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Evaluation: medium level of innovation, high effectiveness and sustainability, medium

4.16 Forum Theatre for the training of teachers and parents (- Italy)
Forum Theatre for the training of teachers and parents is a European Projectstarted in 2012,
as pilot at local level, involving 3 different schools in 2 Italian regions: Marche Region - Jesi and
Ancona; Emilia-Romagna region: Riccione. It is coordinated by psychologist, internal to the
staff, for the conduction of the debate, in cooperation with the Theatre company for the
theatre based training, as well as close cooperation with the University of Urbino staff (project
partner) and the school heads. The schools were selected according to the interest following
invitation by mail to join the project. Parents are also involved as volunteers to participate to
the training on invitation of the teachers of the selected schools. The theatre company was
subcontracted for a total of 4000 Euros (including preparation and 3 rehearsals in the 3
schools). This was a Daphne programme funded project.
The practice is addressed to parents and teachers of 11-14 years old children (around 15
parents/teachers x group). Forum Theatre for the training of teachers and parents aims to
enhance trainees to find alternative solutions to a given problem. It is a half day practice, for a
total of 7 hours per school. The actors perform a scene, exaggerated in the negative attitude of
the teacher towards the parent, then the audience is asked what was wrong and invited to take
the place of the actor and change the scene according to their behaviour and style. After a few
changes, a debate starts and mediated by the psychologist. The project is based on the results
of a questionnaire which was submitted in the selected school to 30 parents and 30 teachers, to
identify the reasons why, in case of bullying episodes, they tend to accuse each other instead of
cooperate and unify their forces to solve the problems. The actors scenes were then designed
on the questionnaires results.
After 5 months from the end of the training (for technical reasons, -to have the video ready in
its final form), children were shown the video of their parents/teachers Forum theatre and
filled a simple questionnaire about what they liked, disliked, and appreciated of their strategies.
The evaluation was carried out by the same psychologist who had lead the training.