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Angel Henry
John Kubler
English 114B
2 May 2014
Everyone Should Have the Same Rights
LGBTQ is short for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, and questioning/queer. There
are many people who are in the LGBTQ community but dont come out about it because the rest
of the world is very judgmental. Homosexuals feel as if they are alone in this world and cant be
themselves. Gay and lesbian people are as diverse as the rest of the population, they share the
same experience of discrimination. The constant pressure of dealing with the homophobia of
others makes depression even greater. They really have no rights and if people was to even
associate themselves with the LGBTQ community their life would change drastically. People in
the LGBTIQ community should have the same right just like people that are considered normal
genders, especially when gays, schools, and marriage is involved.
Gay men are looked upon as a terrible sight to see ever since they decided to come out of
the closet. When they are seen together people act like they dont exist that they arent human. In
the study What Lips These Lips Have Kissed: Reguring the Politics of Queer Public Kissing
by Charles E. Morris III & John M. Sloop they say Public kissing between men remains crucially
problematic, we claim, despite current mainstream gay visibility (2). Since seeing men show
affection in public to their significant other is such a problem they end up keeping it a secret from
everyone. They are tired of being judged so instead they hide their true feelings. Men gay,
bisexual, and transgender should be able to have the same limits a heterosexuals has. Just because
they are a little different doesnt mean they shouldnt be able have feelings for the same sex.
Marjane Satrapi the author of Persepolis 2 the Story of a Return talks about how when she lived in
Henry 2

Vienna she lived in a communal apartment and said my eight housemates were eight men, all
homosexuals (44). I like the fact that this book shows homosexuals living together like it was
nothing wrong with it. When she told her mom that they were gay she was shocked but she didnt
judge at all. If people found out that eight gay guys lived together it would really be a problem but
its not their business. I bet if eight straight guys lived together people would say they a family or
theyre brothers. If the general public doesnt care about straight guys living together why care if it
was homosexuals. Whats the difference? Nothing at all.
High schoolers are or have been harassed on the basis of their sexual identity. At school
they hear many comments from people who are anti-gay. I know you cant stop someone from
making remarks but they should at least know that its wrong. There is a French film called My
Life in Pink is about Ludovic a young boy who cross-dresses and feels like he should be a girl
instead of a boy. He had one friend until he started talking about how he was going to marry him.
He ended up losing that friend and getting kicked out of school on top of that. Just because he was
different and the parents didnt like it doesnt mean he should have to get kicked out. He had to
sneak into the girls restroom and have a lookout so no one would know he was in there. Even
though it is only a movie it does happen in school. Im not saying its ok for him to use a girls
bathroom but there should be somewhere he could go where he feels comfortable. Just like a
normal teen when it comes to bullies and harassment they should be able to go to the principal and
not be judged. On YouTube there is a video A Boy Who Was A Girl Fell in Love With A Girl
Who Was A Boy that talks about a couple Erin and Katie who are both transgender. They met
through their parent but before they met and went through their change, they went through a lot at
school. Erin said he was bullied for ten years because he looked like a girl but talked and acted
like a boy. Katie at age seven felt really depressed that she got to the point when she was going to
commit suicide. In the video it says a staggering 41% transgender will attempt suicide (4:44). I
Henry 3

feel that if teens have supportive adults at school and home they wouldnt want to commit suicide.
There really should be something like clubs or someone they can go to and talk to without being
judged for harassment especially in schools. Middle school and high school is the hardest for teens
and they are discovering themselves. This is the point in time when they should get all the help
they need. There shouldnt be different rules in schools just because they feel like that person is
Same-sex marriage is the most controversial issue in the world. It is legal in 17 states and
banned in 34 states. In the article U.S. expands legal benefits, services for same-sex marriages
by Evan Perez it says "will change the lives of countless committed gay and lesbian couples for
the better (1). Its taking them a while to finally recognize same-sex marriages but it is getting to
where it needs to be. They are finally getting the same rights just like heterosexual couples have.
Attorney General Eric Holder even said "It is the (Justice Department's) policy to recognize lawful
same-sex marriages as broadly as possible, to ensure equal treatment for all members of society
regardless of sexual orientation" (1). He is certainly right they need to be recognized as a normal
couple not some type of outsider. Just because they married someone of the same-sex does not
mean that they arent married; they went through the exact same process. Gay couples have just as
much of a right to marry as heterosexual couples. Not letting gay couples get married is a form of
discrimination. People need to open up their minds and stop being so uptight. If getting married is
the business of only the couple, why does it matter to anyone else if they get married? Love is
love. No one should be denied of their right to marry the one they love, boy or girl.
There are many people who believe that the LGBTQ community should not have the same
right as heterosexuals. In 2013 a bill was passed saying that public K-12 schools allow transgender
students to choose which locker room and restroom that pleases them. In the article Californias
K-12 transgender bathroom bill sparks war on privacy rights by Brandon Brice. He talks about
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how there is a controversy over this bill being passed. In the article it says Religious groups as
well as conservative families have begun filing petitions. . . . that the new law violates their
childrens rights to privacy (1). These people against the bill are really making a big deal out of
nothing. I was that age once, its really not that confusing especially if the parent teaches their
child about homosexuals. However, there are many supporters of this bill. They say that it will
help protect young students from bullying, teasing and mental abuse (1). The supporters are right
this will stop a lot of bullying that goes on. Students will feel more comfortable being somewhere
they feel that they fit in. These are places they dont have to go and be in the corner somewhere
they can be themselves and not feel bad about it.
In this point in life since the LGBTQ community doesnt have the same rights as everyone
else its incredible to see. Even though they have a different sexual preference doesnt mean that
they should be some type of outcast. People need to realize the problem does not lie with LGBTQ
individuals, but with the attitudes and behavior of the society around them. Plus with the constant
pressure of dealing with the homophobia of others makes depression and other problems, quite
common. A lot is changing but its just taking too long for it to actually happen. Not letting these
people have the same rights as everyone just makes our world look bad. We are supposed to all be
considered equal but I guess thats not fulfilled yet.

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