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"Give a man a fish; you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish; you feed him for a lifetime" Chinese

Teaching is an art. It is a creative way of transferring knowledge and of instigating a feeling of
inquisitiveness and curiosity in the students. The amount of knowledge transferred during the teaching
process is not the only evaluative criteria of how successful a teacher is but it goes much beyond that.
An ideal teacher will be able to foster the love for knowledge into a student and a course will no longer
only be a step towards fulfilling the academic credentials.
The chances to teach and work with students and to develop new educational materials and techniques
are my primary reasons for seeking an academic career. My academic background, teaching experience,
and career as a Civil Engineering Graduate make me well-prepared to teach the real core part which we
come across all the day of every ones life.

My first official teaching experience dates back to 2011 when, just a few months after receiving my
B.Tech Degree in Civil Engineering, I was offered a lecturer position in Sri Balaji Institute of Technology,
Jaipur, taught to Civil Engineering students. The first impact with a classroom setting was definitely
inspiring, and teaching the topics to such a diverse audience opened my mind to a different way of
presenting the subject.
At Manipal University , after finishing M.Tech. in Construction Engineering and Management, my
responsibilities as Teaching Assistant in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University included grading
assignments and exams, teaching classes on selected topics, running lab sessions, and advising students.
During an year as a teaching assistant, I had the opportunity to interact with a large number of students.
This invaluable experience showed me that each student learns differently, and each student has a
different goal when studying the real Civil Engineering. Some students learn best by doing, through
hands-on experience, others by attending lectures, completing assignments, or asking face-to-face
questions to the instructor.
Of course, I am equipped and enthusiastic about teaching any of the civil Engineering core courses.

My goal as a teacher is to prepare students to be thinkers. Today's fast-paced society puts students at a
high risk of becoming good test-takers rather than thinkers. The principles that guide my teaching are
respect and clarity, and the tools I employ to achieve my goals are an interactive classroom environment
and hands-on experience.

Research and teaching are two complementary aspects of the humankind's endless pursuit of
knowledge and an academic environment provides an opportunity to integrate them in a way not
possible in any other setting. My goal as a teacher is to foster critical thinking, facilitate the acquisition
of life-long learning skills, and prepare students to be competitive in today's society.

Thank You.