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(Served with tamarind chutney) The Tandoor is a clay oven, which is fired with natural wood All our entrees served with long grain Basmati rice and mint chutney. All our entrees served with long grain Basmati rice and mint chutney.
ASSORTED APPETIZERS 7.50 charcoal. All meats, poultry and seafood stay immersed in Please tell us how you would like your entree spiced... Please tell us how you would like your entree spiced...
Chicken tikka, Vegetable samosa and special marinades over-night, then are skewered and broiled in mild, medium, hot or Indian hot. mild, medium, hot or Indian hot.
the Tandoor. The Tandoor is also employed to turn out a most CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA LAMB ROGAN JOSH 12.50
Vegetable pakora - serves two. 12.50
FISH OR CHICKEN PAKORA 4.25 exciting variety of fresh homemade breads. Tandoori specialties Tender chicken breast roasted in our clay oven, then Pieces of lean lamb or cooked in a heavenly curry sauce.
Tender strips of mildly spiced fish or chicken come spiced between mild and medium. simmered in a tomato and cream sauce. KRAHI GHOSHT 12.95
dipped in lentil flour batter and deep fried. TANDOORI CHICKEN TIKKA 11.95 CHICKEN VINDALOO 11.50 Diced of lamb sauteed in a wok with onion, pepper,
VEGETABLE PAKORA 3.50 Boneless, succulent breast of chicken marinated in South Indian favorite! Chicken with potatoes in a tomato, ginger, garlic and herbs.
Vegetables in lightly seasoned lentil flour batter and deep fried. our special recipe and broiled to perfection in the Tandoor. highly spiced, tangy hot sauce, (traditionally served hot) LAMB VINDALOO 12.95
SAMOSA 3.50 A south Indian favorite Highly spiced lamb with potatoe
Fillet of chicken breast, marinated with herbs and
Crisp turnovers stuffed with spiced potatoes Boneless chicken cooked in heavenly curry sauce, cooked in a tangy hot sauce.
freshly ground spices, then grilled over charcoal in our Tandoor.
and peas - two per order. BOTI KEBAB 14.50 seasoned to your taste. LAMB TIKKA MASALA 13.95
CHAT PAPRI 3.95 Tender morsels of lamb marinated in spices and CHICKEN PATIA 11.50 Tender pieces of lamb roasted in our clay oven, then
Spiced potatoes & chickpeas topped with herbs, and broiled to perfection. Boneless chicken cooked with sweet and sour simmered in a tomato and cream sauce.
yogurt & tamarind sauce - serves two. TANDOORI CHICKEN 9.95 mangoes, spices and a touch of ginger and scallions. SAAG GOSHT 12.95
PALAK KULCHA 3.25 Half spring chicken marinated in yogurt and CHICKEN KORMA 11.50 Tender pieces of lamb cooked with generous
Scrumptious bread stuffed with sauteed mild spices, roasted in Tandoor. Boneless chicken simmered in a mild cream sauce, portion of spinach and herbs.
lightly spiced spinach and herbs. TANDOORI STEAK 13.95 garnished with almonds and cashews. LAMB MANGO 12.95
HARA BHARA KEBAB 3.50 Tender and juicy! Marinated in our special CHICKEN JEL-FRAZI 11.50 Lamb with mango, aromatic herbs, touch of
Small petties made with potatoes spinach coriander and ginger. recipe broiled to the peak of flavor. Fresh chicken morsels sauteed in a wok with ginger, ginger, garlic, and spices.
CHICKEN OR VEGETABLE MANCHURIAN 8.95 TANDOORI SHRIMP 15.95 onions, tomatoes, and spices. LAMB SABJI 12.95
Minced chicken or vegetable balls sauteed in Jumbo shrimp marinated in herb mixture and CHICKEN SAAG 11.50 Tender pieces of lamb cooked with your choice of fresh broccoli
delicately broiled in our clay oven.
Chefs special sauce. Tender pieces of chicken sauteed with deliciously or mushroom or mixed vegetables and spiced to your taste.
TANDOORI ASSORTED APPETIZERS 8.95 spiced spinach and fresh herbs. LAMB PASANDA 12.95
Boneless fresh salmon marinated in aromatic
Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka and lamb boti kebab. herbs and spices, then broiled in Tandoor. CHICKEN SABJI 11.50 Cubes of lamb cooked in a mildly spiced creamy
TANDOORI MIXED GRILL 15.95 Boneless chicken sauteed with your choice of garden sauce topped with almonds.
Assorted tandoori varieties from above, fresh mushrooms or broccoli or mixed vegetables. KEEMA HARA DHANIYA 12.95
chicken, lamb, fish and shrimp. BEWALI CHICKEN 12.95 Minced lamb & fresh chopped coriander cooked with ground spices.
SOUPS AND SALADS Supreme breast of chicken marinated in mild spices and LAMB BIRYANI 13.95
MULLIGATWANI SOUP 2.25 SEAFOOD SPECIALITIES broiled in clay ovenand then pot roasted and garnished with nuts. A classic Mogul dish! Succulent pieces of curried lamb
Traditional Indian soup made with delicately All our entrees served with long grain Basmati rice and mint chutney. CHICKEN METHI 11.50 cooked with basmati rice, gently flavored with saffron and nuts.
spiced lentils (pureed). Please tell us how you would like your entree spiced... Diced chicken cooked in an aromatic and
MURG-E-SHORBA 2.25 mild, medium, hot or Indian hot. delightful fenugreek sauce. BREADS
Deliciously spiced chicken and spinach soup. SHRIMP OR SCALLOP MASALA 14.95 CHILLI CHICKEN 11.95 An Indian meal isn't complete without bread!
TOMATO SOUP 2.25 Shrimp or scallop simmered in a tomato and cream sauce, Fresh pieces of chicken pan-fried & sauteed in All our breads are freshly baked per order in our Tandoor
Fresh tomato puree sauteed with ginger and Indian spices. with touch of onion, pepper and fenugreek leaves. special sauce with onions & bell peppers.
Tomato, cucumber and onion salad with lemon and herbs. Shrimp or scallop sauteed with sweet and sour mangoes, South Indian special boneless chicken cooked with Traditional Punjabi white bread baked in our clay oven.
touch of ginger, scallions and spices. sweet & spicy sauce. POORI 1.95
SHRIMP OR SCALLOP MUSHROOM 14.50 CHICKEN BIRYANI 11.95 Whole wheat bread, deep fried and puffed.
Lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers with house dressing. Shrimp or scallop with fresh mushrooms and tomatoes
SPINACH & MUSHROOM SALAD 3.25 Chicken marinated with spices and saffron, then steam-cooked GARLIC NAAN 2.50
sauteed with mildly spiced curry sauce.
Made with fenugreek leaves & ranch dressing. naturally fragrant Basmati rice. A classic Moghul dish! Naan bread topped with fresh garlic and herbs,
Pieces of fresh salmon roasted in our clay oven and then baked in our clay oven.
simmered in tomato and cream sauce. COMBO DINNERS ROTI 1.95
SEAFOOD VINDALOO 13.95 MILAN SPECIAL (A great Indian sampler) 15.95 Unleavened whole wheat bread baked in our clay oven.
Jumbo shrimp, scallop and fish cooked with potatoes Choice of soup, Tandoori Chicken, Boti Kebab (Lamb), PRATHA 1.95
ACCOMPANIMENTS in a highly spiced, tangy hot sauce. Lamb or Chicken Curry and Vegetable Korma, Unleavened layered whole wheat bread topped with melted butter.
RAITA 1.50 SHRIMP OR SCALLOP KRAHI 13.95 Basmatie Rice, Naan Bread ALLO PRATHA 2.50
Refreshing homemade yogurt with grated cucumbers and herbs. Jumbo shrimp or scallop sauteed in a wok with onions, VEGETABLE THALI (Best of vegetarian diet) 14.95 Pratha bread stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes.
bell pepper, tomato, ginger, garlic, and herbs.
PAPADUM 1.50 Samosa, Kofta Lajawab, Palak Paneer, Chana Masala ONION AND PANEER OR ONION AND METHI KULCHA 2.50
Thin and crispy wafers made from lentil flour, with black peppers. Shrimp or scallop simmered in a mild cream sauce, Basmati Rice, Naan or Rod Bread, Raita, Rice Pudding Bread filled with onions and home made cheese or onions
MANGO CHUTNEY 1.50 garnished with almonds and cashews. SEAFOOD SPECIAL (A great seafood sampler) 19.95 and fenugreek leaves.
Sweet and mildly spiced mangoes and herbs. CRAB MEAT CURRY 14.95 Scallop Pakora, Tandoori Shrimp, Fish Tikka, KEEMA NAAN 2.50
ACHAR 1.50 Crab meat cooked in our chefs special sauce, seasoned to your taste. Shrimp Masala or Crabmeat Curry, Basmati Rice, Garlic Naan Scrumptious naan bread stuffed with shredded chicken and herbs.
Hot and spicy mixed Indian pickles. FISH OR SHRIMP GOA CURRY 14.95 Choice of Desert PESHAWARI NAAN 2.95
CARROT ACHAR 1.50 Fresh salmon or shrimp simmered in special coconut sauce. Soft and fluffy naan bread topped with cherries, cashews,
DINNER FOR TWO (A perfect combo for two) 35.99
Hot and spicy pickled carrots. A specialty from Goa.
MILAN SPECIAL BIRYANI 13.95 Samosa, Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Shrimp, almonds and rasins. A delicious treat!
Long grain basmati rice flavored with saffron and cooked together Chicken or Lamb Patia. Vegetable Masala. Basmati Rice, BREAD BASKET 4.95
with shrimp, scallop,chicken and nuts in a delicate blend of spices. Garlic Naan. Kulfi, or Mango Kulfi Assortments from our clay oven, garlic naan, roti and naan
All entrees served with long grain Basmati rice and mint chutney. LASSI SWEET/MANGO/STRAWBERRY & ROSE 2.25
Please tell us how you would like your entree spiced...
Refreshing yogurt shake served plain or
mild, medium, hot or Indian hot.
mango or strawberry or rose flavored.
Child ren s M e n u
Fresh vegetables cooked with sweet and CHICKEN DINNER 4.95
A special blend of mango and milk or mango and strawberry.
sour mangoes, spices & herbs with a touch of ginger. Deep fried chicken fingers served with rice and fries.
(non alcoholic) Tandoori chicken tikka, naan bread served with rice.
Garden fresh vegetables cooked in light cream sauce and
special blend of spices, sprinkled with nuts.
SODAS (free refills) 1.25 Mixed vegetables cooked in mild cream sauce
ICED TEA (free refills) 1.25 served with rice and bread.
Mixed vegetables and paneer balls served in

INDIAN TEA (free refills) 1.25
a spiced tomato and cream sauce.
COFFEE (free refills) 1.25
CHAI TEA (no refills) 1.95 X A y Welcome to Milan Indian Cuisine! If you have never
Deliciously cooked spinach with (or without) homemade
\ A / before experienced Indian cuisine you are in for a
Indian cheese cubes cooked in mild spices and herbs. X JL. treat. We offer a richly varied menu of fresh natural
VEGETABLE MASALA 10.95 ingredients, wholesome sauces and flavorful spices. All of our
Mixed vegetables cooked in a deliciously spiced
tomato and herb sauce with a touch of cream. KULFI or MANGO KULFI
An authentic Indian ice cream made with milk and nuts
food is natural and freshly prepared daily on premises
with no additives or preservatives. INDIAN CUISINE
or milk and mangos. Now some information that might make your dining experience
Green peas with homemade Indian cheese or
GULAB JAMUN 2.50 even richer. First, a word about curry. Our curry is not the curry
potatoes cooked in a mildly spiced sauce.
Light pastry balls dipped in cinnamon flavored syrup. powder you find in the grocery stores. Contrary to common
belief, curry is not necessarily spicy. It is an Indian word, which
1&17 EMMET ST.
FIRNI 2.25
Fresh mushrooms and broccoli sauteed in a wok with
onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and herbs.
Flavored custard pudding with pistachios and almonds. means, "Sauce". In our dishes that are served with curry (and
not all our entrees are), you will find a different combination of
mild spices, which when taken together,
ALLO GOBHI 9.50 New York style cheesecake.
encourage a depth of flavor. (434)-964-2£2c3
Potatoes and cauliflower sauteed with ginger, tomatoes and spices. ICE CREAM 2.25
PANEER MAKHNI 10.95 KHEER 2.25 When ordering your food, please tell us how you would like it
Homemade cheese cubes, onion, pepper & tomatoes Traditional Indian rice pudding with nuts, spiced ... mild, medium, hot or Indian hot. We prepare each dish
Lunctt Buffet 7 Days A Week
cooked with fresh herbs in makhni sauce. flavored with cardamom & rose. with freshly ground herbs and spices to suit your taste.
ALLO PALAK OR SABJI PALAK 9.50 MANGO PUDDING 2.25 Either way it's totally up to you. Lunch
Potatoes or mixed vegetables cooked with spiced spinach and herbs. Flavored Mango vanilla pudding with nuts.
CHANA MASALA 8.50 Finally , Indian food is remarkably versatile. Meat lovers will M o n d a y - Friday
savor our lamb, chicken or beef entrees, whether grilled
Chick peas and diced potatoes cooked in the popular Punjabi style.
tandoori-style or simmered in one of our light sauces. Our 11:30 a.m. -2:30 p.m.
DAL MAKHNI 8.50 LUNCH SPECIALS meatless dishes feature some of the finest choices available in
Slow simmered lentils sauteed in butter with Monday-Friday 11:30 A.M. ~ 2:30 P.M. dining. In fact, many are mainstays of THE Indian diet. If you
fresh garlic, ginger and tomatoes. have any special request please ask! If we have the ingredients Saturday & S u n d a y
Saturday-Sunday 12:00 P.M.-3:00 P.M.
BHINDI MASALA 10.50 - we can prepare it for you!
CURRY LUNCH 6.50 12:00 p.m. - 3 : 0 0 p.m.
Fresh baby okra sauteed with onion, pepper, tomatoes, and spices
BAINGEN BHAAR 9.95 Choice of chicken or lamb curry, served
with basmati rice and naan bread.
Eggplant cooked with sweet & sour sauce.
Dish of the day, served with basmati rice and naan bread.
Whole eggplant baked in our clay oven, then mashed and PREPARED DAILY ON PREMISES WITH NO
VEGETARIAN LUNCH 5.95 Sunday - Thursday
sauteed with garlic, onions, and tomatoes. ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES.
Our daily vegetarian entree served with
SHAHI PANEER 9.95 basmati rice and roti bread.
Homemade cheese with onion, pepper, tomatoes and
5 : 0 0 p.m. - 1 0 : 0 0 p . m .
TANDOORI LUNCH (low calorie) 6.95
herbs in rich sauce. Tandoori chicken, fish tikka served with a
Friday & Saturday
PANEER JEL FRAZI 9.95 tossed salad, basmati rice and roti bread.
Homemade cheese cubes sauteed in wok of ginger garlic HOUSE SPECIAL LUNCH 7.95
Tandoori chicken and chicken or lamb curry
5:00 p . m . - 10:30 p.m.
with onions, tomatoes & peppers.
VEGETABLE VINDALOO 9.50 served with basmati rice and naan bread.
Garden fresh mixed vegetables cooked in tangy, hot curry sauce. SEAFOOD SPECIAL 7.95
VEGETABLE BIRYANI 10.95 Daily seafood special, served with basmati rice, Other Location in Lynchburg
naan bread and mixed salad.
Naturally fragrant basmati rice steam cooked with fresh
arden vegetables, sprinkled with nuts.