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What is Martial Law and how does it apply to you?

August 24 2009
Lake County Independent Examiner, Robert Rule
With President Obama’s approval rating reaching the lowest of any President at this
point ever, the dollar losing value, social security running low, two wars, a bailout, a
stimulus, a proposed Government health care bill, a cap and tax bill, unusually high
unemployment, and a swine flu, Martial Law is looking more and more like a reality.
So what is Martial law?
Martial Law is the suspension of the United States Constitution and total Government
control. The Constitution protects your rights as an American, but once Martial Law
is implemented and the Constitution is suspended you no longer have Any rights.
Cities will be locked down, no one will get in or out. All communication will be cut
off including internet and phones. Your bank accounts will be frozen. Your weapons
and property will be seized. You will be given identification to carry around with you
and you will be rationed food, water, and personal affects in a best case scenario.
There will be curfews and you will be a prisoner of the Federal Government. Once
this happens there is no escape. Once this happens, your life is no longer under your
control. How long would it be for if it were to happen? Well, you would have to take
into consideration who is in charge. Congress will no longer have a say. You will no
longer be represented because you will no longer have the right to be represented. If
you are scared after reading this you should be. The Constitution is the only thing that
protects you from total tyranny. With the stroke of a pen, all that you know and have
known can be taken away. There are other details to consider like rape and murder by
Government employees but you really don’t want to think of all those kinds of
possibilities. That’s why people have been urging their representatives to actually
read the bills they are voting on before they vote.
What could trigger Martial Law? According to sources, pretty much anything could
trigger it now. If you recall just before the bailout there were threats of Martial Law.
Homeland Security keeps warning of homegrown acts of terrorism. There have been
suitcase size nuclear weapons reported missing. Some say they were smuggled across
the Mexican border which by the way has still not been secured even though money
had been put aside. The swine flu is the most talked about. Last week, Republican
Representative Paul Broun of Georgia warned at a town hall meeting that the
“socialist elite” could be getting ready to declare martial law in the United States
using a pandemic disease as the pretext. “They’re trying to develop an environment
where they can take over,” he told attendees according to an article in the Athens
Banner-Herald. “We’ve seen this historically.” Read more….
Full article;
Where America leads, the world follows.

State has full powers for mass forced vaccinations and detentions *
Irish Independent
By Dearbhail McDonald
State insists it has powers to deal with crisis
THE Government has “sufficient” legal powers to deal with a full-blown pandemic,
but will move quickly if emergency laws are needed to protect public health.
As Ireland last night confirmed its first probable case of swine flu, the Department of
Health insisted it had extensive powers to introduce regulations to curb the spread of
infections disease such as influenza and SARS.
The Government is satisfied it has all the powers it needs to introduce controls, should
they be required, such as compulsory vaccination, quarantine, travel bans and
involuntary hospital admission.
“We do not believe that any other powers are needed in the current circumstances or
for the foreseeable future,” a spokesperson from the department said. “However, it is
always the case that if future legal powers are needed, the Government will act
For anyone who thought he/she lived in a democracy and could say no to their bodies
being injected with medication (in this case live viruses) these laws would have made
them realise they are not free. Do you trust governments and world organisations with
the economy? Do you trust them with your body and your family’s health?
The Medical Health Act:
Reference: Irish Statue Book
Health Act section 32:
“The Minister may by order declare that-”
“it is necessary, for the purpose of preventing the spread of a particular infectious
disease, that all adult persons should submit themselves to a specified measure in
relation to their protection or immunisation against such infectious disease”
“The Minister may by order declare that—”
“it is necessary, for the purpose of preventing the spread of a particular infectious
disease, that all children should be submitted to a specified measure in relation to
their protection or immunisation against that infectious disease”.
Source; Wise up Journal

UK Civil Contingencies Act 2004

2004 CHAPTER 36
3) Emergency regulations may make provision of any kind that could be made by Act
of Parliament or by the exercise of the Royal Prerogative; in particular, regulations
(a) confer a function on a Minister of the Crown, on the Scottish Ministers, on the
National Assembly for Wales, on a Northern Ireland department, on a coordinator
appointed under section 24 or on any other specified person (and a function conferred
may, in particular, be—
(i) a power, or duty, to exercise a discretion;
(ii) a power to give directions or orders, whether written or oral);
(b) provide for or enable the requisition or confiscation of property (with or without
(c) provide for or enable the destruction of property, animal life or plant life (with or
without compensation);
(d) prohibit, or enable the prohibition of, movement to or from a specified place;
(e) require, or enable the requirement of, movement to or from a specified place;
(f) prohibit, or enable the prohibition of, assemblies of specified kinds, at specified
places or at specified times;
(g) prohibit, or enable the prohibition of, travel at specified times;
(h) prohibit, or enable the prohibition of, other specified activities;
(i) create an offence of—
(i) failing to comply with a provision of the regulations;
(ii) failing to comply with a direction or order given or made under the regulations;
(iii) obstructing a person in the performance of a function under or by virtue of the