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The Legend of Mount Bromo

The story told us about a husband and a wife named Joko Seger and Roro Anteng. They had
been married for years but they didnt have any children yet. They wanted to have children. They
prayed to gods everyday and finally Joko Seger had a vision. His wife would be pregnant if he
meditated in a cave. However, a lion lived in the cave. Joko Seger fought with the lion. He won!
Later he meditated in the cave. Joko Seger was meditating. Suddenly, he heard a voice.

Joko Seger, all the Gods agreed to give you children, lots of children.

Really? Thank you very much, said Joko Seger happily.

But there is one condition you have to do.

Say it. I will do anything as long as you give me lots of children, said Joko Seger.

You will have 25 children but you have to sacrifice one of them when they are adult.

I agree, said Joko Seger without any doubts. He was so happy that Gods would give them 25
children. He thought sacrificing one of them would not be a problem. He would still have 24

At home, Joko Seger told his wife about his conversation with the god. And Roro Anteng could
not say anything. After all, her husband had promised to Gods. She just hoped that they would
never have to sacrifice one child.

Later, Roro Anteng was pregnant. They had a baby. Joko Seger and Roro Anteng were very
happy. The first baby was followed by others babies. Sometimes, the babies were born twins and
other times the babies were born triplets. And the couple finally had 25 children. They were
extremely happy.

And when the children were grown up, Joko Seger had a dream. He talked to the God.

Joko Seger, remember your promise. I want you to bring one of your children to the crater of
Bromo Mountain. Sacrifice your child there! If you dont keep you promise, the mountain will
erupt and destroy everything.

Joko Seger woke up from his sleep. He was restless. He then talked to all of his children about
his promise.

No, father. I dont want to die, said the oldest.

I dont, either, Father, said another child.

All of the children refused to be sacrificed. Joko Seger did not have the heart to force them. He
loved all of his children. Suddenly, the youngest child talked. His name was Kesuma.

Please let me do it, Father. I love our family and the people of Tengger. But please,
commemorate my sacrifice. Every year, please hold a ceremony and provide some offerings to
the crater of Bromo Mountain, said Kesuma.
Kesuma was a very good son. He was obedient to his parents and very kind to other people. All
of the villagers loved him. He was kind and always helped other people.

Kesuma went to the crater. He jumped and he was swallowed by fire. Everybody was sad and
they were all very thankful to Kesuma. Because of him, their place was safe from the eruption of
Bromo Mountain.

Until now, once a year the people of Tengger always hold a ceremony to commemorate Kesuma.
They bring offerings to the crater of Bromo Mountain.