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Prestige Destinations – SM

Comprehensive Coverage for Travelers

A bus accident in Tibet left several policyholders injured. The terrain was
impassable – commercial planes and private jets could not land. Working
with the local government, a Chinese military cargo plane was secured to
evacuate the injured policyholders to a hospital prepared to care for them.

Highlights Coverage Comparison

■ Year-round Coverages Credit Card* Prestige DestinationsSM Prestige DestinationsSM
coverage: One Per Person (only if used for trip) Standard Premier
policy covers every Annual Policy No Yes Yes
trip you or your
family members Family Coverage No Yes Yes
take during your Emergency Medical Referral only $250,000 $500,000
year-long policy Transportation
Emergency No $50,000 $50,000
■ Covers all resident Medical/Dental
family members,
whether traveling Emergency Travel Limited Worldwide Worldwide
alone or together and Medical Assistance

■ Emergency Terrorist Incidents Limited Yes** Yes**

medical/dental Rental Car $500 No $40,000***
coverage Collision/Loss Damage
■ Emergency
Travel Delay $500 $500 $1,500
medical evacuation
or repatriation Trip Interruption $500 No $1,500
■ 24-hour worldwide Trip Cancellation Up to cost of trip No $1,500
assistance available (only if card used for
in the event of entire trip purchase)
medical, legal or Baggage Delay No $500 $1,500
emergencies Baggage Protection $1,500 $1,000 $1,500

Concierge Service Yes No Yes

Travel Accident $500,000 (only if Up to $125,000**** Up to $150,000****

card used for entire
trip purchase

Special Feature –10-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: We will refund your insurance premium if you cancel your policy within 10 days
of purchase and have not filed a claim or departed on a trip.

* AMEX Platinum, MasterCard World, and Visa Signature, as of 07/05.

** Terrorist Incident: Prestige Destinations Premier: Assists policyholders however they may be affected while traveling including trip cancellation/
interruption, evacuation assistance, and medical assistance. Some limitations may apply. Prestige Destinations Standard: Coverage does not include
trip interruption/cancellation. Some limitations may apply.
*** Not available to residents of Texas or Oregon.
**** The Travel Accident Limit is for the primary insured, spouse or domestic partner. Each dependent child is covered at a limit of $10,000. Benefits will be
payable for only one loss, that being of the greatest amount.
Coverage Overview

■ Annual Policy: Covers you on any trip of at least 100 miles ■ Travel Delay*: Receive up to $150 per day per person to
from your home for 90 days, regardless of the number of cover additional accommodations and travel expenses due
trips you take or the reasons for the trips. to a travel delay of six or more hours.
■ Family Coverage: Covers you and your resident family ■ Trip Interruption* (available on Premier only): Reimburses
members, including a domestic partner living in the same the unused, non-refundable portion of your trip as well as
household, whether traveling alone or together. increased transportation costs to return home due to a
covered reason, including a terrorist incident that affects
■ Emergency Medical Transportation: Provides medically
your itinerary. Some limitations may apply.
necessary transportation to the nearest appropriate medical
facility. Also covers the cost of transportation back home. ■ Trip Cancellation* (available on Premier only): Reimburses
Includes flying a family member or friend to your bedside your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if you must cancel
if the attending physician anticipates that you will be your trip due to a covered reason, including illness, natural
hospitalized for more than seven consecutive days. disaster – even employment lay-offs. Some limitations
may apply.
■ Emergency Medical and Dental*: This coverage, secondary
to existing health coverage, provides benefits for losses due ■ Baggage Delay*: Covers the reasonable additional purchase
to medical and dental emergencies that occur during your of essential items if a common carrier delays or misdirects
trip, greater than 100 miles from home. Provides quality, your baggage by 24 hours or more.
pre-screened healthcare worldwide for any emergency med- ■ Baggage Protection*: Provides benefits for loss, damage or
ical treatment you may require while traveling abroad.
theft of baggage and personal effects. Coverage is secondary
■ Emergency Travel and Medical Assistance: Our 24-Hour to coverage provided by a common carrier.
Hotline provides you with a broad range of services in the ■ Concierge Service (available on Premier only) : Our
event of a travel or medical emergency, including medical
concierge service provides you with information about
referral and monitoring, legal assistance, emergency message
your destination before you travel and can help you select
center, emergency cash transfer, arrangement of medical
restaurants, reserve golf tee times, or secure tickets to a
evacuations or repatriations, emergency translations, and
local event.
pre-trip assistance.
■ Travel Accident*: Provides coverage for loss of life, limb or
■ Terrorist Incidents: Assists if you are affected by an act of
eyesight within 365 days of a covered accident.
terrorism while traveling, including evacuation assistance,
medical assistance, and, if you selected Prestige DestinationsSM
■ Pre-existing Conditions Exclusion: This program does
Premier, trip cancellation/interruption coverage. not cover losses or expenses if they result from any injury
occurring prior to and including the effective date of this
■ Rental Car Collision/Loss Damage*: Covers physical damage
insurance, or any illness occurring during the 120 days prior
to a rental car when caused by collision, fire, storm, van-
to and including the effective date of this insurance for
dalism or theft during the rental period. This coverage is
which treatment by a licensed physician has been sought,
primary when traveling abroad, covering accident or loss
or advised (or for which symptoms exist which would cause
that occurs when renting a car outside of the United States.
a prudent person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment).
Each rental cannot exceed 45 days. (Not available to Texas
or Oregon residents) You’ll find a complete description of coverage in the
Certificate of Insurance/Policy.

* Prestige DestinationsSM insurance benefits are underwritten by BCS Insurance Company and administered by World Access Service Corp. on
behalf of Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. All benefits except Trip Cancellation/Interruption (TCI) are provided on a per trip basis. TCI coverage
limit is an annual maximum. Program not yet available to Oregon residents. Insurance coverage is provided under a Master Policy issued by BCS
Insurance Company.