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Jeffery Ludwig Rhet 1312 James Wilson 4/25/14 Reflective Memo

My Role: Lead Organizer, video script, about us section, transcribed video Lazy Bones: Chanda Rudy Scott, I had assigned for her to create a timeline, and research examples of where in the last 5 years sleep or dreams have been explored in the general popular mindset, but after needing further direction from me because she hadnt even been paying attention, the work she did submit was far beyond unacceptable. The others in my group decided not to name her despite knowing that she had done subpar work because they didn't want to feel guilty about what would happen to her, but I can assure that they were aware of what was happening and that they know that she did not live up to the standards we held for each other. To better demonstate this I have included the email correspondences in this reflection to demonstrate my point.

Jeffery Ludwig <jjludwig@ualr.edu>

to Chanda, Taylor, Victoria Jedi: re write video script re write group description

Apr 23 (2 days ago)

Rudy: Create timeline for project and explain the processes timeline and production costs better. look up recent examples of popular culture being focused on dreams to prove that people are interrested. inception, celebrities doing something related... etc. Taylor: clean up rewards section, raise prices, clarify sections. add in t-shirt reward. add in bandana reward. add in sleeping mask and earplugs reward. add in dream journal reward include raffle reward system. (higher rewards reg more entries?)

remove "coupon" reward and instead just state how they'll get a device issued to them for one week to use for free in home. create stretch goal Victoria: body text clean up. include poem in description for pathos. take the first half of the video pitch and put it in a section titled "history of dreams" or something similar risks and challenges --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------On Friday we will compile all of our efforts and after re recording audio I can caption the video on youtube then create a link on the kickstarter to the video

My return email from her:

Chanda Scott
to me

Apr 24 (1 day ago)

I haven't been paying attention so I'm lost

My response:

Jeffery Ludwig <jjludwig@ualr.edu>

to Chanda

Apr 24 (1 day ago)

your job is to log into kickstarter and look at all the information to figure out a timeline for what we're doing. we've got the kickstarter up for 60 days but after that there'll be clinical trials and then testing of the prototypes then we'll have production and distribution done and we'll need to send out rewards, so you'll need to look at rewards and find out when each will be sent and when our product will hit shelves.

your second job is to look up recent (last 3 years) examples when the popular consciousness has had focus on dreams. whether it be celebrity's books, movies that deal with dreams, all the freaking pillowpets/nightlights that have come out in recent years etc and create a section for the body text entitled "why now?" or something to that effect and compile your evidence to show how now is ripe time for this project to come to fruition

her response

Chanda Scott
to me

7:07 PM (16 hours ago)

Ok the 60 frame is good so when our stuff hits shelves the rewards should come the same day . That's just common sense .the trials and test should be done during the 60 days because who wants to wait another however many days till the product is finished because testing those things could take months . The test should be done during the 60 days. To actually make the product should be no less than 30 days. No one wants to wait on something they invested in . All the rewards should be sent out the day the product hits shelves . Secondly no one really has cared that much about their dreams to focus in them especially these past years cause I didn't find anything . Maybe in 1990's to early 2000 but lately ain't nobody got time for that honestly so the second part needs to be made up and nobody but kids care about them ugly pillow pets so that's don't matter ,nightlight is for kids scared of the dark & nobody knows what fruition Means but anyways ummm Just say now would be a good time to do this project because the study of humans and the way the think , eat , sleep , walk etc wen awake and not awake has become a very intriguing study these recent years . Every aspect even dream wise of a human has now been brought to the attention of how these things come about . So with all these studies it would be a great time to have a device that can help further these studies. Some people would live to know how dreams happen , why thy happen, what's articulates them to dream that specific dreams and do they relate to anything and if we had a device that can record them so you can analyze them then that would help that aspect of studies concerning the human life/body/chrarctiistics or whatever . Jedi you can go over what I said n make it sound all good n stuff but that's all found so have at it n upload IT if you want cause I'll prolly mess up sumthin ok bye

There is no way that I can accept this level of work from someone and still keep them out of your lazy bones section

Learning Outcomes
Rhetorical Knowledge I responded to the needs of different audiences by editing the initial rough draft of the project to be a more kickstarter friendly version by trimming the excess information to streamline it for kickstarter. I responded appropriately to different kinds of rhetorical situations by acknowledging the appeals and responding appropriately. We included Pathos through the poem and the background music, included logos through the appeal of not wasting years of your life and how the product is needed due to the statistics of how much a dream can be lost upon waking, and included ethos though the information we presented about the science of the situation.

Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing I integrated my own ideas with those of others by the work I did on this project in development of our idea and collaberation on details. I understand the relationships among language, knowledge and power. by demonstating that you have knowledge over language it can be percieved that you are in a position of power.

Processes I understood the collaborative and social aspects of writing processes by collaborating with others while finding an idea to market and discussing the benefits of what we can do with it versus the problems that could arrise. I showed that I had learned to balance the advantages of relying on others with the responsibility of doing their part though clear division of labor in a way that would be able to show where each person's responsibilities lay and creating a timetable where is someone failed at their required tasks there would still be time to complete it. I showed my understanding for writing as an open process through the revisions that were done to the rough draft to the final draft.

Knowledge of Conventions I showed that I knew common formats for different kinds of texts by the format that I used when developing the emails between peer members and the scripts for the assignment. I showed that I held knowledge of genre conventions due to how the scripts were posted and the about us section as well as the formatting of the main body of text. Composing in Multiple Environments We used electronic enviornment for drafting, reviewing, revising, editing and sharing text, we understood and utilized the differences between rhetorical strategies from print to electronic composing processes by having a group colaborative google document that we could all simultaneously view and document