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A Moneynews.com Special Report
by Bill Spetrino
2 The WorId's Greatest Dividend Stock SpeciaI Report
My name is Bill Spetrino, and Im here to tell you
that you can fnd incredible investing success with high-
dividend-yield stocks. How do I know? Because Ive
done it myself.
But before I get to the stock that started it all for
me the one thats still an incredible wealth-building
machine today it may help to know a little more
about me.
First, its worth noting that I didnt come into the
world with a head start in the riches department. I
was born to a family of ordinary means in the suburbs
of Cleveland, Ohio. My dad was not a congressman
like Warren Buffetts dad was, nor was he a banker,
industrialist, or global businessman. Truly, no one in
my family possessed any unique fnancial planning
ability other than hard work and thrift.
Admittedly, I personally never enjoyed manual labor
or, frankly, working for others. I always wanted to do
my own thing.
I graduated from John Carroll University in
University Heights, Ohio, with a degree in accounting.
But a brief stint at Citigroup taught me one valuable
lesson: I did not want to be part of corporate America.
So instead I bowed out and became a part-time
instructor at a community college, where I worked for
a decade while I started my own small business, buying
and selling an eclectic mix of sports memorabilia, life
insurance, vitamins, and golf balls.
The frst six years forging my own way without a
steady full-time paycheck were really hard, because
all the money my wife and I made went toward making
extra payments on our condo and covering our living
expenses. Many friends and family members ridiculed
our thrifty lifestyle, but pushing ahead undeterred, we
were mortgage free within eight years.
Then, in 1990, my focus switched from sports
memorabilia to providing corporate entertainment
services, and my wife and I were able to start saving
money to build our fnancial future, starting with just
$9,000 of capital we had at the time. And, importantly,
I discovered Wall Street, or more specifcally, the
incredible power of dividend-paying stocks.
Today, we have more than $1 million in the bank.
And, quite literally, the money I earn from my regular
dividend payments alone easily covers all of my
familys living expenses.
In The Dividend Machine newsletter, which
was launched in 2009 when I was discovered
by Christopher Ruddy and Newsmax, I have
recommended a number of great dividend stocks, all of
which Ive bought myself as part of my overall nest egg.
But today, in this Special Report, I want to introduce
you to the belle of the ball, so to speak. What Im
talking about is owning the best company in America
tobacco giant Altria (NYSE symbol: MO).
Many otherwise thoughtful, intelligent people have
railed against me on this stock. They have told me
Altria is involved in a no-growth, declining-volume
industry, with ever-dimmer future prospects.
Yet to accept that knee-jerk reaction is to ignore this
companys massive free cash fow, its high return on
equity, and its ability to generate profts in good and
bad economic times alike.
Lets look at reality: It costs about 2 cents to make a
pack of cigarettes, which is sold for anywhere between
$5 and $12, depending on the state. In addition, state
and federal governments raise large sums of money by
taxing this product, meaning they have a vested interest
in making sure manufacturers dont go out of business
anytime soon.
Apple is a great, proftable company, but even they
would kill for Altria-like proft margins on any of their
products. Altria is one of the only companies in the
world that is able to enjoy this degree of proftability.
Another factor may sound like a liability, but is
actually a beneft: the ban on cigarette advertising.
Thats because Altria owners of the leading
Marlboro brand, among others already has vast
brand recognition and is the established juggernaut.
So without advertising, upstarts and competitors have
a much tougher time making any inroads into its
dominant market share.
Wouldnt you like to own a company with an
affordable product, high margins, and 50 percent
market share in an industry where competitors have
almost zero chance of muscling in on your business,
due to severely limited marketing options?
This Secret Makes AItria the Most
ProtabIe Stock You Can Own
Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel reports that 97
percent of the gain of the Dow Jones Industrial Average
since 1900 came from reinvested dividends. This means
SpeciaI Report The WorId's Greatest Dividend Stock 3
that just 3 percent of the return came from capital
So why is it that so many stock-market gamblers
keep chasing after capital gains? Because thats whats
considered sexy.
Unfortunately, oftentimes, whats considered
sexy isnt what is actually smart. Whats smart is to
go where the real returns are. And the real returns
overwhelmingly come from reinvested dividends.
In building your own Dividend Machine, I want you
to combine two mighty forces compound interest
and the power of reinvested dividends for a total
return that blows index funds right out of the water.
My own experience is telling. In 1994, I rolled over
an individual retirement account into Altria and have
since reinvested the dividends. Flash forward to 2011:
My Altria holdings pay me more than 78 percent of the
initial investment from 1994. My portfolio has grown
by more than 1,329 percent in that time span, greater
than 15 percent compounded annually.
On one stock: Altria.
A fuke? Lets introduce some more facts for you to
digest. In 2007, Siegel revealed that Federal Reserve
Chairman Ben Bernanke had his entire portfolio in one
single stock: Altria.
Now Bernanke, who also is a respected economist,
has not amassed the investment record of Warren
Buffett, but lets examine some facts that Bernanke
must have considered.
From 1925 to 2007, Altrias average annual returns
(when considering reinvested dividends) exceeded
17 percent a year, versus 10 percent for the market,
surpassing all other stocks, according to Siegels study.
Since 1957, when Siegels study of the S&P 500s
highest-yielding stocks began, considering reinvested
dividends, one stock has reigned supreme: Altria.
Lets get some perspective on that. In 1957, $10,000
invested in the S&P 500 composite, with dividends
reinvested, would have returned $1.4 million, about
10.9 percent compounded annually.
The same $10,000 invested in Altria, with dividends
reinvested, returned more than $46.2 million! Is this a
signifcant difference to you? It is to me.
I personally started buying Altria in 2000 at $24
per share, and the stock promptly dropped almost 25
percent in less than two months.
Thankfully, rather than acting like a normal stock
investor and bailing out, I had the sense (and the
fortitude) to continue to accumulate more shares at
prices as low as $18.75 per share.
The stock was over $38 per share eight months later.
AItria: High Risk, or High Reward?
So, why do critics continually claim that Altria is not
a good stock to own?
The frst reasonable question they ask is: What
happens if smoking is made illegal?
Here are the facts: The United States is over $16
trillion in debt and appears ready to run trillion-
dollar defcits for the next decade. Almost every state
government is broke, despite the billions of dollars
raised in state tobacco taxes.
It is estimated that the personal income tax would
have to be almost doubled to make up the shortfall
in taxes generated by tobacco federal excise taxes,
payroll taxes, and federal income taxes. Politicians in
Washington would not be re-elected if that happened.
Consider what Napoleon said in the 1800s, This
vice brings in one hundred million francs in taxes every
year. I will certainly forbid it at once, as soon as you
can name a virtue that brings in as much revenue.
Another worry is that increased state and federal
excise taxes will hurt demand. That hasnt proven true
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handsome appreclauon as well. Pls dlvldend plcks now gener-
aLe all of hls famlly's llvlng expenses and more, and Lhey keep on
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in reality.
Canadian smokers pay more than $12 a pack for Marlboros that
cost $5 here. That tells me theres a lot of latent pricing power in the
U.S. market that Altria has at its disposal.
A third argument against Altria is the shrinking percentage of the
U.S. population that smokes. Thats true. But the tobacco market
remains enormous, with $721 billion in sales annually. And even
though the market is not experiencing double-digit growth, it is still
growing at a rate of about 4.5 percent per year.
Whats more, Altria has diversifed into the premium wine and
beer businesses as well and continues to grow its smokeless cigarette
Another reason critics dont like Altria is the notion that lawsuits
will bankrupt the industry. Yet consider this fact: Any tobacco
judgments that are won in a state are deducted from the amount each
state gets from the national settlement, which is separate from the
states own tax.
For example, if Illinois gets $7 million in 2013, but a smoker wins a
$5 million lawsuit, then Illinois will not get the $7 million it expects in
2013. The state will get only $2 million, per the settlement. Will a state
appellate judge rule for a smoker who wins a large judgment when
he knows the money is squeezed from a fnancially struggling state? I
personally dont think so.
The last reason is that the dividend is somehow not safe because
the payout ratio is 92 percent, which is quite high. On the surface,
that sounds legitimate. However, Altria has more than a 50 percent
market share and is growing its market share annually. The product,
unlike most, is not capital intensive and costs just pennies to produce.
Advertising is illegal, so a competitor trying to gain market share does
not have many options.
In short, Altria is a recession-proof business and sells an easily
affordable product with predictable income. By acquiring shares today
you can feel comfortable knowing that your dividends are being paid
by one of the worlds most proftable companies.
This company is so stable that it makes IBM look risky. As an
investor, you really cant ask for much more than what Altria can give
you a 17 percent average return.
Bill Spetrino
4 The WorId's Greatest Dividend Stock SpeciaI Report
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