list in 2015 in the absence of substantial progress on key issues. WWF Australias Richard Leck said the government needed to act quickly to prevent the embarrassment of the reef being listed as in danger. UNESCOS concern is shared by thousands of Australians and hundreds of leading scientists and we call on the federal government to ban dumping of dredge spoil in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area prior to the World Heritage Committee meeting in June, he said. AFP




One dead in blasts at train station

TwIn bombs planted on a train killed one person and wounded 14 others in the southern Indian port of Chennai yesterday, the latest attack during ongoing national elections, officials said. The low-intensity blasts occurred in carriages of an overnight train from Bangalore as it pulled into Chennai central station shortly after 7am (0130 GMT). A 22-year-old woman working at IT outsourcing firm TCS was killed when one of the devices which had been placed underneath her seat exploded, said Rakesh Misra, general manager of the southern region for Indian Railways. Civil police ... are investigating what kind of bomb it was and why anyone would have placed the bomb, he told reporters at the scene. Another 14 people were injured, at least two of them seriously, Chennai police chief JK Tripathi said. Multiple low-intensity explosions are typically the hallmark of the Indian Mujahideen, a home-grown militant network that is thought to have been weakened by the recent arrests of senior figures. AFp

Greenpeace blocks Russian tanker

Charles Onians

Cunning genius?

UTcH police yesterday arrested about 30 Greenpeace activists, including the captain of the lobby groups agship Rainbow Warrior, as they tried to stop a Russian tanker delivering Arctic oil from docking. The captain has been arrested and the ship is being taken elsewhere, Rotterdam police spokesman Roland Eckers said of the Rainbow Warrior. Several activists climbed a fence to prevent the ship docking and several others were in small boats also trying to impede the tanker and several were arrested around 30 activists, Eckers said. The Rainbow Warrior was captained by Peter Willcox, who was among campaigners detained by Russian authorities last year after staging a high-prole protest against drilling in the environmentally fragile Arctic. No one else aboard the Rainbow Warrior was arrested, while the Mikhail Ulyanov tanker, bringing a rst delivery of offshore Arctic oil to Rotterdam, was now safely moored, police said.

A Greenpeace paraglider in Rotterdam yesterday circles above Russian oil tanker Mikhail Ulyanov, which is anked by the Rainbow Warrior. AFp

Activist Willem Wiskerke tweeted from aboard the vessel that he was in the ships mess with police. Police spokesman Eckers said the protest was over after police removed a couple of people who had fastened themselves to a sort of oil pipe on the quay. We detached them, it went peacefully; theyre on shore, Eckers said. Greenpeace activists had earlier painted No Arctic Oil in large letters on the tankers hull, while others in inatable

boats tried to prevent the ship from docking. The oil on board the Russian tanker is the rst to be delivered from the Prirazlomnaya platform, an offshore rig owned by Russian energy giant Gazprom and the site of Greenpeaces protest last September. Greenpeace has accused Frances Total of hypocrisy for buying the Arctic oil, after the energy giants CEO Christophe de Margerie said in 2012 that his company would not drill in the region.

Despite criticism, Total yesterday left the door open to further purchases of Arctic oil. This is a spot purchase not a long-term contract, a Total spokesman said in Paris. There are currently no other crude orders in the Arctic. Total has bought Russian oil for years and will continue to do so according to market needs and opportunities. Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp yesterday rejected a coalition MPs request for the Netherlands to ban offshore Arctic oil. Such a move would frustrate international efforts to coordinate protection of the Arctic, Kamp wrote in a letter to parliament, which is in recess. The Rainbow Warrior set off on Monday to confront the tanker, but the Russian vessel switched off its satellitetracking equipment. Last years protest, which saw two campaigners attempt to scale the rig, prompted Russian authorities to seize Greenpeaces Dutch-agged Arctic Sunrise boat and detain the 30 activists and journalists on board. Russian authorities are still holding the Arctic Sunrise icebreaker. AFp

Travel agent forges kids suicide note

JaPaNESE travel agent who forgot to book a fleet of buses for a school trip tried to cover his tracks by forging a students suicide note in a failed bid to get the excursion cancelled. The man noticed his mistake on the day before the students were due to depart, but instead of owning up to his error he hatched a wildeyed plan to get himself off the hook. The man, who has not been identified, drafted a note in the style of a student threatening to commit suicide unless the trip was cancelled. He then handed the note to the schools principal, saying he had found it nearby. After questioning all of its more than 300 students, the school decided to go ahead with the trip as planned, only to find the next morning that they had no transport. The travel agency has promised to conduct a detailed internal review and said it will punish the employee. The school has rearranged its trip for a future date, with a different agency. AFP


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A Sherpas guide to behaviour

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HE recent death of 16 Sherpas in an avalanche on Mount Everest has brought inconsolable grief to their loved ones. Unfortunately, the pain of their loss will be compounded by economic hardship, highlighting the responsibility that rich-country consumers often must bear, both before and after such workplace catastrophes in developing countries. The death toll in Everests worst-ever disaster was small compared, for example, to last years collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which killed more than 1,100 workers. But the consequences for the victims families are similar, and the lesson is the same a need for sweeping changes in attitudes and behaviour among all involved. While climbing the worlds highest mountain will always be dangerous, we must remember that on this occasion only Sherpas died, and in the years since Everest began attracting large inflows of Western climbers, Sherpas have accounted for most fatalities. Such statistics sit uneasily with the idea of climbing as a symbol of comradeship and teamwork. When Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary became the first people to reach Everests peak in 1953, everyone shared the risks, challenges and joys of the adventure. The recent Sherpa deaths, however, suggest a breakdown of these values and possibly of some basic human values, too. The loss underscores a growing divide between expedition members, who pay top dollar to reach the summit, and their highly skilled Sherpa guides, who are paid a relative pittance and too often are taken for granted. Nepals mountain communities remain desperately poor, despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent in development assistance. This can and must change. Sherpa climbers need to establish a sensible code of

Nepalese people light candles in memory of the 16 Nepalese Sherpa guides killed in an avalanche on Mount Everest, in Katmandu on April 30. AFP

operation and stand behind it. At the same time, foreign expeditions and their leaders must see their role as more than providing jobs a morally dubious outlook at best. The question is what kind of job Sherpa guides are expected to do. Sherpas operate in the most treacherous conditions and are disproportionately exposed to danger. Their skill and judgment is usually the deciding factor in any expeditions success, and the challenges they face are more difficult when foreign climbers are sipping coffee at base camp rather than pulling their weight. Those days must end; all climbers have a responsibility to earn their summit. Expedition sponsors, whose brands benefit from the Sherpas accomplishments, must also take responsibility and that means doing more than writing a check. They must evaluate how their funds are distributed and consider the broader impact of their behaviour on local communities. Everest expeditions from the Nepal side have now rightly been cancelled as a sign of respect for those who died. Those climbers who believe

that continuing would honour the lost Sherpas should consider alternative ways to express their reverence. First, all climbers should show respect in a more unambiguous way. They should walk back down the mountain to the villages near base camp, meet surviving family members and their community and share their grief. Above all, they should be generous in easing the financial burden on families, especially those with young children.

Second, they could continue their support after the media spotlight has moved elsewhere. For example, they might contribute to the American Himalayan Foundation, which has established a Sherpa Family Fund to support the families of Sherpas who are killed or injured. This is a responsibility that goes far beyond the ethics of mountain climbing. Like the Everest disaster, the calamity at Rana Plaza raises fundamental issues about our global

economy namely, the way wealthy consumers ignore the fate of the impoverished workers who provide their cheap goods and services. Rana Plaza focused international attention on the plight of Bangladeshs four million garment workers and their role in the global clothing industry. Subsequent investigations revealed low pay, abused employees and dangerous working conditions in one of Bangladeshs most important economic sectors. Yet governments and the private sector have failed to improve safety or properly compensate the survivors. The Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund, established by labour groups and clothing companies to help victims, has raised only about $15 million of its $40 million target. Unfortunately, if the Rana Plaza tragedy is any indication, interest in the Sherpas will also soon fade unless campaigners, foundations and companies keep up the pressure for change. Whether the victims of exploitation are garment workers, mountain guides or employed in myriad other corners of the global economy, they typically lack the resources to press successfully for meaningful change on their own. The point is that they should not have to.

Curtis S Chin, a former US ambassador to the Asian Development Bank, is a managing director of the advisory rm RiverPeak Group. Dhamey Tenzing Norgay, the son of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, is co-owner of Noble Traveller, a Bhutan-based travel company.

Respect for human rights, not political theatre

Dear Editor, I would like to express my disappointment with the headline of the Posts Friday, April 18, article Rainsy courts Vietnamese. I had no electoral consideration in mind when giving

Letter to the editor

my point of view on the issue you raised. My only concern then was to help the public understand that the CNRP will implement the rule of law regardless of any ethnic consideration. As a matter of fact, given the current mindset of many Khmer-born citizens, I think the CNRP would lose more votes from the large Khmerdescent majority than it would gain from the small Vietnamese-descent minority. But this is a political risk worth taking and an educational challenge worth facing for the sake of the nation, which must progress on the basis of the rule of law and respect for human rights. Sam Rainsy President, Cambodia National Rescue Party

Send letters to: newsroom@phnompenhpost.com or POBox 146, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Post reserves the right to edit letters to a shorter length. The views expressed above are solely the authors and do not reflect any positions taken by The Phnom Penh Post.

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Swimming Pool Apartment For rent,Located near Russian market ,1-2BR:$650-$850-$1200/month Nice living room, European kitchen Tel:089 36 32 06,




Arrival 03:30 09:05 09:05 14:40 16:20 18:40 19:40 21:50 20:50 14:30 20:50 13:45 20:50 13:00 14:30 20:50 16:30 18:45 10:25 16:05 17:00 17:25 22:20 22:50 16:00 10:20 4:10 06:05 22:40 08:40 11:25 14:40 17:15 15:50 08:10 14:00 12:30 11:35 13:00 13:15 10:45
Qatar Airways No. 296 Blvd. Mao Tse Toung (St. 245), Ground oor, Intercontinental Hotel PP Tel: +23 42 40 12/13/14 www.qatarairways.com Cambodia Angkor Air (K6) PP Ofce, #90+92+94Eo, St.217, Sk.Orussey4, Kh. 7Makara, 023 881 178 /77718-333. Fax:+855 23-886-677 www.cambodiaangkorair.com E: mai@royalaviationexpert.com Koreanair (KE) Room.F3-R03, Intelligent Ofce Myanmar Airways International Center, Monivong Blvd,PP Tel: (855) 23 224 047-9 #90+92+94Eo, St. 217, www.koreanair.com Sk. Orussey4, Kh. 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. T:023 881 178 | F:023 886 677 www.maiair.com Cebu Pacic (5J) Phnom Penh: No. 333B Monivong Blvd. Tel: 023 219161 Siem Reap: No. 50,Sivatha Blvd. Tel: 063 965487 E-mail: cebuair@ptm-travel.com www.cebupacicair.com

MANILA - SIEM REAP 22:30 16:35 10:40 12:25 12:45 18:30 18:35
15:35 15:35


Flighs K6 720 PG 938 PG 932 TG 581 PG 934 FD 3617 PG 936 TG 585 CZ 324 QR 965 QR 967 CZ 324 CZ 6060 VN 840 QR 965 QR 967 VN 841 VN 3856 KA 207 KA 207 KA 209 KA 209 KA 205 KE 690 OZ 740 AK 1473 MH 755 MH 763 AF 273 FM 833 MI 601 MI 622 3K 594 3K 594 MI 607 2817 2817 2817 2817 BR 266 VN 840 QV 920
8M 402 8M 401

Arrival 01:10 08:15 11:10 11:10 16:40 18:15 20:40 21:45 16:05 22:45

2.4.7 1, 6, 7 2.4 5 7 3, 2 5
.2....7 ...4...

02:11 22:15 15:20 15:40 16:05 21:35 21:55

18:40 18:30

5J 257 MI 633 MI 622 MI 616 MI 636 MI 630 MI 618

3K 597 3K 597

2.4.7 1, 6, 7 2.4 7 3, 2 5 5
.2....7 ...4...

19:45 14:35 08:40 10:40 13:55 07:55 16:35

13:45 13:45

21:30 15:45 09:50 11:50 17:40 11:35 17:45

14:50 14:50

SIEM REAP - SINGAPORE MI 633 MI 622 MI 630 MI 615 MI 636 MI 617

3K 598 3K 598


Days Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily ..34..7 12...6. Daily 2.4.7 Daily ..34..7 12...6. Daily Daily 6 1 3.5.7 2 Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily 2 2.4 1234..7 ....56. Daily 1.3 2.4.5 6 7 Daily Daily Daily 1.3.6 1.3.6

Dep 12:05 06:40 09:55 10:05 15:30 17:05 19:30 20:40 08:00 16:10 22:40 08:00 14:45 17:30 16:10 22:40 14:00 19:20 11:25 11:45 18:30 17:25 19:00 23:40 23:50 08:35 11:10 17:10 20:05 19:50

Flighs K6 721 PG 931 TG 580 PG 933 FD 3616 PG 935 TG 584 PG 937 CZ 323 QR 964 QR 966 CZ 6059 CZ 323 VN 841 QR 604 QR 966 VN 920 VN 3857 KA 208 KA 206 KA 206 KA 206 KE 689 OZ 739 AK 1474 MH 754 MH 762 AF 273 FM 833 MI 602 MI 622 3K 593 MI 608 2816 2816 2816 2816 BR 265 VN 841 QV 921 8M 401

Days Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily ..34..7 12...6. 2.4.7 Daily Daily ..34..7 12...6. Daily Daily

Dep 02:25 07:55 07:55 13:30 15:15 17:30 18:25 20:15 14:30 01:05 07:25 12:00 19:05 09:40 13:30 19:50 15:50 18:00




8M 402


Dep 12:55


1. 5
Days 1-3-5

Arrival 13:55

QV 512
8M 401
Flighs K6 131
1. 5
Days 1-3-5

Dep 11:20

Arrival 12:20





PHNOM PENH - GUANGZHOU 11:40 18:10 20:35 17:10 23:40 14:45 20:05 15:05 22:25 22:05 21:00 22:35 06:40 06:50 11:20 14:00 20:00 06:05 23:05




Young members of the Miao minority group carry replica guns in Biasha village, in Chinas Guizhou province. AFP


HONG KONG - PHNOM PENH 08:50 3.5.7 1 2 Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily 2 14:30 15:25 15:50 18:30 19:10 15:15 09:30 3:20 20:05

2817 - 16 Tigerairways 5J - CEBU Airways. AK - Air Asia BR - EVA Airways CI - China Airlines CZ - China Southern FD - Thai Air Asia FM - Shanghai Air K6- Cambodia Angkor Air KA - Dragon Air MH - Malaysia Airlines MI - SilkAir OZ - Asiana Airlines PG - Bangkok Airways QR - Qatar Airways QV - Lao Airlines SQ - Singapore Airlines

1 Monday 2 Tuesday 3 Wednesday 4 Thursday 5 Friday 6 Saturday 7 Sunday





China village gunning for more tourists

Tom Hancock

TG - Thai Airways | VN - Vietnam Airlines

PHNOM PENH- PARIS PHNOM PENH - SHANGHAI PHNOM PENH - SINGAPORE 09:30 12:30 12:20 15:25 15:25 18:10 16:40 09:10 14:50 13:20 12:45 17:30 17:50 13:30 11:45 15:20 18:20 18:10 21:10 19:40 12:00 17:50 16:10 17:05 18:50 19:10 14:55 12:30

PHNOM PENH - PARIS SHANGHAI - PHNOM PENH 19:30 07:40 2.4 Daily Daily 1.3 2.4.5 6 7 Daily Daily Daily 1.3.6 08:40 13:30 16:20 15:00 07:20 13:00 11:30 09:10 11:30 11:45 08:20 SINGAPORE - PHNOM PENH

This ight schedule information is updated about once a month. Further information, please contact direct to airline or a travel agent for ight schedule information.


Air Asia (AK) Room T6, PP International Airport. Tel: 023 6666 555 Fax: 023 890 071 www.airasia.com



Dragon Air (KA) #168, Monireth, PP Tel: 023 424 300 Fax: 023 424 304 www.dragonair.com/kh



Tiger airways G. oor, Regency square, Suare, Suite #68/79, St.205, Sk Chamkarmorn, PP Tel: (855) 95 969 888 (855) 23 5515 888/5525888 E: info@cambodiaairlines.net

SilkAir (MI) Regency C,Unit 2-4,Tumnorb Teuk, Chamkarmorn Phnom Penh Tel:023 988 629 www.silkair.com


K6 700




LINE RCL (12calls/moth) CALLING SCHEDULES 1 Wed, 08:00 - Thu 16:00 2 Thu, 14:00 - Fri 22:00 3 Fri, 20:00 - Sat 23:59 MEARSK (MCC) (4 calls/moth) SITC (BEN LINE (4 calls/onth) ITL (ACL) (4 calls/month) APL (4 calls/month) COTS (2 calls/month) 1 Th, 08:00 - 20:00 2 Fri, 22:00- Sun 00:01 Sun 09:00-23:00 Sat 06:00 - Sun 08:00 Fri, 08:00 - Sun, 06:00 Irregula FREEQUENCY ROTATION PORTS 1 Call/week 1 Call/week 1 Call/week 1 Call/week 1 Call/week 1 Call/week 1 Call/week 1 call/week SIN-SHV-SGZ-SIN HKG-SHV-SGZ-HKG (HPH-TXGKEL) SIN-SHV-SGZ-SIN SGN-SHV-LZP-SGN - HKG-OSA-TYO-KOB - BUS-SGH-YAT-SGN - SIN-SHV-TPP-SIN HCM-SHV-LZP-HCMNBO-SGH-OSA-KOBBUS-SGH-HGK-CHM SGZ-SHV-SIN-SGZ SIN-SHV-SIN



K6 701



PG 924 PG 906 PG 914 PG 908 PG 910 CZ 3054 CZ 3054

K6 850

Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily 2.4.6


09:45 13:15 15:20 18:50 20:30 11:25 19:25


11:10 14:40 16:45 20:15 21:55 15:35 23:20


PG 903 PG 905 PG 913 PG 907 PG 909 CZ 3053 CZ 3053

K6 851

Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily 2.4.6


08:00 11:35 13:35 17:00 18:45 08:45 16:35


09:00 12:45 14:35 18:10 19:55 10:30 18:30




SIEM REAP -HANOI VN 868 VN 842 VN 844 VN 800 VN 3818 VN 826 VN 3820 VN 828 VN 3822 KE 688 OZ 738 AK 281 MH 765 Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily 3.5.7 12:40 18:05 19:45 21:00 11:10 13:30 17:45 18:20 21:35 23:15 23:40 08:35 14:15 15:35 19:45 21:25 22:40 12:30 14:40 18:45 19:20 22:35 06:10 07:10 11:35 17:25

HANOI - SIEM REAP VN 843 VN 845 VN 845 VN 801 VN 3809 VN 827 VN 3821 VN 829 VN 3823 KE 687 OZ 737 AK 280 MH 764 Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily 3.5.7 15:25 17:05 17:45 18:20 09:15 11:35 15:55 16:20 19:45 18:30 19:20 06:50 12:10 17:10 18:50 19:30 20:00 10:35 12:35 16:55 17:40 20:45 22:15 22:40 07:50 13:15

2 calls/month BBK-SHV-BKK-(LZP)

34 call/month
SGZ= Songkhla, Thailand SHV= Sihanoukville Port Cambodia SIN= Singapore TPP= TanjungPelapas, Malaysia TYO= Tokyo, Japan TXG= Taichung, Taiwan YAT= Yantian, China YOK= Yokohama, Japan



BUS= Busan, Korea HKG= HongKong kao=Kaoshiung, Taiwan ROC Kob= Kebe, Japan KUN= Kuantan, Malaysia LZP= Leam Chabang, Thailand NBO= Ningbo, China OSA= Osaka, Japan SGN= Saigon, Vietnam







FLY DIRECT TO SIEM REAP MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY #90+92+94Eo, St. 217, Sk. Orussey4, Kh. 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Tel 023 881 178 | Fax 023 886 677 | www.maiair.com

RIFLE shot tears the air of a mountain hamlet met not with terror but cries of delight in Chinas only remaining village where authorities encourage gun ownership. We start carrying guns from about 15 years old, said Jia Xinshan, ngering a wooden ries trigger as tourists snapped pictures of him in a shiny black coat. Were the last gun tribe in China. The arms in Biasha, a village tucked in the wooded peaks of Guizhou province, are a reminder of an era of conict between Beijing and the mountain tribes who still inhabit swathes of Chinas southwest. Villagers are allowed to own ries but restricted to ring them during displays for tourists illustrating how oncerestive minority groups have integrated with the state. China, wary of social unrest and crime, bars most civilians from owning rearms, giving the villages gunpowdery atmosphere an illicit feel. We used to use our guns to protect the village, said Jia, 30, who performs daily in a dance routine where he thrusts his gun into the air before ring it. Now we carry them to give tourists an impression. Biashas wooden shacks which cling to hillsides are home to members of the Miao minority, an ethnic group of about 12 million who are more at home in their own languages than Mandarin Chinese. The name Miao was rst given to the hill tribes that fought bloody rebellions against the Chinese state when it pushed southward in the 1600s, forcing locals into high mountain territory. Miao ghters had considerable experience with rearms as early as 1681, according to historian Robert Jenks, whose account of the rebellion was

published by the University of Hawaii. But the deadliest clashes occurred in the 19th century, with some estimates of several million dead. Chinese forces lost 30 to 40 men a day from Miao snipers who red into government camps under cover of darkness, a British mercenary commented in 1870, according to Jenks. The rebellions were nally put down and Miao leaders executed in 1872 by Chinese army regiments. Mountain groups went through a process of adaption to the new nation-state system, Cheung Siu-woo, a professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said. The Miao achieved their rst ofcial recognition as an ethnic group by the republic that followed the collapse of Chinas last dynasty in 1912, granting them limited autonomy, a status that continued when the Communist Party took power three decades later. The Miaos accommodation with the government contrasts with other groups such as Tibetans and Uighurs, who continue to clash with authorities over what they claim is cultural repression. Villagers in Biasha said just one gun maker remains in a hillside shack where vegetables hang from the roof and metal weapon scraps ll a wicker basket. It takes two or three days to make a gun, Gun Laosheng, the craftsman, said. My father taught me, because he loved guns and was great at hunting wild birds. But these days locals prefer to prot from tour groups, he said. Now you spend a day hunting and you dont even know if youll shoot anything, so it makes more sense to work and buy some meat. AFP




OSullivan, Robertson into snooker Worlds semi-finals

EIGNING champion Ronnie OSullivan breezed into the World Championship semi-finals with a session to spare on Wednesday after completing a 13-3 win over Shaun Murphy. Murphy made a strong start to their quarter-final on Tuesday by winning the first two frames, but OSullivan roared back and won the next six frames to establish a 6-2 overnight lead. The ve-time champion stretched his advantage to 8-2 on Wednesday morning before 2005 champion Murphy clawed a frame back, but a break of 118 gave OSullivan a 9-3 advantage at the mid-session interval. After a short delay due to a technical problem with the scoreboard, OSullivan capitalised on a couple of routine misses by Murphy to close out victory. OSullivan admitted that he had not been expecting such a straightforward victory. You just never know what type of match youre going to get, he told BBC television. You can expect a really tough match and it turned out easy like it did with Shaun. I didnt expect to win it that easy, to be fair. Hes a free-scoring, great potter. He just missed a few balls and let me in quite easily. I still had to pot them, but I didnt have to fight for my chances. Murphy said: I knew it was going to be a challenge. Nobody has beaten him here for nearly three years and I dont think theres a player in the game he hasnt done that to at some stage. OSullivan will now face 2013 runner-up Barry Hawkins who beat Welshman Dominic Dale 13-12. World number one Neil Robertson reached the last-four by coming back from 6-2 and 9-6 down to beat Englands Judd Trump 13-11. Robertson of Australia also became the first player to score 100

Englands Ronnie OSullivan rocketed into the semi-nals of the Snooker World Championships on Wednesday to stay on course for his third straight title.


century breaks in the same season in booking a semi-final spot against Mark Selby who finished off a one-sided 13-5 win over Alan McManus. Leading 12-4 overnight, Leic-

ester cueman Selby needed only one frame to complete victory, but Scottish veteran McManus took the days first frame thanks to a break of 69. It proved only a stay of execu-

tion, however, and when McManus could not exploit his opportunities in the next frame, Selby pounced to set up a last-four meeting with Robertson. I think it was four years ago

since I was in the semi-final, so it seems like forever with so many tournaments now during the season, Selby said. Im looking forward to it and cant wait to get out there. AFP

Wheels in motion for tennis clinic

H S Manjunath

TENNIs Cambodia will launch the countrys first ever wheelchair tennis clinic later this year to build on the amazing results their Battambang grassroots wheelchair program, introduced a few months ago at La Paloma centre for the disabled, has been producing under the care of former WTA player Irene Reheberger Bescos. The decision to strengthen the program and beef up the facilities available for the trainees follows a review trip made by Tennis Cambodia secretary-general Tep Rithivit in the company of head of junior development Mam Phalkun and head of marketing Mirella Magnoli two days ago. The first batch is training smoothly the numbers are not big yet, Mam Phalkun told the Post yesterday. Three out of 10 players are


A wheelchair tennis player hits a ball in Battambang during a visit from Tennis Cambodia ofcials.

already playing in wheelchairs and four or five more could join them. Obviously wheelchairs are not easy to come by and we will address this issue by the time we get to the clinic later in the year. It is a pleasure to watch these kids progress under the

guidance of Irene. This school is the seed of our grassroots wheelchair program which we at Tennis Cambodia hope to grow a lot bigger in the near future, added Phalkun, who is also a member of Cambodias Davis Cup team heading to Iran early next month for the Asia Oceania Group III campaign. The Tennis Cambodia team also visited Ta Hen, a school in Battambang for underprivileged children, where as many as 30 students practise tennis on a weekly basis. The progress has been so good that a few players look match ready. This is amazing. In a short time, Irene has been able to improve these players, said Phalkun. Tep Rithivit, meanwhile, noted that he always came away from these visits with a great feeling. These kids take nothing for granted. You can see it in their

eyes that they are passionate about tennis and we at Tennis Cambodia will do whatever it takes to help them realise their tennis dreams, he told the Post. I would like to express my gratitude to Cambodia Airports for sponsoring our schools tennis initiative and also Vittel for its support. Irene Reheberger Bescos left Cambodia yesterday for a few weeks break to finish her law exams back in her hometown in Spain. She is expected to return by the third week of July and Tennis Cambodia has already assigned one of its coaches in Irenes absence to take care of the program in these two schools. The third Junior National Tournament planned for late June has now been put off by at least a month to enable Irene to bring to Phnom Penh the players she has groomed to take part.

Paralympian to coach women in Battambang

H S Manjunath

ThE Cambodian National Volleyball League (Disabled) has announced the appointment of Paralympic gold medallist Mary Allison Milford-Cook as the new technical adviser-cum-national coach to run CNVLDs womens wheelchair basketball program at the MOSVY National Rehabilitation Center in Battambang. An accomplished Paralympic athlete, Milford-Cook was a member of the United States gold medal-winning wheelchair basketball team at the Beijing Paralympics in 2008, following up with gold medals at the 2010 IBWF World Championships in Birmingham, England, and the 2011 Parapan American Games in Mexico. According to the CNVLD,

Milford-Cook will be on her rst visit to Cambodia from May 25-31, during which she will train 30 athletes from the CNVLD program In 2009, Milford-Cook graduated from the University of Alabama. She was hired by the Lakeshore Foundation, an Olympic and Paralympic Training site in Birmingham, Alabama, as a recreation specialist, organising and implementing recreation programs for people with physical disability and coaching wheelchair basketball. She continues to work at Lakeshore Foundation and in 2013 began working with the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability, developing an online How To series for individuals who use a wheelchair.




Runners lining up for green Half Marathon

THE 4th Phnom Penh International Half Marathon on June 15 will once again mark celebrations for the Queen Mother Norodom Monineaths June 18 birthday, as well as the 120th anniversary of the founding of the International Olympic Committee on June 23. The event, which has already attracted registration from 200 athletes, including around 50 foreigners, is also being used to promote environmental awareness under the slogan The Love for Green Sport. Funds raised from the race will be donated to the families of mine victims and Kantha Bopha Childrens Hospital. Runners can sign up to compete by calling co-organisers Cambodia Events and the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia on 023 213 525/016 355 005/023215869 or by email to either reg@ cambodia-events.org or pphim@phnompenhmarathon. org. YEUN PONLOK, TRANSLATED BY

DAntoni resigns as Lakers head coach

MikE DAntoni resigned on Wednesday as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers after one of the worst seasons in the NBA clubs history. The Lakers announced DAntonis resignation less than 18 months after they brought him in to take the place of Mike Brown early in the 2012-13 campaign. The Lakers under DAntonis Lakers went a total 67-87, including a 27-55 mark this season with injured superstar Kobe Bryant missing all but six games. AFP

IOC official John Coates backtracks on Rio attack

IOC vice president John Coates yesterday backtracked on his scathing criticism of Rio de Janeiros Olympic preparations, insisting the city could deliver an excellent games as he moved to defuse tensions. Following my statements about the upcoming games in Rio I want to underline that I still believe that the Rio Organising Committee and the people of Brazil can indeed deliver an excellent games in 2016, he said in a statement. His toneddown comments came two days after he criticised the preparations as the worst that Ive experienced in 40 years of being involved with the Olympics, remarks that attracted worldwide attention and sparked a swift rebuttal from Rio. AFP

WELVE months ago not even Paul the Octopus could have predicted Australias rise to the top of the ICC rankings in Test and one-day international cricket (although seeing as he died in 2010, his predictions may not be up to much these days). After a 3-0 loss in their away Ashes series the Lehmann era was off to shaky if not totally disastrous beginning. Whats transpired since has been glorious, befuddling, joyous, and, as in the case of Mitchell Johnsons transcontinental reign of terror, utterly compelling. This is just reward for the Australia captain, Michael Clarke. Its hard to say how much he has left in the tank now in a physical sense, but he can at least now say that he scaled the summit as a captain. Clarke began his international career in a monotonously dominant side and then saw those fortunes slowly disintegrate in the wake of the exodus of champions. It is true to say that he didnt toil as long or with such pained despondency as Allan Border, for instance, but as captain he knew well the heartbreaks that make the winning moments of these last six months ones to be cherished. Of course the vagaries of ICC rankings dont actually mean that much in a long-term historical sense. Theyve only really mattered in any resonant manner twice, when the West Indies dominated cricket for 20 years (when proper rankings didnt actually exist), and the decade after their demise in which Australia were so ridiculously good that the rest of the world had to pool their resources to give them a decent shake. What this ranking really does is quantify a golden moment in Australian cricket in which an unlikely conguration of perceived has-beens, could-bes and stop-gaps clubbed together and gave two of the worlds strongest teams an almighty shake. Englands Test tourists were ruthlessly obliterated and a technically superior South Africa were out-captained and out-gunned in a humbling home defeat. It formalises in the minds of Australians a micro-era in which their

Can Australia remain No 1? T

Russell Jackson

national side, feckless duds for four years of frustration and ignominy, bound together and grew, resurrecting themselves as individuals and combining to dominate two sides against whom theyd recently appeared utterly inept. Itd be misleading to attribute all of that success to the wild-eyed, menacing perfection of Johnson during the home summer. Ryan Harris and the minor geniuses who massaged his weary body through this period conjured something approaching a miracle by having him out there and ring for eight consecutive Tests, a situation every bit as improbable as Australias sudden rise to the top of the heap. For his own annus mirabilis and the blood and sweat he gave, Harris became worthy of monuments in the eyes of Australian cricket lovers. Together with Johnson for his Ashes demolition job, Harris will be forever embalmed in the glory of his seriesclinching spell in Cape Town. Steve Smith went from skittish trier with leadership potential to an accomplished and naggingly dependable batsman with a mortgage on the Test captaincy. Brad Haddin will also not be forgotten fast for the stability and relief of the leadership burden he offered Clarke and the eventual inevitability of his rescue missions with the bat. Against the downward momentum of his rst Ashes tour David Warner converted potential into performance, becoming a run-machine at Test level and paying back the faith of selectors with interest. Thats without mentioning the job Darren Lehmann did in creating the environment in which this collection of players could thrive as individuals, take pleasure in each others performance and quickly turn themselves into such a dominant outt. Amazingly, in the case of George Bailey, Shane Watson and, to a lesser extent Shaun Marsh, they even carried non-performers without losing step. What will be interesting now is how Australia adapts to this strange, unlikely transition from the hunter to the hunted. Will they reach new heights as front-runners or fall back to the pack? Its improbable that Johnson and Harris can continue to perform at these levels indenitely, for reasons of logic

Australia reclaimed the number one Test ranking on Wednesday for the rst time in ve years, with captain Michael Clarke calling it the most satisfying day of his career. AFP

and physiology respectively, but eager and younger fast bowlers like James Pattinson and Mitchell Starc wait in the wings. The batting line-up is the more likely hurdle to sustaining this momentum. Chris Rogers continued his centurymaking robot act this week in piloting Middlesex to a remarkable County Championship run-chase with his unbeaten fourth-innings double-century, but cant go on forever. For the next 12-18 months and until a young challenger presents an irresistible case though, hell do just nicely. Less predictable are the futures of Haddin, Watson and No 3 Alex Doolan, who will all face challenges for their spots. In terms of competition for the No 1 Test ranking, Australia are most likely

to be pushed by South Africa, who face the theoretically straightforward task of defeating Zimbabwe away and West Indies on their home turf. In addition to two Tests against Sri Lanka, Englands upcoming home series against India presents their best opportunity to get back on the horse in the post-KP era. Australia now sit two-thirds of the way towards Clarke and Lehmanns goal of attaining the top ranking in all three formats and that presents the opportunity for a pleasant kind of recalibration in their thinking. Test series against Pakistan and India await, as well as the 2015 Cricket World Cup. If Australias recent fortunes prove anything, its that predicting the likely results therein is a mugs game. THE GUARDIAN

Rockets stay alive with win over Trail Blazers

Super Rugby to expand to 18 teams in 2016

ThE Super Rugby competition will expand to 18 teams in 2016, with three new clubs coming from South Africa, Argentina and possibly Asia or the United States, officials said yesterday. New Zealand Rugby Union chief executive Steve Tew said a revamp was needed in the southern hemisphere competition, which currently includes five teams from each of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. He said expansion, which has been approved by governing body SANZAR, would meet South African demands for a sixth team and help establish elite professional rugby in Argentina. The addition of an 18th team would also take the game to new markets, he said. Theres interest on the west coast of America, theres interest in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Tew told reporters, adding that discussions were already underway with credible potential bidders for the groundbreaking franchise. Australian Rugby Union chief executive Bill Pulver said the plan gave Super Rugby the potential to become a truly global competition. Our strong preference is for the 18th team to come from Asia, as we believe this will attract significant commercial opportunities for us in the future, he said. Super Rugby started as the Super Six in 1986, becoming Super 10 when South Africa re-entered the rugby world in 1993. It grew into the Super 12 when the newly formed SANZAR took control in 1996, then Super 14 a decade later and most recently Super 15 in 2011. Tew said organisers would look at further expansion in 2018, after the Super 18 concept had a couple of years to bed in. He rejected suggestions that constant tinkering with the competitions format would alienate fans, saying evolution was natural in a sport which only turned professional in the mid-1990s. Professional rugby in this part of the world is still incredibly young, so were evolving ... and we dont make any apology for looking to do things better, he said. Were keen for the game to grow and we see SANZAR as being in the vanguard of all that. Under the new blueprint, the competition will be split into two regional groupings, South Africa and Australasia, each containing two conferences. The South Africa grouping will have eight teams including Argentina and the 18th team with two conferences of four teams. Australasia will have 10 teams, with the five Australian and five New Zealand sides each forming a conference. Teams will play the majority of their regular season games against sides from their own regional grouping, which Tew said would minimise the large amounts of travel needed under the current format. South African broadcasters provide the bulk of the competitions funding, so organisers needed to meet demands for another team. Tew said Argentina, whose national team joined the former Tri-Nations competition in 2012 when it was rebranded the Rugby Championship, also needed a locally based professional team if the game was to flourish there. They have told us categorically that if they cant have a professional team in a competition like this then their ability to compete in Test rugby will be compromised, he said. AFP

DwigHt Howard scored 22 points and pulled down 18 rebounds on Wednesday as the Houston Rockets stayed alive in the NBA play-offs with a 108-98 victory over Portland. Houston came into the contest trailing 3-1 in the tight series, in which three of the first four games went to overtime. The Blazers will try again to close it out when they host game six tonight. Meanwhile, the San Antonio Spurs regained control of their first-round series against Dallas with a 109-103 victory over the Mavericks to lead 3-2. In the East, the Toronto Raptors held off the charging Brooklyn Nets for a 115-113 victory and 3-2 edge in their series. AFP




EIGNING Metfone C-League champions Svay Rieng have left themselves a mountain to climb to advance to the nals stage of the 2014 AFC Presidents Cup after being humbled 6-3 by Nepalese club Manang Marshyangdi Club in their Group C opener at the MFF Football Centre in the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator last night. The 2013 Nepal A-Division winners opened the scoring after just six minutes through striker Dipak Rai. Svay Rieng then compounded things minutes later with an own goal from defender Moul Daravorn. Manang seized the momentum with a third on 24 minutes by defender Azeez Saheed. Soun Veasna pulled one back for the Cambodians before the break and teammate Nub Tola added another after play resumed. But the Nepalese were in no mood to surrender their advantage and netted two more via Dipak Rai and midelder Sulav Maskey. Substitute Nirajan Malla put the game beyond doubt in the 83rd minute, before Nub Tola snatched a late consolation in the dying moments. Svay Rieng will now need a positive result from their remaining group match against Mongolian host side Erchim, which kicks off at 2pm Cambodian time tomorrow, to ensure they progress to the next phase of the competition, slated for September 22-28. Svay Riengs Cup trip has forced the rescheduling of their Metfone Cambodian League clash with current leaders Phnom Penh Crown, who made it all the way to the nal of the annual Asian club competition in 2011. The Cambodian heavyweights will instead face off in a midweek xture on May 21. Self-destruction was the name of the game for Boeung Ket Rubber Field when they conceded an own goal last week to help a staggering Kirivong Sok Sen Chey to their rst win this league season.

Svay Rieng smashed for six R

H S Manjunath and Dan Riley

Acleda Bank Cup kicks off its fourth edition

THE 2014 Acelda Bank Plc Cup, which features 56 teams comprised of 1,458 staff members of the nationwide financial institution, kicked off its fourth campaign at the Olympic Stadium yesterday. The amateur competition, which will hold games every weekend and on public holiday, aims to encourage Acleda staff to take care of their health, develop friendships and help promote the beautiful game in Cambodia. Teams are split into eight groups, four for those based in Phnom Penh and the other four for provincial squads. Future Group A, B, C and D games will be played at Mekong, Khemara and Don Bosco fields. Yesterdays results involved Group C rivals, with Office Center A drawing 0-0 with the Steng Meanchey branch while Office Centre D beat Phnom Penh Central 3-1.

Crown, World Vision push for kids nutrition

Svay Rieng forward Soun Veasna (left) scored the Cambodian champions rst goal in their 2014 AFC Presidents Cup Group C match against Manang Marshyangdi Club of Nepal yesterday evening in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. SRENG MENG SRUN

The 2012 champions, who nished runners-up to Svay Rieng last year, will be hoping to turn that chaos into clockwork when they face a resurgent Build Bright United in this weekends standout xture at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday. As their recent performances indicate, BBU is hopping around with great condence and have given some of the heavyweights a fright or two in the last few weeks. If Boeung Ket are looking to turn that Kirivong setback around, they will have to bring out their best to overrun BBU, who it is safe to assume will not go down without a ght. In the late evening encounter, NagaCorp, who are level on points with Phnom Penh Crown at the top of the table, should be on the lookout for a full set of points against Western Uni-

versity, given their relative strengths and surface form. Kirivong and Albirex Niigata open tomorrows action at the Old Stadium. The sides will be looking to seize this chance to bolster their morale since they are both at the wrong end of the table. Some form watchers may have been taken by surprise last week when Asia Europe University got the measure of TriAsia Phnom Penh. But the underlying truth is that few teams ght as hard as the University lads, which explains away some of their good results against decidedly stronger opposition. In tomorrows second xture at the Old Stadium, AEU will be pitting its strengths against National Police Commissary, who had to dig deep into their reserves to get the better

of Western last week in a game that produced no less than seven goals. Tomorrows clash could easily turn itself into a nip-and-tip affair. Another fascinating story line could emerge from tomorrows only outing at the Olympic Stadium between Ministry of National Defence and TriAsia.

Weekend Fixtures
Saturday May 3 At Old Stadium Kirivong v Albirex 1:30pm National Police v AEU 3:45pm At Olympic Stadium MND v TriAsia 3:30pm Sunday May 4 At Olympic Stadium BBU v Boeung Ket 3:30pm Naga Corp v Western Uni 6pm Borussia Dortmund v Hoffenheim 8:30pm Borussia Mgladbach v Mainz 8:30pm Eintracht Braunschweig v Augsburg 8:30pm Eintracht Frankfurt v Bayer Leverkusen 8:30pm Hamburg v Bayern Munich 8:30pm Freiburg v Schalke 8:30pm Werder Bremen v Hertha Berlin 8:30pm Stuttgart v Wolfsburg 8:30pm Sunday May 4 Catania v Roma 8pm Chievo v Torino 8pm Genoa v Bologna 8pm Parma v Sampdoria 8pm Udinese v Livorno 8pm Monday May 5 AC Milan v Inter Milan 1:45am Saturday May 3 Bastia v Lille 1:30am Sunday May 4 St Etienne v Montpellier 7pm Lorient v Ajaccio 10pm Reims v Evian TG 10pm Sochaux v Nice 10pm Toulouse v Nantes 10pm Valenciennes v Bordeaux 10pm Monday May 5 Marseille v Lyon 2am

CUrrEnt Metfone C-League leaders Phnom Penh Penh Crown FC are teaming up with World Visions Child Health Now campaign to address child malnutrition in Cambodia. According to World Vision statistics, up to 40 per cent of Cambodian children are chronically malnourished. World Vision and PCFC want to see that Cambodian children are healthy and energetic, giving them a sporting change for their future. Together we are calling for government to take action to address this urgent issue through increasing funding, and providing better coordination and leadership, and for the general public to understand about the importance of child nutrition, a statement from Crown read yesterday, urging people to share a YouTube video featuring messages from some of their star players. DAN RILEY

Mourinho rues Courtois friendly re in 3-1 defeat

CHElsEA manager Jose Mourinho was left to rue the performance of the clubs own goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois after their Champions League semi-final elimination by Atletico Madrid. Belgian international Courtois, 21, has been on loan at Atletico from Chelsea since 2011 and he produced a save in Wednesdays second leg at Stamford Bridge that Mourinho identified as the key moment in the tie. With Atletico ahead on away goals after Adrian Lopez had cancelled out Fernando Torress 36th-minute opener for Chelsea, Courtois plunged to his left to block a header from home skipper John Terry. Moments later Diego Costa put Atletico 2-1 up from the penalty spot after he had been fouled by Samuel Etoo and a late Arda Turan effort completed a 3-1 victory that set up a showdown with city rivals Real Madrid in the final in Lisbon on May 24. The difference was one control and we had the feeling the game was lost. They had the feeling the game was in their hands and after that they were very solid, very mature, a real team. I knew before they were a real team, and I congratulate them. Courtois was making his first appearance at Stamford Bridge, but Mourinho said that he was not frustrated by the knowledge that Chelsea had effectively been denied by one of their own players. No, no, no, he said. Hes the Atletico goalkeeper, he plays for Atletico, and he did his job. Atletico coach Diego Simeone, meanwhile, was evasive when asked if he would like to keep Courtois at the Vicente Calderon for a fourth season. Im just experiencing this moment, trying to relish this moment, he said. Im sure in the future the directors will decide whats best for this young lad and whether he will stay at the club or not. AFP

weeKeNd fiXTUres
Saturday May 3 West Ham v Tottenham 6:45pm Aston Villa v Hull 9pm Man United v Sunderland 9pm Newcastle v Cardiff 9pm Stoke v Fulham 9pm Swansea v Southampton 9pm Everton v Man City 11:30pm Sunday May 4 Arsenal v West Brom 7:30pm Chelsea v Norwich 10pm Saturday May 3 Rayo Vallecano v Athletic Bilbao 2am Barcelona v Getafe 9pm Malaga v Elche 11pm Sunday May 4 Osasuna v Celta de Vigo 1am Real Valladolid v Espanyol 3am Almeria v Real Betis 5pm Levante v Atletico Madrid 10pm Monday May 5 Sevilla v Villarreal 12am Real Madrid v Valencia 2am

English Premier League

Japan sorry for World Cup misunderstanding

Italian Serie A

Spanish La Liga

Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois catches the ball ahead of Chelseas Fernando Torres. AFP

minute in the second half, where the Atletico goalkeeper makes an impossible save from John Terrys header, said Mourinho, whose side had drawn 0-0 in last weeks first leg. Instead of 2-1 for Chelsea, a few seconds later, there is a penalty, which Im happy people tell me was a penalty, and they scored the 2-1. That minute was crucial. After that, they had complete

French Ligue 1

German Bundesliga
Saturday May 3 Nurnberg v Hannover 8:30pm

Japan has apologised for creating a misunderstanding after suggesting it could step in and hold the 2022 World Cup instead of Qatar, if the Gulf nation is stripped of hosting rights. Japan Football Association president Kuniya Daini made the initial comments in a taped interview in late March, but he later backtracked following a complaint from Qatar. When questioned on the matter by AFP, the JFA said that Dainis intentions were not properly conveyed and that he was not actively seeking to hold the World Cup. The article left Qatar officials with the bad impression that the Japan Football Association had expressed its intention to actively invite the 2022 World Cup, the JFA communications department said in a statement. Therefore, the Japan Football Association, for its part, sent a letter in which it explained that Dainis intentions were not properly conveyed and it apologised for creating a misunderstanding. Qatar has come under fire over alleged corruption in the bidding process and deaths of foreign workers at construction sites. AFP



Marquez braced for Jerez surge
ARC Marquez eyes a fourth win in four races this season in Spain, on Sunday but faces a Yamaha challenge from Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo who have eight elite class MotoGP wins between them at Jerez. World champion Marquez, lining up for his 100th race in all categories, has swept all three grands prix so far at Qatar, the United States and Argentina. Last weekend in Argentina, Marquez nished just ahead of Honda team-mate Dani Pedrosa with Lorenzo, who led the race in the early stages, eventually nishing almost four seconds off the pace in third. Rossi was close to ve seconds behind the world champion. But despite Hondas domination of the 2014 campaign, Marquez isnt getting carried away by his chances of a fourth successive season triumph at a circuit where he has yet to win. Nine-time world champion Rossi, in contrast, has six wins in the MotoGP class at Jerez with Yamaha teammate Lorenzo, two. Furthermore, Pedrosa won in 2013 as well as 2008. In Jerez, I know Dani and Jorge are very strong, admitted Marquez, who was second last year after clashing with Lorenzo in the early stages. The crowd and atmosphere is very special and it gives you special motivation to perform at your maximum level. Rossi was fourth in Jerez in 2013 but stands at third in this seasons world title race, albeit 34 points behind Marquez. Jerez is one of the most special and important Grand Prix weekends of the season, the track is fantastic and there will be a lot of fans so the target is to improve and make the podium, said the Italian. We have to work a lot, the bike is

Honda Repsol MotoGP rider Marc Marquez of Spain will meet stiff opposition to claiming his fourth straight win of the season this weekend at the Jerez circuit.


good, but we have some weak points which we have to improve to go faster so we can ght with the Hondas. Lorenzo, who will be racing in his 200th grand prix on Sunday, is down in seventh spot in the world championship on 22 points, 53 off the lead having seen last weeks third place nish in Argentina come as a welcome boost after his hopes in Austin had been shattered by a jump-start.

The 2010 and 2012 world champion admitted in Argentina that the Hondas were comfortably the earlyseason powerhouses with Yamaha struggling to match the pace and performance of their fellow Japanese factory team. We come back to Europe and Im so excited to race at home, in Jerez, in front of the Spanish crowd, especially after Ive got my rst podium

of 2014 now, said Lorenzo who will be 27 on Sunday. The taste of that podium was really great and sweet after two difcult races. The track is always amazing not only because of the layout but also the atmosphere; that is so magical. Obviously this race is going to be tough because both Honda riders are in a very good shape as we saw

from Qatar, although Jerez is normally good for Yamaha it is also a special place for Honda. I think I have to improve my physical condition a little and also we need to improve as best as possible our bike and be patient and wait for our moment that for sure will come. Sundays main race gets under way at 7pm Cambodian time. AFP

Mayweather plans to neutralise Maidanas power

FloYd Mayweather returns to the ring for the first time since his demolition of Canelo Alvarez seven months ago, looking to add another welterweight belt to his list of titles. The 37-year-old undefeated American will defend his World Boxing Council 147pound (67 kg) crown on Saturday against the World Boxing Association champ Marcos Maidana in a unification bout at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Pound-for-pound king Mayweather said on Wednesday that the key to dethroning the power-punching Maidana is to use his ring smarts to avoid getting hit by the Argentinians knockout blow. It takes more than just power to beat me, Mayweather told a news conference at the Hollywood Theatre inside the MGM Grand on Wednesday. You got to dig deep and be mentally strong, not just physically strong. You have never seen me on the canvas and I have been hit by some of the biggest punches. Saturdays fight at the Grand Garden arena will unify Mayweather and Maidanas 147pound titles. It is also the third of the 30-month, six-fight deal worth $200 million-plus that Mayweather signed with Showtime. In his last fight, Mayweather (45-0, 26 KOs) became the unified super welterweight world champ by dominating Mexicos Alvarez on September 14, 2013. Asked if he expects a fight similar to his 2012 decision over the hard-hitting Miguel Cotto, Mayweather said he doesnt know until he feels Ma i d a n as p u n c h e s i n the ring. I am looking to win, Mayweather said. He is going to come straight ahead. Even though he has an 80 per cent knockout ratio I cant say if his punches will be harder than Cotto. The 30-year-old Maidana (35-3, 31 KOs) will be making the first defence of his belt. Maidana used the news conference to try and dispel the belief that he is just another one of Mayweathers handpicked opponents designed to pad the Americans 18-year-long undefeated record. I trained harder for this fight than I ever trained before, said Maidana, speaking in Spanish. I earned this opportunity for myself. His language got more colourful as he boasted he would be the first to beat Mayweather, energising the news conference as he declared: Me vale madre! [I dont give a shit!] Mayweathers focus on the fight hasnt stopped him from noticing the drama erupting around the Los Angeles Clippers and owner Donald Sterling, who was banned for life by the NBA after racist comments Sterling made to his girlfriend were made public. Mayweather says hes interested in joining the long list of suitors seeking to buy the Clippers if Sterling is indeed forced to sell. Mayweather told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he would only do it if he gets a sizeable share in a consortium, I cant come in here talking about Mayweather only going to get three per cent or four per cent. Mayweather says he often accepts invitations from Sterling to attend Clipper games and sits next to the owner. He says he has never seen the side of Sterling that was featured in the audio tape, telling his girlfriend dont bring blacks to his games. I dont have anything negative to say about the guy, Mayweather said. He has always treated me with the utmost respect and he has always invited me to games, and he said, Floyd, I want you to sit next to me and my wife, Mayweather told the newspaper. AFP

WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr (left) and WBA champion Marcos Maidana pose during a news conference at the MGM Grand HotelCasino on Wednesday in Las Vegas, Nevada. AFP