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April 22, 2014

Hello friends and family, I hope you are doing well.

Let me give you an update on what is happening in my life. Im currently a sophomore at Miami University
studying Engineering Management with a Computing and Electrical focus. In other words, my major is a mix of
Computer and Electrical Engineering with some Business on the side. Even though I find most of my Engineering
classes interesting and almost enjoyable at times, an ice hockey class is the highlight of my typical week.
However, the past few weeks have been far from typical: I skied in Colorado during spring break with four of my
friends from Cru, I turned 21, and my father moved back to Finland where my mother and sister now live.

This semester Ive started to think of where Ill end up after
graduating from Miami and Ive come to realize that it is
perfectly fine to be clueless about the future. Through this
time of uncertainty, Ive learned to trust in the goodness of
God and His unfailing promises. I also know wherever I end
up in life, He always has a plan for me. Since He promises to
abide in us if we abide in Him, Ive made the commitment to
trust Him with my life wherever He leads me. One of the
most useful tools that God has placed in my life is a ministry
called Cru which helps college students grow in their
relationship with God. During my freshman year, I met tons
of other freshmen through Cru which really helped me
settle in at Miami. This year God has really been speaking to
me through my sophomore Bible study and other believers he has placed in my life.

Seeing God change my heart has been one of the greatest experiences Ive been through. Whenever I have a
chance to have a deep conversation with friends (and strangers), I try to tell them about the hope Ive found
through the total surrender to Christ. This summer I have a chance to share my hope with people in Montenegro
where less than 1% of the population are evangelical Christians. Over 70% of the population identify themselves
as Orthodox Christians but the vast majority never heard the gospel and most dont even know what the church
teaches. I personally cant think of any better way to use my summer than spending 6 weeks starting a
movement for God in a place where this has never been before. I cant wait to see what he has planned for me
through this trip and how Ill grow even closer to God!

When I was trying to figure out if going on this trip was Gods will for my life, there were many times when I
thought I shouldnt go because of the $6,000 I have to raise to cover all the costs. I still dont know where all
that money is going to come from, but Ive learned to trust that God will provide. I need both financial, and even
more importantly, prayer support to make this trip possible. As James 5:16 says The prayer of a righteous
person is powerful and effective.

If God is calling you to support me financially, would you consider supporting me with a gift of $500, $200, $50,
or any other amount? All gifts are tax deductible and the most convenient way to give is through Crus online
giving system at give.cru.org and searching for account #0844800 or my name. If writing a check, you can send it
to me in the enclosed envelope and make it payable to Cru. Im leaving for Montenegro May 28
and need to
have the funding by May 12
. No matter whether the Lord is leading you to give or not, I thank you for your
prayers and considering supporting me to reach the nations.


Konsta Anttila 513-593-0565