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The History of Accounting

Accounting is the measurement, processing and communication of financial information about economic entities. Accounting has also been called the language of business and is closely related to developments in writing, counting and money, and taxation.

Famous People in Accounting

Luca Pacioli was the author of the first book on double-entry accounting. Pacioli was also known as the Father of Accounting because of his first book. The book he published about the information of accounting was called Summa de Artihmetica, Geometria, Proportion et Proportionalia. His system included most of the accounting cycle used today. Luca was 49 years old when his book was published and he lived in the time of the Renaissance.

Accounting is said to be thousands of years old and trace back to ancient civilizations. Early development dates go back to ancient Mesopotamia. A key step in the development of counting was the transition from concrete to abstract. It was related to the early development of accounting and money, which took place in Mesopotamia.
Benedetto Cotrugli was said to be the first author on bookkeeping manuscript and trade manual. His book was called Della mercatura e del mercante perfetto, which in English was also called Of Commerce and the Perfect Merchant, On Merchantry and the Perfect Merchant, and On Trade and the Perfect Dealer. He wrote this book in 1458 and it is the oldest manuscript on double-entry bookkeeping. Luca Pacioli was credited as The Father of Accounting because Cotrugli work was not

Offices, Math, Money, OH MY. The Career of an Accountant. By Kyra Rodriguez

Accountants made a big impact on the many thing we use today. They had invented writing, participated in the development of money banking, saved many Industrial Revolution inventors and entrepreneurs from bankruptcy, helped make the confidence in capitalism, and are central to the information revolution that is transforming the global economy.

officially published until 1573.

Salary/Month $5,237 Career Options Bookkeeper

Job Options
Education Required Associate Degree in Business or Finance Associate Degree in Business or Finance Bachelor Degree in Business or Finance 150-credit college degree program Work Environment Office Expected Salary $36,120 a year

5 Paragraph Essay
Helping people with their money problems, getting to work with smart, great people, and being able to use the skills that I have to save someone with the situation that they are in are the reasons I want to be an accountant. Also, having many different options within the same job is another reason of why I want to be an accountant. I believe that I would be a very good accountant because I work well with people that need help or advice, Im really good at mathematics and numbers, and I take any work given to me very seriously and. will work hard at it. Every person at one point needed help with a task, or advice on what they should do. I believe that accountants should be able to talk to clients like a friend and always help them when in need and I know that I will always be able to do that. My friends come to me a lot when in need and I am always there to help them. They can trust me with anything and if I was an accountant then I would treat my clients as a friend and help them as much as i could. Doing your job and being an accountant is important, but being there for someone and being a friend is just as important. At some point, all of us have asked while working on any math assignment, When are we ever going to use this?. We all know that if you want to be an accountant you have to be really good with math and numbers and I know that I am very good at that. In 8th grade, there are three different levels of math you can be in and I am in the highest one, geometry. Geometry is very hard but I do very well in it and right now I have an A in that class. If I continue to do well, my math classes will get harder and I believe that being in advanced math classes will help if I become an accountant. Using math and numbers is the main thing to being an accountant and I know that with where Im at with math right now, I will do great as an accountant. Due dates for any work can be hard to meet especially if you want your project to be good, but you always have to turn in any work on time. Although, if you get your assignment turned into your boss, or teacher on time but you didnt put very much effort into it is not acceptable. With all assignments that I get, I work my hardest on it and make sure it is good quality, but also that it is turned in at the right time. Being an accountant, you have many responsibilities you have to do and your clients expect the best out of you, but if you dont exceed their standards or complete what you ask, you wont get much respect. Being a student, I know I put my hardest effort into everything and take all due dates seriously. As an accountant, your job is to do what other people need help with and have great quality but also great effort and I believe that if I keep my hard work and effort that I will be a great accountant. Being there for someone and helping them with their problems, do well with numbers and math, and hard work and dedication are the things to be a exceptional accountant and I know that with my talents I will be a great accountant. Accountants have many responsibilities and many people trust them to help them, and succeed in what they ask. and I know that when I get older that i will succeed very well with what someone asks of me. I want to be an accountant because I know the many responsibilities they have, the different jobs they have, and what it takes to be one and I really believe the i will excel at being a great accountant.


$711 (Split with a Roommate) My Share: $355.50 $125 $80 $190 $80 $20 $100 $70 $1,309 $75 $35 N/A N/A $2,439.50

Food Car Insurance Car Payment Entertainment Renters Insurance Utilities Cell Phone Bill Taxes Clothing Miscellaneous Student Loan Payment Cable TV Total Expenditures

Accounting Clerk


$33,144 a year



$62,850 a year

Certified Public Accountant


$74,200 a year

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