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Dear Professor Wilson, I am writing this reflective memorandum for project 2 so that I can explain to you how I accomplished

the learning outcomes for this assignment. In regards to rhetorical knowledge I feel that I was able to respond appropriately to the needs of different audiences due to the fact that I took the same information from my essay and was able to transfer it into a powerpoint format for the group assignment. When transferring the information I was to understand how to omit information and bring focus to certain segments in order to appeal best to the assignments audience. By accomplishing this I showed that I have indeed completed the framework. When writing my analytical comparision essay in order to decide the best of the batmans I used the conventions of the format and structured my essay appropriately in order to express the information in a way that fit the needed style of composition. I showed my understanding for a writing assignment as a series of task, including finding, evaluation, analyzing, and synthesizing appropriate primary and secondary sources through the research that I did for the paper, though I will be the first to admit that my paper was lacking terms of secondary sources. I believe that this is so because my topic was not a subject of interest in the formal environments that would serve as credible sources for my evaluations. I understood relationships among language, knowledge, and power through the word choice I utilized in my essay and the background information regarding the sources that I brought forward for the audiences conveniences. Understand the relationships among language, knowledge, and power In terms of processes I believe accomplished the frameworks set forward as well. In order to develop flexible strategies for generating, revising, editing, and proofreading, I paid attention in class and followed the advice that you offered in how we should complete the drafting and revision process so that I could grow as a writer. I showed that I was aware that it usually takes m7ultiple drafts to create

and complete a successful text by progressing across 3 stages of growth before I had completed my final draft. I feel that in knowledge of conventions I have had similar success. In order to develop knowledge of genre conventions ranging from structure and paragraphing to tone and mechanics, I analyzed the essays of others and found work online that fit the genre so that I could better understand what the genre called for and implement the customs into my drafts. I feel that I have learned common formats for different kinds of texts due to my existing education and my ability to complete an essay in a variety of formats, such as apa, mla and scientific write-up. I feel that I am capable of composing in multiple environments. In this essay in particular I analyzed electronic texts to explore and develop criteria for assessment because I went online and found examples of this type of assignment so that I could ascertain what I would need to understand to complete this assignment. I have used a variety of electronic technologies intentionally to compose in this class, such a powerpoint in this assignment as well as prezi and the Microsoft office 2013 word processor. It is in this reflection that I document how much I gained from this assignment and how I gained it, so that I can properly understand how far along I have come. Your Student Jeffery Jedi Ludwig