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English Handong Discipleship School

2014 Information Handout

I. Overview
1. Purpose EHDS aims to train Gods people to become better disciples of Jesus Christ who know
God and make Him known.

2. !oals
1. To develop an intimate relationship with God
. To mature in Christ!like character
". To be e#uipped for Gods work
$. To %ain a heart for world missions

". Dates
Entire EHDS June & ' Jul( &
#$ectures June & ' Jul( 1)
#Outreach Jul( 1& ' Jul( *'& +,!1- da( outreach.
#Outreach report % !raduation /u%ust "1

4. $ocation Sun% /hn 0etreat Center
/ewol!Eub1 2wak3i!0i 4-*&!$
Je3u 5sland1 South 2orea
Tel6 -7$!,&&!,,-,8 -1-!7711!*)*-
9a:6 -7$!,&&!,,-)
+ -*$!&.

II. $ectures
1. &'out
The first three weeks of EHDS will have lectures coverin% topics such as meditation8 discipleship8
intercessor( pra(er ; spiritual warfare8 worship8 the Hol( Spirit8 restoration and faith8 christian
communit(8 evan%elism and missions. E:cellent speakers will be invited to %ive %ood solid
<iblical teachin% on how to better live as disciples of Jesus Christ.
2. $ecturers
!=eek 16 >in Chun%
!=eek 6 Steve Cole
!=eek "6 Chris Harrison

III. Small groups
1. &'out
Ever(one will be put into small %roups of *', people of the same %ender1 each with an
e:perienced small %roup leader. Small %roups will be like a ?home where each person will be
free to share personal thou%hts and challen%es from the lectures. The small %roup will be a place
for accountabilit(1 fellowship and support throu%hout the lecture phase.

I(. )ee
1. Students
! /pplication fee6 *-1--- won @ /pplication Deadline6 >a( 1)
! Total Tuition6 7--1--- fee
! Deadline 56 "--1---won b( >a( 1)
! Deadline 556 "--1---won b( >a( "-

AAAE/0BC <50D D5SCDEFT6 if (ou submit (our full application before >a( $1 application fee is waivedGAAA

2. )ee includes
- 0oom
- 9ood
- Transportation TD Je3u
- Bectures ; activities

)ee DOES *O+ include
! Dutreach
! /ccommodations after EHDS
". ,ethod of pa-ment6
! <ank transfer6 2< )1,-1!-1!$&&,** CHD=DF F/> +H5C.

(. Preparation
1. Pra-er
The best EHDS preparation for an individual is pra(er. Hlease tr( to contact (our famil( and friends
and have them be committed to pra(in% for (ou durin% EHDS.

Please keep the following in your prayers:
!That God would anoint the lips of the speakers and fill them with the Spirit
!That there would be open ears and hearts of the students and that each person would
personall( meet and e:perience God
!That there would be unit( and openness within the flock meetin%s
!That there will be thankfulness and a servants heart amon% staff members
!That God would %ive %ood ph(sical health
!That God would provide all financial needs

Cou will need to pack for both the lecture@trainin% period /FD THE DET0E/CHG Dnl( brin% the
absolute necessities so tr( to pack li%htG <rin% onl( what (ou can actuall( carr(G

/ Items /
- <ible
- Journal notebook
- Hens ; writin% supplies
- Summer clothin% +modest I if (ou are %oin% to outreach (ou should be especiall( careful. Fo
tank tops or short shorts.
- =indbreaker or warm 3acket +the seacoasts are wind(.
- Embrella or rainclothes +it will be the rain( season for the first week.
- Swimsuit ; sandals
- Towels
- Toiletries6 Shampoo1 soap1 toothbrush1 toothpaste1 lotion
- 1 set formal clothes for love feast
- 1 set semi!formal@modest clothin% for visitin% churches durin% outreach
- <ank cards or bank book6 =e will continue to raise funds durin% EHDS. Hlease brin% an(thin%
(ou will need to access (our account.
- Badies6 personal care items
- Hassports ; 5D cards
". ,edicine
=e will have a first aid kit for %eneral illnesses1 however1 if (ou are takin% specific medicine1 please
brin% enou%h for one month.
4. Dormitor- &pplication
5f (ou need to sta( in the dorm /9TE0 EHDS1 please make sure (ou re%ister and pa( for the
dormitor( on (our own. Details and application are posted on

5. 0ommunication
! Ese of TJ1 video1 computers1 cell phones1 mp" pla(ers will be prohibited durin% the whole pro%ram.
5n case of emer%enc(1 there will be a phone available.

1. and regulations
Dver the period of the pro%ram1 drinkin% alcohol and smokin% will be strictl( prohibited. 5f (ou think it
will be a difficult( for (ou1 please let us know.

2. 3elationships
Durin% EHDS1 we ask for full commitment to focusin% solel( on God. /dmission to EHDS for couples
will be e:amined on a case b( case basis durin% the interview with the directin% pastor.

(I. Departure
1. =e will be leavin% on June &1 from Handon% on a bus bound for <usan Gimhae /irport.
2. If you are coming from Seoul, please let us know in advance.

(II. Outreaches
1. +entative Destination

Philippines Tu%ue%arao area. Estimated cost6 '11--1--- won

4apan Estimated cost6 ')--1--- won

5orea Hospice and other destinations. Estimated cost6 '*--1--- won

A Destinations ma( chan%e
AA Estimated cost from previous (ears

2. Passport

a. Ever-one must 'ring a passport when comin% to EHDS1 even if -ou are not planning on
going on outreach!thin%s alwa(s chan%e last minute.

b. 5f (ou donKt alread( have one1 start the process now so that (ou can be sure to brin% it when
EHDS starts.

c. >ake sure that (our passport does not e:pire within 7 months of (our departure date.

(III. (IS&

Dependin% on the outreach destination1 (ou ma( or ma( not re#uire a visa. 9indin% out whether (ou
need a visa and the re#uirements of the visa is the responsibilit( of the student.

Contact Chowon6 -*$!7-!17*$ or
Hana6 -*$!7-!17*"