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First install the TIBCO Adapter for Peoplesoft, and make sure that chek the crea

te NT services, before installing, so that this instals both DTA-JMS and DTA-RV.
2. Ater installation, check that both the DTA-JMS and DTA-RV are up and running
in the services. However they will be started automatically!
3. Now open a new project in designer, here you will be informed that a new pall
et has been added to your designer.
4. drag the peoplesoft adapter from the peoplesoft adapters pallet.
5. click on the adapter and in the configuration panel, give the instance name a
s specified in the design doc, and then name the Peopletoolversion (eg: 8.4 and
above), however this will even be mentioned in the design doc.
6. In the design time connection, give the application server name, port number,
login and password(casesitive).
7. Check in for "use design time connection for run time connection".
8. Choose the DTA Transport as mentioned in your design doc, for instance, lets
assume JMS, so select JMS and check if it is up and running in your system servi
9. Now click connect and the connection must be successful.
10. Here you can see two fordels in the peopelsoft adapter, (a) services and (b)
11. click on services, from the palet box, drag the peoplesoft CI Publication se
rvice, or depending on your requirement, you can go for subscription service eit
her, and select the service.
12. In the configuration panel, you can find the space for the component interfa
ce, this (which interface) will be mentioned in your design doc, so click on fet
ch interface and select the interface.
13. check on add, update, update all, correction if specified
14. select the transport type as "jms" and the connection factory type as "queue
" if there is only one listener, or else select topic.
15. delivery mode must be persistant and wire format will be XML Message.
16. now click on get schema, and the schemas can be selected, by clicking on sch
ema in the config panel.
17. go to advanced option, and specify the destination. i.e, open the ems admins
trator tool, connect to the ems server, creeate a queue and mention the queue na
me in the destination field in designer.
18. now click apply and save the project, this must change the color of the adap
ter service from red to green.
19. Now call a sub process and select this service using an active enterprise, s
ubription adapter, then check the output for this adapter, it must be the data t
hat you fetched from the peoplesoft.
20. this is how you configure the peoplesoft adapter and use the adapter service
s to retrive or publish the data.