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Nikkia Sheridan

Ms. Kavanaugh
English 9, period 2
12 February, 2012
Heros !ourney" Super 8
Super 8. #ir. !.!. $bra%s. &er'. Kyle (handler, Elle Fanning, !oel (our)ney, and
*abriel +asso. ,ideo 2011. &ara%oun), 2011.
1. !oe -a%bs ordinary .orld .as )urned upside/do.n .hen his loving and
unders)anding %o)her, Eli0abe)h, )ragi1ally died a) )he s)eel %ill. 2hen .e 'irs) see !oe,
i) is a 1old .hi)e .in)er and he is si))ing alone on his s.ing. He and his 'riends .ere
%aking a Super 3 'il% abou) 0o%bies and (harles 4)he dire1)or5 .an)s !oe )o keep
.orking )hough (harles kno.s )ha) )here is a 1han1e )ha) he .on) be able )o. !oes
'a)her, !a1k -a%b, doesn) unders)and !oe and bo)h 'a)her and son are no) dealing .i)h
)he dea)h very .ell bu) 1an) see% )o )alk i) ou) .i)h ea1h o)her.
2. !oe is dra.n in)o )he !ourney by )he dea)h o' his %o)her. He .asn) 1lose )o his
'a)her and his %o)her .as his suppor), so her dea)h .as like )aking one .ing a.ay 'ro%
an airplane in %id/'ligh). $lso .hen $li1e is )aken by )he (rea)ure, i) really pushes !oe
)o go ba1k )o )he %iddle s1hool )o 'ind in'or%a)ion 'ro% #r. 2ood.ards resear1h.
6. !a1k )ells !oe )ha) he .an)s hi% )o go a.ay 'or )he su%%er )o ge) a.ay 'ro% )he
%isery. !a1k says )ha) i)s a grea) baseball 1a%p and )ha) i) .ould be 'or )he .hole
su%%er. +u) !oe, unkno.ingly, re'uses )he o''er )o pass on )he ordeal he .ould go
)hrough i' he s)ayed.
7. 8he )hreshold is %arked .hen 9pera)ion 2alking #is)an1e )akes e''e1) and )he
)o.n is eva1ua)ed and .hen $li1e is %issing. 8he $ir 'or1e and road blo1ks are )he
barriers )ha) .ould de)er %ore .eak/hear) people. $lso, !a1ks .an) 'or !oe )o s)op
hanging ou) .i)h (harles and )he o)hers, sy%boli0es a barrier.
:. !a1k -a%b a1)s as )he 8hreshold *uardian a')er Eli0abe)h dies. !a1k 'orbids !oe
'ro% seeing and having $li1e over a) )heir house. #r. 2ood.ard also is a %en)or,
be1ause he )ells )he% )ha) ;Do not speak of this. They will kill you and your family
%eaning )ha) )hey .ill only survive i' )hey help )he (rea)ure su11eed in building i)s ship
and re)urning ho%e. 8ha) s)a)e%en) speared )he kids, a')er )he )o.n .as eva1ua)ed )o
'ind #r. 2ood.ards resear1h )o )ry )o 'ind )he ans.er )o helping )he (rea)ure.
<. !oes spe1ial ob=e1) 4)alis%an5 is his %o% lo1ke) )ha) has a pi1)ure o' )he ).o o'
)he% .hen he .as a baby. !oe )akes ou) )he ne1kla1e .hen he .as sad, lonely, and under
s)ress. 8he lo1ke) .as )he las) )hing o' his %o)hers and he %isses )he 1o%'or)ing love,
and unders)anding )ha) his %o% .as )o hi%.
>. !oe 'a1es %any )rails along his =ourney. For e?a%ple@ .hen his 'a)her says )ha) he is
going a.ay )o )he su%%er baseball 1a%p, and !oe says no. 8ha) ;noA is )he s)ar)ing o' a
de'ian1e )ha) 1rea)es a ri') in )he rela)ionship be).een 'a)her and son. 9r .hen he le)s go
o' )he las) %a)erial ob=e1) o' his %o)hers@ )he lo1ke).
3. 8he +elly o' )he 2hale is %arked .hen $li1e is )aken by )he (rea)ure. $')er losing
his %o%, $li1e .as )he one .ho see%ed %os) like his %o)her. 8here'ore, his %o)hers
dead .as very pain'ul by i)s sel' and ano)her loss .ould have des)royed hi%. $lso, !oe
see%s )o 'eel like )here is no)hing le') )o lose i' he died in order )o save $li1e.
9. $li1e is )he ;goddessA 'igure in Super 8. She )ea1hes !oe )ha) he 1ould love his
'a)her again, and )ha) (harles 1anno) .alk all over hi%, =us) be1ause )ha)s .ha) he
10. B didn) 'eel )ha) )here .as a ;)e%p)ressA in Super 8.
11. !oes ordeal is an e%o)ional )es). He is in )he (rea)ures 1ave and has $li1e and
(ary .i)h hi% and )he (rea)ure 1ornering )he%@ ready )o a))a1k. 8hen !oe s)ands up and
says )ha) i)s ok )o love even a')er so%e)hing horrible has happened )o you. He )ells )he
(rea)ure )o go ho%e. Saying )hose .ords )o )he (rea)ure also helped !oe reali0e )ha) his
%o% is gone and )he only .ay )o re%e%ber her .ell is )o )hink kindly o' her and )o le)
people in.
12. 8he 1hallenges in )he ;abyssA 1hange !oe be1ause he, 'or )he 'irs) )i%e 'a1es )he
dea)h o' his %o)her head on and he 'inally e?1ep)s i). !oe los) his %o)her and an old .ay
o' li'e. Bn )his .ay, he ;diesA be1ause he kno.s he 1anno) go ba1k )o )he old li'e.
16. !oe has )he ;a)one%en)A .i)h his 'a)her. His 'a)her has paren)al 1on)rol over !oe bu)
he doesn) really unders)and !oe. !oe sees )ha) his 'a)her is )rying )o be a good one and i)
)akes pra1)i1e and )ha) !a1k is )he las) paren) he has. Bn )he end, !oe a)ones 'or his a1)ions
by le))ing !a1k hug hi% and )his 1hanges !oe be1ause i) )ea1hes hi% )o be %ore open and
'orgiving o' people.
17. B didn) see a ;%agi1 eli?irA in Super 8.
1:. !oes Heros !ourney did no) 'ail.
1<. B don) )hink )ha) Super 8 had )he ;%agi1 'ligh)A.
1>. B don) 'eel )ha) Super 8 had )he ;res1ueA
13. !oes ;re)urn )o )he 9rdinary 2orldA 1an only be guessed a) be1ause )he %ovie ends
be'ore i) sho.s )he ad=us)%en) )o )he ;9rdinary 2orldA. +u) B )hink )ha) !oes ne.
kno.ledge .ould bring his 'a)her and hi% 1loser as apposed )o )he beginning, .here
)hey .ere li))le %ore )han a1Cuain)an1es.
19. $gain )his 1an only be guessed a), bu) B believe )ha) !oe .ould use )his ne.
kno.ledge and have a su11ess'ul re)urn.
20. !oe see%s )o in)egra)e his ).o selves be1ause he 'orgives his 'a)her. 8his %akes his
'a)her ra)her happy )o s)ar) ane. .i)h !oe.
21. B believe )he %os) i%por)an) lesson learned by !oe is )ha) bad andDor horrible )hings
happen and a) one poin) or ano)her you .ill have )o ge) over i), and )o be 'orgiving o'