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... through Bertha Dudde

Reason for painful strokes of fate ....
I will still reate !an" opportunities for "ou #efore the end whih
shall ena#le "ou to find the path to $e .... %i!e and again I will
re&eal $"self to "ou' though often in a painful !anner' "et "ou
shall alwa"s reognise that "ou are una#le to deter!ine "our
own destin"'
"ou shall alwa"s reognise a (ower a#o&e "oursel&es Whih
inter&enes in "our life' and harshl" so if there is no other option'
in order to pull "ou #ak fro! the a#"ss towards whih "ou are
#lindl" stri&ing ..... I want to sa&e "ou' and all $" ad!onitions
and warnings #ear no fruit .... this is wh" e&er" so often I ha&e
to treat "ou harshl" and inflit pain on "ou ....
I ha&e to take "our !ost preious possession on earth awa" fro!
"ou' I ha&e to inflit death and disease on "ou' "ou will ha&e to
#e struk #" all kinds of !isfortunes #eause "ou don)t #elie&e in
a (ower to Whih "ou owe "our life.
*nd there will #e !ore and !ore instanes when I will tear
people apart' when death will o!e !arhing' when disasters
will a#ruptl" end people)s li&es .... I will !anifestl" show $"self'
"et onl" #e reognised #" the willing person who then will find
his wa" to $e and no longer an go astra" ....
%he end !o&es e&er loser' and thus $" lo&e' wisdo! and !ight
still will also ha&e to fre+uentl" inter&ene ....
%i!e after ti!e hu!anit" has to #e shown the transiene of
earthl" things anew' the" ha&e to o!e to realise the tri&ialit" of
their aspired goals' and as a result will often ha&e to suffer
ph"siall" and ps"hologiall"' #ut the" shall alwa"s also reei&e
help if the" turn to $e and appeal for $" support in their
*nd their fellow hu!an #eings' too' shall onsider that the" ould
suffer the sa!e fate and realise that the" don)t li&e on this earth
for earthl" life)s sake ....
,&er" stroke of fate an result in !aking other people think and
+uestion whether their own wa" of life orresponds to God)s will'
if the" #elie&e in a God ....
,ah stroke of fate an help people to #elie&e if the" turn to $e
and through $" o#&ious help will also #e a#le to reognise $e ....
%hus "ou' who reei&e $" Word' should e-plain to "our fellow
hu!an #eings $" oasionall" harsh and ruel appearing
inter&entions in people)s li&es .... e-plain to the! that I will use
all !eans in order to win people o&er for $e' and that I will not
stop to keep e-pressing $"self' for e&er" !isfortune is an
e-pression of $"self whih an happen to an"one "et it onl" e&er
intends to turn their thoughts into $" diretion ....
For there is onl" little ti!e left and "ou hu!ans !erel" pa"
attention to the world #ut not to the sal&ation of "our soul ....
%he world will pass awa"' that is' "ou won)t #e a#le to take
an"thing #elonging to the world aross into the kingdo! of the
#e"ond .... .ou onl" e&er hase after dead o!!odities' and
therefore "ou will #e repeatedl" !ade aware of the world)s
fleeting nature. *gain and again "ou will hear of aidents and all
kinds of disasters' again and again "ou will ha&e to suffer the
loss of hu!an li&es' and again and again "ou will ask "oursel&es
wh" a God of lo&e allows this to happen ....
%he God of lo&e wants to win "ou for /i!self' he wants to !ake
"ou #lissfull" happ"' and therefore /e wants "ou to turn "our
thoughts to /i! .... $" lo&e alone is the reason for e&er"thing
that affets "ou #adl"' for "ou will go astra" again for an
infinitel" long ti!e if "ou don)t re!e!#er $e ....
*nd onl" for this reason I re&eal $"self to "ou and also inter&ene
harshl" and painfull" if "ou ignore $" lo&ing ad!onitions and
warnings .... For I don)t want "ou to go astra" .... I still want to
sa&e "ou #efore the end and protet "ou fro! a far worse
fate .... fro! the new #anish!ent into the reations of earth'
whih will #e ine&ita#le if "ou don)t find $e an"!ore before the
end of the earth ....
(u#lished #" friends of new re&elations of God 0Infor!ation'
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