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A novel by J. M. Dillard
Kimble stood up. He still had the guards keys in one hand; he threw them away. He
had a bad cut on one leg, but he knew one thing: he wanted to live now; he wanted to
find the man with one arm, Helens killer. He moved away into the night as quickly as
he could.
One night a man with one arm kills Dr Richard Kimbles wife. The police
think Kimble did it and he is sent to prison. But Kimble escapes from the police and
his search for the man with one arm begins. Kimble knows he has to work alone. He
needs a friend, but it could be dangerous to ask for help. nd who e!actl" are his
friends# $omebod" is telling lies % but who# $omebod" knows the true stor" % but
will he e&er find them#
nd while Kimble is searching for the man with one arm, other people are
searching for Kimble. '$ Detecti&e (erard is looking for him, and he is onl" one step
behind. Kimble has to work fast to find his wifes killer, because (erard wants
Kimble % dead or ali&e.
This is the stor" from the film he !ugitive )*++,-, a big Holl"wood film with
Harrison .ord and Tomm" /ee 0ones. The *++, film came from the famous *+12s
merican T3 programme, he !ugitive. 4n this programme Richard Kimble went all
o&er merica to find the man with one arm, and had a different ad&enture each week.
The programme was popular in Britain, and other countries, for man" "ears.
0.5. Dillard has written man" books for big Holl"wood films.
Chapter The !a"t Ti#e
On the night Doctor Richard Kimble lost e&er"thing when he went to a big
dinner part" at the 6hicago Hilton hotel. His friends from the 6hicago 5emorial
Hospital were there, and a lot of other people, drinking and talking.
6harlie 7ichols, the most important doctor of the hospital, came across to him
with another man. 8Richard, he said, 84 want "ou to meet Dr le! /ent9. le! is
working on the new drug, RD':+2. ;ou know, hes doing all those tests for De&lin:
5ac(regor. le!, this is Richard Kimble.
8Hello, Kimble said. But he was thinking, 84&e seen three damaged li&ers this
week. The" were all from dead people, and all of them took RD':+2. But in his report
/ent9 sa"s the li&ers are all health". Thats &er" strange.
86harlie sa"s "ou want to talk to me some time, Dr Kimble, /ent9 said.
8<hat# Oh, "es, said Kimble said. 8Tomorrow morning, about "our reports on
those three li&ers. <ill that be OK#
8Right. Tomorrow morning. /ent9 smiled, but his e"es were hard and cold.
Kimble turned and saw his wife, Helen. He went o&er to her. 8;oure looking &er"
beautiful tonight, he said. 84 lo&e "ou. /ook, "ou know 4 dont like these parties. <h"
dont we go home#
8nd 4 lo&e "ou, too, Helen said, laughing. But we must sta", dear. This dinner part"
is to get mone" fro "our hospital. Remember#
The Kimbles sta"ed at the hotel for another two hours, then dro&e home. 0ust
before the" arri&ed at their house the car phone rang. Kimble answered, then he said
to Helen, 84 ha&e to go back to the hospital. $omebod"s &er" ill. Helen kissed him.
8(o on then, dear. Be =uick> she said. 4t was the last time?
t the hospital Kimble saw another patient on RD':+2.
84 must operate =uickl", Kimble told the mans doctor. During the operation he saw
that this man had a damaged li&er, too. 8<hats this RD':+2 doing to people# Kimble
The operation was =uick and eas" and the man was soon sleeping comfortabl"
in a hospital bed. Kimble dro&e home, and phoned Helen from the car on his wa".
$he was in the li&ing room with a book. fter the phone call, she closed her book and
went up to the bedroom. t the top of the stirs she stopped. $omebod" was there, in
the bedroom. $he walked slowl" into the room and looked round. 4t was &er" =uiet.
84m being stupid, she thought and opened a cupboard to get her night clothes. big
hand came out of the dark and hit her hard in the face. $he fell back on the bed. There
was a man in the room, &er" big, dressed in black. $he got to the phone@ it was in her
hand. The man shot her in the leg. $he screamed. $he tried to speak into the phone.
Then the man fired again, straight at her head, and e&er"thing started to go black. $he
couldnt see, she couldnt speak?
Chapter $ A %ne&Ar#ed Man
<hen Kimble arri&ed home he looked for Helen in the li&ing room, then he
went up to the bedroom. 8Helen# he called. 8Helen# $he didnt answer, but the light
in the bedroom was on. Then Kimble saw the man and he ran in. He hit the man hard
and his gun fell on the floor. The man tried to get the gun but Kimble held on to his
arm. 4t felt cold and hard. He pulled the mans arm, and it came off> n artificial arm>
The man looked at KimbleA dark e"es, dark hair. The man hit him hard and Kimble
fell to the floor. The man took the artificial arm and ran out.
fter a few minutes Kimble mo&ed a little, and opened his e"es. Helen was
talking into the phone. 8Richard?.hes tr"ing to kill me, she was sa"ing. Kimble
went to her. Her &oice went &er" =uiet. Her head fell back on the bed. There was
blood e&er"where.
8Oh, Helen, Helen, Richard said, and touch her face.
8Richard ? hold me?.hold? her &oice died awa". The phone fell from her hand.
On the phone somebod" said, 8Hello# His name is Richard, "ou said 8Richard#
Hello# Hello# Helen was dead % Richard knew it. He sat ne!t to her bod" on the bed
and started to cr". /ater, the police came. There were men and noise e&er"where.
The" took him to the police station.
The police put Kimble in prison, and asked him lots of =uestions da" after da".
t his trial some months later the" said, Kimble killed his wife. <e cant find the
man with the artificial arm. Kimble had the same gun that killed his wife, a .,B % and
she said on the phone?.
84 didnt kill m" wife> Kimble shouted, but nobod" listened to him. fter se&eral
weeks the trial ended. The" sent Kimble back to prison. 8;ou killed "our wife and
"oure going to die for it, the" said.
Chapter ' E"cape(
Kimble was in a bus on the wa" to 5enard prison in 4llinois, the place that
the" sent all the most dangerous criminals. There were two guards from the prison
and another prisoner, called 6opeland, in the bus. 84m going to die soon, Kimble
thought. 8But 4 didnt kill Helen> He thought about the man with one arm.
8He"> 4m hungr", 6opeland shouted. 84ts time to eat> ;ou&e got to gi&e us food,
and "ou know it>
8Cuiet, 6opeland. $aid one of the guards, a "oung man, but he got some food and
came into the back of the bus.
$uddenl", Kimble saw a knife in 6opelands hand. 8/ook out> he shouted, but
6opeland mo&ed fast and the knife went into the "oung guards side. He fell to the
floor and 6opeland took his gun, but the bus was going fast and 6opeland fired the
gun accidentall". The bullet hit the bus dri&er and he fell dead. The bus went from
side to side on the road, and Kimble and 6opeland fell down on the floor. 6opeland
dropped the gun and it went across the floor of the bus into a corner.
8He"> <hats going on# the other guard, an older man, shouted and came into the
back of the bus. 6opeland went for the gun but the policeman shot him dead.
<ith a noise of breaking glass and metal the bus finall" crashed on to its side
and stopped. fter a minute the older guard mo&ed o&er to his friend. Then he turned
to Kimble. 8;oure a doctor, he said to Kimble. 8Help him, hes hurt badl".
Kimble looked at the man and said, 8<e must take him to hospital fast.
Kimble took the shirt off 6opeland and pushed it hard on the big cut on the "oung
mans side. 8Thisll help, he said. Kimble heard a noise outside, and the bus started to
shake. 8<here are we# he asked. The noise grew louder and the bus was shaking
The guard looked out of the window into the night. Oh, no> He shouted.
Kimble shouted, too. The" were on a railwa" line and the light of a train was coming
&er" fast towards them. The bus started to shake harder and harder as the train came
Kimble ran to the back doors of the bus. He shouted, 8(i&e me "our ke"s>
Cuick> He thoughtA 8But do 4 want to li&e# Then he saw the face of the man with
one arm and he thought, 8;es> 4 do want to li&e. 4 want to find that man.
The noise of the train came nearer and nearer. The guard threw his ke"s to Kimble.
8But which one# Kimble shouted. 8This one# Tell me> 8;es> ;es> Cuick>
7ow the light from the train was shining into the bus, and the noise seemed to
be all round them. Kimble opened the door and the older guard suddenl" pushed past
him and Eumped out. 8Help me> Kimble shouted. 8Help me with "our friend.
The train was almost on top of them, as big as a black mountain. The bright lights on
the front of it shone straight into his e"es. )8Do 4 want to li&e#- Kimble pushed the
"oung guard out of the bus and Eumped after him. The" went o&er and o&er in the
The train crashed into the bus. 5etal and glass flew e&er"where. Red and
"ellow fire shot up into the black sk" through the tall trees. The train came off the line
and stopped.
Kimble stood up. He still had the guards ke"s in one hand@ he threw them
awa". He had a bad cut on one leg, but he knew one thingA he wanted to li&e now@ he
wanted to find the man with one arm, Helens killer. He mo&ed awa" into the night as
=uickl" as he could.
6hapter ) The *earch +e,in"
Detecti&e $amuel (erard looked at the train and the two hal&es of the bus. There were
lights e&er"where, a lot of police and a lot of reporters. Too man" people % he didnt
like it.
87ewman, (erard said.
8;es, sir# 7ewman was a tall "oung man, new to the police and he wanted to do all
the e!citing things, but (erard ga&e him all the dirt" Eobs instead.
8(et down there, (erard said, 8where the train hit the bus, and look round carefull".
8;es, sir> 8Foole, (erard said. 8;ou come with me. Foole was a black woman, &er"
strong, with hard e"es.
The" walked across to some tele&ision lights % the old prison guard from the bus was
there. He was sitting on the ground and speaking to the police and reporters.
8The prisoners are dead, the guard said. 84 shot 6opeland and Kimble died in that bus.
/ook at it> 8Did "ou see Kimble die# (erard asked. 8'h ? no, 4 didnt, but ...
8Then how do "ou know hes dead# (erard asked.
$uddenl", 7ewman ran up. 8$ir, 4 found these b" the railwa" line. He ga&e (erard
the ke"s to the bus. 8The" were near the bus, 7ewman said.
8<h" were these ke"s b" the line# (erard asked the older guard angril".
84 ? 4 ga&e them to Kimble ? the guard said.
8nd he got out of the bus, didnt he# (erard told him. 8Kimbles ali&e> (erard
shouted to all the policemen. 8$earch e&er" building and road in ten kilometers from
here. (o>
(erard went back to his car and looked at the police photograph of KimbleA a rich
man, intelligent, and there was something in his e"es ? the" were sad. $ad#
8<h" did "ou kill "our wife, Kimble# (erard asked the photo. 8;ou had e&er"thing.
But 4ll catch "ou. ;oull ne&er kill again, m" friend.
Kimble arri&ed at the hospital in the earl" morning. He went in through a back door
and found a room. patient was in the bed. 8Hello# Kimble asked, but the man
didnt mo&e or speak. Kimble went into the bathroom and cleaned the cut on his leg,
them he washed and sha&ed. He put on some of the mans clothes % there was some
mone" in the trousers % and the mans glasses. He found a white doctors coat and he
put that on, too, and walked out of the hospital.
t the door Kimble stopped to help some men to carr" a patient into the hospital from
an ambulance.
8<e&e Eust found him, doctor, one of the men said. 8He was under that train. 4s he
4t was the "oung guard. The man opened his e"es and looked up at Kimble. He tried
to speakA 8Thats ? thats ? 8This mans &er" ill, Kimble said =uickl". 8Take him
to the accident department. (o now> Run> the men carried the "oung guard awa"
=uickl". Kimble took the ambulance and dro&e awa".
(erard was talking to Foole. 8<h" do "ou think Kimble killed his wife# he asked.
8<as he angr"# Did he want her mone"#
Before he could answer, 7ewman ran up and said, 8$ir, that "oung guard saw Kimble
at the hospital>
8<hat time# 8+.,2, sir, 7ewman said. 8Twent" minutes ago.
8Then hes still somewhere near here. /ets go> (erard shouted.
Kimble dro&e fast for a long time. He saw the Tennessee Ri&er hundreds of metres
below. The gre" and white water looked &er" cold. He dro&e into a wide tunnel. 4t
went through a mountain b" the ri&er. There was light at the end of the tunnel, but
suddenl" Kimble saw a police helicopter and se&eral police cars across the road
behind it. Kimble stopped his ambulance in the tunnel.
8$T; 47 THG 5B'/76G, K45B/G. DO 7OT 5O3G, a policeman shouted.
The tunnel was dark. Kimble got out of the ambulance =uietl" and tried to think. He
looked back at the opening of the tunnel % more cars, more police. He looked round
and then mo&ed as =uietl" as an animal. There was water b" his feet. He mo&ed his
hands o&er the sides of the tunnel and found an opening % it was a small side tunnel.
He went in. (erard and Foole came down the big tunnel and looked into the empt"
8<here is he, sir# Foole asked. 8<heres he gone#
8Hes near, (erard said. 84 can smell him. Foole, take a look down there, along the
(erard walked along slowl". He felt the sides of the tunnel, and then he found the
opening to the side tunnel and went in. He had a light in one hand and his gun in the
other. He ran along the small tunnel, but the floor was wet and he fell. His gun
disappeared into the water. (erard tried to stand, but suddenl" a strong hand took his,
and (erard looked up into that sad face, those sad e"es % Dr Richard Kimble.
84 didnt kill m" wife> Kimble said. He had (erards gun.
8Thats not m" problem, Kimble. 7ow, gi&e me ?
8$ir> $ir> Foole shouted in the dark. 8re "ou there#
.or a second (erard turned. Kimble turned and ran to the end of the small tunnel, but
he suddenl" stopped. Hundreds metres below he saw the angr", white water of the
Tennessee Ri&er.
8Kimble> (erard shouted. 8Throw down the gun and come here> ;ou cant get
84 want to li&e, Kimble thought. 8But 4 want to find Helens killer, too. He turned
back to the ri&er below read" to Eump.
8Kimble> 7o> (erard shouted. 8;oull kill "ourself ? $top> ? Kimble>
But he Eumped % down, down into the cold, dangerous water far below.
6hapters *:H
* .ind these words in "our dictionar".
"rtificial damage department drug fugitive liver operate trial tunnel
5ake sure "ou know the meaning of each word, and then answer these =uestions.
a <hich word is the opposite of real or natural#
b <hich word means almost the same as a runaway#
c <hich can "ou tra&el through on a train#
d <hich means something that takes place in a court of law# 7ow use the rest of the
words in these sentences.
e <hen the man came into the hospital his ??.. was badl" ??. and doctors had to
f 6hemists know all about ???..
g 8This is not the accident ???. ;ou ha&e to do down to the ground floor, near the
main entrance.
fter "ou read
D <hat are the peoples names#
:The most important doctor in the I6hicago 5emorial Hospital#
: The doctor from De&lin:5ac(regor#
: Kimbles wife#
: The prisoner in the bus with Kimble#
,. <ho sa"s these things#
:8;ou&e got to gi&e us food, and "ou know it>
: 8Help him, hes hurt badl".
: 8Then, how do "ou know hes dead#
: 8This mans &er" ill. Take him to the accident department.
: 8Hes near. 4 can smell him.
H. How does (erard know that Kimble is still ali&e#
J. How do the police know that Kimble is at the hospital#
1. <hat happens to (erards gun#
K. <here does (erard first see Kimble#
B. How does Kimble get awa" from (erard#
Chapter - Help .or /ichard
87ow 4 know Kimble did it, (erard told Foole. 84 saw it in his e"es % then the man
policeman came up to (erard. <e&e searched the ri&er, sir, he said. 8Theres
nothing. 7o bod".
8/ook again, (erard said coldl". 8Oh, sir, theres nothing. The fish ate him. 8$o find
the fish> (erard shouted.
Kimble hit the ri&er hard. He went under, down into the cold and dark, and the water
pushed and pulled at him. He put his hand up to a tree and tried to get hold of it, but
the ri&er pulled him along too fast. fter a long time the ri&er went slower and Kimble
was able to climb out. He la" on the side of the ri&er and slept for a long time@ then he
walked to the nearest town. 4n a shop he stole some hair colouring. He went to the
toilet of a garage, put the colouring on his hair, then he cut it &er" short. Outside there
was a small bus with a famil" on holida" in it. The bus came from 6hicago, he saw,
and he =uietl" climbed onto the top. He wanted to go home.
Hours later the bus stopped at a cafL. Kimble was &er" cold so he climbed down and
bought some hot food. The waitress in the cafL was nice and smiled at him, but
Kimble thought the other people knew his face. He tried not to look at them. Then a
report about him came on the tele&ision in the corner, with his police photograph.
8This is Richard Kimble, the killer, &oice said. 8He died toda" in the Tennessee Ri&er
? Kimble left the cafL =uickl" and ran along the road. car came up behind him
and stopped. The police# The car door opened and a woman said, 8<here are "ou
going# 4t was nice waitress from the cafL.
86hicago# Kimble asked. 8(et in. $he smiled.
The" arri&ed in 6hicago earl" the ne!t morning and Kimble rang a friend, <alter
(utherie, from the train station.
8Richard> (utherie said. 8<hat are "ou doing# <here are "ou# This is reall"
dangerous, "ou know. 84 need m (utherie said. 84 ha&e to think of m" Eob, m" famil".
Dont come to me or 4ll get the police ?
Kimble put the phone down. 4n his office (erard listened to the call % he recorded the
calls of all Kimbles friends % and said, 8$o hes ali&e ? and hes in 6hicago. He
looked at 7ewman and Foole. 8Dont tell an"bod". <ell get him.
Kimble went to see 6harlie 7ichols ne!t. He waited near 7icholss house for his car
to arri&e.
8Richard ? 4 ? $o "ou didnt die ? he said.
84 need some mone", 6harlie, Kimble said. 8Here. 7ichols ga&e him all the mone"
he had. 84ll gi&e "ou more. Ha&e this, too. 7ichols ga&e him his coat.
8Thanks, 6harlie, Kimble said. 84 must go ?
86all me, Richard. 4ll alwa"s help. ;ou know that, dont "ou# 7ichols smiled.
(erard went to look round Kimbles house. He wanted to learn e&er"thing about the
man. He looked at the phone in the bedroom and remembered Helens wordsA
8Richard ? hes tr"ing to kill me. Ferhaps there was a man in the room, and perhaps
Helen was tr"ing to tell Richard about him# He remembered Kimbles words in the
tunnel, 84 did not kill m" wife>
(erard shook his head. 8Thats not m" problem, he said.
Chapter 0 /eport"
fter he spoke to 7ichols, Kimble went to 6ook 6ountr" Hospital. He =uickl" found
the department for patients with artificial limbs. Then he went to the cleaners rooms.
He found an open cupboard and took one of the cleaners green coats with a name and
hospital number on it. Then he left the hospital and went to a shop to bu" some green
trousers and some green trousers and some shoes. fter that he found a cheap room to
sta" in. woman and her son li&ed in the house. The woman took Kimbles mone"
without =uestions. The room was at the bottom of the house, it was cold and dark, and
Kimble couldnt see the street. He felt &er" tired and he wanted to be read" for the
ne!t da", so he went to bed and slept.
(erard and Foole went to see 6harlie 7ichols in his office.
84 saw Richard two da"s ago, 7ichols said =uickl". 8<hat did he want, Dr 7ichols#
(erard asked. He didnt like 7ichols face@ it was too good:looking, too smooth.
8Help. 7ichols smiled. 84 ga&e him some mone" and m" coat.
8Dr 7ichols, (erard said angril", 8if "ou see Kimble again, tell him to come to me.
Thats the best help "ou can gi&e him.
84 alwa"s catch them, "ou know, (erard said. 8lwa"s.
<hen the" were in the car (erard said to Foole, 8<atch 7ichols and tell me
e&er"thing he does, e&er"where he goes. OK#
The ne!t e&ening Kimble went to work at the hospital as a cleaner. He washed the
floors and slowl" mo&ed nearer and nearer to the department fro artificial limbs.
8<here is Rud"# Kimble turned and saw a "oung woman doctor. 8Oh, Rud"s ill,
Kimble said. 84m doing his hob tonight.
The doctor went awa". Kimble went into the offices. He wanted to read some reports
and to learn about artificial limbs. 8Rud"> Kimble turned =uickl" and saw a woman.
$he had an artificial arm in her hand. 8Oh, sorr", she said. 84 thought "ou were Rud".
87o, 4m cleaning tonight. 4ll come back ?
8Oh, its OK. 4m going to be here all night. 4 must finish this arm, she said.
$he went to her desk and Kimble went into a small room to get the reports. He took
some of them and put them under his shirt.
8<hat are "ou doing in here# 4t was the woman again.
8'h ?the" told me to clean the windows ?
8Oh, OK. Do "ou want some coffee# 4 made a lot. $he smiled.
87o, thanks, Kimble said. 84 ha&e to go.
4n the ele&ator he saw the "oung woman doctor again. He read her name on her white
coatA Dr Gastman. $he wanted to be friendl" and said, 8How are "ou# re "ou going
home now#
8Gr, "eah, he said. He didnt look at her, it was too dangerous, but he wanted to. He
needed a friend.
Back in his cold room Kimble read all the repots and learned about artificial limbs. He
wanted to know what to look for on the computer.
Chapter 1 In.or#ation
84 must go into the computer room, Kimble thought, 8look at the reports, and finish
tonight, or somebod" will see m" face and know 4m here.
<hen he arri&ed at the hospital that e&ening Kimble saw a lot of police and
doctors, and some new patients were coming in after an accident.
Dr Gastman was there@ he spoke to him. 8This is bad % a bus came off the road.
Take this bo" up to a bed on the third floor now, will "ou, please#
Kimble went to the ele&ator. The bo" looked dangerousl" ill, so Kimble
carefull" touched his side and his head. He decided that the bo" needed an operation
immediatel". He wrote some information for the doctors on the bo"s report, then
took him straight to the operating theatres on the fourth floor of the hospital.
.rom the fourth floor Kimble went =uickl" to the computer room in the
artificial limbs department. He needed to describe Helens killer, so he put in to the
computerA 57, ,J:H2 ;GR$, <H4TG, R4(HT R5.
The computer answeredA 7'5BGR O. FGOF/GA KJ
KJ> Kimble said. 84 must gi&e it more information. He put inA HO5GA
The computer answeredA 7'5BGR O. FGOF/GA D*.
84 dont ha&e time to find D* people, Kimble, Kimble thought. 8<hat can 4
Then he remembered % 84 broke the top of the mans arm. Ferhaps he got a new one
here. He put into the computerA BROKG7 R5$A 07'R; D* TO .GBR'R;
The computer answeredA 7'5BGR O. FGOF/GA J. Kimble wrote the fi&e names on
a list and left the computer room.
Outside Dr Gastman stopped him and said, 84 went to see that bo", but he
wasnt on the third floor. ;ou took him straight to the operating theatres fourth floor,
didnt "ou# <h"# How did "ou know he needed an operation# $he asked him
8;ou told me, Kimble said.
87o, 4 did not> she said. 8$ta" here. 4m going to get the police. But Kimble
pushed past her and ran for the door.
(erard sat at home and thought about KimbleA He came back to 6hicago to
find the man with one arm. <h"# Hmm, two answers to that one. .irst, perhaps
Kimble didnt kill his wife. He wants to find the man and bring him in to the police.
OK. But second, perhaps Kimble paid this man to kill his wife, and it went wrong.
Kimble went to prison but this man didnt, and now Kimble wants to find him and kill
The phone rang. 4t was FooleA 8<e&e found where Kimbles li&ing. <e
brought a "oung man into the station tonight % he sells drugs % he saw Kimbles
photo and he sa"s Kimble li&es in his house.
8Right, 4ll be there ? (erard said. He went to the "oung mans house and
looked round the small room. He saw the reports from the artificial limbs department
at 6ook 6ountr" Hospital. 84ll get "ou soon, Kimble he thought.
<hen Kimble came home, he saw the police car in front of the house. He
turned and walked =uickl" awa" into the darkness. He sta"ed in a cheap hotel that
night, then in the morning he started to phone the fi&e men on his list. The first three
were not the man that he wanted. $oon he had onl" two namesA 6li&e Driscoll and
.rederick $"kes. Kimble rang Driscolls number. His brother answered.
86li&es in prison, he said. 8He took some mone" from a supermarket % shot a
man, too.
84m a friend of his, Kimble said. 8<here is 6li&e# 4ll go and see him.
8The prison near the train station, the man said. 8Hes waiting for his trial.
Kimble put down the phone. He wanted to &isit 6li&e Driscoll, but it was dangerous to
go back to that prison. He was in there before his trial, too.
8Ferhaps one of the guards will remember me, he thought. 8But 4&e got to
Chapter 2 /unnin, A,ain
4n the computer room at 6ook 6ount" Hospital (erard got the names of the D* men in
6hicago with artificial right arms.
8Talk to all of them, he told 7ewman and Foole. 84 right, he thought.
8Kimble is looking for the man with one arm. But does he want to kill him, or to bring
him in to me# 4 must find Kimble first.
Kimble stood in front of the prison near the train station. 4t was a gre", ugl" building.
84 dont want to go back in there, he thought. 8But perhaps Driscoll is the right
4nside he went to the ele&ator and the door opened % it was full of policemen. He got
in and tried not to look at them. On the fifth floor he got out and went to the &isitors
room. He thought about the night of Helens killing, about the mans dark e"es, his
cold, hard arm. <as it him here, now#
83isitor for Driscoll# Table K, a policeman said.
Kimble sat at Table K and waited with his e"es down.
8<hore "ou# a man said. Driscoll.
Kimble looked up and saw a small, black man % the wrong man>
He stood up =uickl" and walked towards the stairs@ he had to get out of the building.
t the same time (erard, 7ewman and Foole walked into the prison to talk to
Driscoll. 7ewman and Foole took the ele&ator, (erard went up the stairs. man ran
past him down the stairs. (erard didnt see his face, but he knew immediatel"?
8Kimble> he shouted. 8$top>
But Kimble didnt stop. He started to run, then went through a door. (erard found a
policeman and told him to close all the doors out of the prison.
Kimble ran fast for the front doors. He remembered the night when the train
hit the bus, and here was (erard, the same as the train, &er" dangerous, &er" strong,
coming at him. The front doors started to close. Behind him (erard took out his gun
and shouted, 8$top>
Kimble Eumped through the front doors, but the" closed on his foot. (erard
ran for Kimble, his gun read", and the words went through his headA 87ot m" problem
? not m" problem?
Kimble pulled his foot hard % he couldnt mo&e> He pulled again, his foot
came free, and the doors closed. (erard fired his gun se&en times, but the strong glass
in the front doors stopped the bullets.
Kimble stood up@ (erard walked up to the locked doors. Gach of them stood at
the doors and looked e"e to e"e through the glass. Then Kimble turned and
disappeared into the crowds and the traffic.
He went across 6hicago to .rederick $"kess flat. There was a police car in
front of the building.
8$o (erard does think there was a man with one arm, Kimble thought. He
went to the back of the building and climbed the stairs to $"kess flat. He looked in
through the window. The flat was dark so he broke the glass and went in.
4nside the flat Kimble saw some photographs of $"kess children. He picked
up a photograph of a man, about ,J, a policeman. He looked at the mans face % the
face of Helens killer. Kimble =uickl" searched the flat. He found an artificial arm, a
right arm with a new top, and some more photographs. These photographs showed
$"kes on holida" b" the sea. 4n one photograph $"kes was standing ne!t to another
man. Kimble looked carefull"@ he thought he knew the other mans face, too.
fter a second or two he said, 84ts /ent9, le! /ent9> That doctor at De&lin:
4n a cupboard Kimble found some papers about $"kess Eob % he was a guard
at the De&lin:5ac(regor building in 6hicago. 7ow he understood e&er"thing. /ent9.
nd the other people at De&lin 5ac(regor wanted Kimble to die because he knew
that RD':+2 damaged peoples li&ers. He was still ali&e onl" because he went back to
the hospital that night % and Helen died instead of him.
8Helen, oh, Helen ? he said. .or the thousandth time Kimble wanted to die,
too, but then he thought, 7o, its better to li&e and catch this man. He picked up the
phone and rang (erard.
8Kimble here, he said.
G&er"bod" in (erards office Eumped. Foole immediatel" started to search for
the number that he was calling from.
8re "ou coming in, Kimble# (erard asked. Foole alread" had the first two
84 didnt kill m" wife, Kimble said.
87ot m" problem, (erard said. <here are "ou# .our numbers now %
Kimble was in the south of the cit".
8.ifteen seconds, Foole said =uietl".
84 must find some more things first, Kimble said.
(erard looked at Foole. He started to speak slowl". 87ow, listen to me, Kimble. 4m
going to ? Kimble> Kimble> (erard said, 8He put the phone down. Did "ou get the
number# he asked Foole. 8<here is he#
8$"kess flat, he said. 8<e ha&e a car there now.
Chapter" -&2
Before "ou read
*. <hat do "ou think will happen to Kimble ne!t#
D. How do "ou think Kimble can tr" to find his wifes killer#
,. 6heck these words in "our dictionar"A elevator, limb
<rite sentences using these groups of words.
a. ele&atorMstoppedMpeople
b. accidentMlimbMbroken
c. ele&ator is merican Gnglish. Do "ou know the British Gnglish word for the
same thing#
fter "ou read
H. <here do these things happen#
a. Kimble puts colouring on his hair.
b. Kimble rings <alter (utherie.
c. 6harlie 7ichols gibes Kimble some mone" and a coat.
d. Kimble finds a green cleaners coat.
J. <ho are these people#
a. Rud"# b. Dr Gastman#
1. How man" names of one:armed men who li&e in 6hicago and ha&e broken their
arm does (erard get from the computer#
K. <here does Kimble go to see 6li&e Driscoll#
B. How does he know at once that Driscoll is the wrong man#
+. How does Kimble know $"kes is the right man#
*2. <h" does /ent9 want Kimble to die#
**. <h" did Helen die#
Chapter 3 Findin, the /i,ht An"4er"
(erard, 7ewman and Foole walked into $"kess flat and looked round. Then $"kes
came in.
8<hats this# he said. 8<ho are "ou# He was a &er" big man with dark hair.
He was angr".
8Folice, 5r. $"kes, (erard said. 8 man, called Richard Kimble, was here
toda". He called "ou me on "our phone ?
84 dont know Richard Kimble, $"kes said =uickl".
8Oh, "es, "ou do, (erard thought.
8Oh, remember, $"kes said. 8Hes that doctor, isnt he# The police =uestioned
me when his wife died % because 4&e got one arm. /ook, 4 wasnt in town that night>
8<h" did Kimble want to look at these, 5r. $"kes# (erard asked. He showed
him the holida" photographs.
84 dont know, $"kes said. 8sk him.
The" left the flat. 8<atch him, (erard told Foole.
Kimble left $"kess flat and took a bus. He thought about $"kes, /ent9, and De&lin:
5ac(regor. He remembered the reports from /ent9 on those three patients li&ers.
8/ent9 was l"ing, he thought. 8He knew those li&ers were damaged. De&lin:
5ac(regor can make lots of mone" from RD':+2, but he knew the drug was
dangerous so the" wanted to kill me. /ent9 paid $"kes to do it, he thought.
Kimble phoned 6harlie 7ichols. 86harlie, 4&e found Helens killer. /ent9 paid a man
to kill me because 4 knew RD':+2 was dangerous. <here is /ent9# 4 must find him.
7ichols did not sa" an"thing for a minute. 84m sorr", Richard, /ent9 is dead. He had
a car accident last "ear.
Kimble thought, 8How can 4 catch $"kes now# Then he remembered. 84 sent a piece
of those three li&ers to Kath <ahlund. $hes a &er" good doctor, and 4 wanted to look
at the li&ers, too. Ferhaps she still has the pieces. 4ll go and see her.
4n his office (erard spoke to Foole. 8<ere going to see 7ichols. 4 think he helped
Kimble to find his wifes killer % and now 4 know that was $"kes. <heres 7ewman#
8Here, sir, 7ewman said.
(erard ga&e him the photo of $"kes on holida" with the other man. 84 want this other
mans name. nd find the phone reports for Kimble and $"kes for the past two "ears.
Did the" talk on the phone#
$"kes put a gun in his Eacket. 8/ent9 ga&e me some mone" to kill Kimble that night,
he thought, 8But Kimble got awa", and 4 killed the woman. Too bad. $"kes drank
some whisk". 8Kimble went to prison and that was OK, but now hes out and hes
tr"ing to get me. $"kes drank some more whisk". 8$o now 4 ha&e to finish the Eob.
He left the flat.
Chapter 5 !ie"
Kimble went into the 6hicago 5emorial Hospital b" a back door and spoke to an old
friend, 5r Roose&elt. He worked in the reports department and had all the papers on
RD':+2 read" for Kimble. Then Kimble went to see Kath <ahlund.
8Richard> she said, smiling. 84ts "ou ?>
8Kath, he said. 8Flease help me.
4n his office 7ewman looked at the photograph of $"kes and the other man. He
wanted to do a good Eog for (erard. He looked carefull" at the mans shirt and read,
86. 5. H. 7ewman thoughtA 86 for 6hicago, and, er ?., H for Hospital. ;eah,
6hicago 5. Hospital. 5 for 5emorial> Kimbles hospital> He left the office and went
straight to the hospital.
(erard and Foole spoke to 7ichols at the 6hicago Hilton hotel. He was at a big
meeting for De&lin:5ac(regor. (erard showed 7ichols the photograph.
8Do "ou know these men, doctor# (erard asked. 8One of them is .rederick
$"kes % he works at De&lin:5acgregor.
7ichols looked carefull" at the photograph of $"kes and /ent9. 84m sorr", he
said. 84 dont know either of them.
4n Kath <ahlunds office Kimble looked at the pieces of the three li&ers.
8;ou see, he said. 8ll these li&ers are damaged because the patients took
RD':+2, but here, in /ent9s report, he sa"s that these patients all had health" li&ers.
Kath looked at the li&ers, too. 8Richard> she said. 8ll of these li&ers ha&e 3on
5e"enbergs 6omple!. 4ts &er" unusual for three patients to ha&e it at the same time.
/ent9 used the same li&er for all his reports> 7ow "ou can tell the police that /ent9
was l"ing about the li&ers, and wanted to kill "ou because "ou reali9ed that RD':+2
was dangerous.
Kimble read lots of other reports about li&ers and RD':+2. 8Kath, he asked, 8when
did /ent9 die# <hich month#
8There are reports here from October, 7o&ember and December, all with
/ent9s name on, Kimble said. He found the list of the names of the people who had
mone" in De&lin:5ac(regor. One of them was Dr 6harles 7ichols.
7ewman phoned (erard from the hospital and told him the name of the man in the
photograph % le! /ent9. 8nd, sir, 7ewman said, 8Kimble was here an hour ago
and took some reports about RD':+2. man here, Roose&elt, ga&e me some more
information % Kimble and 7ichols both worked with /ent9.
87ichols> (erard said. $o he did know /ent9. 8(ood work, (erard told
7ewman. 87ow get me those phone reports.
Kimble got on a train. He tried to think, to understand, but he didnt reall" want to.
86harlie 7ichols was m" friend, but he tried to kill me. 7o, no?, Kimble thought. 84
must find him. But what can 4 do then# 6harlie doesnt know $"kes.
He saw a man with a newspaper. 4t said K45B/G 47 6H46(O on the front page,
and his photograph was there, too. The man looked across at Kimble, then he stood up
=uickl" and went to find a train guard. Kimble counted the seconds until the ne!t
station. How much longer#
$uddenl" somebod" was standing in front of him. He had a gun. $"kes. Kimble stood
up, and at the same time, a train guard opened the door and came towards them.
8Hands up, Kimble, he said. 8$ir, "ou can put that gun down.
87o, sir, $"kes said. He turned and fired four bullets into the guard. Feople
started to scream. The dri&er heard the noise and stopped the train. G&er"bod" fell to
the floor. $"kes dropped his gun and it fell near the dead policeman. $"kes and
Kimble both Eumped for it, but Kimble got it first. He hit $"kes hard, then he held the
gun in his face.
8Do it, Kimble, $"kes said and laughed. 8Do it> He laughed again. 8;ou
cant> ;oure too weak>
Kimble wanted to kill him then, to shoot $"kes in the head, to use the gun that killed
Helen. 87o, he thought, 84 wont kill him. 4ll be as bad as $"kes.
He hit $"kes hard with the gun, and $"kes fell to the floor. Then Kimble ran out of
the train % the gun in his hand.
7ewman told (erard about Kimbles phone calls. 84 looked at all his calls for the last
two "ears, he said. 8On the night of 5rs. Kimbles killing, Kimble called $"kes from
his car phone at K.,2.
8Thats it, (erard said. 8Foole> Bring $"kes in.
8$ir, 7ewman said. 84 thought Kimble didnt do it.
(erard looked at him. 8Thats not our problem, he said, but he understood 7ewman.
(erard was sorr" to know about the phone call, too. He found Kimbles police report
about Helens killing, and read it againA
8? 4 took a ta!i to the hotel, and arri&ed at B.,2. 4 ga&e Dr 7ichols m" car that
afternoon because his car was in the garage. He ga&e me back m" car ke"s at the hotel
and 4 dro&e m" wife home in m" car at about *2.,2?.
87ichols made that call, (erard thought.
Foole ran into the office. 8$ir> The police got $"kes in a train. Theres dead train
guard, too. Kimble ran off with a gun.
87o> (erard thought. 87ow e&er" policeman in 6hicago will be after Kimble,
and the"ll shoot to kill>
Chapter %ut o. the Dar6
Kimble took the ele&ator to the top of the 6hicago Hilton where 7ichols was talking
to the people from De&lin:5ac(regor. He opened the doors to a big room and saw
7ichols in front of a crowd of people.
8Thank "ou all? 7ichols said. His face went white, 8Richard?4?
8;ou what, 6harlie# Kimble shouted. 8;ou tried to kill me because 4 knew
RD':+2 is dangerous, and "ou knew it, too# 4s that what "ou want to tell these
$uddenl", 7ichols ran from the room. Kimble went after him. 4n front of a door
7ichols turned and hit Kimble hard. He fell. 84 can kill "ou now, Richard. 4ts eas".
On the floor, Kimble shouted, 8.or mone", 6harlie. Helens dead % all for mone">
;ou were m" friend> He Eumped at 7ichols and the" fell through a fire door onto the
fire stairs outside the hotel. The" saw the lights of police cars hundreds of metres
below them.
police helicopter flew noisil" abo&e them, and its bright lights shone into Kimbles
e"es. He couldnt see, he couldnt hear. 7ichols ran down the stairs.
(erard and Foole came up to the top floor of the hotel. The" saw a lot of people round
the open fire door.
8The" went through there> a man shouted. (erard ran out into the noise and
lights of the helicopter. He saw a man with a gun inside it. Below him Kimble and
7ichols were fighting on the stairs. $uddenl", the ma in the helicopter fired his gun.
(erard saw the two men fall off the stairs and onto the glass top of an ele&ator on the
outside of the hotel The helicopter lights mo&ed o&er to 7ichols and Kimble. (erard
saw them fighting on the ele&ator, two small black shapes far below. Then the top of
the ele&ator broke, and 7ichols and Kimble crashed into the dark through the falling
(erard ran down the stairs inside the hotel. He met Foole. 8<here did the" go# he
shouted. 8Did "ou see#
8.ifth floor, Foole shouted back.
(erard and Foole ran down to the fifth floor. The" opened a door into a dark, wet
room. abo&e them big bags of dirt" washing mo&ed slowl" along strong metal lines to
two washing:machines. Gach machine was ten metres long and full of hot water.
(erard told Foole to go =uietl" along under one line@ he walked between them.
8Kimble> re "ou there# he shouted. 84 know about $"kes? and about
$uddenl" a big bag came fast towards his head, and (erard Eumped awa". 8Kimble*
(erard shouted and he mo&ed slowl" along. 84 know 7ichols had "our car and he
phoned $"kes on the night "our wife died.
(erard stood between the hot washing:machines and thought, 8Ferhaps hes listening
to me, too. He shouted, 8Kimble, its OK, come out, now.
Kimble listened to (erard. He wanted to stop running. He mo&ed nearer to the sound
of (erards &oice.
Foole walked under a line of bags. $he turned =uickl" when one of the bags came at
her from behind. $he Eumped awa", then held her gun in front of her and tried to see
Kimble in the dark and wet. $he heard (erard shouting, and stopped to listen. nother
bag hit her hard on the head and she fell to the floor. 6harlie 7ichols walked silentl"
up behind her, took her gun, then mo&ed back into a dark corner.
Kimble found Foole on the floor, and he knew that 7ichols was near. He walked
carefull" along the side of the washing:machine and looked round. Kimble saw a man
between the two machines. He was walking towards him. 4t was dark, and the man
had a gun. <as it (erard# <as it 6harlie# <hich man wanted to kill him#
He didnt mo&e, didnt make a sound. The man came nearer, holding the gun out in
front of him. He spoke, 8Kimble# 4t was (erard> Then 7ichols came fast at (erard
out of the dark. He had Fooles gun in his hand.
Kimble thought =uickl"A 8He"> 6harlie> he shouted. 7ichols was surprised@ he
stopped. Kimble pushed one of the big bags at 7ichols. 4t hit him in the face and he
fell hard. His gun flew awa" into the darkness.
(erard turned and saw Kimble. (erards gun came up. Kimble looked into his cold,
hard e"es. He didnt mo&e@ he looked at the gun. (erard smiled. 84ts all finished,
Kimble. 4ts OK now. 4 know $"kes killed "our wife, and 4 know 7ichols paid him.
6ome with me.
Kimble looked down at 7ichols. He felt his head carefull". 8Hmm, no blood. Hes
OK, he told (erard. 8nd 4 found Foole % shes OK, too.
8<ell go now, Dr Kimble, (erard said. 8;ou know, "ou ha&e good hands.
doctor must ha&e good hands.
Kimble smiled. 4t was all finished. 7ow he could start to li&e again.
Chapter" 3&
Before "ou read
*. <ho can Kimble go to for help#
D. <hat do "ou think (erard will do ne!t#
fter "ou read
,. <ho thinks these things#
a. 8/ent9 was l"ing.
b. 8Ferhaps she still has the pieces.
c. 8$o now 4 ha&e to finish the Eob.
H. <hat does 5r. Roose&elt gi&e Kimble#
J. <hat do (erard and Foole show 7ichols#
1. <h" is it important that /ent9 died in ugust#
K. How does (erard know that 7ichols called $"kes on the night of Helens killing#
B. <here in the 6hicago Hilton do these things happen#
a. 6harlie 7ichols talks to a large group of people.
b. 7ichols and Kimble start fighting.
c. (erard and Foole find a lot of people b" an open fire door.
d. 7ichols and Kimble fall through glass.
e. (erard tells Kimble he can stop running.
*. ;ou work for the police. ;ou ha&e to write a report about Kimble for the
newspapers and tele&ision after he escapes from the prison bus. Describe his face,
clothes, Eob, famil", wife and home.
D. Kimble sent pieces of the three damaged li&ers do Dr <ahlund. <rite a sort letter
from Kimble to <ahlund to go with the package. $a" wh" "ou are sending them to
,. <ho is more interesting character, Kimble or (erard# (i&e reasons for "our
H. 4t is si! months after the end of this book. 6hoose three of the people in the stor".
<hat has happened to them in that time#